Finding My Pure Heart Again

Finding My Pure Heart Again

I stood alone again, with my broken heart. Girl 2 girl chat I just have to say it again.... I think so many young people struggle with the same lie. I really believed that the act of intercourse was "having sex," so I was perfectly okay ...

Author: Angie Marino-Smith

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781609573805

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Angie Marino-Smith is the founder and writer of the online blog, where women of all ages can come to talk about the hot topics that they deal with in today's world. In the past Angie has spent her time volunteering as the Drama Director of her church. She was the Creative Director of the former ministry GodLight International where she wrote, directed and acted in productions and she traveled to Quito, Ecuador, local colleges and conferences to teach young women about the importance of purity, self image and God's purpose. She has over 20 years experience in the acting/directing/writing world and she uses her experiences in her style of writing today. If you look closely you might even see her in the hit blockbuster movie Spiderman 3. (If you blink you might miss her). Angie currently mentors and speaks to young women about self image, dating and sex hoping that they will see their worth in God's eyes. Angie lives in Ohio with her husband David and their 2 daughters where they enjoy hiking, playing games and laughing with friends. If you are interested in booking Angie for future speaking engagements, contact [email protected] Photo taken by Kim McCabe
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Friends Intelligencer

Friends  Intelligencer

If I have but Thee , you were pure in heart , and your mind was death itself can not rob me of my joy , should it free and ... circum- and in the bosom of Thy love I shall find them stances make man happy , why then is be , even again .



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Seeing Christ in the New Testament

Seeing Christ in the New Testament

Wherever we can find people with pure hearts, pursue with them, be with them, so that together we may seek for ... writing this to Timothy: “I am thankful to God whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience” (IITimothy 1:3).

Author: Stephen Kaung

Publisher: Christian Fellowship Publishers

ISBN: 9780935008951

Category: Religion

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The Holy Scriptures, the Bible, is the foundation of our faith. It is God-breathed. It gives us the full knowledge of Him and of His Son. “This is the eternal life, that they should know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent” (John 17:3). God’s word gives us eternal life through faith in Christ Jesus. It makes us men and women of God. It is most profitable for our spiritual life, for it teaches us, convicts us, corrects us, and instructs us in righteousness. Thus, we are made complete and fully equipped to do God’s will. We are exhorted by our Lord himself to search the Scriptures for in them is the witness concerning Him (see John 5:37). A special blessing is given by God to those who read, hear and keep His word (see Revelation 1:3). The New Testament is composed of twenty-seven books. Each of these twenty-seven books reveals Christ to us in a special aspect of His fullness. Thus, we are able to know Christ in His fullness. In this volume, each book in the New Testament is briefly discussed, with special attention to seeing Christ in His fullness. It is not an exhaustive study, its purpose simply being to offer a taste of the sweet word of God so as to induce us to search His word more diligently. May He draw us deeper into His word so that we may be drawn deeper into Him.
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Your Highness the Empress Runs Away Again

Your Highness  the Empress Runs Away Again

But do you find my offer unfair?" Meng Fan shook his head. ... Meng Fan is here to ask Young Noble if he will ever go to Fragrance Garden again. ... A girl with pure heart would have thought that seeing a different man was love.

Author: Jiu Huangsao

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647597429

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Red muslin curtain, ambergris, the empress two warm embrace."Your majesty, if there's anything that isn't good enough for chenqie, you must speak of it. You must not hold it in.""We are very pleased that the empress suddenly became so considerate.""Left and right chenqie won't change either. I just hope that the emperor won't suffer any problems from this. Otherwise, chenqie will be held responsible for her death."The Son of Heaven's smile faded as he said in a low voice, "I may have married a fake queen."
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The Ladies Repository

The Ladies  Repository

His placer was found , and when the holy Sabbath was past , with all he brought back , " his clean hands and his pure heart , " he went out and toiled cheerily and happily . " California has her mines , " said he , “ but so has my old ...




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Put Your Words to Work

Put Your Words to Work

Pay attention to your state of mind. When you find yourself depressed or downcast, don't just ignore those feelings. ... Before long, the love of God will be bubbling up out of your heart again, and you'll be singing from a pure heart.

Author: Gloria Copeland

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9781604633535

Category: Religion

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Speaking right words—God's Word—consistently, brings the power of God onto the scene of your life to save, heal and deliver. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland heard and received that revelation from God early in their Christian walk, and God is speaking the same thing to you today. If you want to change your life, change your words. What you say day in and day out is what will come to pass in your life. Your words have the power to set the course for your life. Discover how to consistently speak God's Word and make it your way of life. Find out what He desires for you, and put yourself in agreement with Him. Develop the confidence that your words—His Word in your mouth—spoken from a heart full of faith will come to pass. Changing your words will change your world. Start today!
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The Christian Union

The Christian Union

Not God to he ! p us live ; but life to help us find fellow ; but only to grow restless of heart again till our God . That is what the old Psalmist taught : " He who he finds the maiden and rests in her love . The husband and hath clean ...

Author: Henry Ward Beecher


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Andreas Prime The Legend Home

Andreas Prime The Legend Home

Ice Heart saw the mark “My Lady snow Flower you have been found worthy by a dragon from the south. May I weigh you also? ... Again she felt a small burning sensation on her shoulder. ... “Artemus of the pure heart touch my head.

Author: Charles & Irene Nickerson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483695372

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It has been 12 months since Beary has arrived at the Academy from his tour aboard the Saber Claw. He enjoyed teaching the classes he had been assigned. At first, some of the older cadets resented the fact that their instructor was younger than they were. Then they would see the ribbons on his uniform and hear the rumors. Ben, of course, helped spread them. Flight training was going well. His many hours in jump ships were proving to be a blessing instead of a curse. He expected to graduate early from flight training. Caesar had spent six months at the academy then shipped off to aid a hospital ship that had lost one of its surgeons to an accident. The Hospital ship was trying to combat a new disease that had cropped up on an agricultural colony in the Darius system. Once again, his work under Dr Maxumus was proving invaluable. Ben, along with taking accelerated classes, was teaching a class in survival and weapons. Ben had taken to this task with enthusiasm. With the help of two of the Marine Professors, he wrote the training manual for the course, which they used as a major project in two of his classes. The class he taught was so popular there was a waiting list. Pompey kept busy trying to prepare for the cub, which was due in three months, running two homes, plus working for her new father- in- law on special issues. Senator Maxumus was busy trying to get the Senate to strengthen its rules. He did not want to see new conspiracies flair up. The idea that eight senators some in critical positions could become traitors had shaken the Senate. The Bearilian house of Representatives was demanding a full and open investigation as it scrutinized its own members. The Arcrilians had suffered such a devastating defeat that they were asking for terms for a treaty and for aid. The Bearilian President immediately started negotiations along with the Antillean Supreme Council. The result was the removal of all Arcrilian ships from Bearilian and Antillean territory, in exchange for food and raw materials purchased at a reasonable price. For the Antilleans this was a big win. For Angelina Maxumus the last 12 months had been hectic as she tried to balance her time between Bearilia Prime and Andreas Prime. She enjoyed being a Neuro-surgeon a lot more than being an Empress. She even found that she had to show up at State functions not as a wife of a prominent Senator, but as a Head of State. There had also been a need to appoint representatives to the two Bearilian Houses. One of her second Brother's sons, Iacomus Augustus, had joined his cousins on Andreas Prime. He found some unclaimed land near the western ocean connected to the Augustan land. A young Dragon, Silver Tail agreed to be his Family Dragon. The Dragon Counsel suggested that he be appointed as the Planet's Senator. A young nomad also moved to Andreas Prime. He had no family or land. A young Dogon, Saraina, approached the Dogon Counsel and asked that this young Nomad be given its sheep and become its family. His name was Khristophoros. The Dogon Counsel gave him the last name Theodoros. Khristophoros Theodoros was called before Angelina. She questioned him for several cycles. She found out that he had been part of a servant family to the Pompaius family. She found goodness and strength in this young Bear. After talking with both counsels, she appointed him to the House of Representatives. He would prove to be a loyal and excellent choice. Savato Artemus was not happy. He loved the Crimson Blade but he could not find a gunner that met his standards. He also missed his friends. Captain Centaurus found he hated the paper work of a ship's captain as much as Atilus had. Yet he loved the Saber Claw, especially with the new upgrades. Commodore Atilus was a taskmaster with his Destroyer Squadron. Only Centaurus had no complaints. Yet Destroyer Squadron 9 was shapin
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but none hear until motor fuel is gone then they follow him to heart of Gotham where they plant apple trees amid ruins of ... I long to hold him again in my open arms sighs Meri growing old after forty years of singing every day by ...

Author: Surazeus Astarius


ISBN: 9781387297337

Category: Poetry

Page: 482

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Solariad of Surazeus - Guidance of Solaria presents 114,920 lines of verse in 1,660 poems, lyrics, ballads, sonnets, dramatic monologues, eulogies, hymns, and epigrams written by Surazeus 2006 to 2011.
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My Father s Business

My Father s Business

I need to find my way to pray at God's pace with a pure heart and a good conscience. ... For, it will cause us to enter again into the stressful atmosphere outside of His kingdom. This will cause us to pick up a soul burden.

Author: R.A. Feller

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781418470579

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 722

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We loose our peace when love and truth become separated, no light for direction leaves us in the dark as we lack understanding or are trapped in misnomers about God, where we're found to grope about in uncertainties; when chaos rules our thoughts we make poor choices. It is good to take time out to get a fresh perspective on life, to know what you believe and why. Step into My Fathers Business, a book about building a healthy attitude in a relationship with God first, for the pattern of all else to fall into place. My Love calls me into the garden, Where I meet with His tender embrace. we touch hearts in safety, No corruption here an open heart towards truth as we meet in prayer amongst life's flowers and thorns. Through observation, shared experience, and practical application to direct you to partake of the most meaningful journey that turns into life itself, you'll meet with the atmosphere of God's loving reality and learn that He is alive. As Jesus said to let down the net for a catch, I've pulled back it in to find it packed with eternal truths. Within these pages a miracle awaits, only obtainable by grace.
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