Figuring Out People

Figuring Out People

Annotation This is the definitive book on Meta-Programs.

Author: L. Michael Hall

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 1899836101

Category: Psychology

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Annotation This is the definitive book on Meta-Programs. It provides an in-depth explanation of how Meta-Programs work and contains over fifty examples, presenting a clear insight into our own behaviour as well as that of other people. Figuring Out People challenges us to understand how a change in behaviour can lead to successful relationships. An essential addition to any NLP library.
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Figuring Out People

Figuring Out People

Author: L. Michael Hall


ISBN: OCLC:502942932

Category: Interpersonal communication


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Categories: Interpersonal communication

Stories From The Couch

Stories From The Couch

Many people have literally wasted their entire lives waiting for the relationship to change, to improve, and to become what they had ... There appears to be no way out. ... People often want help figuring out people in their lives.

Author: Mark Benn

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595473625

Category: Self-Help

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Through this book I would like to take you on a journey. It is a journey that I have been on for the past twenty-five years interviewing, questioning, doing therapy and teaching. It has been a remarkable trip into the private lives of people. I am a professional voyeur and I have found that most people are interested in what I hear, what I see and what I do. People want to know about others and they want to watch and learn. In this book I have compiled a collection of stories about some common themes in peoples' lives. In here, you can watch, learn, laugh and cry with me. If you are a voyeur like me then you will love this book. You can start reading at any point. Check out the table of contents and see what strikes you. I cannot know what you are ready to find or need to learn. Perhaps you can just play along and open it up and see where your eyes have taken you. My hope is that you will recognize yourself or others and you will think, feel and see exactly what you stopped here to learn. -Mark S. Benn, Psy.D. Psychologist
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I loved figuring out people, what would make them happy and what they would value and that I enjoyed their appreciation of what I had done for them. The most important takeaway from those early jobs was not what I learned about toy ...

Author: Kara Goldin

Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership

ISBN: 9781400220526

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Don’t let anyone crush your dreams. Undaunted will inspire you to move past your fears and defy the doubters. It doesn’t matter whether you feel confident; it matters what you actually do. A Wall Street Journal bestseller! CEO of Hint, Inc and author Kara Goldin turned her unsweetened flavored water into one of the most successful beverage businesses of our time. As she started to achieve her goals, Kara found herself being called “fearless”, “confident” and even “unstoppable,” but nothing could be further from the truth. In Undaunted, she shares real stories about her own fears and doubts, the challenges she encountered and what she did to overcome them to eventually build a great business and a life she loves. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to: Get fit and healthy, start a company or business, break an addiction, find a new career, just grow in life, and much more! Part autobiography, part business memoir and lots of insights on self-development, Undaunted offers inspiring stories that impart lessons that any reader can apply to their own path.?While most motivational business and life books try to offer quick fixes, Kara focuses on long-term success, showing you how to take control of breaking down barriers and moving forward. Undaunted won’t solve your problems and challenges, you will. However, it will help you see through other’s experiences that it’s possible to do so. Accept your fears, but decide to be undaunted.
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Teaching Life

Teaching Life

One of the reasons I became a teacher is because I like interacting with people. I like figuring out what makes people tick, seeing the world from a different perspective and finding out people's stories. This was a chance for me to get ...

Author: Armand Doucet

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429765483

Category: Education

Page: 140

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In this engaging book, Armand Doucet, a globally respected and recognized teacher, provides a clear roadmap for championing classroom-focused change in a technology-advanced society. Teaching Life brings the voices of teachers into the global conversation about educational reform to offer a how-to for implementing into classrooms design thinking, technology integration and a holistic education based on competencies, social-emotional learning and the literacies. With the innovative ideas in this book, educators can create a foundation for sustainable, honest, transparent leadership and work toward building a true community of local and global learning.
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The User s Manual for the Brain Volume I

The User s Manual for the Brain Volume I

A person's TimeLine affectsa person's personality. Figure 16:1 Through Time and In Time A person's TimeLine affects a person's personality. (See Hall & Bodenhamer, Figuring Out People: Design Engineering with MetaPrograms,1997.) ...

Author: Bob G. Bodenhamer

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 9781845903824

Category: Self-Help

Page: 424

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The most comprehensive NLP Practitioner course manual ever written. A fully revised and updated edition, it contains the very latest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, particularly with regard to the Meta-states model and the Meta-model of language. For all those embarking on Practitioner training or wishing to study at home, this book is your essential companion. Written and designed by two of the most important theorists in NLP today.
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The Royal The Runaway Bride

The Royal   The Runaway Bride

''I'm good at figuring out people.'' With one tragic exception, she thought, then chased that sad part of her life from her mind. Robert was no longer a concern. She had put him out of her life. ''It's sort of a hobby of mine, ...

Author: Kathryn Jensen

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426868696

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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HE DIDN'T NEED MORE MONEY—OR MORE WOMEN… Phillip, Prince of Silverdorn, was bored by never-ending soirées and fortune-hunting debs. Until, at a ball honoring the new Altarian king, Phillip laid eyes on a most intriguing woman—in a designer gown and Doc Martens. Why heiress Alexandra Connelly let Phillip believe she was a horse trainer, she couldn't say. Perhaps, like the vacation in her brother's kingdom, it was to help her forget the wedding she'd bolted from. She wanted only an afternoon of fun with the dashing prince. But then she noticed his heart-melting brown eyes, satin-sheet skin, pricelesssculpture body. The man was downright irresistible.…
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Cupid s Code

Cupid s Code

“At work I look for leadership roles because I love being in charge and believe that I am gifted at figuring out peoples natural gifts and how to use them correctly. People will criticize that I don't pay attention to other feelings and ...

Author: William J. Starkey

Publisher: Morningstar Resources

ISBN: 9780982725344

Category: Psychology

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Cupid's Code takes us on a journey of understanding the emotion that has influenced songs, wars, minds, and culture: Love. We are taken through the worlds of biology, psychology, and anthropology so that we are introduced to new ideas about how we can answer many questions that plague us about our partners and ourselves. Throughout the journey we are introduced to stories, scientific findings, and tackle common ideas that are held in our minds about what makes the other sex tick, and explore how they can be applied to our daily lives. We find the answers to what makes people attractive, how we are seduced, how we can seduce, and what makes relationships work. Cupid challenges us to change the way we are looking at relationships. It enables us to look into the mirror so that we can explore ourselves and entertains that we will understand others through the process. It gives the information needed to be successful, confident, and competent so that we are able to enrich the lives of others. If you are curious about how to improve the quality of communication and understanding of you and your partner, if you are seeking to develop more meaningful relationships, if you are seeking to improve the quality of your life...the secrets are hidden inside this journey.
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Winning in the Robotic Workplace How to Prosper in the Automation Age

Winning in the Robotic Workplace  How to Prosper in the Automation Age

Figuring out people and what they truly need—and helping them—is hard and challenging work. It can also be rewarding. Enlightened people can write good policies. Better politicians need to be well educated and attuned to a diverse array ...

Author: John F. Wasik

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440871672

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

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This book will examine the history of robotics and explicate what massive automation means for the present and future of labor in all its forms, from mills and factories to the white-collars offices of suburbia and more. The latest research and analysis on the impact of AI and automation on the present job market Insights on the growing capabilities of AI and machine learning Ten short chapters that detail jobs that will be lost—and preserved—in the automation age Multiple examples of automation and job replacement by machines An appendix that provides real world exercises in obtaining skills needed in the automation age
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Tough to Treat Anxiety Hidden Problems Effective Solutions for Your Clients

Tough to Treat Anxiety  Hidden Problems   Effective Solutions for Your Clients

helps with remembering routine tasks such as taking out the garbage or taking medication—a boon to these ... TRANSFER WORRY TO ANOTHER PERSON This tool is helpful to all with anxiety, but for people with ADHD figuring out how to handle ...

Author: Margaret Wehrenberg

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393711035

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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How to recognize common obstacles to anxiety treatment and overcome complicating factors. Most people with mental health challenges of any kind are burdened by anxiety. In many cases, their anxiety symptoms are what prompt them to seek therapy in the first place. Unfortunately, these people also often have difficulty using standard anxiety treatment protocols, and problems heap upon themselves. When anxiety is tough to treat, dual conditions may be blocking treatment. This clinical casebook identifies symptoms that may indicate these obstacles, helping mental health professionals recognize conditions that coexist with anxiety—such as autism spectrum disorder, addiction, OCD, and depression. Margaret Wehrenberg breaks down this information into three parts: generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Each section describes a typical symptom pattern for each, how other disorders may complicate treatment, and examples of successful interventions. The book is organized by profiles of common conditions matched with an anxiety type, including "The Illogical Worrier" (generalized anxiety and OCD) and "The Meltdown Panicker" (panic disorder and autism spectrum disorder). Drawing from a career's worth of experience as a therapist supported by scholarly research, Tough-to-Treat Anxiety provides treatment methods for anxiety that resists remission. By highlighting commonly experience difficulties, this book jump starts the therapeutic journey to relief.
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