The Politics of Adoption

The Politics of Adoption

See, accessed June 12, 2012. 20. Janice Peyré, Guide de l'adoption (Paris: Marabout, 2008). 21. The convention held in Montpellier to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of EFA on November 29–30, ...

Author: Bruno Perreau

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262027229

Category: Family & Relationships

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An argument that French adoption policies reflect and enforce the state's notions of gender, parenthood, and citizenship. In May 2013, after months of controversy, France legalized same-sex marriage and adoption by homosexual couples. Obstacles to adoption and parenting equality remain, however—many of them in the form of cultural and political norms reflected and expressed in French adoption policies. In The Politics of Adoption, Bruno Perreau describes the evolution of these policies. In the past thirty years, Perreau explains, political and intellectual life in France have been dominated by debates over how to preserve “Frenchness,” and these debates have driven policy making. Adoption policies, he argues, link adoption to citizenship, reflecting and enforcing the postcolonial state's notions of parenthood, gender, and Frenchness. After reviewing the complex history of adoption, Perreau examines French political debates over adoption, noting, among other things, that intercountry adoptions stirred far less controversy than the difference between the sexes in an adopting couple. He also discusses judicial action on adoption; child welfare agencies as gatekeepers to parenthood (as defined by experts); the approval process from the viewpoints of social workers and applicants; and adoption's link to citizenship, and its use as a metaphor for belonging. Adopting a Foucaultian perspective, Perreau calls the biopolitics of adoption “pastoral”: it manages the individual for the good of the collective “flock”; it considers itself outside politics; and it considers not so much the real behavior of individuals as an allegorical representation of them. His argument sheds new light on American debates on bioethics, identity, and citizenship.
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Fiftieth Anniversary of the EFA

Fiftieth Anniversary of the EFA

This is not only a milestone year for the organization; the EFA has plenty to celebrate within our current programs, thanks to our dedicated volunteers - who are too numerous to name, but still represent a very small percentage of our ...

Author: Robin Martin

Publisher: Editorial Freelancers Association Publications

ISBN: 1880407469


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The Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) looks very different today than it did ten years ago, and even more so than twenty-five years ago, when it last published a booklet commemorating an anniversary of the group. This look back at the EFA's history in this commemorative booklet shares just a bit of what has gone into building and maintaining the stable foundation on which the nation's largest and oldest professional association of editorial freelancers will move into the future. As a look back, it reveals how the EFA has reflected the changing world. For example, as new technologies develop, the EFA makes use of them to better communicate with and support members. Not everything at the EFA changes as quickly as the world, as this group of busy freelancers - all volunteers in their roles with the EFA - can attest, but the movement forward continues in ways that best support their growing membership. This is not only a milestone year for the organization; the EFA has plenty to celebrate within our current programs, thanks to our dedicated volunteers - who are too numerous to name, but still represent a very small percentage of our membership. Before PCs or Post-It notes, the EFA formed with a focus on providing a place for members to socialize and exchange information. In the early years, the group of freelancers did not have a name and met secretly to avoid exposing all the members to potential blacklisting and other sanctions. In 1981, it was incorporated. By the 1990s, people were joining as a way to learn how to be a better freelancer, to be smarter about business: finding clients, dealing with clients, presenting oneself better, protecting oneself better, gaining a greater sense of the field and the issues relevant to freelancing. Throughout the challenging 2020 year, during which the COVID-19 pandemic left many freelancers vulnerable to the economic slowdown and other unknowns, the EFA remained an active organization, continuing work in service to its members. This longtime tradition of support is celebrated in this booklet. Since its twenty-fifth anniversary in 1995, the EFA has seen substantial growth: the size of its membership went from 1,000+ to 2,800+; the amount of its expenses increased from $127,099 to $375,489; and the number and breadth of benefits it offers its members grew. In 2002, there were seven regional chapters, in 2020 there are thirty. This booklet highlights changes such as these over the breadth of the organization's half century of existence. This assemblage of recollections of the past and stories for the future presents the history of the EFA through a lens of the benefits the association has offered its members over the years, and will be informative for both newer members and veterans of the organization. Stories include those of J. P. Partland, who was an EFA co-executive from 2000 to 2016; J. Trumbull Rogers (1939-2013) who served as EFA co-executive director and treasurer, and initiated the Job Phone service, precursor to today's Job List; Martin Kohl (1944-2003) an active EFA member who served as a member at large on the board in 1994-1995, wrote an EFA booklet and reported often for the Freelancer; and Elliott Linzer, who earns his living as a freelance indexer and has been a member of the EFA since 1976. An iteration of the 2020 Co-Executives Annual Report, written by current co-execs William J. Keenan and Christina M. Frey, appears within, as well as a rundown of EFA benefits written by EFA board members Robin Martin and Denise Larrabee, who co-edited and prepared this booklet for publication.

Fofefa The Book of Good

Fofefa  The Book of Good

We sat on the beach of the North Sea, and waited for a nuclear-powered icebreaker named 50 Let Pobedy, or Fiftieth Anniversary of Victory, when he recited it to me. I remember only a few first lines, but it went like this, “Gleams white ...

Author: Heiti Kender

Publisher: Fofefa OÜ

ISBN: 9789949886012



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A compilation of bits and pieces of the adventures of [email protected], the Friendies [email protected]@ and Fofefa, Porobubu the burrow deer, Bububunny, Voldemar the doggo, and others. The book has 173 chapters—some longer, some shorter. Most of the chapters introduce different aspects of mathematics or physics—all in an easy, friendly way. There is a lot of talk about helping others, asking for help, answering the call for help, and paragraphs and paragraphs about empathy, eating your veggies, being good, and cookies. Yes, lots of cookies.

World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists 50 Years

World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists 50 Years

50th anniversary book J. Rupreht, World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists A. Gullo. organisation encompassing the EAA ... A working group took the concept further and the EFA board met again in January 1999 in Brussels .

Author: J. Rupreht

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8847002524

Category: Medical

Page: 322

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With contributions by numerous experts
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Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of brown V Board of Education

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of brown V  Board of Education

Obiakor, F.E.,Algozzine, B.,Thurlow, M., GwallaOgisi,N.,Enwefa, S., Enwefa, R.,& Mcintosh,A. (2002). Addressing the issue of disproportionate representation: Identification and assessment of culturally diverse studentswith emotional or ...

Author: Kenneth K. Wong

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135482091

Category: Education

Page: 180

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This special issue commemorates and reassesses the educational effects of the Brown decision. The articles are grounded in theories and methods of several disciplines, including law, philosophy, economics, political science, sociology, and public policy. The researchers examine the way the Court frames racial inequality and whether the proposed remedy is consistent with the institutional and legal context at the time of the ruling. In addressing these questions, the authors pay particular attention to the nature of the constitutional argument, use of social evidence in shaping judicial decisions, the political economy of policy development and implementation in addressing racial desegregation, and the ongoing challenge of ensuring equality of schooling opportunity for the increasingly diverse student population.
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Reading the past writing the future

Reading the past  writing the future

As the international community celebrates fifty years of International Literacy Day, it is timely to pause and ... and in particular during the EFA period (UNESCO 2015a); and second, UNESCO has a unique mandate for promoting youth and ...

Author: UNESCO

Publisher: UNESCO Publishing

ISBN: 9789231002144


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Los Alamos Science

Los Alamos Science

This has been a fascinating week , very much in keeping with the motto of our fiftieth anniversary , “ A proud past and an ... Consequently , we have become gine driving the nation's R & D efa world - class laboratory working on fort ...



ISBN: UOM:39015031271839

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Bibliography of the History of Medicine

Bibliography of the History of Medicine

ot Dent ( efalopreas Den ncaisyales er New asal by bypass mites per R2 Dl - year que ? 7 of bypace Franke paper 66 Grest ... Sci Am 234 ( 1 ) : 112-7 , Jan 76 Lévy FM : The fiftieth anniversary of diphtheria and tetanus immunization .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105009858742

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CMJ New Music Report

CMJ New Music Report

Uproar Metropolis Cutting Spirit Zone-EFA Plug Research-EFA Violincaddy Music Grand Central Ninja Tune Silica ... ARTISTS Sun Records 50th Anniversary VARIOUS ARTISTS Total Lee: The Songs Of Lee Hazelwood VARIOUS ARTISTS Trance Mix USA ...





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CMJ New Music Report is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay and independent and trend-forward retail sales. CMJ's trade publication, compiles playlists for college and non-commercial stations; often a prelude to larger success.