Microbiology of Extreme Soils

Author: Patrice Dion,Chandra Shekhar Nautiyal

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540742319

Category: Science

Page: 369

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This volume provides a comprehensive coverage of the principal extreme soil ecosystems of natural and anthropogenic origin. Extreme soils oppose chemical or physical limits to colonization by most soil organisms and present the microbiologist with exciting opportunities. Described here are a range of fascinating environments from permafrost to Martian soils. The book includes chapters on basic research in addition to applications in biotechnology and bioremediation.

An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values

Author: Stuart Coles

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781852334598

Category: Mathematics

Page: 208

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Directly oriented towards real practical application, this book develops both the basic theoretical framework of extreme value models and the statistical inferential techniques for using these models in practice. Intended for statisticians and non-statisticians alike, the theoretical treatment is elementary, with heuristics often replacing detailed mathematical proof. Most aspects of extreme modeling techniques are covered, including historical techniques (still widely used) and contemporary techniques based on point process models. A wide range of worked examples, using genuine datasets, illustrate the various modeling procedures and a concluding chapter provides a brief introduction to a number of more advanced topics, including Bayesian inference and spatial extremes. All the computations are carried out using S-PLUS, and the corresponding datasets and functions are available via the Internet for readers to recreate examples for themselves. An essential reference for students and researchers in statistics and disciplines such as engineering, finance and environmental science, this book will also appeal to practitioners looking for practical help in solving real problems. Stuart Coles is Reader in Statistics at the University of Bristol, UK, having previously lectured at the universities of Nottingham and Lancaster. In 1992 he was the first recipient of the Royal Statistical Society's research prize. He has published widely in the statistical literature, principally in the area of extreme value modeling.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Events in Agriculture

Impacts and Mitigation

Author: Raymond P. Motha,Haripada P. Das

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540224907

Category: Nature

Page: 367

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Agricultural production is highly sensitive to weather and climate-related disasters such as drought, storm and flood. While it is not possible to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, the resultant disastrous effects can be reduced mitigated through proper planning and effective preparation. This book, based on a gathering of experts in Beijing, discusses ways to reduce the vulnerability of agriculture to disaster and extreme events, both by accurate and timely warning, and by impact-reducing countermeasures.

To the Extreme

Alternative Sports, Inside and Out

Author: Robert E. Rinehart,Synthia Sydnor

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791456651

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 436

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Insider and outsider narratives on the essence of modern “extreme” sports.

Extreme Learning

Author: Keen J. Babbage

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 9781578861408

Category: Education

Page: 193

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Keen Babbage shows educators how to cause extreme learning in the classroom while also creating a classroom learning community in which the teacher and the student team up in a vibrant, symbiotic, fulfilling partnership.

Attacking Extreme Poverty

Learning from the Experience of the International Movement ATD Fourth World

Author: Quentin Wodon

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 9780821349397

Category: Social Science

Page: 136

View: 5955


..this book...gives us a history lesson and a guide on how to build commercial finance that fits the needs of the world's poorest majority. Policy makers, finance leaders, and anyone who wants to join this revolution in banking must read this book. Around the world, a revolution is occurring in finance for low-income people. The microfinance revolution is delivering financial services to the economically active poor on a large scale through competing, financially self-sufficient institutions. In a few countries this has already happened; in others it is under way. The emerging microfinance industry has profound implications for social and economic development. For the first time in history, capital is well on its way to being democratized. The Microfinance Revolution, in three volumes, is aimed at a diverse readershipAcirc;-economists, bankers, policymakers, donors, and social scientists; microfinance practitioners and specialists in local finance and rural and urban development; and members of the general public interested in development. This first volume, Sustainable Finance for the Poor, focuses on the shift from government- and donor-subsidized credit systems to self-sufficient microfinance institutions providing voluntary savings and credit services. Acirc;"A magnificent workAcirc;" Elizabeth Littlefield, CEO, Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest (CGAP) Acirc;"A much-needed wake-up call for economistsAcirc;" David E. Bloom, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography, Harvard University Acirc;"A major work that will unquestionably lie at the very center of microfinance literatureAcirc;" Robert Peck Christen, Senior Adviser, CGAP Secretariat; Academic Director, Microfinance Training Program, Naropa University Acirc;"A seminal workAcirc;" Ira W. Lieberman, former CEO of CGAP; Senior Manager, World Bank

The Art of Extreme Self-Care

12 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Love Yourself More

Author: Cheryl Richardson

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401924829

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

View: 572


Beloved author and teacher Cheryl Richardson updates her classic, New York Times best-selling self-care manual, giving you the permission and practical tools you need to dramatically upgrade your life. "For the last 20 years I've dedicated my personal and professional life to the importance of self-care by teaching from my own experience," writes Cheryl Richardson. "In the past, I've sacrificed my health and my relationships for work, given to others at the expense of my own needs, and watched my dreams slip through the cracks of a busy life. As a result, I've learned a lot about what it takes to put an end to the madness. . . . From years of personal experience, as well as coaching great men and women, I've come to understand that selfishness leads to selflessness. When we care deeply for ourselves, we naturally begin to care for others - our families, our friends, our greater global community, and the environment - in a healthier and more effective way. We tell the truth. We make choices from love instead of guilt and obligation. And we soon realize that we're all connected and that our individual actions affect a greater whole." This updated edition of Cheryl's best-selling handbook The Art of Extreme Self-Care brings her message home to readers with a new section about forming and running a successful support group, as well as updated resources so readers stay inspired and motivated. Her practical, action-oriented program outlines 12 strategies to transform your life one month at a time, each one challenging you to alter one behavior that's blocking your path. Chapters include "End the Legacy of Deprivation," "Find Your Passion," "The Absolute No List," and "Does That Anger Taste Good?" (Hint: it really doesn't.)

eXtreme Project Management

Using Leadership, Principles, and Tools to Deliver Value in the Face of Volatility

Author: Douglas DeCarlo

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470573678

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 560

View: 6427


Today’s new breed, eXtreme projects are different. They feature high speed, high change, high complexity, high risk, and high stress. While traditional projects follow the classic model of ready, aim, fire, eXtreme project managers succeed by shooting the gun and then redirecting the bullet while not loosing sight of their moving target. eXtreme Project Management provides a practical guide for leaders working under high risk and high pressure while producing the desired bottom-line results. Based on Doug DeCarlo’s extensive experience in working with more than 250 project teams, his eXtreme project management model is built around an integrated set of principles, values, skills, tools, and practices proven to consistently work under conditions of rapid change and uncertainty. eXtreme project management is based on the premise that you don’t manage the unknown the same way you manage the known. It’s a people-centric approach to high performance that makes quality of life a fundamental part of the project venture.