Evolution of Extreme Waves and Resonances

Evolution of Extreme Waves and Resonances

These solutions describe catastrophic amplifications of waves in different
systems beginning from sediment layers till physical fields. As a result, we
studied different physical areas, since there are clear analogies between extreme
waves in ...

Author: Shamil U. Galiev

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000064018

Category: Science

Page: 508

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The theory of waves is generalized on cases of strongly nonlinear waves, multivalued waves, and particle–waves. The appearance of these waves in various continuous media and physical fields is explained by resonances and nonlinearity effects. Extreme waves emerging in different artificial and natural systems from atom scale to the Universe are explored. Vast amounts of experimental data and comparisons of them with the results of the developed theory are presented. The book was written for graduate students as well as for researchers and engineers in the fields of geophysics, nonlinear wave studies, cosmology, physical oceanography, and ocean and coastal engineering. It is designed as a professional reference for those working in the wave analysis and modeling fields.
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Darwin Geodynamics and Extreme Waves

Darwin  Geodynamics and Extreme Waves

1.9 Some instrumental registrations of extreme waves. (1) Offshore from Mossel
Bay (1,563 events, 100 m depth, gas-drilling platform). (2) The Baltic Sea (414
events, 7–20 m depth, buoys). (3) Campos Basin near Rio de Janeiro (276
events, ...

Author: Sh. U. Galiev

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319169941

Category: Science

Page: 352

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This book examines the reasons behind the resonant amplification of seismic and ocean waves that have the capacity to destroy cities and ocean-going vessels. Using Charles Darwin’s important geophysical research as a starting point, it provides insights into the interaction between earthquakes with volcanoes, seaquake, and tsunami formation. In particular, the author details the observations that Darwin made on a powerful earthquake that occurred in Chile in 1835, noting how the famous naturalist and geologist used the concept of earthquake-induced vertical shock to explain the event's devastating impact. The book then goes on to show how Darwin's concept relates to the catastrophic results of the shallow quakes that recently destroyed Port-au-Prince (Haiti, 2010) and severely damaged Christchurch (New Zealand, 2011). In addition, the author asks whether Darwin's ideas are endorsed by the discoveries of modern science and whether the results of destructive earthquakes can be modeled using strongly nonlinear wave equations. Coverage also proposes that similar equations can be used to simulate the dynamics of many objects on the surface of the Earth, and to model the origin of the Universe, dark matter, and dark energy as strongly nonlinear wave phenomena. The book will appeal to students as well as researchers and engineers in geophysics, seismology, nonlinear wave studies, cosmology, physical oceanography, and ocean and coastal engineering. It will also be of use to those who are interested in the phenomena of natural catastrophes as well as those who want to learn more about the life and work of Charles Darwin.
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Extreme Waves and Shock Excited Processes in Structures and Space Objects

Extreme Waves and Shock Excited Processes in Structures and Space Objects

Humanity always operates in conditions of incomplete information. -Valentin
Valentinovich Novozhilov This book focuses on the study of extreme waves. Their
formation can significantly change properties of the medium within the wave; that
is, ...

Author: Shamil U. Galiev

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000064001

Category: Science

Page: 314

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The theory of waves is generalized on cases when waves change medium in which they appear and propagate. A reaction of structural elements and space objects to the dynamic actions of the different nature, durations, and intensities is studied. It considers the effects of transitions in the state and phase equations of media on the formation and propagation of extreme waves as a result of power, thermal, or laser pulsed action. The influence of cavitation and cool boiling of liquids, geometric and physical nonlinearity of walls on containers’ strength, and the formation of extreme waves is studied. The theory can be also used to optimize impulse technology, in particular, in the optimization of explosive processing of sheet metal by explosion in a liquid. This book was written for researchers and engineers, as well as graduate students in the fields of thermal fluids, aerospace, nuclear engineering, and nonlinear waves.
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Geological Records of Tsunamis and Other Extreme Waves

Geological Records of Tsunamis and Other Extreme Waves

Concluding remarks Paleotsunami research has grown rapidly since its
foundations in the late 1980s, and the appreciation of sediment records resulting
from hazardous extreme-wave events for coastal risk management has increased

Author: Max Engel

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780128156872

Category: Science

Page: 848

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Geological Records of Tsunamis and Other Extreme Waves provides a systematic compendium with concise chapters on the concept and history of paleotsunami research, sediment types and sediment sources, field methods, sedimentary and geomorphological characteristics, as well as dating and modeling approaches. By contrasting tsunami deposits with those of competing mechanisms in the coastal zone such as storm waves and surges, and by embedding this field of research into the wider context of tsunami science, the book is also relevant to readers interested in paleotempestology, coastal sedimentary environments, or sea-level changes, and coastal hazard management. The effectiveness of paleotsunami records in coastal hazard-mitigation strategies strongly depends on the appropriate selection of research approaches and methods that are tailored to the site-specific environment and age of the deposits. In addition to summarizing the state-of-the-art in tsunami sedimentology, Geological Records of Tsunamis and Other Extreme Waves guides researchers through establishing an appropriate research design and how to develop reliable records of prehistoric events using field-based and laboratory methods, as well as modeling techniques. Features a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in tsunami sedimentology and paleotsunami research Offers advice on the most appropriate mapping, sampling, and analytical approaches for a wide variety of coastal settings and sedimentary environments Provides methodological details for field sampling and the most important proxy analyses
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Extreme Waves in California During Winter 1983

Extreme Waves in California During Winter  1983

INTRODUCTION January , February and March 1983 was a period of intense
storminess in the ...

Author: Richard J. Seymour


ISBN: UCR:31210018962314

Category: Ocean waves

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A Study of extreme waves and their effects on ship structure

A Study of extreme waves and their effects on ship structure

Previous studies have indicated that certain extremely large waves, measured during Hurricane Camille, might be characterized as non-Gaussian.

Author: William H. Buckley


ISBN: OCLC:227612020


Page: 93

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Previous studies have indicated that certain extremely large waves, measured during Hurricane Camille, might be characterized as non-Gaussian. Waves of similar time-domain description had previously been found to cause ship damages during winter storms. Interviews with ship masters and officers furnished additional important characterizations of these waves, as well as indications of the synoptic weather conditions which were involved. A survey of heavy-weather damage information from Coast Guard records was conducted to evaluate general trends of heavyweather damage to ships. A preponderance of damage is attributed to local wave loadings. Selected cases of ship damage and severe hull girder stressing were examined in relation to the types of extreme waves reported to have been encountered, or believed to have been encountered, based in part upon prevailing synoptic weather conditions. A tentative characterization of large non-Gaussian waves is provided. Recent developments in nonlinear wave mechanics are reviewed to help explain the origin and propagation of these waves. Current studies of the synoptic development of winter storms are examined to identify wind field characteristics which appear to be related to the development of 'rogue' waves.

On the Prediction of the Extreme Value of Wave Loads

On the Prediction of the Extreme Value of Wave Loads

Fifth Sym . on Naval Hydrodynamics , Office of Naval Research , 1964 ochi , M. , "
On Prediction of Extreme Values , " J. Ship Research , vol.17 , No.1 , pp . 29-37 ,
1973 Ochi , M. and Wang , s , " Prediction of Extreme Wave - Induced Loads on ...

Author: Choong-Dong Lee


ISBN: UCAL:C2930015


Page: 356

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New Nonlinear Phenomena Research

New Nonlinear Phenomena Research

For a long time sailors have known that a solitary , extreme ( rogue , giant ) wave
may be generated on the ocean surface . The amplitude of this wave may be
more than 30 m . Nevertheless , only during the last 30 years these extreme
waves ...

Author: Tomas B. Perlidze

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: IND:30000122874476

Category: Medical

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This new book focuses on recent and significant research on non-linear, or chaotic behaviour which in real world systems has been reported in electronic circuits and communications systems, chemical reactions, biological behaviour. The applications include solitons, integrable systems, cellular automata, pattern formation, qualitative structure and bifurcation theory, onset of chaos and turbulence, analytic dynamics, and transport phenomena.
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Marine Structures Research Recommendations

Marine Structures Research Recommendations

Analysis of Wave Characteristics in Extreme Seas " ( SSC - 353 ) provided
preliminary information on wave characteristics . However , further research is
needed to develop a useful tool for predicting extreme wave loads . Large waves

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Marine Structures


ISBN: UOM:39015075187719

Category: Naval architecture

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Development and Applications of the Free surface Random Vortex Method FSRVM

Development and Applications of the Free surface Random Vortex Method  FSRVM

2.4 Extreme waves over a submerged body Engineers are interested in finding
the maximum wave loads due to extreme waves . Traditionally , extreme waves
are approximated by superposition of linear waves . The maximum wave loads
are ...

Author: Shih-Wei Liao


ISBN: UCAL:C3446801


Page: 492

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"The objective of this work is to apply the free-surface random vortex method (FSRVM) to study the interactions of surface waves and bodies. A FSRVM-based "numerical wavetank" is used to calculate forces on submerged bodies. To study the response of a freely-floating body in waves, the dynamic coupling between a rigid body and the fluid is formulated. To further improve the efficiency of the FSRVM, merger and decay of blobs are introduced to alleviate computational efforts of vortex interactions" [Source : extrait de l'abstract, p. 1].

ASME Wind Energy Symposium

ASME Wind Energy Symposium

For a given sea state lasting A seconds with a mean period of T , seconds per
wave , N = A / T , waves . ... H , y ) ) ( 12 ) Extreme Waves and Wind In the design
of offshore wind turbines , a primary consideration is the combined effect of the ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112061452600

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Ocean Wave Kinematics Dynamics and Loads on Structures

Ocean Wave Kinematics  Dynamics  and Loads on Structures

Since 100 - year return wave heights based on extreme values from extratropical
storms are even smaller than the maximum measured waves , it is not
appropriate or statistically reasonable to use them for engineering or operational

Author: Offshore Technology Research Center

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers

ISBN: UOM:39015041918122

Category: Science

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This collection contains 60 papers presented at the International DTRC Symposium, held in Houston, Texas, April 30-May 1, 1998.
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Proceedings 1983 Symposium on Buoy Technology

Proceedings 1983 Symposium on Buoy Technology

Of these , the joint distribution of wave heights and periods , and the extreme
wave groups contain evidence of the strongly ... group ( EWG ) is a concept that
combines the previously separately considered wave groups and extreme waves



ISBN: UCSD:31822023311822

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