Evolution of Mammalian Molar Teeth

To and from the Triangular Type Including Collected and Revised Researches Trituberculy and New Sections on the Forms and Homologies of the Molar Teeth in the Different Orders of Mammals

Author: Henry Fairfield Osborn

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Author: Simon Hillson,Professor Simon Hillson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521837019

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Archaeological discoveries of teeth provide remarkable information on humans, animals and the health, hygiene and diet of ancient communities. In this fully revised and updated 2005 edition of his seminal text, Simon Hillson draws together a mass of material from archaeology, anthropology and related disciplines to provide a comprehensive manual on the study of teeth. The range of mammals examined has been extended to include descriptions and line drawings for 325 mammal genera from Europe, North Africa, western, central and northeastern Asia, and North America. The book also introduces dental anatomy and the microscopic structure of dental tissues, explores how the age or season of death is estimated and looks at variations in tooth size and shape. With its detailed descriptions of the techniques and equipment used and its provision of tables and charts, this book is essential reading for students of archaeology, zoology and dental science.

Biographical Memoirs

Author: National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)

Publisher: National Academies


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List of papers contained in v. 1-9 is given in National Academy of Sciences. Proceedings ... Index ... 1915-24, 1926.

Evolution of environments and hominidae in the African Western Rift Valley

Author: Noel Thomas Boaz

Publisher: Virginia Museum of Natural


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Exploration of an important paleoanthropological site in the Rift Valley of eastern Zaire, from over two million years ago to the present. The Semliki Research Expedition, directed by Noel T. Boaz, Curator of Biological Anthropology at the Virginia Museum of Natural History, has investigated the upper reaches of the Semliki River Valley since 1982. Nineteen papers by members of the Expedition present & discuss the geology, paleoecology, paleontology, & archaeology of the site. Includes documentation of presence of early hominids in the Western Rift over two million years ago; an extensive fossil flora, the first recovered from this area of Pliocene Africa & one that shows the nearby presence of dense, lowland forest; an extensive vertebrate & invertebrate fauna that documents the presence of savannas & which includes evidence of extensive evolutionary radiations of fish & molluscan species; the first relatively complete human fossil crania from the highest statigraphic levels; studies on the archaeology of the Age of Metals, ethnoarchaeology among the tribal groups inhabiting the area today, & actualistic studies, relevant to paleoanthropological interpretation.