Ethics in a Multicultural Context

Ethics in a Multicultural Context

Designed for students and educators in counselor education and counseling psychology programs, this book is also an essential guide for social workers, psychologists, and health professionals who work in multicultural environments.

Author: Sherlon P. Pack-Brown

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452266817

Category: Psychology

Page: 280

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Ethics in a Multicultural Context provides strategies for critical decision making in multicultural settings. Utilizing extensive case studies, authors Sherlon P. Pack-Brown and Carmen Braun Williams present a comprehensive exploration of counseling ethics in a cultural context. Examining the implications and consequences of competent multicultural counseling, they present ethical dilemmas arising in face-to-face counseling interactions, supervisory relationships, and educational situations. This book encourages critical thinking rather than passive acceptance. The authors identify culturally troublesome issues, encourage culturally appropriate interpretations of existing ethical guidelines, and promote ethical behavior in multicultural contexts.
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Ethics for Professionals in a Multicultural World

Ethics for Professionals in a Multicultural World

The book explains why codes of ethics are important, and why the codes themselves have to be grounded in a broader philosophical context to be useful in multicultural societies.

Author: David Earl Cooper

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: UOM:39015056300562

Category: Philosophy

Page: 340

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Written in an easily accessible, non-threatening presentation, Ethics for the Multicultural World offers clear explanation of how philosophical ethics has historically evolved as a response to muddle and banal moral decisions based on confusion caused by the plurality of ethical and moral beliefs. The book explains why codes of ethics are important, and why the codes themselves have to be grounded in a broader philosophical context to be useful in multicultural societies. This accessible introduction provides an overview of applied ethics and social pluralism, moral agents, and situational control and professionalism, as well as an introduction to muddle, drift, banality, and subjectivisms verses morality, empirical and analytic studies, moral foundations and concepts, six normative theories and application strategy. For individuals interested in professional ethics.
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Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling

Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling

tice . for Ethics in a Multicultural Context to examine multicul | excellent teaching
tool for university courses , continuing tural ... in multicultural and diversity ethical
behavior within multicultural contexts ; ( d ) encour counseling and competence .



ISBN: UOM:39015066026447

Category: Rehabilitation counseling


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Coaching Psychology Meta theoretical perspectives and applications in multicultural contexts

Coaching Psychology  Meta theoretical perspectives and applications in multicultural contexts

The purpose of investigating and promoting ethics in coaching psychology,
theory and practice is to present a sound knowledge base of ethical issues and ...
Cross cultural coaching is a specific focus under the overarching coaching
psychology. ... Background. Coaching has its roots in the area of sport and dates
back as far as ancient Greece where coaches were paid to train athletes for
competing in ...

Author: Llewellyn E. van Zyl

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319310121

Category: Psychology

Page: 428

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This book offers detailed strategies, methodologies, approaches, practice guidelines, and policy implications effective for professional coaching on the individual, group and organizational level. It details empirical research-based and theoretical perspectives on coaching psychology as well as elaborates upon the fundamentals within multi-cultural contexts. First delivering a general introduction to coaching psychology before going on to examine specific psychological approaches towards coaching. The book also provides a conceptual framework for the use of psychometrics in multi-cultural coaching psychology. Next, the book presents meta-theoretical perspectives and applications for multi-cultural contexts, such as how to enhance leadership with group coaching from a system psychodynamic approach, how coaching can be used to support behavioral engagement and wellbeing, and how to utilize symbolic expressions, art, myths, dreams, and fantasies in coaching. This book provides practical tools towards critical self-reflective practice. Delivering the current state of the art research by presenting psychological coaching strategies theory and practice in one viewpoint. It also informs on the activity of various research approaches, thus interesting the broader student and academic reader. It will help all readers evaluate their current coaching competencies and, in the end, become better coaches. The book will also serve as an ideal resource for psychologists who want to migrate into coaching psychology.
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Resources in education

Resources in education

ED 361 082 Moral Values Human Values and the Environment: Conference
Proceedings (Madison, Wisconsin, October 1-3, 1992). Report 140. ED 361 226
Moral Education in a Multicultural Context: The Malaysian Primary Curriculum.



ISBN: MINN:30000005557321

Category: Education


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Survey Methods in Multinational Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts

Survey Methods in Multinational  Multiregional  and Multicultural Contexts

Every survey will have unique aspects and what may work for a given survey in a
given context may not work for another, even in ... Ethics Review. The protocols
for contacting respondents will often start with a review by an independent ethics

Author: Janet A. Harkness

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470609915

Category: Mathematics

Page: 624

View: 542

A unique collaboration featuring the latest methodologies and research on multi- and cross-national surveys Over the past two decades, the relevance of cross-national and cross-cultural methodologies has heightened across various fields of study. Responding to increasing cultural diversity and rapid changes in how research is conducted, Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional, and Multicultural Contexts addresses the need for refined tools and improved procedures in cross-cultural and cross-national studies worldwide. Based on research submitted to the International Conference on Multinational, Multicultural, and Multiregional Survey Methods (3MC), this book identifies important changes in comparative methodology approaches, outlines new findings, and provides insight into future developments in the field. Some of the world's leading survey researchers gather in this volume to address the need for a standard framework that promotes quality assurance and quality control in survey research, and its impact on various stages of the survey life cycle, including study design and organization, cross-national sampling, testing and pretesting, data collection, and input and output variable harmonization. Self-contained chapters feature coverage of various topics, such as: Question and questionnaire design, from both global and study-specific perspectives The construction and evaluation of survey translations and instrument adaptations The effects of cultural difference on the perception of question and response categories Non-response issues Analysis in comparative contexts, featuring discussion of polytomous item response theory, categorization problems, and Multi-Trait-Multi-Methods (MTMM) The significance of evolving methodologies for current international survey programs, including the European Social Survey, the International Social Survey Programme, and the Gallup World Poll Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional, and Multicultural Contexts is a valuable supplement for courses on comparative survey methods at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It also serves as an insightful reference for professionals who design, implement, and analyze comparative research in the areas of business, public health, and the social and behavioral sciences.
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Teaching Learning and Motivation in a Multicultural Context

Teaching  Learning  and Motivation in a Multicultural Context

The new configuration (for example, the creation of the Department) requires
analysis of the philosophical basis of concepts such as intercultural education,
educational development, education for peace, religious instruction, moral
education ...

Author: Farideh Salili

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781607527930

Category: Education

Page: 425

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The volume 3 of this series is designed to present educators with current research and emerging issues in teaching, learning and motivation in a multicultural context. The book is separated into four sections. In the introduction section we have outlined some of the current issues and recent thoughts about the nature of learning, teaching, and school reforms from a multicultural perspective.
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Multicultural Issues in Counseling

Multicultural Issues in Counseling

This chapter frames ethical issues in a multicultural context and examines
strategies relevant to ethical practice with culturally diverse client populations .
For the purposes of this chapter , counseling ethnic groups of color is
emphasized .

Author: Courtland C. Lee

Publisher: Amer Counseling Assn

ISBN: UOM:39015064985644

Category: Psychology

Page: 404

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Categories: Psychology

Strange Virtues

Strange Virtues

Strange Virtues will benefit not only missionaries, ethicists and students, but all Christians who want to better understand their neighbors here at home.

Author: Bernard T. Adeney-Riskotta

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830877045

Category: Religion


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Theologian and veteran missionary Bernard Adeney addresses in-depth what may be the stickiest crosscultural communication problem of our day: differing approaches to morality. In this comprehensive treatment, he considers ethics across cultures, addresses the ethical import of other religions and gender relations, explores how the Bible and culture interact to produce ethical stances, and includes particular case studies. Strange Virtues will benefit not only missionaries, ethicists and students, but all Christians who want to better understand their neighbors here at home.
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Ethics and Archaeological Praxis

Ethics and Archaeological Praxis

Is this coincidence just merely haphazard or does it obey more structural rules? The papers in this book try to answer these two questions by examining praxis-based contexts in which archaeological ethics unfolds.

Author: Cristóbal Gnecco

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781493916467

Category: Social Science

Page: 258

View: 509

Restoring the historicity and plurality of archaeological ethics is a task to which this book is devoted; its emphasis on praxis mends the historical condition of ethics. In doing so, it shows that nowadays a multicultural (sometimes also called “public”) ethic looms large in the discipline. By engaging communities “differently,” archaeology has explicitly adopted an ethical outlook, purportedly striving to overcome its colonial ontology and metaphysics. In this new scenario, respect for other historical systems/worldviews and social accountability appear to be prominent. Being ethical in archaeological terms in the multicultural context has become mandatory, so much that most professional, international and national archaeological associations have ethical principles as guiding forces behind their openness towards social sectors traditionally ignored or marginalized by their practices. This powerful new ethics—its newness is based, to a large extent, in that it is the first time that archaeological ethics is explicitly stated, as if it didn’t exist before—emanates from metropolitan centers, only to be adopted elsewhere. In this regard, it is worth probing the very nature of the dominant multicultural ethics in disciplinary practices because (a) it is at least suspicious that at the same time archaeology has tuned up with postmodern capitalist/market needs, and (b) the discipline (along with its ethical principles) is contested worldwide by grass-roots organizations and social movements. Can archaeology have socially committed ethical principles at the same time that it strengthens its relationship with the market and capitalism? Is this coincidence just merely haphazard or does it obey more structural rules? The papers in this book try to answer these two questions by examining praxis-based contexts in which archaeological ethics unfolds.
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Ethics for a Multicultural Society

Ethics for a Multicultural Society

This will all happen if there are no rules or regulations steering a community to
interact and communicate well in the context of a multicultural society . Trisakti
University , known as a reputable educational institution as well as a Reformation

Author: H. Arohman Prayitno


ISBN: 979268932X

Category: Conflict management

Page: 225

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Categories: Conflict management

Handbook of Multicultural Counseling

Handbook of Multicultural Counseling

Many types of ethical violations can occur within a multicultural training context ,
such as faculty members ' considering themselves experts even though they do
not have the proper training background or experiences , or a department or ...

Author: Joseph G. Ponterotto

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: 0803955073

Category: Psychology

Page: 696

View: 329

Thorough, integrative and comprehensive, the Handbook of Multicultural Counseling covers all major areas in the field: ethics, professional issues, research, theory, training, practice and emerging trends. In addition, rather than merely reviewing research, the book introduces innovative training and practice methods. With the editors and contributors drawn from culturally, ethnically and geographically diverse populations, the book will be an essential source for practitioners and trainees aiming to improve their competence in helping a multicultural clientele.
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The Journal of Multicultural Nursing Health

The Journal of Multicultural Nursing   Health

Table 6 Factors Influencing Ethical and Moral Perception Israeli Nurses
Hungarian Nurses Mean Factors Mean SD SD t ... in this process and would
broaden our knowledge of ethical decision making in bicultural and multicultural
contexts .



ISBN: UOM:39015081513742

Category: Ethnic groups


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Categories: Ethnic groups

Biomedical Ethics in a Canadian Context

Biomedical Ethics in a Canadian Context

... C . : U . S . Government Printing Office , 1983 ) 3 vols . , vol 1 chapters 1 and 2 .
28 Those who have a language barrier will not be able to access the queue
easily . This is particularly important in the multicultural context of Canadian
society ...

Author: Eike-Henner W. Kluge

Publisher: Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice-Hall Canada

ISBN: PSU:000018938104

Category: Bioethics

Page: 432

View: 464

Categories: Bioethics

Introduction to the Counseling Profession

Introduction to the Counseling Profession

Pack - Brown , S . P . , & Williams , C . B . ( 2003 ) . Ethics in a multicultural context
. Thousand Oaks , CA : Sage Publications . Pedersen , P . B . ( 1995 ) . Culture -
centered ethical guidelines for counselors . In J . G . Ponterotto , J . M . Casas , L

Author: Dave Capuzzi

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UVA:X004938414

Category: Education

Page: 577

View: 793

This book aims to give a self-contained presentation of a number of results, which relate the volume of convex bodies in n-dimensional Euclidean space and the geometry of the corresponding finite-dimensional normed spaces. The methods employ classical ideas from the theory of convex sets, probability theory, approximation theory and the local theory of Banach spaces. The book is in two parts. The first presents self-contained proofs of the quotient of the subspace theorem, the inverse Santalo inequality and the inverse Brunn-Minkowski inequality. The second part gives a detailed exposition of the recently introduced classes of Banach spaces of weak cotype 2 or weak type 2, and the intersection of the classes (weak Hilbert space). The book is based on courses given in Paris and in Texas.
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Principles of Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

Principles of Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

This volume focuses on the general nature of cultural influences in counseling rather than on counseling specific ethnic groups. Counseling practices from all over the world, not just those of Western society, are explored.

Author: Uwe P. Gielen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781135594251

Category: Medical

Page: 488

View: 422

In an era of globalization characterized by widespread migration and cultural contacts, psychologists, counselors, and other mental health professionals face a unique challenge: how does one practice successfully when working with clients from so many different backgrounds? Gielen, Draguns, and Fish argue that an understanding of the general principles of multicultural counseling is of great importance to all practitioners. The lack of this knowledge can have several negative consequences during therapy, including differences in expectations between counselor and client, misdiagnosis of the client’s concerns, missed non-verbal cues, and the client feeling that she has been misunderstood. This volume focuses on the general nature of cultural influences in counseling rather than on counseling specific ethnic groups. Counseling practices from all over the world, not just those of Western society, are explored. Bringing together the work of a diverse group of international experts, the editors have compiled a volume that is not only concise and teachable, but also an essential guidebook for all mental-health professionals.
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Christian Ethics in Ecumenical Context

Christian Ethics in Ecumenical Context

... implicit , understanding of what is at stake in understanding Christian theology
and ethics in an ecumenical context . ... solidarities in a confederative manner out
of these differences and diversities in multireligious or multicultural contexts .

Author: Shin Chiba

Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015034930993

Category: Religion

Page: 385

View: 411

Produced in honor of Charles C. West, who, until his retirement in 1992, was the Stephen Colwell Professor of Christian Ethics at Princeton Theological Seminary, this volume is the result of a collaborative effort by former students and colleagues of Professor West, each of whom explores the meaning and significance of Christian ethics in an era of profound global structural transformation. Identifying a number of important issues as posing challenges for Christian ethics, the authors explore a wide range of topics: epistemological questions concerning Christian truth; Christianity and the eclipse of authority and morality in secular society; the ecological crisis; gender and social justice; and the peaceful coexistence of different religious, cultural, and political communities and traditions.
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In all , a single sociopolitical context is generating a tremendous variety of
different meanings of what exists , how we are to ... No one is immune any longer
from the moral and political implications created in a multicultural environment .



ISBN: IND:30000047343029

Category: Speech


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Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology

Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology

This comprehensive handbook offers a beautifully balanced view of the emerging field of multicultural school psychology.

Author: Emilia C. Lopez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135624354

Category: Education

Page: 776

View: 546

This comprehensive handbook offers a beautifully balanced view of the emerging field of multicultural school psychology. The opening section provides an historical overview of how the field has developed, and succeeding sections discuss multicultural issues related to consultation, instructional interventions, alternative assessment, academic assessment, vocational assessment, culturally sensitive counseling models, and working with families and special populations. Theory, research, and practice are integrated throughout. Key features of this exciting new book include: Interdisciplinary Perspective - Many chapters are written by authors from different disciplines, all of whom have multicultural expertise. The last chapter provides summarizing commentaries written by leaders in different disciplines. Scientist-Practitioner Focus - Evidence-based interventions for culturally and linguistically diverse students are provided for major competency areas such as consultation, counseling, and special programs (e.g., bilingual and multicultural education). Assessment Focus - Multicultural and bilingual assessment issues are discussed in the chapters covering language, cognitive, personality, behavioral, neuropsychological, vocational, acculturational, and academic assessment. Special Populations Focus - The needs of special populations such as culturally different parents, gifted and talented children, preschool children, migrant families, and children with low and high incidence learning disabilities are discussed in section VI. This book is appropriate for graduate courses and seminars dealing with multicultural school psychology. It is also a useful reference for researchers and practicing school psychologists and the libraries serving them.
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The Bioethics Reader

The Bioethics Reader

56 Work has already begun on other lines of analysis that will help to situate
ethics in a socio - historical context , including : the possibility of cross - cultural
ethics , the notion of ethics in developing countries58 and the multiplicity of
ethical ...

Author: Ruth Chadwick

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: UOM:39015073954888

Category: Philosophy

Page: 602

View: 704

'The Bioethics Reader' traces some of the most important concerns of the 1980s, such as the ethics of euthanasia, reproductive technologies, the allocation of scarce medical resources, surrogate motherhood, and a range of issues debated today, particularly in the field of genetics.
Categories: Philosophy