Sustainability Citizenship in Cities

Theory and practice

Author: Ralph Horne,John Fien,Beau B. Beza,Anitra Nelson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131739108X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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Urban sustainability citizenship situates citizens as social change agents with an ethical and self-interested stake in living sustainably with the rest of Earth. Such citizens not only engage in sustainable household practices but respect the importance of awareness raising, discussion and debates on sustainability policies for the common good and maintenance of Earth’s ecosystems. Sustainability Citizenship in Cities seeks to explain how sustainability citizenship can manifest in urban built environments as both responsibilities and rights. Contributors elaborate on the concept of urban sustainability citizenship as a participatory work-in-progress with the aim of setting its practice firmly on the agenda. This collection will prompt practitioners and researchers to rethink contemporary mobilisations of urban citizens challenged by various environmental crises, such as climate change, in various socio-economic settings. This book is a valuable resource for students, academics and professionals working in various disciplines and across a range of interdisciplinary fields, such as: urban environment and planning, citizenship as practice, environmental sociology, contemporary politics and governance, environmental philosophy, media and communications, and human geography.

Education Studies

Essential Issues

Author: Steve Bartlett,Diana Burton

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446227235

Category: Education

Page: 276

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`The essays are thematically well organized and lucidly presented. In terms of design, contents and presentation, this is undoubtedly an excellent textbook' - Journal of Educational Planning and Administration `Education Studies: Essential Issues' is a book similar in style to the editor's first volume 'Introduction to Education Studies', both books introducing a variety of broad educational issues while analyzing certain areas in greater depth. Whereas the first book dealt with wider perspectives on education (i.e. research, politics and policy, psychological theory), this book deals with more specific issues with chapters viewing education through early years and compulsory schooling to post-compulsory and higher education, through to lifelong learning. Ultimately this book is quite unique due to the collection of chapters and is a worthy addition to any university bookshelf or as a key text for mandatory education modules' - Scott Buckler, University of Worcester, for Escalate `This book is essential reading for all those concerned about education, especially for those working within the education system' - International Journal of Educational Management `[Education Studies] is an informed and informative introduction. Teachers as well as student teachers will find it stimulating and valuable. Topics it covers well include teacher management and teacher professionalism' - Michael Duffy, Times Educational Supplement This key text provides an overview of current theoretical issues, areas of study and major themes that are covered in education studies programmes. Chapters include: - globalization - differentiation - early childhood - special needs - citizenship and education - lifelong learning - post-compulsory education - higher education - management and professionalism in teaching - education and economic development. Prominent contributors in each field provide students with a solid grounding in the areas they will be studying and point the way to further successful study. Also by same author Introduction to Education Studies Steve Bartlett Diana Burton Nick Peim C 0-7619-7015-0 £60.00 2001 P 0-7619-7016-9 £17.99 2001

Demands of Citizenship

Author: Catriona McKinnon,Iain Hampsher-Monk

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826477552

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

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Since the seventeenth century liberal thinkers have been interested in the rights of individuals and their capacities to engage as free equals in the political activity of their community. However, as many in the republican tradition have noted, the maintenance of certain types of communities - predicated on broadly shared ethical expectations, modes of communication and patterns of activity - is a precondition of the meaningful exercise of citizenship rights.This volume presents essays from many of the major names in the field, exploring citizenship from a fresh perspective. After two decades of strident individualism, in the light of claims that the liberal democratic state is under threat of collapse from the forces of globalization, and in the midst of a theoretical debate about the possible and desirable limits of individual autonomy, they argue that it is high time to go beyond the standard concern of what can be ascribed to citizens. We must ask what should be demanded of them, in the name of the protection of liberty, equality and stability.

Philosophers on Shakespeare

Author: Paul A. Kottman

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804759197

Category: Drama

Page: 218

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This volume assembles for the first time writings from the past two hundred years by philosophers engaging the dramatic work of William Shakespeare.

Style and Time

Essays on the Politics of Appearance

Author: Andrew Benjamin

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810123347

Category: Architecture

Page: 167

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Offers a sustained meditation on the role of interruption in modernity. This book departs from and elaborates an important but overlooked dimension of Walter Benjamin's discourse: the question of style as it bears upon temporality and spatiality. This work suggests that the time has come to revise existing paradigms.

Shakespeare and I

Author: William McKenzie,Theodora Papadopoulou

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 144119200X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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Following the ethos and ambition of the Shakespeare NOW! series, and harnessing the energy, challenge and vigour of the 'minigraph' form, Shakespeare and I is a provocative appeal and manifesto for a more personal form of criticism. A number of the most exciting and authoritative writers on Shakespeare examine and scrutinise their deepest, most personal and intimate responses to Shakespeare's plays and poems, to ask themselves if and how Shakespeare has made them the person they are. Their responses include autobiographical histories, reflections on their relationship to their professional, institutional or familial roles and meditations on the person-making force of religious or political conviction. A blog at enables both contributors and readers to continue the debate about why Shakespeare keeps us reading and what that means for our lives today. The book aims to inspire readers to think and write about their ever-changing personal relationship with Shakespeare: about how the poems and plays - and writing about them - can reveal or transform our sense of ourselves.

Just Left of the Setting Sun

Author: Julian Aguon

Publisher: blue ocean press / ARI

ISBN: 4902837323

Category: Fiction

Page: 92

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Just Left of the Setting Sun is a collection of non-fiction essays by a young Chamoru scholar-activist from the island of Guam. These essays reflect the present-day reality of the indigenous people of the island of Guam. This book is framed in the context of an island that exists amidst the many conflicts and contradictions of being "freed from colonialism" by another colonial power in 1898 and "liberated from wartime aggression" by a country that put in under a Naval Administration until the 1960s and who worked to eliminate the culture of the local people through forced assimilation and nominal citizenship. It is written to articulate the reality of the Chamoru people of Guam as an indigenous Pacific Island culture, an American minority group, and an island people threatened by the encroachment of globalization into their lives. These essays will cause the reader to think critically on the subjects of globalization, sustainable development, sustainable governance, cultural reclamation, and self-determination on Guam, amongst the indigenous and colonized peoples in the world, question the value of democracy if it is involuntarily imposed on a people. This book is especially relevant for the present state of the world. Just Left is included in an academic series that we publish, 'The 1898 Consciousness Studies Series'. This series is a varied collection of essays on consciousness today in areas affected by the Spanish-American War and consequent possession by the U.S. These include The Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Praise for Just Left of the Setting Sun "Fierce and compassionate, bold and resolute, Just Left of the Setting Sun is at once a coming into consciousness as it is a conch-shell blare for action by and for a new generation of Chamorros, the indigenous people of an island and archipelago long colonized by Spain, Japan and the United States of America. As critical towards fellow Chamorros who aid and abet the colonizer as he is of the colonizers themselves, Aguon also importantly situates the need for Native Struggles for Political and Cultural Self-Determination and Sovereignty within Feminist/Womanist critiques and global struggles for economic, social, and environmental justice, thereby providing a glimpse into the possibilities for local struggle informed and articulated to global movements beyond pan-indigenous movements per se, and for keeping global movements and political theory grounded in Indigenous traditions." Vicente M. Diaz Associate Professor of American Culture University of Michigan, Ann Arbor "Aguon re-introduces us to the principles of international law as a guiding framework to the resolution of the dilemma brought about by the present non self-governing arrangements which provide the trappings of democratic governance, but in reality are rather democratically deficient by any objective examination. Indeed, an important component of new millennium colonialism is the existence, but not the recognition, of this democratic deficit... ..."Just Left of the Setting Sun" should be required reading for the people in the remaining territories, young and old, who need to discover/re-discover the fire within, that they might further move the process forward, if only by a few steps further along the continuum. In a very real sense, as Aguon observes, "inside the heart of the Chamoru is still an ocean of latent potentialities waiting to surge." Dr. Carlyle Corbin Advisor on Governance and Political Development St. Croix, Virgin Islands