Espresso Coffee

The Science of Quality

Author: Andrea Illy,Rinantonio Viani

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0123703719

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 398

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Written by leading coffee technology specialists in consultation with some of the world's biggest coffee manufacturers, the second edition of the successful Espresso Coffee will once again comprehensively cover the current status of the chemistry and technology of espresso coffee. It comprehensively covers topics such as agronomy, green coffee processing, roasting/grinding, packaging, percolating and decaffeination techniques. It provides a comprehensive resource for those interested in the fundamental notions of coffee quality; with a point of reference given in the form of a detailed bibliography to provide direction to the wider literature. Chapters Include: * Quality of espresso coffee * The plant * The raw bean * Roasting * Grinding * Packaging * Percolation * The cup * Physiology

Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail

Author: Dave Arnold

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393245853

Category: Cooking

Page: 416

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Winner of the 2015 James Beard Award for Best Beverage Book and the 2015 IACP Jane Grigson Award. A revolutionary approach to making better-looking, better-tasting drinks. In Dave Arnold’s world, the shape of an ice cube, the sugars and acids in an apple, and the bubbles in a bottle of champagne are all ingredients to be measured, tested, and tweaked. With Liquid Intelligence, the creative force at work in Booker & Dax, New York City’s high-tech bar, brings readers behind the counter and into the lab. There, Arnold and his collaborators investigate temperature, carbonation, sugar concentration, and acidity in search of ways to enhance classic cocktails and invent new ones that revolutionize your expectations about what a drink can look and taste like. Years of rigorous experimentation and study—botched attempts and inspired solutions—have yielded the recipes and techniques found in these pages. Featuring more than 120 recipes and nearly 450 color photographs, Liquid Intelligence begins with the simple—how ice forms and how to make crystal-clear cubes in your own freezer—and then progresses into advanced techniques like clarifying cloudy lime juice with enzymes, nitro-muddling fresh basil to prevent browning, and infusing vodka with coffee, orange, or peppercorns. Practical tips for preparing drinks by the pitcher, making homemade sodas, and building a specialized bar in your own home are exactly what drink enthusiasts need to know. For devotees seeking the cutting edge, chapters on liquid nitrogen, chitosan/gellan washing, and the applications of a centrifuge expand the boundaries of traditional cocktail craft. Arnold’s book is the beginning of a new method of making drinks, a problem-solving approach grounded in attentive observation and creative techniques. Readers will learn how to extract the sweet flavor of peppers without the spice, why bottling certain drinks beforehand beats shaking them at the bar, and why quinine powder and succinic acid lead to the perfect gin and tonic. Liquid Intelligence is about satisfying your curiosity and refining your technique, from red-hot pokers to the elegance of an old-fashioned. Whether you’re in search of astounding drinks or a one-of-a-kind journey into the next generation of cocktail making, Liquid Intelligence is the ultimate standard—one that no bartender or drink enthusiast should be without.

The Little Coffee Know-It-All

A Miscellany for Growing, Roasting, and Brewing, Uncompromising and Unapologetic

Author: Shawn Steiman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1631590537

Category: Cooking

Page: 128

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A guide to growing, roasting and brewing the world's best coffee, uncompromising and unapologetic.


Emerging Health Effects and Disease Prevention

Author: Yi-Fang Chu

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470958782

Category: Science

Page: 324

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Coffee: Emerging Health Benefits and Disease Prevention presents a comprehensive overview of the recent scientific advances in the field. The book focuses on the following topics: coffee constituents; pro– and antioxidant properties of coffee constituents; bioavailability of coffee constituents; health benefits and disease prevention effects of coffee; and potential negative impacts on health. Multiple chapters describe coffee′s positive impact on health and various diseases: type 2 diabetes; neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson′s and Alzheimer′s); cancer (prostate, bladder, pancreatic, breast, ovarian, colon and colorectal); cardiovascular health; and liver health. Coffee′s positive effects on mood, suicide rate and cognitive performance are addressed as are the negative health impacts of coffee on pregnancy, insulin sensitivity, dehydration, gastric irritation, anxiety, and withdrawal syndrome issues. Written by many of the top researchers in the world, Coffee: Emerging Health Benefits and Disease Prevention is a must–have reference for food professionals in academia, industry, and governmental and regulatory agencies whose work involves coffee.

Fresh Cup

The Voice of the Specialty Coffee Industry

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Coffee

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The Coffeeist Manifesto

Learn How to Make Coffee YOURSELF

Author: Steven Ward

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692588338


Page: 214

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Make Coffee and Espresso at home! Make sure you're not getting ripped off at your local coffee shop! Revised and Expanded Second Edition for 2016 50% Additional Content This 'coffee for beginners' book will take you from zombie to full on coffee geek by teaching you everything from the basics of coffee brewing to coffee roasting at home. I've always loved coffee and wanted to know more about it, but I hated all the pretense and mystique that surrounded it. Most of all, I hated walking into a coffee shop and feeling like I had to learn a new language just to order my black coffee. Still... Coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery system! This book sets the record straight and separates fact from fiction. Description from 1st Edition I, too, was a coffee zombie, walking around calling myself a coffee lover. For years I stumbled around in a daze drinking stale, bitter coffee and grumbling "beans... beans...." Thank Goodness I finally woke up to the world of coffee. By Immersing myself in the coffee world via reading every book I could find, visiting trade fairs, every high-end cafe I could find, and barista competitions, I realized that, while there is a huge amount of information out there free on the Internet and in artisan coffee shops, there was no single resource that connects all the dots and spells it all out for confused novice coffee drinkers. Until now. Fact: Making a great cup of coffee requires focus and commitment. This means that to make a billion dollar for-profit coffee franchise, you MUST find ways to cut corners and short change your customers. Fact: There are some GREAT coffee shops out there that care about coffee and customers and are worth every penny they charge, but they can be hard to identify, making it easy to just settle for familiar chain coffee. Fact: Making very good coffee is NOT THAT HARD. With a minimal investment in time and education you can make the best cup of coffee you've ever had in your life in the comfort of your own home. This book shows exactly why billion dollar for-profit coffee chains are inherently unable to produce coffee of the quality you can make in the kitchen. The Coffeeist Manifesto is half self-defense manual and half how-to instructional. By the end of it, any coffee beginner will have a foundational understanding of the coffee industry and know how to identify the good coffee shops from the bad ones. But most importantly, you'll know how to beat them at their own game by making coffee at home that blows the cafes out of the water. Table of Contents: Part I -Coffee Theory Coffeeists of the World, Unite! History The Politics of Coffee Barista's Dilemma Coffee Myths (caffeine facts, health, etc) Four Keys to Killer Coffee Coffee Roasting at Home Part II - Coffee Brewing Methods Zen and the Art of Brewing Coffee Instant Coffee Cowboy Coffee Cold Brew Percolator Pot Coffee Pot Press Pot/French Press Aeropress Pour Over/ Mr. Clever Vacuum Pot Regional Variations Trendy coffee brew methods Part III - Espresso A word about Espresso Moka Pot ("stovetop espresso") Grinders ROK Espresso Machine Rancilio Silvia Espresso Variations Part IV - The Truth About Coffee Shops Coffee Shop Appreciation Coffee Tourism The Rules Decoding the Menu Other Coffee Drinks Coffee Recipes -Green tea extract -Butter Coffee / Paleo Coffee / "Bulletproof coffee" -"Umpkinpay Picesay" latte From Coffeeist to Aficionado In summary, there's no shame in not being an expert on coffee. For dummies like us, I teach you what you need to know to go out and explore the world of coffee for yourself.

Jobs Almanac

1999 Edition

Author: Steven Graber

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781580620710

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 945

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Describes each year's job outlook and provides the addresses of government and private sector employers grouped by industry.