The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission

Author: Joel Wallach,Ma Lan,Gerhard N. Schrauzer

Publisher: SelectBooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1590792556

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 592

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WHAT IS EPIGENETICS? Epigenetics is an emerging field of science that studies alterations in gene expression caused by factors other than changes in the DNA sequence. Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission is the result of decades of research and its findings that could be as critical to our understanding of human health as Pasteur’s research in bacteriology. Dr. Joel “Doc” Wallach has dedicated his life work to identifying connections between certain nutritional deficiencies and a range of maladies, formerly thought to be hereditary, including Cystic Fibrosis and Muscular Dystrophy. This nexus between nutrition and so-called genetic disease has been observed in both humans and primates, and it is the central theme of Epigenetics. To bring us Epigenetics, Wallach has teamed with noted scholars Dr. Ma Lan and Dr. Gerhard N. Schrauzer. Their collective expertise gives this book its far reaching perspective. Epigenetics is of vital importance to anyone who wants real knowledge about how the human body functions, and it provides a path for better health. Epigentics dispels the dogma and misinformation propagated by medical institutions and doctors resistant to change. Epigenetics is the beginning of a new era of well-being on this planet.

Changing Our Genetic Heritage

Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations

Author: Ariann Thomas

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982209933

Category: Religion

Page: 140

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Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations is a practical guide on healing the inherited genetic patterns in our lives on every level with practices to repair ill health, poverty, poor relationships, bad career choices, and lack of joy in life. Most of us are limited by beliefs and wounds from our ancestors cultures, our families histories, and the worlds stories that we unconsciously adopt in our lives. These beliefs keep us from our full potential of happiness. With multiple references to current scientific studies and her own case studies with clients, Ariann demonstrates that it is possible to change deeply held patterns of beliefs. Thus, we can move into a full and rich life filled with everything we desire. By releasing the negative beliefs of our unworthiness held for generations, and incorporating activities scientifically shown to repair and improve our genetic health, the reader is lead to the inevitable conclusion that each of us can change life for the better. The most impressive concept is that the changes we make can influence future generations. When we affect our genes, we also affect the genes of future generations. Brilliantly Deciphered for the Lay Person Changing Your Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations, by Ariann Thomas, is a practical guide that deciphers the Science of Changing Your DNA and Hereditary patterns, without all of the scientific jargon but with plenty of references to back up her findings. She also provides guidance and insight that will help you to understand how your heredity is impacting your life, along with simple steps to get started on your healing journey. If you have ever wondered if you are destined to live a life based on your DNA or Heredity, you will learn about the science that has proven it is not only possible to change your DNA and Heredity but by doing so you will impact the lives of future generations as well. Krystalya Marie, International speaker and trainer, and best-selling co-author with Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Deepak Chopra.

Advances in Ophthalmology and Optometry,

Author: Myron Yanoff,Jessica Ackert,Mary Aronow,Alan S. Crandall,Paul B. Freeman,Ronni M. Lieberman,Joseph M. Ortiz,Leonard J. Press,Aparna Ramasubramanian,Madhura Tamhankar,Elaine Wu,Allan Wulc

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323509207

Category: Medical

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Advances in Ophthalmology and Optometry reviews the most current practices in both ophthalmology and optometry. A distinguished editorial board, headed by Dr. Myron Yanoff, identifies key areas of major progress and controversy and invites expert ophthalmologists and Optometrists to contribute original articles devoted to these topics. These insightful overviews bring concepts to a clinical level and explore their everyday impact on patient care. Topics will cover all specialty areas, highlighting the most current and relevant information in the field.

Nadia Revisited

A Longitudinal Study of an Autistic Savant

Author: Lorna Selfe

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1136789332

Category: Psychology

Page: 296

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This book re-examines the case of Nadia, a child aged six who had been drawing with phenomenal skill and visual realism from the age of three, despite having autism and severe learning difficulties.

Early Intervention in Psychotic Disorders

Author: Tandy Miller,Sarnoff A. Mednick,Thomas H. McGlashan,Jan Libiger,Johan Olav Johannessen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401008922

Category: Medical

Page: 289

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Multiple voices throughout the last century have preached the merits of various treatments for schizophrenia, ranging from cold baths to the currently accepted standards such as neuroleptic medication. Along with these ongoing treatments, there have been quiet commentaries, made mostly from the sidelines, suggesting the need to shift and refocus the way we think and talk about schizophrenia. Harry Stack Sullivan noted in 1927 that, 'The psychiatrist sees too many end states and deals professionally with too few of the pre psychotic" (Sullivan 192711994, p. 135). Similar thoughts have been echoed by purveyors of modem treatment for psychosis such as Thomas H. McGlashan: "Like others before me, I tried to make a difference . . . but like the others my efforts were largely in vain. I came upon the scene too late; most of the damage was already done" (McGlashan, 1996). Similar interest in the early phase of schizophrenia has developed across the globe and consolidated into a tentative, yet meaningful deliberation about the potential for prevention of psychotic illness through early identification and intervention. In the past decade, international support has grown from: Ian Falloon's prodromal intervention project in Great Britain (Falloon et aI. , 1996); Patrick McGorry's and Jane Edward's first episode psychosis program in Melbourne, Australia (McGorry et al.

An Anthropology of Biomedicine

Author: Margaret Lock,Vinh-Kim Nguyen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444357905

Category: Social Science

Page: 520

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An Anthropology of Biomedicine is an exciting new introduction to biomedicine and its global implications. Focusing on the ways in which the application of biomedical technologies bring about radical changes to societies at large, cultural anthropologist Margaret Lock and her co-author physician and medical anthropologist Vinh-Kim Nguyen develop and integrate the thesis that the human body in health and illness is the elusive product of nature and culture that refuses to be pinned down. Introduces biomedicine from an anthropological perspective, exploring the entanglement of material bodies with history, environment, culture, and politics Develops and integrates an original theory: that the human body in health and illness is not an ontological given but a moveable, malleable entity Makes extensive use of historical and contemporary ethnographic materials around the globe to illustrate the importance of this methodological approach Integrates key new research data with more classical material, covering the management of epidemics, famines, fertility and birth, by military doctors from colonial times on Uses numerous case studies to illustrate concepts such as the global commodification of human bodies and body parts, modern forms of population, and the extension of biomedical technologies into domestic and intimate domains Winner of the 2010 Prose Award for Archaeology and Anthropology

Medical Sciences E-Book

Author: Jeannette Naish,Denise Syndercombe Court

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702052493

Category: Medical

Page: 912

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An integrated approach to teaching basic sciences and clinical medicine has meant that medical students have been driven to a range of basic science textbooks to find relevant information. Medical Sciences is designed to do the integration for you. In just one book, the diverse branches of medical science are synthesised into the appropriate systems of the human body, making this an invaluable aid to approaching the basics of medicine within in a clinical context. . An integrated approach to teaching basic sciences and clinical medicine has meant that medical students have been driven to a range of basic science textbooks to find relevant information. Medical Sciences does the integration for you. In just one book, the diverse branches of medical science are synthesised into the appropriate systems of the human body, making this an invaluable aid to approaching the basics of medicine within in a clinical context. Eleven new contributors. Completely new chapters on Biochemistry and cell biology, Genetics, The nervous system, Bones, muscle and skin, Endocrine and reproductive systems, The cardiovascular system, The renal system and Diet and nutrition. Completely revised and updated throughout with over 35 new illustrations . Expanded embryology sections with several new illustrations.

Nursing Care of the Child with Cancer

Author: Genevieve V. Foley,Dianne Fochtman,Kathleen Hardin Mooney

Publisher: W.B. Saunders Company

ISBN: 9780721640068

Category: Cancer in children

Page: 533

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Content specific to cancer in adolescents has been interspersed into this edition, highlighting the differences in child and adolescent cancer and treatment. In addition to discussing common and rare diseases chapter-by-chapter, this text addresses professional practice issues such as interdisciplinary collaboration, research, and ethics, as well. Actual case studies and accompanying patient photographs highlight the personal approach that is needed in child and adolescent cancer nursing.

Human physiology

Author: Robert F. Schmidt,Gerhard Thews

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783540194323

Category: Medical

Page: 825

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This book, intended primarily as a comprehensive textbook of human physiology for medical students has been thoroughly revised. So that recent findings could be included in a volume of manageable size, the subject matter has been reorganized and partially condensed. General aspects of cell physiology and intercellular communication are now presented in one introductory section, making room for separate chapters on nociception and pain, sexual functions, reproduction and pregnancy, and aging. There are new chapters by authors who have not contributed to previous editions (the chapters on general sensory physiology, endocrinology, gastrointestinal functions, the kidneys, and water and electrolyte balance), and some of the earlier contributors have taken on new responsibilities corresponding to their present scientific interests. The emphasis on pathophysiological aspects has been retained, so that the student is provided with a link to clinical medicine. Many of the illustrations have been replaced or redrawn, to ensure a clear presentation of even the most complex relationships. As a compilation of current knowledge by 23 eminent authorities, with an extensive index, the book will also be a useful reference for clinical physicians and for scientists in fields such as pharmacology, biochemistry, zoology, physiology, and biology.