Environment and Society

Environment and Society

This book is an introduction to the sociological study of the interrelationships between environments and human societies. It emphasizes the ways in which our conceptualization of the relations between society and the environment ...

Author: Erika Cudworth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134606443

Category: Science

Page: 248

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At the start of the twenty-first century, it can be argued that human societies have a greater impact on the environment than ever before. We have always been dependent upon, and interacted with, the 'natural' environment. However, the dramatic social changes of the past three centuries, have altered the form of our relationship with non-human nature to the extent that some would see people/planet relations as in a situation of crisis. Environment and Society provides a comprehensive and critical account of the ways in which we can think about the relationship between human societies and the environments with which they interact. It argues that human societies are ecologically embedded, and that environments are often socially embedded and constituted. It makes the different theoretical positions and empirical studies accessible to students, and includes chapter outlines and summaries, annotated further reading, boxed case-studies and discussion points.
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Environment and Society

Environment and Society

This final green dilemma (individual–society) is intimately related to the preceding two dilemmas of conservation–growth and time–space. Each poses critical questions related to how individuals relate to society, how environmental ...

Author: Stewart Barr

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317142393

Category: Science

Page: 296

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Environment and Society explores ways to promote the behavioural shifts necessary for creating a 'sustainable society'. Through a critical approach to the links between sustainability, policy and citizen engagement, the book argues that sustainability policy needs to move towards a positive perspective, utilizing the well-known techniques of segmentation and social marketing. Such 'mainstreaming' of sustainable lifestyles is likely to be the only effective means of engaging the majority of citizens in the environmental debate, given the major influence of the consumer society on individual aspirations and beliefs. Comprised of three substantive elements, Environment and Society explores the context for behaviour change policy, the approaches adopted by politicians and academic researchers, and the application of such approaches using empirical data from two major research projects. The book is richly illustrated using both theoretical and empirical data and provides an excellent companion to all researchers interested in sustainable lifestyles.
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Environment and Society

Environment and Society

Human Perspectives on Environmental Issues Charles Harper, Monica Snowden ... It has been updated with theories and research on environmental and anti-environmental movement organizing, ... environment, society, and world order.

Author: Charles Harper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315463230

Category: Political Science

Page: 676

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The sixth edition of Environment and Society continues to connect issues about human societies, ecological systems, and the environment with data and perspectives from different fields. While the text looks at environmental issues from a primarily sociological viewpoint, it is designed for courses in Environmental Sociology and Environmental Issues in departments of Sociology, Environmental Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, and Human Geography. Clearly defined terms and theories help familiarize students from various backgrounds with the topics at hand. Each of the chapters is significantly updated with new data, concepts, and ideas. Chapter Three: Climate Change, Science and Diplomacy, is the most extensively revised with current natural science data and sociological insights. It also details the factors at play in the establishment of the Paris Agreement and its potential to affect global climate change. This edition elevates questions of environmental and climate justice in addressing the human-environment relations and concerns throughout the book. Finally, each chapter contains embedded website links for further discussion or commentary on a topic, concludes with review and reflection questions, and suggests further readings and internet sources.
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Education Environment And Society

Education  Environment And Society

Bandhu , Desh ( 1981 ) : Environmental Education , Indian Environmental Society , p . 24 . Blishen Edward ( 1948 ) Bloond's Encyclopaedia of Education , Great Britain by Wand G. Barie Ltd. Belfast Vol.III .

Author: Dr. Nasrin

Publisher: APH Publishing

ISBN: 8131300978


Page: 224

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Environment and Society

Environment and Society

For upper-level undergrads and lower-level graduate students of environment-society relations, this new edition remains the ‘go-to’ text in the field.” Kendra McSweeny, Ohio State University Columbus “As an introductory text ...

Author: Paul Robbins

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119408239

Category: Science

Page: 403

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A comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the conceptual tools used to explore real-world environmental problems Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction, Third Edition demonstrates how theoretical approaches such as environmental ethics, political economy, and social construction work as conceptual tools to identify and clarify contemporary environmental issues. Assuming no background knowledge in the subject, this reader-friendly textbook uses clear language and engaging examples to first describe nine key conceptual tools, and then apply them to a variety of familiar objects—from bottled water and French fries to trees, wolves, and carbon dioxide. Throughout the text, highly accessible chapters provide insight into the relationship between the environment and present-day society. Divided into two parts, the text begins by explaining major theoretical approaches for interpreting the environment-society relationship and discussing different perspectives about environmental problems. Part II examines a series of objects, each viewed through a sample of the theoretical tools from Part I, helping readers think critically about critical environmental topics such as deforestation, climate change, the global water supply, and hazardous e-waste. This fully revised third edition stresses a wider range of competing ways of thinking about environmental issues and features additional cases studies, up-to-date conceptual understandings, and new chapters in Part I on racializd environments and feminist approaches. Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction, Third Edition: Covers theoretical lenses such as commodities, environmental ethics, and risks and hazards, and applies them to touchstone environment-society objects like wolves, tuna, trees, and carbon dioxide Uses a conversational narrative to explain key historical events, topical issues and policies, and scientific concepts Features substantial revisions and updates, including new chapters on feminism and race, and improved maps and illustrations Includes a wealth of in-book and online resources, including exercises and boxed discussions, chapter summaries, review questions, references, suggested readings, an online test bank, and internet links Provides additional instructor support such as suggested teaching models, full-color PowerPoint slides, and supplementary teaching material Retaining the innovative approach of its predecessors, Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction, Third Edition remains the ideal textbook for courses in environmental issues, environmental science, and nature and society theory.
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Climate Change And Society

Climate Change And Society

Nature and Methods of Impact Studies How climate interacts with society is extraordinarily complex. Methods to assess these interactions are just beginning to be developed through interdisciplinary studies. In its proposed "Outline Plan ...

Author: William W. Kellogg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429704475

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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As man's ability to disrupt the climate becomes increasingly apparent,evidence is mounting that human-activity-induced climate changes may well rival anything nature can produce. If the consensus of the international climatological community is correct, and if worldwide use of fossil fuel continues to increase atmospheric carbon dioxide, mankind is
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The SAGE Handbook of Environment and Society

The SAGE Handbook of Environment and Society

The Handbook of Environment and Society focuses on the interactions between people, societies and economies, and the state of nature and the environment.

Author: Jules Pretty

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

ISBN: 141291843X

Category: Science

Page: 640

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The Handbook of Environment and Society focuses on the interactions between people, societies and economies, and the state of nature and the environment. Editorially integrated but written from multi-disciplinary perspectives, The Handbook of Environment and Society is organised in seven sections: - Environmental thought: past and present - Valuing the environment - Knowledges and knowing - Political economy of environmental change - Environmental technologies - Redesigning natures - Institutions and policies for influencing the environment Key themes include: locations where the environment-society relation is most acute: where, for example, there are few natural resources or where industrialization is unregulated; the discussion of these issues at different scales: local, regional, national, and global; the cost of damage to resources; and the relation between principal actors in the environment-society nexus. Aimed at an international audience of academics, research students, researchers, practitioners and policy makers, The Handbook on Environment and Society presents readers in social science and natural science with a manual of the past, present and future of environment-society links.
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Environment Politics and Society

Environment  Politics and Society

social scientific approach to environmental decision-making which builds upon and combines perspectives from a number of ... This volume initiates a broad conversation on a series of themes in environment, society, and politics.


Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781787439320

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Human activities and decision-making have enormous impacts on the environment. This volume engages in critical conversations on these issues and how their inter-connectedness and outcomes shape the natural environment and human activity.
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Environment Society and the Black Death

Environment  Society and the Black Death

Several such studies have a humanecological approach with an interest in the relationship between society and the environment. Special attention has been paid to historical examples where overexploitation resulted in environmental ...

Author: Per Lagerås

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 9781785700552

Category: Medical

Page: 208

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In the mid-fourteenth century the Black Death ravaged Europe, leading to dramatic population drop and social upheavals. Recurring plague outbreaks together with social factors pushed Europe into a deep crisis that lasted for more than a century. The plague and the crisis, and in particular their short-term and long-term consequences for society, have been the matter of continuous debate. Most of the research so far has been based on the study of written sources, and the dominating perspective has been the one of economic history. A different approach is presented here by using evidence and techniques from archaeology and the natural sciences. Special focus is on environmental and social changes in the wake of the Black Death. Pollen and tree-ring data are used to gain new insights into farm abandonment and agricultural change, and to point to the important environmental and ecological consequences of the crisis. The archaeological record shows that the crisis was not only characterized by abandonment and decline, but also how families and households survived by swiftly developing new strategies during these uncertain times. Finally, stature and isotope studies are applied to human skeletons from medieval churchyards to reveal changes in health and living conditions during the crisis. The conclusions are put in wider perspective that highlights the close relationship between society and the environment and the historical importance of past epidemics.
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Mining Africa Law Environment Society and Politics in Historical and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Mining Africa  Law  Environment  Society and Politics in Historical and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Law, Environment, Society and Politics in Historical and Multidisciplinary Perspectives Artwell Nhemachena, V. Warikandwa. Rhett, B.A. (2006). Environmental impact of mining in the rainforest. Mongabay. com/ Place Out of Time: Tropical ...

Author: Artwell Nhemachena

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9789956764563

Category: Social Science

Page: 394

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This book is a pacesetter in matters of mining and the environment in Africa from multidisciplinary and spatio-temporal perspectives. The book approaches mining from the perspectives of law, politics, archaeology, anthropology, African studies, geography, human ecology, sociology, history, economics and development. It interrogates mining and environment from the perspectives of customary law as well as from the perspectives of Euro-modern laws. In this sense, the book straddles precolonial, colonial and postcolonial mining and environmental perspectives. In all this, it maintains a Pan-Africanist perspective that also speaks to contemporary debates on African Renaissance and to the unity of Africa. From scrutinising the lived realities of African miners who are often insensitively and unjustly addressed as “illegal” miners, the book also interrogates transnational mining corporations; matters of corporate social responsibility as well as matters of tax evasions by transnational corporations whose commitment to accountability to African governments is questioned. With both theoretical chapters and chapter based on empirical studies on mining and the environment across the African continent, the book provides a much needed holistic, one stop shop for scholars, activists, researchers and policy makers who need a comprehensive treatise on African mining and the environment. The book comes at the right time when matters of African mining and environment are increasingly coming to the fore in the light of discourses about the new 21st century scramble for African resources, in which big transnational corporations and nations are jostling to suck Africa dry in their race to control planetary resources. It is a book that speaks to contemporary broader issues of (de-)coloniality and transformation of African minds and African environmental resources.
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