The Synonym Finder

The Synonym Finder

2. open-mindedness, liberality, liberalism, catholicity; impartiality, disinterest,
absence of prejudice, freedom from bigotry; magnanimity, largeness of mind, ...
dictionary, encyclopedia, compendium. tomfoolery, n. 1. antic, antics, caper, Inf.
shenanigans, Sl. monkeyshines, Sl. monkey business; mockery, farce, mummery;
mischief, prankishness, Inf. ... jocoseness, jocularity, waggishness, waggery,
drollery; levity, frivolity, facetiousness; silliness, childishness, immaturity, puerility,

Author: J.I. Rodale

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9781623367596

Category: Reference

Page: 1368

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Originally published in 1961 by the founder of Rodale Press, The Synonym Finder continues to be a practical reference tool for every home and office. This thesaurus contains more than 1 million synonyms, arranged alphabetically, with separate subdivisions for the different parts of speech and meanings of the same word.
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