Emil J Gumbel

Emil J  Gumbel

This biography chronicles the life of professor Emil J. Gumbel (1891-1966) one of Weimar Germany s foremost left-wing intellectuals.

Author: Arthur David Brenner

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 0391041010

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This biography chronicles the life of professor Emil J. Gumbel (1891-1966) one of Weimar Germany s foremost left-wing intellectuals. A pacifist, socialist, and human rights activist, Gumbel is best remembered for his exposes on political violence and politicized justice in Nazi Germany. A one-man party, at the center of the most acrimonious political battle in Weimar academia, Gumbel stood alone among his peers courageously speaking out against the Nazis.
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The Emil J Gumbel Collection

The Emil J  Gumbel Collection

Author: Leo Baeck Institute Library and Archives Emil J. Gumbel Collection


ISBN: OCLC:174337399


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Weimar Germany s Left Wing Intellectuals

Weimar Germany s Left Wing Intellectuals

38 See the well - documented account of Emil J. Gumbel , Vom Fememord zur Reichskanzlei ( Heidelberg , 1962 ) , 71 ; also , “ Landesverrat , " a special ...


Publisher: Univ of California Press




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Extreme Value Theory and Applications

Extreme Value Theory and Applications

... Volume 1 Gaithersburg Maryland 1993 J. Galambos, James Lechner, Emil Simiu. SOME RECOLLECTIONS OF E.J. GUMBEL Churchill Eisenhart (Guest Researcher, ...

Author: J. Galambos

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461336389

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It appears that we live in an age of disasters: the mighty Missis sippi and Missouri flood millions of acres, earthquakes hit Tokyo and California, airplanes crash due to mechanical failure and the seemingly ever increasing wind speeds make the storms more and more frightening. While all these may seem to be unexpected phenomena to the man on the street, they are actually happening according to well defined rules of science known as extreme value theory. We know that records must be broken in the future, so if a flood design is based on the worst case of the past then we are not really prepared against floods. Materials will fail due to fatigue, so if the body of an aircraft looks fine to the naked eye, it might still suddenly fail if the aircraft has been in operation over an extended period of time. Our theory has by now penetrated the so cial sciences, the medical profession, economics and even astronomy. We believe that our field has come of age. In or~er to fully utilize the great progress in the theory of extremes and its ever increasing acceptance in practice, an international conference was organized in which equal weight was given to theory and practice. This book is Volume I of the Proceedings of this conference. In selecting the papers for Volume lour guide was to have authoritative works with a large variety of coverage of both theory and practice.
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Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants

Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants

... 00457-04 Gumbel , Emil J. , Ph.D. Dept. of Industrial and Management Engineering Statistical Theory of Extreme Values and their Application in Hydrology ...

Author: United States. Division of Water Supply and Pollution Control


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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800 2000

Hydraulicians in Europe 1800 2000

1966 New York/USA Emil Julius Gumbel graduated as a mathematician from Technical University of ... Emil J. Gumbel - Weimar German pacifist and professor.

Author: Willi Hager

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466554986

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More than 850 individuals partly forgotten by name, but sometimes found in historical writings, together with many well known or recently deceased persons are presented in terms of bio-data, short career highlights, and main advances made to the profession with a short biography of the main writings. If available, a portrait is also included. Hydraulicians in Europe, Volume 2 is a continuation of the first volume, both in outline and in coverage and pagination. Volumes 1 and 2 include more than 1500 biographies.
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Berliner Jahre Schriften und Briefwechsel

Berliner Jahre  Schriften und Briefwechsel

To Emil Rupp, 9 May 1926 From Georg Joos, 9 May 1926 From Chaim Weizmann, 9 May 1926 From Emil J. Gumbel, 12 May 1926 To Georges Oprescu, 14 May 1926 From ...

Author: Albert Einstein

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691178813

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This volume covers one of the most thrilling two-year periods in twentieth-century physics, as matrix mechanics—developed chiefly by W. Heisenberg, M. Born, and P. Jordan—and wave mechanics—developed by E. Schrödinger—supplanted the earlier quantum theory. The almost one hundred writings by Einstein, of which a third have never been published, and the more than thirteen hundred letters show Einstein’s immense productivity and hectic pace of life. Einstein quickly grasps the conceptual peculiarities involved in the new quantum mechanics, such as the difference between Schrödinger’s wave function and a field defined in spacetime, or the emerging statistical interpretation of both matrix and wave mechanics. Inspired by correspondence with G. Y. Rainich, he investigates with Jakob Grommer the problem of motion in general relativity, hoping for a hint at a new avenue to unified field theory. Einstein falls victim to scientific fraud when, in a collaboration with E. Rupp, he becomes convinced that the latter’s experiments, aimed at deciding whether excited atoms emit light instantaneously (in quanta) or in a finite time (in waves), confirm a wave-theoretic explanation. While it was known that the teenage Einstein had been romantically involved with Marie Winteler in 1895, newly discovered documents reveal that his love for Marie was rekindled in 1909–10 while he was still married to Mileva Marić. The 1925 Locarno Treaties renew Einstein’s optimism in European reconciliation. He backs the “International manifesto against compulsory military service” and continues his participation in the League of Nations’ International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation. He remains intensely committed to the shaping of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, although his enthusiasm for this cause is sorely tested.
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International Crime in the 20th Century

International Crime in the 20th Century

5 Arthur Brenner, Emil J. Gumbel: Weimar German Pacifist and Professor (Boston: Brill Academic Publishers, 2001) pp 71–2. 6 Oscar Jaszi, 'The Stream of ...

Author: P. Knepper

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230342521

Category: History

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Between 1919 and 1939, crime received a prominent place on the international public agenda. This book explores the blueprint for twenty-first century international crime prevention - The League of Nations approach - which established institutions for confronting dangerous drugs, traffic in women and terrorist violence.
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Journal of the American Statistical Association

Journal of the American Statistical Association

EMIL J. GUMBEL, 69, has been Adjunct Professor of Industrial Engineering at
Columbia University since 1953. During this period he has spent summer terms
as Visiting Professor at the Free University of West Berlin. His earlier positions ...

Author: American Statistical Association


ISBN: UCSC:32106008963073

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The Heidelberg Myth

The Heidelberg Myth

Hs . 4029 ; Emil J. Gumbel , “ The Professor from Heidelberg , ” in William Allen Neilson , ed . , We Escaped : Twelve Personal Narratives of the Flight to ...

Author: Steven P. Remy

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674009339

Category: History

Page: 329

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Deeply researched in university archives, newly opened denazification records, occupation reports, and contemporary publications, The Heidelberg Myth starkly details how extensively the university's professors were engaged with National Socialism and how effectively they frustrated postwar efforts to ascertain the truth."--BOOK JACKET.
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Gumbel . The Nazis had one victory for the week . After weeks of angry protest ,
Fascist students at Heidelberg sueceeded in having tall , stoop - shouldered
Professor Emil J. Gumbel dropped from the faculty . His crime according to the
Nazis ...

Author: Briton Hadden


ISBN: IND:30000080757192

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Heidelberg 1945

Heidelberg 1945

115 Auch der Pazifist und Radikaldemokrat Emil J. Gumbel sprach 1923 von " Artverschlechterung " als Folge des Krieges ; vgl . Christian Jansen ( Hrsg . ) ...

Author: Jürgen C. Hess

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 3515068805

Category: History

Page: 438

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"Insgesamt ein wichtiges Buch, das durch den Reichtum der Themen und die Kompetenz der Autoren besticht." Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung "Mit 22 durchweg fundiert erarbeiteten Beitragen, sieben davon in englischer Sprache, ist der Band mehr als eine Bestandsaufnahme der Nachkriegssituation. Daa seine vier Sektionen (Besatzungsmacht, Universitat, Stadt und Parteien, Zukunft Deutschlands) immer wieder auch solide Rekonstruktionen von Ablaufen bieten, darf man erwarten; was aber daruber hinaus in vielen Beitragen vor allem beeindruckt, ist der Versuch der Autoren, Antworten zu finden auf die beklemmende Frage nach der ,Verfaatheitae von Menschen unter den Bedingungen des Unrechtsstaats und nach den auf der Grundlage seiner Vernichtung verbleibenden oder wunschenswerten Perspektiven." Zeitschrift fur die Geschichte des Oberrheins Aus dem Inhalt R. Wolfe: Revival of Democratic Culture U. Gerhardt: Die amerikanischen Militaroffiziere und der Konflikt um die Wiedereroffnung der Universitat J. F. Tent: E. Y. Hartshorne and the Reopening of the Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat G. J. Giles: Self-Help in the Search for Democracy in Heidelberg W. Benz: Erneuerung demokratischen Denkens in Deutschland nach 1945 V. Sellin: Die Universitat im Jahre 1945 E. Wolgast: K. H. Bauer - der erste Heidelberger Nachkriegsrektor K. von Beyme: K. Jaspers - vom philosophischen Auaenseiter zum Praeceptor Germaniae A. Rabinbach: K. Jaspers' aDie Schuldfrageo I. Pilling: Uberlegungen H. Arendts zur Nachkriegszeit C. Jansen: Politische Initiativen und Argumentationsmuster von W. Jellinek, G. Radbruch und W. Hellpach J. Z. Muller: How Vital was the Geist in Heidelberg in 1945? F. Reutter: Die Grundung und Entwicklung der Parteien in Heidelberg M. Lurz: Offentliches Gedachtnis in den Jahren 1945 und 1946 H. Treiber: Salon-Geselligkeit und Vortragskultur im Nachkriegs-Heidelberg R. Koshar: German Political Culture after World War II J. Thierfelder: Der Heidelberger Pfarrer H. Maas H.-M. Lauterer: Marie Baum G. Roth: M. Weber als liberale Nationalistin E. Demm: A. Webers aFreier Sozialismuso J. C. Hea: Heuss und der Neubeginn liberaler Rhetorik 1945/46 J. Herf: Late Victory of Lost Causes . (Franz Steiner 1996)
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Einstein s Pacifism and World War I

Einstein s Pacifism and World War I

director of the Lazarett Hospital in Frankfurt; Richard Grelling, writer; Emil J. Gumbel, mathematical statistician; Alfons Herzberger; Magnus Hirschfeld, ...

Author: Virginia Iris Holmes

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815653608

Category: History

Page: 332

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To understand how Albert Einstein’s pacifist and internationalist thought matured from a youthful inclination to pragmatic initiatives and savvy insights, Holmes gives readers access to Einstein in his own words. Through his private writings, she shows how Einstein’s thoughts and feelings in response to the war evolved from horrified disbelief, to ironic alienation from both the war’s violence and patriotic support for it by the German people, to a kind of bleak endurance. Meanwhile, his outward responses progressed, from supporting initiatives of other pacifists, to developing his own philosophy of a postwar order, to being the impetus behind initiatives. In the beginning of the postwar period, Einstein’s writing reflected an optimism about Germany’s new Weimar Republic and trust in the laudatory effects of military defeat and economic hardship on the German people. He clearly supported the principles in US President Woodrow Wilson’s "Fourteen Points" speech. Yet Einstein’s enthusiasm diminished as he became disappointed in the early Weimar Republic’s leaders and as his aversion to the culture of violence developing in Germany grew. He also felt offended at the betrayal of Wilson’s principles in the Treaty of Versailles. Drawing upon personal correspondence and public proclamations, Holmes offers an intimate and nuanced exploration of the pacifist thought of one of our greatest intellectuals.
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Mr Science and Chairman Mao s Cultural Revolution

Mr  Science and Chairman Mao s Cultural Revolution

Emil J. Gumbel, “On the Mathematical Manuscripts of K. Marx,” Letopisi Marksizma (The Chronicle of Marxism) 3 (1927): 56-60. For Gumbel and his study of the ...

Author: Chunjuan Nancy Wei

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780739149744

Category: History

Page: 391

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"Contributors approach the challenge of interpreting the science and technology of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution from different viewpoints, some as China-based scholars, others in the United States, and representing views of historians, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, literary scholars, and mathematicians. These scholars also represent a spectrum regarding their sense for the Cultural Revolution, ranging from skeptics who perceive little in the way of innovation or benefit from that period, to those who are agnostic, seeking evidence for S&T innovation, and others who lived through the Cultural Revolution, arguing the world has much yet to learn from socialist science"--
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Actes de la Session

Actes de la Session

MEMBRES DE L ' INSTITUT Le Bureau a le vif regret de devoir annoncer le
décès des membres suivants : Luigi Amoroso , Gyula Barsy , Ramon Beteta ,
Yves Biraud , Emil J . Gumbel , Albert H . Hess , Leon Isserlis , Oskar Lange ,
Sully ...

Author: International Statistical Institute


ISBN: UOM:39015020437466

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