Based on reviewer feedback, the third edition uses its assignment sequences to pose questions about the important but unsettled issues that shape students’ lives, such as “How is technology changing us?” and “How can you make a ...

Author: Barclay Barrios

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

ISBN: 1457697963

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 608

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Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Copy write

Copy write

Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom Martine Courant Rife, Shaun Slattery ... Program Administration, and is the author of the composition reader Emerging: Contemporary Readings for Writers (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2010).

Author: Martine Courant Rife

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781602352650

Category: Law

Page: 431

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Brings together stories, theories, and research that can further inform the ways in which writing teachers situate and address intellectual property issues in writing classrooms. The essays in the collection identify and describe a wide range of pedagogical strategies, consider theories, present research, explore approaches, and offer both cautionary tales and local and contextual successes.
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Social Structure and Social Interaction

Social Structure and Social Interaction

Emerging: Contemporary Readings for Writers. New York: Bedford St. Martins, 2010.) Community currencies: • Some communities have developed their own “Local Exchange Trading Systems” (LETS) and local currencies ...

Author: Readale Collier

Publisher: Scientific e-Resources

ISBN: 9781839474323


Page: 344

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The question needs to ponder over as we have entered in the new millennium. On what way we are going? What is the nature of social transformation? What socio-economic forces and value systems are emerging in the country? Keeping in view the expected consequences of socio-economic development as an instrument of change in the structure and culture, the present book mainly deals with Social Structure and Social Interaction. This book provides valuable insights into social structure and change in a complex society. Well researched and lucidly written, this volume will be widely welcomed by all those involved in the study of sociology, social anthropology and social change. This book is of great help and utility to all those who are interested in knowing the changing social structure.

Africans and Globalization

Africans and Globalization

Freud, S. Civilization and its Discontents (Germany, Austria: Psychoanalytischer Verlag Wien, 1930). Friedman, T.L. “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention,' In Emerging: Contemporary Readings for Writers.” 2nd Ed. Edited by Barclay ...

Author: Akinloye Ojo

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498534314

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 212

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This book considers some of the substance and dissatisfaction of globalization on Africa. It illustrates globalization as a complex set of processes that involve shifting influence from local societies and countries in some areas while simultaneously endowing local societies and countries with influence in other areas.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Contemporary Readings in Literacy Education

Contemporary Readings in Literacy Education

... therefore, readers monitor the emerging meaning as they read, using metacognitive and fix-up strategies, ... use multiple strategy approaches, scaffold support, and make reading and writing connections visible to students.

Author: Marva Cappello

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412965910

Category: Education

Page: 399

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Contemporary Readings in Literacy Education is designed to provide students with high-quality journal and research articles in literacy education. The readings are contextualized with introductions and discussion questions by the editors of the text. The text will help instructors to easily integrate the latest research into their course in a meaningful way. This reader, with edited content and contextualizing material, makes the latest research more interesting and accessible to the students of literacy education.
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Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Literature

Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Literature

... (2) the author may have had no such intentions, but ended up writing a text compatible with such a reading; ... scheme could look like something emerging from an uncontrolled process of multiple, uncoordinated contributions; ...

Author: David Davies

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781551111773

Category: Philosophy

Page: 460

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What, if anything, distinguishes works of fiction such as Hamlet and Madame Bovary from biographies, news reports, or office bulletins? Is there a “right” way to interpret fiction? Should we link interpretation to the author’s intention? Ought our moral unease with works that betray sadistic, sexist, or racist elements lower our judgments of their aesthetic worth? And what, when it comes down to it, is literature? The readings in this collection bring together some of the most important recent work in the philosophy of literature by philosophers such as Martha Nussbaum, John Searle, and David Lewis. The readings explore philosophical issues such as the nature of fiction, the status of the author, the act of interpretation, the role of the emotions in the act of reading, the aesthetic and moral value of literary works, and other topics central to the philosophy of literature.
Categories: Philosophy

Classic and Contemporary Readings in Sociology

Classic and Contemporary Readings in Sociology

Conclusion New patterns of social stratification are emerging. ... What 'clearly visible and unambiguous marks of inferior status' allowed early Writers to identify members of the proletariat? Do they still exist?

Author: Ian Marsh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317882022

Category: Social Science

Page: 400

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Classic and Contemporary Readings in Sociology introduces the reader to sociological issues, theories and debates, providing extracts of primary source material, from both classical and contemporary theorists. Theorists are examined within their historical and sociological framework and the text provides an analysis of developments in sociological thought and research. The text is divided into four main sections: Part One, Origins and Concepts, surveys the history of the discipline of sociology and examines key themes which have influenced sociological theorising and investigation, in particular, social control, culture and socialisation. Parts Two and Four, Sociological Theories and Sociological Research, include a number of readings from the founding theorists and investigators, including Auguste Comte, Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber and Charles Booth, and also include more recent theoretical writing and research approaches. The focus on theory and research is extended by a selection of readings centred around the theme of Differences and Inequalities (Part Three); these readings provide students with examples of work from an area where sociological theorising and research has been widely applied.
Categories: Social Science

Contemporary Readings in Curriculum

Contemporary Readings in Curriculum

... differentiation, and integration of my emerging self. During those years, reading philosophy or talking about ideas with friends (including students) provided much greater stimulation for my teaching than did the drudgery of writing ...

Author: Barbara Slater Stern

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412944724

Category: Education

Page: 393

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“This book combines a number of excellent authors thinking about curriculum. It’s a nice blend of known authors and newer writers in the field.” — Robert C. Morris, University of West Georgia “The range of topics—reading, science, art—makes this a complete and comprehensive reader for both novices and experienced educational teachers and leaders.” —Jeffrey S. Kaplan, University of Central Florida Contemporary Readings in Curriculum provides beginning teachers and educational leaders with a series of articles that can help them build their curriculum knowledge base Key Features and Benefits Provides a historical context of the curriculum field, giving educators a solid foundation for curriculum knowledge Describes the political nature of curriculum and how we must be attentive to the increasingly diverse populations found in our schools Connects the readings to traditional course goals, providing practical applications of curriculum topics Covers cocurricular issues, which have become a major contemporary topic within school systems Enhances the articles with a strong pedagogical framework, including detailed Internet references, questions for each article, topic guides tying each article to course topics, and article abstracts for the instructor Includes Articles From the Following Journals American School Board Journal Community College Review Curriculum & Teaching Dialogue Education & Urban Society Educational Leadership Educational Policy Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership Journal of Chemical Education, Journal of Curriculum & Supervision Journal of Curriculum Studies NASSP Bulletin Phi Delta Kappan Rethinking Schools Teachers College Record The American Behavioral Scientist The Educational Forum The Journal of Social Issues Theory and Research in Education Urban Education Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice Intended Audience This book is intended as a supplement for graduate courses such as Curriculum Development, Curriculum Theory, and Curriculum Leadership.
Categories: Education

Contemporary Readings in Child Psychology

Contemporary Readings in Child Psychology

Reading 20 Metacognition and Cognitive Monitoring : A New Area of Cognitive - Developmental Inquiry Reading 21 The ... reading comprehension , writing , language acquisition , attention , memory , problem solving , social cognition ...

Author: Eileen Mavis Hetherington

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: UCSC:32106008363274

Category: Child psychology

Page: 419

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Categories: Child psychology

Reading and Writing Connections

Reading and Writing Connections

If the marks on the page evoke elements that cannot be assimilated into the emerging synthesis , the guiding principle or ... Neither contemporary reading theory nor literary theory has done justice to this important distinction .

Author: Jana M. Mason

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: STANFORD:36105030928514

Category: Education

Page: 310

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