Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age

Author: G. G. Chowdhury,Sudatta Chowdhury

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 1856045978

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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Information users and usability constitute the main building blocks of today's electronic information world. This important new text is the first to give a holistic overview of all of the necessary issues relating to information users and the usability of information services in the digital world, including user-centred design, and the characteristics and behaviour of information users. This book helps readers understand why information users and the usability of information services are important and equips them to play a proper role in designing user-centred information systems and services and to properly exploit information services for the maximum benefit of users. It covers all of the major issues, the current situation and what the various research studies from around the world show.

Adapting to E-Books

Author: William Miller,Rita Pellen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317990099

Category: Computers

Page: 290

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Electronic books are now having a major impact on library collections. This book provides models for acquisitions policies and reports on several surveys of faculty and librarian attitudes toward e-books. It discusses issues in acquiring cataloguing and collection development regarding this important new library resource. Its subject matter deals with the different types of e-books, statistical data available for e-book usage, the development of e-book collections, learning environments, integrating e-books into local catalogues, acquisitions and usage monitoring of e-books. This book will be of interest to librarians across all educational sectors, library science scholars and e-book publishers. This book was published as a special issue of The Acquisitions Librarian.


The Annual Bernard Shaw Studies. Vol. 25

Author: MaryAnn Krajnik Crawford,Gale K. Larson

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271027363

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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SHAW 25 offers eighteen articles, thirteen initially presented at the International Shaw Society conference, 17-21 March 2004, Sarasota, Florida. Additional conference and Shaw Festival Symposia information is provided in the Introduction. Stanley Weintraub's conference keynote, "Shaw for the Here and Now," considers modernizing Shaw's plays, validating Shaw's creative force for today and into the future. Dan H. Laurence's delightful "Shaw's Children" shows a warm, caring, playful Shaw--a giver of self. Howard Ira Einsohn's article on gifting brings together Shaw, Ricoeur, and Derrida to explore the ethics of giving "superabundantly" but not foolishly. Jay Tunney reflects on the ways in which his father, boxer Gene Tunney, fits the personal and professional shoes of Shaw's Cashel Byron, with life imitating art. In "Machiavelli, the Shark, and the Tinpot Tragedienne," Bernard F. Dukore delivers a rereading of Major Barbara that highlights characters and traits, revealing an ensnarling web of beliefs, values, actions, and consequences. Sidney P. Albert's essay explores connections between Major Barbara and Plato's Republic. Using a current theoretical lens, Vicki R. Kennell sees Pygmalion as a narrative literary bridge that predicates postmodern critiques. L.W. Conolly's research on Phillipa Summers reveals a model for Vivie Warren and provides insights into women's lives and education at the turn of the century. In "Who's Modern Now? Shaw, Joyce, and Ibsen's When We Dead Awaken," Kathleen Ochshorn looks at the interrelationships of the three dramatists. Miriam Chirico rewrites critical opinion of You Never Can Tell, arguing that the play is a serious social critique, particularly of marriage. Citing two well-documented instances of Shaw-bashing, John A. Bertolini explores Shaw's responses and reveals Shaw's fair-mindedness. Hannes Schweiger's detailed research substantiates Shaw's influential connection to Viennese culture and politics. Valerie Barnes Lipscomb analyzes Shaw's use of age differences to subvert romantic expectations, thereby drawing greater attention to serious sociocultural issues. Part II continues the legacy of Shaw scholarship with Charles A. Carpenter's must-read bibliographic piece, which reads like a mystery and gives a wealth of research information on Shaw. Focusing on the importance and difficulties of cycle plays, Julie Sparks looks at Man and Superman, Heartbreak House, Back to Methuselah, and current offerings such as Kushner's Angels in America. Kay Li, tracing the influence of Shaw on Chinese drama, argues that modern Chinese drama emerged from the failure of Mrs. Warren's Profession. Frank Duba's article analyzes the evolving role of the Preface in Shaw's works, focusing especially on Man and Superman. Coming full circle, the volume returns to Stanley Weintraub's presentation of Shaw and the fascinating story of Lady Colin Campbell--a story that asks us to consider what it means to be endowed with beauty, fame, and ambition, and what it means to finally lose them. Finally, Michael W. Pharand's addendum to SHAW 24 gives supplementary bibliography on Shavian matters related to love, sex, marriage, and women. SHAW 25 also includes reviews as well as John R. Pfieffer's "Continuing Checklist of Shaviana."

Future Libraries

Dreams, Madness & Reality

Author: Walt Crawford,Michael Gorman

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838906477

Category: Computers

Page: 198

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Argues against the futuristic idea of virtual libraries because it is devastating to the societal mission of libraries, proposing instead a balanced, human-oriented approach to technology that complements print, community library buildings, and user-friendly librarians.

Taking The Bastille

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789353852320

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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Alexandre Dumas (24 July 1802 - 5 December 1870), also known as Alexandre Dumas père (French for 'father'), was a French writer. His works have been translated into many languages, and he is one of the most widely read French authors. His novels have been adapted since the early twentieth century for nearly 200 films.

Uncle Scrooge: Timeless Tales

Author: Romano Scarpa,Jonathan Gray

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781684051328


Page: 256

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Collects an assortment of classic and modern Disney tales by highly regarded creators from around the world, many of them published for the first time in the U.S. Scrooge McDuck combs the world for wealth in a bonus-packed collectors' anthology of IDW's Uncle Scrooge issues #19-24! From Egyptian wastes in "The Third Nile" to the high Himalayas and ancestral Scotland, the McDuck legend marches on--with Magica De Spell and the Beagle Boys in hot pursuit! This amazing hardback also includes more of William Van Horn's Uncle Rumpus and Romano Scarpa's Brigitta MacBridge... right when Scrooge wants to see them the least!