Effin Birds

Effin  Birds

Contrary to popular belief, land birds are not flightless birds – they are birds that you don't generally find hanging out on the lake. As such, they have a contrasting set of complaints: where a water bird is likely to advise a ...

Author: Aaron Reynolds

Publisher: Unbound Publishing

ISBN: 9781783526970

Category: Humor


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Have you ever looked a bird dead in the eye and wondered what it was thinking? With Effin’ Birds, the most eagerly anticipated new volume in the noble avocation of bird identification, you can venture into nature with confidence. This farcical field guide will help you identify over 200 birds, but more importantly, for the first time in history, it will also help you understand what these birds are thinking: The vainglorious grebe is acutely aware of its own magnificence. The hipster pelican thinks the world is a shitbarge. The overbearing heron wishes you better luck next time, fucknuts. The counsellor swallow wants you to maybe try not being a dickhead. ... and many, many more. Alongside beautiful, scientifically accurate illustrations and a whole lot of swearing is incisive commentary on modern life and the world we, as humans, must navigate. Or maybe it’s just some pictures of effin’ birds, okay?
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The Routledge Companion to Radio and Podcast Studies

The Routledge Companion to Radio and Podcast Studies

93–110. Crisell, A. (2012). Liveness and recording in the media. Palgrave Macmillan. Douglas, S. J. (n.d.). Listening in: Radio and the American imagination. University of Minnesota Press. Effin Birds ...

Author: Mia Lindgren

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000586701

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 598

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This comprehensive companion is a much-needed reference source for the expanding field of radio, audio, and podcast study, taking readers through a diverse range of essays examining the core questions and key debates surrounding radio practices, technologies, industries, policies, resources, histories, and relationships with audiences. Drawing together original essays from well-established and emerging scholars to conceptualize this multidisciplinary field, this book’s global perspective acknowledges radio’s enduring affinity with the local, historical relationship to the national, and its unpredictably transnational reach. In its capacious understanding of what constitutes radio, this collection also recognizes the latent time-and-space shifting possibilities of radio broadcasting, and of the myriad ways for audio to come to us 'live.' Chapters on terrestrial radio mingle with studies of podcasts and streaming audio, emphasizing continuities and innovations in form and content, delivery and reception, production cultures and aesthetics, reminding us that neither 'radio' nor 'podcasting' should be approached as static objects of analysis but rather as mutually constituting cultural forms. This cutting-edge and vibrant companion provides a rich resource for scholars and students of history, art theory, industry studies, journalism, media and communication, cultural studies, feminist analysis, and postcolonial studies.
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Podcasting as an Intimate Medium

Podcasting as an Intimate Medium

2019, www.thebalancesmb.com/how-to-make-money-podcasting-2531432. Effin Birds ...

Author: Alyn Euritt

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000812060

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 157

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This book delves into the notion of intimacy as a defining feature of podcasting, examining the concept of intimacy itself and how the public sphere explores the relationships created and maintained through podcasts. The book situates textual analysis of specific American podcasts within podcast criticism, monetization, and production advice. Through analysis of these sources' self-descriptions, the text builds a podcasting-specific framework for intimacy and uses that framework to interpret how podcasting imagines the connections it forms within communities. Instead of intimacy being inherent, the book argues that podcasting constructs intimacy and uses it to define the quality of its own mediation. This book will be of interest to scholars and students of New and Digital Media, Media Studies, Communication Studies, Journalism, Literature, Cultural Studies, and American Studies. The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a CreativeCommons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.
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I read the front, an Effin' Birds satire: the marrying of a nice drawing of a bird with snarky commentary. This one said, I bet this problem will go away if we have more fucking meetings, beside a drawing of a standing duck.

Author: Shannon Kirk

Publisher: Polis Books

ISBN: 9781957957135

Category: Fiction

Page: 495

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A lawyer on the run from her own firm. Can she uncover their secrets in time to save herself? Greta Vinet Seville, E-Discovery Counsel and Deputy General Counsel at the international law firm of Coarse & Cotton, finds herself on the run from her own firm after absconding with firm data to conduct her investigation, and enlists a diverse cast of friends and experts to help her comb through the mountains of data that confirms a trail of corruption that has shaped generations. Her off-the-books, rag-tag legal team includes a genius litigation technology professional, a possibly psychopathic (but effective) summer associate, an AP investigative reporter, a classical painting art restorer, Greta’s philosophy professor brother, and Greta’s love interest, a compliance attorney at Tenkill. Romance, action, technology law, corruption are all explored, and married with Greta’s personal backstory about a renegade, vigilante aunt who’s been on the run for decades and fighting her own politically-charged battles. They create a make-shift war room in a historic Salem, Massachusetts home, and their pursuit of more evidence leads them in action-packed chases around Boston…and a massive hospital—Tenkill—that is at the center of the corruption. But this investigation is like no other Greta has ever conducted, as people who have millions to lose and careers to ruin have and will kill to keep what she seeks to uncover secret. A surrealist thriller for fans of early John Grisham, with an all-female-led cast, and a secret at the end that will shake you to your core.
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Benji's heart was a bird stirred to flight. ... with two mismatched mugs (one said WORLD'S GREATEST FATHER but the FATHER was scratched out and replaced with FARTER , whereas the other just had a pelican and the phrase EFFIN' BIRDS ).

Author: Chuck Wendig

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781529157611

Category: Fiction

Page: 619

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'Move over King, Chuck Wendig is the new voice of modern American horror' Adam Christopher __________________________________________________________________________ The thrilling sequel to the bestselling Wanderers, a 'career-defining epic [that] deserves its inevitable comparisons to Stephen King's The Stand'. (Publishers Weekly) Five years ago, they walked across America to a destination only they knew. The sleepwalkers, as the rest of the country named them, were followed by their shepherds: friends and family who gave up everything to protect them. They finally stopped in Ouray, a small town of Colorado that would become one of the last outposts of human civilisation. Because the sleepwalking epidemic was just the first in a chain of events that led to the end of the world - and the birth of a new one. The shepherds and the sleepwalkers, now awake, strive to rebuild the world that was taken from them. Among them are Benji, the scientist struggling through grief to lead; Marcy, the former police officer who just wants to protect those she loves; and Shana, the first to become a shepherd and whose bravery is sorely needed. But the people of Ouray are not the only survivors, and the world they're building is fragile. Cruelty builds under the leadership of self-proclaimed president Ed Creel, and in the very heart of Ouray itself is Black Swan, the A.I. who dreamt up the apocalypse. Against these threats, Benji, Marcy, Shana and the others have to find hope in each other. Because the only way to survive is together. PRAISE FOR WANDERERS: 'A suspenseful, twisty, satisfying, surprising, thought-provoking epic.' Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Run Away 'A true tour de force.' Erin Morgenstern, New York Times bestselling author of The Night Circus 'With Wanderers, Chuck Wendig levels up and when you consider the high level he was already writing at, that's saying something.' John Scalzi, New York Times bestselling author of Crucible
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A recent exhibition at London's Halcyon Gallery was promoted with the poster 'Actions Not Words'.46 Aaron Reynold's 'Effin' Birds' shouts the question on Twitter, 'Can we stop talking and actually fucking do something?

Author: Elizabeth Stokoe

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472140821

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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We spend much of our days talking. Yet we know little about the conversational engine that drives our everyday lives. We are pushed and pulled around by language far more than we realize, yet are seduced by stereotypes and myths about communication. This book will change the way you think about talk. It will explain the big pay-offs to understanding conversation scientifically. Elizabeth Stokoe, a social psychologist, has spent over twenty years collecting and analysing real conversations across settings as varied as first dates, crisis negotiation, sales encounters and medical communication. This book describes some of the findings of her own research, and that of other conversation analysts around the world. Through numerous examples from real interactions between friends, partners, colleagues, police officers, mediators, doctors and many others, you will learn that some of what you think you know about talk is wrong. But you will also uncover fresh insights about how to have better conversations - using the evidence from fifty years of research about the science of talk.
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Drunken Baker, Barney Farmer, 271 Earth Magic, John Michell, 23 Earthly Powers, Anthony Burgess, 37 Earthsea trilogy, Ursula Le Guin, 78 Ee – I've Had Some Laughs, Charlie Williams, 200 Effin' Birds, Aaron Reynolds, 187 Encyclopaedia of ...

Author: Robin Ince

Publisher: Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838957704

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 294

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'A unique, funny picture of Britain... A love letter to bookshops and the vagaries of public transport.' Richard Osman Why play to 12,000 people when you can play to 12? In Autumn 2021, Robin Ince's stadium tour with Professor Brian Cox was postponed due to the pandemic. Rather than do nothing, he decided instead to go on a tour of over a hundred bookshops in the UK, from Wigtown to Penzance; from Swansea to Margate. Packed with witty anecdotes and tall tales, Bibliomaniac takes the reader on a journey across Britain as Robin explores his lifelong love of bookshops and books - and also tries to find out just why he can never have enough of them. It is the story of an addiction and a romance, and also of an occasional points failure just outside Oxenholme.
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Fields Without Dreams

Fields Without Dreams

I would see crows and black- birds play with our kite , circle its balloon , and feed below it . Did not , I argued to an Effin fieldman , bird droppings on the kite prove that starlings could hover , perhaps even perch there and ...

Author: Victor Davis Hanson


ISBN: UOM:39015031840195

Category: Agriculture

Page: 326

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During the 1980s, 2,000 family farms went out of business every week. Fields Without Dreams tells Hanson's passionate, angry, loving, and lyrical story. A fifth-generation California vine and fruit grower, Hanson and his family faced an overwhelming personal crisis when the great "raisin boom" of the 1970s was followed by the great "raisin crash" of the 1980s.
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Breeding Biology of Birds

Breeding Biology of Birds

Proceedings Symposium on Breeding Behavior and Reproductive Physiology in Birds, Denver, 1972 Donald Sankey Farner ... cm and can occur within moderate turbulence , are relatively effin = viscosity , poises cient in the generation of ...

Author: Symposium on Breeding Behavior and Reproductive Physiology in Birds, Denver, 1972

Publisher: National Academies

ISBN: NAP:13209

Category: Birds

Page: 1736

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