Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Written by leading figures in the field, the book extends a strong and traditional theme—the importance of the child's perspective and respect for each child's individual background.

Author: Angela Anning

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781847874528

Category: Education

Page: 238

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This fully revised and up-to-date edition examines sociocultural and historical approaches to current theories of learning in early childhood education. It sets out research-based evidence linking theory and practice in early childhood settings. Written by leading figures in the field, the book extends a strong and traditional theme—the importance of the child's perspective and respect for each child's individual background.
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Philosophy of Education Society and education

Philosophy of Education  Society and education

from many other Hindus as to the cultural necessity of their low status and in that they do not consent to it ... while a genuine one for a multicultural society like that of India , containing a population which includes large numbers ...

Author: Paul Heywood Hirst

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415129478

Category: Critical pedagogy

Page: 395

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System vs Culture North American Education and Society in the Balance

System vs  Culture  North American Education and Society in the Balance

The current education system does not educate for future innovation; it educates to maintain a desired stability in our society and economy that favours the status quo – what is, not what could be. That is why the culture of our ...

Author: Frank Pace

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460242278

Category: Education

Page: 248

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For 160 years, North American children have been subject to compulsory schooling. Formal education has evolved some over that time, but the end result of said evolution is an educational system which is dysfunctional, inefficient, and ultimately incapable of delivering on its professed mandates. Frank Pace is an educator with years of diverse experience. In System vs. Culture: North American Education and Society in the Balance, he looks at the current state of compulsory North American education and sees a system in crisis. He examines the history of modern education and dissects the root causes of its profound dysfunction. System vs. Culture: North American Education and Society in the Balance offers some insight into how an alternative model of education might operate and how it would better serve the needs of a changing society and better achieve its purported goals. Frank Pace has many important things to say about the state of North American education. His arguments are persuasive and lucid and backed up by solid scholarship. While the topic is complicated he does a good job breaking it down in a way that is readable and compelling for both education professionals and anyone interested in education and learning.
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Women Education and Science within the Arab Islamic Socio Cultural History

Women  Education  and Science within the Arab Islamic Socio Cultural History

As such, this notion is extremely useful to understand the evolution in the individual and collective consciousness specific to a culture in the world community. Informed by this approach to education, society, and culture I offer a new ...

Author: Zakia Belhachmi

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789087905798

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From a rationale of multiculturalism and a based on systemic approach grounded in the Arab-Islamic tradition, this book integrates history, education, science, and feminism to understand the implications of culture in social change, cultural identity, and cultural exchange.
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Education Cultures and Economics

Education  Cultures  and Economics

Pp. 32—46 in Contemporary Research in the Sociology of Education, ed. J. Eggleston. London: Methuen. Bourdieu, P., and J.C. Passeron. 1977. Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture. London: Sage. Carraher, D.W., and TN. Carraher.

Author: Angela W. Little

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135651701

Category: Education

Page: 422

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This edited volume reviews the conflict between economic prescriptions for improved education in the developing world and local cultures. Among the issues reviewed are: conceptions of culture and economics in development and education literature, economic considerations of school systems to promote cultural goals, the differentiation of schools from other sites of cultural reproduction, learning experiences of various cultural groups, and the cross-cultural work of development agencies.
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Education Society and Development

Education  Society  and Development

One may even argue that the cultural focus on education has also attracted Mao Zedong to choose education as his major area of revolution during the Cultural Revolution. 28. This is reflected in a "Decision" issued by the Communist ...

Author: Jandhyala B. G. Tilak


ISBN: UOM:39015061542588

Category: Education

Page: 668

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It Is A Collection Of Forty Artilces On Various Aspects Of Education And Provides National And International Perspectives Explaining Relationship Between Education, Society And Development-Which Also Present An Exceptional Account Of The Changing Perspectives.
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Asian Migration and Education Cultures in the Anglosphere

Asian Migration and Education Cultures in the Anglosphere

Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture. London: Sage. Bray, M. 2009. Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? Paris: UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning ...

Author: Megan Watkins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429607882

Category: Social Science

Page: 198

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Asian migration and mobilities are transforming education cultures in the Anglosphere, prompting mounting debates about ‘tiger mothers’ and ‘dragon children’, and competition and segregation in Anglosphere schools. This book challenges the cultural essentialism which prevails in much academic and popular discussion of ‘Asian success’ and in relation to Asian education mobilities. As anxiety and aspiration within these spaces are increasingly ethnicised, the children of Asian migrants are both admired and resented for their educational success. This book explores popular perceptions of Asian migrant families through in-depth empirically informed accounts on the broader economic, social, historical and geo-political contexts within which education cultures are produced. This includes contributions from academics on global markets and national policies around migration and education, classed trajectories and articulations, local formations of ‘ethnic capital’, and transnational assemblages that produce education and mobility as means for social advancement. At a time when our schooling systems and communities are undergoing rapid transformations as a result of increasing global mobility, this book is a unique and important contribution to an issue of pressing significance. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
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Cultural Education Cultural Sustainability

Cultural Education   Cultural Sustainability

Minority, Diaspora, Indigenous and Ethno-Religious Groups in Multicultural Societies Zvi Bekerman, Ezra Kopelowitz ... Reproduction in education, society and culture (2nd edn). London: Sage. Bovingdon, G. (2001).

Author: Zvi Bekerman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135598808

Category: Education

Page: 448

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This volume is a path-breaking contribution to the study of efforts of diaspora, indigenous, and minority groups, broadly defined, to use education (formal and informal) to sustain cultural continuity while grappling with the influences and demands of wider globalizing, nationalizing, or other homogenizing and assimilatory forces. Particular attention is given to groups that use educational elements other than second-language teaching alone in programs to sustain their particular cultural traditions. The focus of the book on cultural sustainability changes the nature of questions posed in multicultural education from those that address the opening of boundaries to issues of preserving boundaries in an open yet sustainable way. As forced and elective immigration trends are changing the composition of societies and the educational systems within them -- bringing a rich diversity of cultural experience to the teaching/learning process -- diaspora, indigenous, and minority groups are looking more and more for ways to sustain their cultures in the context of wider socio-political influences. This volume is a first opportunity to consider critically multicultural efforts in dialogue with educational options that are culturally particularistic but at the same time tolerant. Academics will find this an excellent reference book. Practitioners will draw inspiration in learning of others’ efforts to sustain cultures, and will engage in critical reflection on their own work vis-à-vis that of others. Teachers will realize they do not stand alone in their educational efforts and will uncover new strategies and methodologies through which to approach their work.
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Cultural and Economic Reproduction in Education

Cultural and Economic Reproduction in Education

Apple, Michael W. (1981), 'Class, Culture, and the State in Educational Interventions,' in Robert Everhart (ed.), The Predominant Orthodoxy: Education and the State in American Society, Cambridge, Mass.: Ballinger Books.

Author: Michael W. Apple

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351852579

Category: Education

Page: 370

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First published in 1982, this collection of essays provides an analysis of education’s contradictory role in social reproduction. It looks at the complex relations between the economic, political and cultural spheres of society, both historically and at the time of publication, and hones the wider range of debate in on education. This volume will be of interest to those studying sociology and equality in education.
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Educational Theories Cultures and Learning

Educational Theories  Cultures and Learning

In so doing, we not only are forced to re-assess the Sadlerian resistance to educational import–export; we also come closer to ... Bourdieu, P. and Passeron, J.-C. (1990) Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture, London, Sage.

Author: Harry Daniels

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136604645

Category: Education

Page: 246

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Educational Theories, Cultures and Learning focuses on how education is understood in different cultures, the theories and related assumptions we make about learners and students and how we think about them, and how we can understand the principle actors in education - learners and teachers. Within this volume, internationally renowned contributors address a number of fundamental questions designed to take the reader to the heart of current debates around pedagogy, globalisation, and learning and teaching, such as: What role does culture play in our understanding of pedagogy? What role do global influences, especially economic, cultural and social, have in shaping our understanding of education? How does language influence our thinking about education? What implications does our view of childhood have for education? How do learners negotiate the transition between the different phases of education? How best can children learn the 'school knowledge'? What is a teacher? And how do teachers learn? How do we understand learners, their minds, identity and development? To encourage reflection, many of the chapters also include questions for debate and a guide to further reading. Read alongside its companion volume, Knowledge, Values and Educational Policy, readers will be encouraged to consider and think about some of the key issues facing education and educationists today.
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Cultural Diversity and the Schools Human rights education and global responsibilities

Cultural Diversity and the Schools  Human rights  education  and global responsibilities

5 ) referred to the need to develop cross - cultural and international perspectives throughout the schools and colleges of the country ' . ' Following the Canadian lead , the Comparative Education Society of the United States changed ...

Author: James Lynch

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1850009953

Category: Cultural pluralism

Page: 386

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First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Handbook of Cultural Politics and Education

Handbook of Cultural Politics and Education

If cultural studies and cultural politics fail to adequately incorporate the gritty material reality of global capitalism, ... Educational Philosophy and Theory, 36(2), 121–136. ... Reproduction in education, society and culture.


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789460911774

Category: Education


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In academia, the effects of the “cultural turn” have been felt deeply. In everyday life, tenets from cultural politics have influenced how people behave or regard their options for action, such as the reconfiguration of social movements, protests, and praxis in general.
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Education and Society in a Changing Mizoram

Education and Society in a Changing Mizoram

Education, Society and Culture (1990). According to Bourdieu, class structures are maintained and legitimated by 'symbolic violence'. Symbolic systems are described as structuring phenomenal reality through their own internal structures ...

Author: Lakshmi Bhatia

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136198052

Category: Education

Page: 284

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Located in the domain of cultural politics, the book with rich ethnographical data from Mizoram, a lesser known and understood state, brings the community, state and culture to centre-stage, along with family and stratification of the sociological discourse in education. The book argues for a re-look at school education in Mizoram, besides providing critical insights into the North East region as a whole. It also points to the dilemmas of development in that region and suggests possible ways out of the impasse. Marking a significant departure from conventional thinking on education as 'human capital' as reflected in North-East Vision: 2020, the book strongly advocates the need for critical pedagogies based on learning from conflict; inculcating the values of tolerance and compassion as a precursor to peace; reconceptualising `development, not merely as 'economic' but as indicator of national happiness and valuing lives equally besides respect for traditional institutions, thus marking a break from the much resented paternalism that underpins all state interventions in education. One of the first studies of its kind regarding experience and practice of education, the book makes an important contribution to the role that education can play to usher in peace and promote respect for differences.
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Culture and Education

Culture and Education

This book explores the fascinating and complex interactions between the ways that culture and education operate within and across societies. In some cases, education is imagined as an integrated part of general cultural phenomena; ...

Author: Filiz Meseci Giorgetti

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429680571

Category: Education

Page: 192

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This book explores the fascinating and complex interactions between the ways that culture and education operate within and across societies. In some cases, education is imagined as an integrated part of general cultural phenomena; in others, educational interventions become the means for transforming the cultural circumstances of different populations. The contributors to this volume show how certain educational practices produce new cultural and professional knowledge; discuss the impacts of initially foreign educational ideas and institutions on established cultural institutions in very different societies; and explore the impacts of modernity and modern educational ideas on more traditional gendered and religious practices and communities. The book also provided striking examples of when these impacts were not benign. Increasingly powerful twentieth-century governments attempted to use education and schools to produce new, reformed citizens suitable for their newly created colonial, national, socialist, and fascist states. The expectation was that cultural and social transformation might be engineered, in major part, through schooling. This book was originally published as a special issue of Paedagogica Historica.
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Education Et la Diversit Des Cultures

Education Et la Diversit   Des Cultures

Comparative Education Society in Europe. Conference, Wolfgang Mitter James Swift. With a population of less than 11 million, Hungary has only small groups of national and ethnic minorities (Germans, Jugoslavians , Rumanians as well as ...

Author: Comparative Education Society in Europe. Conference


ISBN: UCAL:B4370332

Category: Comparative education

Page: 719

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Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education

Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education

In M. Fine, L. Weis, L. C. Powell, & L. M. Wong (eds), Off white: Readings on race, power and society (pp. 270–82). New York: Routledge. Rose, N. (1996). Identity, genealogy, history. In S. Hall & P. Du Gay (eds), Questions of cultural ...

Author: D. Palfreyman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230590427

Category: Education

Page: 282

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Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education contains theoretical rationale, resources and examples to help readers understand and deal with situations involving contact between learners or educators from different cultural backgrounds, as well as giving insights into the new global context of higher education.
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Cultural Literacy Arts Education

Cultural Literacy   Arts Education

Brian M. Bullivant , “ Culture : Its Nature and Meaning for Educators , ” in Multicultural Education : Issues and ... Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi , " Society , Culture , and Person : A Systems View of Creativity , " in The Nature of ...

Author: Ralph Alexander Smith

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252062159

Category: Education

Page: 171

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Thirteen experts in the visual arts, literature, music, dance, and theater responded to the arguments of E. D. Hirsch's "Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know", focusing particularily on his alarm at the serious slippage that has occurred in the background knowledge and information prerequisite for effective communication. These authorities addressed two questions: (1) What it means for people to be "literate" (that is, able to understand communications and have relevant experiences) in various art forms? (2) What sorts of context should such individuals bring to their encounters with works in these art forms and what would that imply for arts education? The contributing specialists are E. D. Hirsch, Jr., Harry S. Broudy, Jerrold Levinson, Patti P. Gillespie, Walter H. Clark, Jr., John Adkins Richardson, Francis Sparshott, Clifton Olds, Marcia Muelder Eaton, Ronald Berman, Lucian Krukowski, Michael J. Parsons, and David J. Elliot. (KM)
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Language Culture and Community in Teacher Education

Language  Culture  and Community in Teacher Education

learners but also other types of experiences that increase their awareness of their role in a racialized society (Rosenberg, 1997; Sleeter, 2001) and strive to interrogate their multicultural education strands in ways that facilitate ...

Author: Maria Estela Brisk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135155230

Category: Education

Page: 432

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Published by Routledge for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education This volume addresses the pressing reality in teacher education that all teachers need to be prepared to work effectively with linguistically and culturally diverse student populations. Every classroom in the country is already, or will soon be, deeply affected by the changing demographics of America’s students. Marilyn Cochran-Smith’s Foreword and Donaldo Macedo’s Introductory Essay set the context with respect to teacher education and student demographics, followed by a series of chapters presented in three sections: knowledge, practice, and policy. The literature on language education has typically been discussed in relation to preparing ESL or bilingual teachers. Typically, needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students, including immigrants, refugees, language minority populations, African Americans, and deaf students, have been addressed separately. This volume emphasizes that these children have both common educational needs and needs that are culturally and linguistically specific. It is directed to the preparation of ALL teachers who work with culturally and linguistically diverse students. It not only focuses on how teachers need to change but how faculty and curriculum need to be transformed, and how to better train teacher education candidates to understand and work efficaciously with the communities in which culturally and linguistically diverse students tend to be predominant. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) is a national, voluntary association of higher education institutions and related organizations. Our mission is to promote the learning of all PK-12 students through high-quality, evidence-based preparation and continuing education for all school personnel. For more information on our publications, visit our website at: www.aacte.org.
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