The Poetic Edda

Stories of the Norse Gods and Heroes

Author: Jackson Crawford

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 1624663583

Category: Poetry

Page: 392

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"The poems of the Poetic Edda have waited a long time for a Modern English translation that would do them justice. Here it is at last (Odin be praised!) and well worth the wait. These amazing texts from a 13th-century Icelandic manuscript are of huge historical, mythological and literary importance, containing the lion's share of information that survives today about the gods and heroes of pre-Christian Scandinavians, their unique vision of the beginning and end of the world, etc. Jackson Crawford's modern versions of these poems are authoritative and fluent and often very gripping. With their individual headnotes and complementary general introduction, they supply today's readers with most of what they need to know in order to understand and appreciate the beliefs, motivations, and values of the Vikings." --Dick Ringler, Professor Emeritus of English and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Routledge Revivals: Medieval Scandinavia (1993)

An Encyclopedia

Author: Phillip Pulsiano,Kirsten Wolf

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351665014

Category: History

Page: 770

View: 5548


First published in 1993, Medieval Scandinavia: An Encyclopedia covers every aspect of the region during the Middle Ages, including rulers and saints, overviews of the countries, religion, education, politics and law, culture and material life, history, literature, and art. Written by a team of expert contributors, the encyclopedia offers those who lack command of the various Scandinavian languages a basic tool for the study of Medieval Scandinavia from roughly the Migration Period to the Reformation. With full-page maps, useful supplementary photos, cross-references and a comprehensive index, this work will be a valuable and absorbing volume for students of the Norse sagas, the Viking age, and Old English history and literature, and for anyone interested in the cultural and historical heritage of Scandinavia.

History of the Vikings and Norse Culture

Author: Njord Kane

Publisher: Spangenhelm Publishing

ISBN: 1943066310

Category: History

Page: 592

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The story of the Norse begins with the first ancient tribes during the early Nordic Stone Age. There originated the Nordic Ax Culture when primitive Norsemen create their first stone battle axes. An incredible evolution of an innovative and progressive culture that groomed legendary warriors whose voices still roar out today. Take a journey into the Age of Viking Expansion where Ragnar Lothbrok, Rollo, Erik the Red, and many other famous Vikings take you on a ride into the very Halls of Valhalla. Learn about Norse culture, marriage customs, baby naming ceremonies, and the sacrificial blóts used in spiritual and religious observances. Explore legendary Norse such as the Jómsvíkings, Varangian, and Rus'. The Vikings played ball and board games and had their own form of martial arts called Glima. Explore knowledge and technology specific to a culture that was shaped by a people who were able to reach great distances across seas beyond their homelands. A battle ferocious people who were unmatched by their opponents. There's a whole new world of understanding about the ancient vikings has been opened up by new archaeological discoveries and studies. New findings that lead to new questions about the Jötnar, often called frost giants. There were many shared technologies between the Ancient Norse, the Inuit and other Native American aborigines. Viking explorers have long interacted and traded with many people and cultures afar. Were ancient Norse already in contact with early Native Americans? See for yourself with new information about the Norse that was once lost in time.

Chronicles of the Vikings

records, memorials and myths

Author: Raymond Ian Page

Publisher: N.A


Category: Vikings

Page: 240

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This book brings the Vikings to life through new translations of primary sources by the author of Runes and Norse Myths. It defines the social values of the Viking Age and looks at the problems they encountered.

Prolonged Echoes

The Reception of Norse Myths in Medieval Island

Author: Margaret Clunies Ross

Publisher: University Press of Southern Denmark


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 222

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Prolonged Echoes is the second volume in the two volume study of Old Norse myths and their meaning both for us and for medieval Scandinavians, -- some of whom we should thank for the myths' written transmission through the Middle Ages and into modern times. The subject of Vol. 2 is the reception and use of Old Norse myths by the Cristian community of medieval Iceland. It requires us to consider a wider range of Old Icelandic texts, including those studied in volume one but extending to works that, while not taking myth as their subject, utilise it and references to it in their larger discourse. A number of excellent general studies that are available to assist readers unfamiliar with recent writing on early medieval Scandinavia are listed as an addendum.