Handbook of Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Management

Handbook of Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Management

In ECRM2016 Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business Management, May, pp. 293–301. Tsang, N., and Qu, H. (2000).

Author: Robin Nunkoo

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781785366284

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 584

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As research in tourism and hospitality reaches maturity, a growing number of methodological approaches are being utilized and, in addition, this knowledge is dispersed across a wide range of journals. Consequently there is a broad and multidisciplinary community of tourism and hospitality researchers whom, at present, need to look widely for support on methods. In this volume, researchers fulfil a pressing need by clearly presenting methodological issues within tourism and hospitality research alongside particular methods and share their experiences of what works, what does not work and where challenges and innovations lie.
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Handbook of Knowledge Management for Sustainable Water Systems

Handbook of Knowledge Management for Sustainable Water Systems

In ECRM2016-Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business Management": ECRM2016 (p. 293). Academic Conferences and ...

Author: Meir Russ

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119271666

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 328

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A comprehensive synthesis of the best practices for management in the vital and rapidly growing field of sustainable water systems Handbook of Knowledge Management for Sustainable Water Systems offers an authoritative resource that goes beyond the current literature to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the topic. The text explores the concept of knowledge management as a key asset and a crucial component of organizational strategy as applied to the sustainability of water systems. Using the knowledge management framework, the authors discuss socio-hydrology sustainable water systems that reflect the present political, economic and technological reality. The book draws on contributors from a number of disciplines including: economic development, financial, systems-networks, IT/IS data/analytics, behavioral, social, water systems, governance systems and related ecosystems. This vital resource: Contains a multifaceted approach that draws on a number of disciplines and contains contributions from experts in their various fields Offers a coherent approach that discusses the dynamic concept of sustainability drawing on data from people, systems and processes of diverse water systems Includes a comprehensive review of the topic and offers a platform for dialog between theory and empirical analysis Explores opportunities for multi-constituent synthesis This book is written for regulators, water utility practitioners, researchers and students interested in the fledgling field of knowledge management and sustainable water systems and those who want to improve the effective and efficient management of a complex water system.
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The DBA Thesis Project in Practice

The DBA Thesis Project in Practice

In V. Benson & F. Filippaios (Eds.), ECRM 2016Proceedings of the 15th European conference on research methodology for business management (pp. 91–98).

Author: Paul Beaulieu

Publisher: Éditions EMS

ISBN: 9782376873945

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 180

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The thesis written in the course of a Doctorate of Business Administration (or DBA) raises many questions for future DBA candidates concerning its specific orientation, content and scope. Given the central role of the thesis project in the process of educating DBA candidates, who will hold a practice-oriented doctoral degree in management, it appeared to be the perfect time to stimulate a collective reflection process on this crucial phase of work on a doctoral thesis: the development of the DBA thesis proposal and project. This book is the latest in the series of publications launched in 2015 by the Business Science Institute in partnership with the publisher EMS, with the aim of producing a set of books that will guide the academic work of doctoral candidates on the threshold of the scientific education process that culminates in a DBA. The collection published in 2015, La création de connaissance par les managers, was intended to establish the main benchmarks for the new role managers are assuming in their practice: producer of new scientific knowledge. Then the imposing Research Methods for the DBA (published 2019) presented a diversified set of methodological approaches and tools new researchers can use to conduct their DBA research. The articles collected in this book are written mainly for candidates who need guidance and orientation as they start to formulate their thesis research project. Among other things, it presents the various steps in the process of developing a detailed thesis proposal, describes the factors that ensure a high-quality thesis project statement, and clarifies the roles and expectations candidates must handle as they initiate their research projects. With contributions by: Paul BEAULIEU, Pierre-Jean BENGHOZI, Marc BONNET, Françoise CHEVALIER, L. Martin CLOUTIER, Emmanuel JOSSERAND, Michel KALIKA, Sébastien LIARTE, Jean MOSCAROLA, Vincent MOTTET, Isabelle WALSH.
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ECRM2015 Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Research Methods 2015

ECRM2015 Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Research Methods 2015

What design science is not. European Journal of Information Systems, 17(5), 441-443. Benbasat, I. and Zmud, R.W. (1999). Empirical research in Information ...

Author: Dr Vincent Cassar

Publisher: Academic Conferences Limited

ISBN: 9781910810118

Category: Education

Page: 478

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Complete proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies Valletta, Malta Published by Academic Conferences and Publishing International
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