Dugouts and Dreams

Dugouts and Dreams

Author: Frank Cephas Tillson


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Dugouts Icons and Dreams

Dugouts  Icons and Dreams

The author takes us on a sports-oriented journey, traveling through high school, college, and the professional ranks.

Author: Bill Davidson


ISBN: 1681112264

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The author takes us on a sports-oriented journey, traveling through high school, college, and the professional ranks. His eleven-year professional baseball career is filled with dreams, disappointments, highs and lows. He highlights personal stories of iconic figures, racial tensions in the 1960s, music-related experiences and inspirations, historic landmarks, and career-advancing difficulties are. Inside baseball nuances, designed to educate fans, and humorous stories of players and managers combine to make the author's attempt to create variety, a reality.
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American Dreams

American Dreams

Nagel insisted Paul and Sammy go down into one of the dugouts. They huddled
by a ... At the mouth of the dugout someone yelled, 'They're coming. ... Flashes of
red and yellow reached the dugout – flares sent up to cast light on the attackers.

Author: John Jakes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405521475

Category: Fiction

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John Jakes continues the fascinating story of the Crown family dynasty in Chicago. Moving from 1906 to 1917, AMERICAN DREAMS brings to life a brash young nation taking its place on an international stage as the children of the German immigrant Crown family prepare themselves for the excitement of a new century. As Fritzi Crown becomes a comedy film star, her younger brother Carl seeks greater thrills in flying planes and their cousin Paul finds his destiny filming the destruction wrought by World War I to show Americans back home. From the early carefree days of a new century to the stark realities of the first world war, AMERICAN DREAMS goes through a decade of change with the men and women who coloured a nation's future. As he has in his previous bestsellers, John Jakes combines deep historical research with a powerful story peopled by characters both vivid and memorable. AMERICAN DREAMS once again brings Jakes' legions of readers the drama and passion that are his hallmarks.
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Bob Forsch s Tales from the Cardinals Dugout

Bob Forsch s Tales from the Cardinals Dugout

DREAMS. I don't know what happened when Joaquin blew up in the seventh
game of the '85 World Series. John Tudor started that last game in Kansas City.
When Joaquin came in to relieve, I was busy warming up out in the bullpen.

Author: Bob Forsch

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781596700413

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 182

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Offering readers more than just a sneak peek into the dugout, Bob Forsch's Tales from the Cardinals Dugout takes fans into the clubhouse, out to the bullpen, onto the mound, up to the batter's box, around the base paths, along for the ride to spring training, and maybe even on a fishing trip or two in this tribute to the long and storied tradition of St. Louis Cardinals baseball. In his own witty style, Bob Forsch, known to many as ?Forschie? during his playing days, has drawn from his exciting history with the Cardinals to bring fans stories that are laugh-out-loud funny.
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Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Two crewmembers carried two anchors out ahead of the ship in their dugout
canoe. They dropped their first anchor, and as the crew on the trading ship
hauled the boat forward on that anchor, the men in the dugout paddled farther
ahead, ...

Author: Vern and Connie Madison

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1452060193

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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About our Book Living the Dream is the true-life adventure story of our seven-year cruise from Newport, Oregon, to Phuket, Thailand in the 35-foot steel-hulled sailboat, Tainui. This book gives a true picture of what it’s really like for a retired couple to live their dream of full time cruising to far away places: the highs of beautiful sailing days, snorkeling off pristine coral, anchoring in tropical lagoons, exotic cultural experiences, and the fellowship of the cruising community--but also fear in storms, the exhaustion of sleepless night watches, discouragement of endless boat maintenance, and a rusting through of Tainui’s hull. Although we wrote Living the Dream for a general audience, serious sailors will find a wealth of helpful cruising information and steel boat owners will profit from our significant learning experiences in our maintenance of Tainui's steel hull. About us We began our lives far apart--Connie in parts of Californis that were far from the sea and with no aspirations to cross oceans and Vern in the busy seaport city of Seattle dreaming of sailing away some day. We eventually met at the University of Washington, married, started or family and careers--Vern as a social worker and Connie as a teacher. It was our four years of living with our family in Malaysia while Vern was on the staff of the Peace Corps there that sparked our desire to one day be full time world travelers. Order a personalized autographed copy of our book directly rom us by e-miling us at [email protected] We will send you an order form. ($16.50 plus actual shipping cost). Or order your copy from Author House be clicking the "buy now" button.
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I Had the Strangest Dream

I Had the Strangest Dream

Dry If you dream that something is dry, as in dry weather, a piece of meat, or dry
land, then it reflects that you've been going through a dry ... Dugout Dreams of a
dugout signify that you are preparing yourself to get out on the playing field of life

Author: Kelly Sullivan Walden

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446557108

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 300

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It's a double-caf low-fat Frappuccino-kind of world, and all that bustle doesn't stop just because it's time for bed. While you sleep, your mind is busy going over everything you've experienced during the day. Now, with the only dream book that interprets both classic and new twenty-first century symbols - everything from speed dating and Botox to text messages and iPods - you can tap into your unconscious with the turn of a page. Discover the messages hidden in your dreams, your hopes, your fears, your unrealized strengths and potential. You'll learn how to recognize life-altering opportunities and become the person you've always dreamed of being.
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Suitcase Sefton and the American Dream

Suitcase Sefton and the American Dream

Dugouts.” He chewed his lip as he thought for minute. Finally, he flicked the
paper with his index finger. “I don't see why we can't do it all,” he said. “It'll take
some inge- nuity, but we've certainly got the time. First things first. Clearing the
pebbles ...

Author: Jay Feldman

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 9781623687151

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Roving the lonesome highways in search of fresh baseball talent in 1942, New York Yankees scout Mac "Suitcase" Sefton discovers a once-in-a-lifetime talent in Jerry Yamada. The young left-handed pitcher seems poised to take his place among the pantheon of major league pitching greats. However, he's being held indefinitely in a Japanese American internment camp, and he's not even certain that he wants to play professional baseball. Caught behind barbed wire in a camp in Arizona, Jerry, his lovely sister, Annie, and their old-world parents make the best of their confinement while Sefton schemes to find a way to free Yamada and convince him to play for the Yanks. Sefton's interest in Yamada and his family changes from professional to personal when he accepts an offer to join the Yamadas for tea in their primitive quarters in a converted army barrack. Sefton's respect for their strength and the values they hold dear develops and deepens as he begins to see how his own lifestyle contrasts with the Yamadas’. A profound change takes place in him as he discusses freedom and the future with Annie. As a result, the relationships between the scout and the Japanese American family strain and strengthen as they share their cultures and lives. Amid baseball, racism, and hope, Sefton and the Yamadas rediscover the American dream.
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Dreams to Dust

Dreams to Dust

You see him back to the dugout. We'll come back with a shovel for the deputy. I'II
tote this Mavis girl back myself.” “Just a second,” Alida said. “That ring on her
finger is mine.” As soon as they'd disappeared around the bend, Alida set to work

Author: Sheldon Russell

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806184968

Category: History

Page: 296

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On a fateful day in 1889, the Oklahoma land rush begins, and for thousands of settlers the future is up for grabs. One of those people is Creed McReynolds, fresh from the East with a lawyer’s education and a head full of aspirations. The mixed-blood son of a Kiowa mother and a U.S. Cavalry doctor, Creed lands in Guthrie station, the designated Territorial Capital, where he must prove that he is more than the half-blood kid once driven from his own land. In recounting the precipitous rise and catastrophic fall of the jerrybuilt city of Guthrie, author Sheldon Russell immerses us in the lives of Creed and other memorable characters whose ambitions echo the taming of the frontier—and whose fates hold lessons as important today as they were more than a hundred years ago. Among the people McReynolds must contend with is Abaddon Damon. A ruthless newspaper publisher, Abaddon is quick to strike any bargain that will bring him the power he craves, and like many others, Creed McReynolds is swept into his whirlwind of greed and deception. Creed becomes the wealthiest man in the Territory—but at an unbearable cost to himself, the dreams of others, and the dignity of his mother’s people. Dreams to Dust takes readers back to the early days of Oklahoma Territory—a sometimes dangerous place filled with nefarious dealings, where violence lurks behind even casual encounters—to tell the story of frontier men and women gambling everything to find their fortune on the windswept southern plains.
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Minor Players Major Dreams

Minor Players  Major Dreams

In the dugout we griped that cuts and changes should be made but also
conceded that the coaching staff had the bullpen so on edge that the pressure
placed on them by Ambos would be difficult for even super - reliever ...

Author: Brett H. Mandel

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 080328232X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 243

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The author follows the Ogden Raptors, a recreational-league baseball team, for one season, attempting to get inside the heads of players, coaches, and managers
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The Dream Encyclopedia

The Dream Encyclopedia

Most strands of depth psychology approach dreams as messages from the
unconscious mind that have been shaped by our mental state, ... Awakened from
his sleep by this bad dream, Hitler left the dugout seeking fresh air to clear his

Author: James R Lewis

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 9781578592715

Category: Self-Help

Page: 432

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Exploring the fascinating world of dreams, this comprehensive reference examines more than 250 dream-related topics, from art to history to science, including how factors such as self-healing, ESP, literature, religion, sex, cognition and memory, and medical conditions can all have an effect on dreams. Dream symbolism and interpretation is examined in historical, cultural, and psychological detail, while a dictionary—updated with 1,000 symbols and explanations—offers further insights. Dreaming about teeth, for instance, can indicate control issues, and dreaming of a zoo can indicate that the dreamer needs to tidy up some situation. Examining these concepts and more, this is the ultimate dreamer's companion.
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Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams

... building a few dams and dugouts, and planting tree belts. As important as
these practices were to conservation of the soil, they were not edifying to the spirit
of the man who was making those reports. It was at this point in my malaise that ...

Author: Donald Minehart

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780557586448



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Transpacific Field of Dreams

Transpacific Field of Dreams

It was unloaded and packed in with shovels to create a building surface for
dugouts and wooden bleachers. At Gila River, where the Zenimuras were
transferred to, the camp inhabitants built a formidable structure in the middle of
the Arizona ...

Author: Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807882665

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 344

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Baseball has joined America and Japan, even in times of strife, for over 150 years. After the "opening" of Japan by Commodore Perry, Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu explains, baseball was introduced there by American employees of the Japanese government tasked with bringing Western knowledge and technology to the country, and Japanese students in the United States soon became avid players. In the early twentieth century, visiting Japanese warships fielded teams that played against American teams, and a Negro League team arranged tours to Japan. By the 1930s, professional baseball was organized in Japan where it continued to be played during and after World War II; it was even played in Japanese American internment camps in the United States during the war. From early on, Guthrie-Shimizu argues, baseball carried American values to Japan, and by the mid-twentieth century, the sport had become emblematic of Japan's modernization and of America's growing influence in the Pacific world. Guthrie-Shimizu contends that baseball provides unique insight into U.S.-Japanese relations during times of war and peace and, in fact, is central to understanding postwar reconciliation. In telling this often surprising history, Transpacific Field of Dreams shines a light on globalization's unlikely, and at times accidental, participants.
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Swerving to Solitude

Swerving to Solitude

Some girls dreamt of long tresses they were not blessed with and some dreamt of
the Bombay film world, which was a snare for dreams. The soldier in his LOC
dugout dreams of peace, and IIT-types dream of MIT or placements, I suppose.

Author: Keki N. Daruwalla

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9789386797230

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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A young Seema discovers a cache of letters and papers in a locker belonging to her deceased mother. Besides chronicling her far-roving life across Canada, USA, Mexico, and India, these offer a glimpse into her private history—her feelings for M, a major leader of the Communist movement in British India and abroad; her commitment to, not only him, but also his cause; and her struggle to keep alive her feelings for him after his disenchantment with Communism. Even as Seema’s mother grows increasingly cynical about the Communist cause, Seema blossoms into a rebel, voicing her dissent during the Emergency. If her insurgent spirit is curtailed, it is on account of a marriage that cramps her style. All at once, Seema’s story crisscrosses with her mother’s—as both women try making sense of lackluster alliances; as both find comfort in letters. A deftly woven tale spanning India’s pre- and post-Independence history, Letters to Mamma is, above all, a celebration of words. These are words staining missives; words connecting the contradictory worlds of idealism and reality; and words that remind readers why Keki N. Daruwalla remains one of India’s greatest writers.
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Faded Dreams

Faded Dreams

After the meal was over the men set two of the wagon boxes on the ground and
stretched the wagon cover to make a tent until they could make dugouts in the
creek bank . We had been in camp only a few days when Indians paid us a visit .

Author: Daniel Fitzgerald


ISBN: UOM:39015032474994

Category: History

Page: 318

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Book gives information on ghost towns not included in the author's book Ghost towns of Kansas: a traveler's guide. To find this book, check the locality catalog under: Kansas - History.
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Star Dust from the Dugouts

Star Dust from the Dugouts

Author: William Le Roy Stidger


ISBN: HARVARD:32044088002233

Category: World War, 1914-1918

Page: 236

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Ms Magazine

Ms  Magazine

Dave and cut ; their dirt is , like , per “ The boys have a field of ground , has equal
access to Berman says parents and fect ; they have dugouts , ” says dreams , ”
adds Rosenbaum , sports and recreation pro - players have spent countless 12 ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105110584104

Category: Women


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Material Dreams

Material Dreams

... 223–4, 340, 341, 355 La Mirada, 206 La Physiologie dugout, 379 La
Primavera Association, 275–6 La Sociedad Montezuma, 148 La Sociedad
Mutualista Mexicana, 148 La Victoria, 232 Laemmle, Carl, 110, 145 Laguna
Beach, 195,

Author: Kevin Starr

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199923274

Category: History

Page: 496

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Kevin Starr is the foremost chronicler of the California dream and indeed one of the finest narrative historians writing today on any subject. The first two installments of his monumental cultural history, "Americans and the California Dream," have been hailed as "mature, well-proportioned and marvelously diverse (and diverting)" (The New York Times Book Review) and "rich in details and alive with interesting, and sometimes incredible people" (Los Angeles Times). Now, in Material Dreams, Starr turns to one of the most vibrant decades in the Golden State's history, the 1920s, when some two million Americans migrated to California, the vast majority settling in or around Los Angeles. In a lively and eminently readable narrative, Starr reveals how Los Angeles arose almost defiantly on a site lacking many of the advantages required for urban development, creating itself out of sheer will, the Great Gatsby of American cities. He describes how William Ellsworth Smyth, the Peter the Hermit of the Irrigation Crusade, the self-educated, Irish engineer William Mulholland (who built the main aquaducts to Los Angeles), and George Chaffey (who diverted the Colorado River, transforming desert into the lush Imperial Valley) brought life-supporting water to the arid South. He examines the discovery of oil, the boosters and land developers, the evangelists (such as Bob Shuler, the Methodist Savanarola of Los Angeles, and Aimee Semple McPherson), and countless other colorful figures of the period. There are also fascinating sections on the city's architecture the impact of the automobile on city planning, the Hollywood film community, the L.A. literati, and much more. By the end of the decade, Los Angeles had tripled in population and become the fifth largest city in the nation. In Material Dreams, Starr captures this explosive growth in a narrative tour de force that combines wide-ranging scholarship with captivating prose.
Categories: History

Cooperstown Dreams

Cooperstown Dreams

Not only does the classroom give you the knowledge to play the game well, but
also it gives you something to talk about when you're sitting in the stands or the
dugout. Show me a ball player that never went to school, and I'll show you a guy

Author: Noah Edelson

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412059480

Category: Poetry

Page: 106

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Cooperstown Dreams, a collection of poetry and short stories from award-winning poet and filmmaker Noah Edelson, is full of humor and colorful imagery from both on and off the baseball field.
Categories: Poetry

A Dream for the Mother Soil

A Dream for the Mother Soil

times land to the dugout part would rise by at least two metres. A densely
populated country like ours can allow no river to flow through occupying such a
vast land, really some spate on enormously, in the rainy season. It is necessary
that the ...

Author: Md. Gias Uddin Miah

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499016451

Category: Reference

Page: 132

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Religion, liberation, and oppressionof course desire for and horning-blows pave own ways in while discussing importance and probabilities of water resources in a monsoon dominating river full land. The mother soil earth is ours and full of graces, where we have to make life together merrily, and enchant streaming joyously. The religious and moral values suppose assist human being go loyal to the cause of causes the truth and beauty, quite often keep in shoving overwhelming mass get into fighting almost for nothing to tell the truth, instead of helping us pass through the path of peace. Some conjecture the earth can support 100 billion people if proper uses of natural resources go on replacing misuses. Not any lack of natural graces, but it is imprudence that lead people in Bangladesh drown and drench every year. Inherent enmity some from abroad foster on different ground is not also less responsible for the bad luck all here drag on. As Islamic fundamentalism runs a curse now a day so it is detrimental for the poor how the super powers act on.
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Dreams and Nightmares The Martha Whittaker Story

Dreams and Nightmares   The Martha Whittaker Story

The small sod house, buried on three sides with snow with only a narrow dugout
path existing between the cabin and the outbuildings, disappeared in the
landscape. The inside consisted of one room with two sets of bunks and one
single cot, ...

Author: Shirley A. Roe

Publisher: The eBook Sale

ISBN: 9781906806576

Category: Arranged marriage


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The Martha Whittaker Story is a historical romance taking the reader on a journey from the English aristocracy to the trials and tribulations of pioneer life. Martha McGuire's arranged marriage to Jebediah Whittaker turns her life into her worst nightmare. After travelling on an immigrant ship to the Americas, a Conestoga wagon to the west, calamity follows, leaving her alone with a devil of a man and his three sons in the vast wilderness of Wyoming. Will hero Austin Wells find her and rescue her from her nightmare. How does brother-in-law Jeremy fit into the scenario? Will she survive? Can she ever find true and lasting love?
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