I Level Up With My Family Book 1

I Level Up With My Family Book 1

Now, I have written a few ongoing series, Dual Sword God, and the current being, Dimension Apocalypse. My profession is that of a Web Developer & UI Designer. Despite this, I have come to find writing as an exciting hobby, ...

Author: Shadows Finger

Publisher: Shadowsnet

ISBN: 9781959796008

Category: Fiction

Page: 177

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A man's world is found only through family —Marius Edgewick, Earth 2022. Marius Edgewick is a seemingly ordinary construction worker. He is a father of two, married to a beautiful and enigmatic wife. Yet, though small and poor, their family is far from the ordinary, each born with a unique ability far from common in the world. After losing his only job, Marius thought he had lost all hope of achieving his single wish: to provide his family with a suitable lifestyle. However, this all changed when both he and his entire family encountered a bizarre phenomenon that hurled them into the depths of an unknown fantasy world. "Dad, look, I caught a fire-breathing rodent." "Kill it and give it to your mother. We will be eating it for dinner." "Okay!" With the rodent of fire and fresh air of the pure wilds wafting through the wind, such began the isekai adventure of the world's most powerful family.
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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God 1 Anthology

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God 1 Anthology

the Swordsman's HP. However, the problem lay in the fact that the mysterious Swordsman used a one-handed sword, while he used a two-handed sword. In God's Domain, a two-handed weapon's Attack Power was much higher than that of a ...

Author: Lucky Old Cat


ISBN: 9787999091424

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Starting over once more, he has entered this ¡°living game¡± again in order to control his own fate. This time, he will not be controlled by others. Previously the Level 200 Sword King, he will rise to a higher peak in this life. Methods to earn money! Dungeon conquering strategies! Legendary Quests! Equipment drop locations! Undiscovered battle techniques! Even the secrets Beta Testers were unknowledgeable of, he knows of them all. Massive wars, life advancement, entering Godhood, sword reaching to the peak; a legend of a man becoming a Sword God has begun.
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Origin The Secret of the Golden Gods Book 1

Origin  The Secret of the Golden Gods  Book 1

The God deflected it with one of his swords and received the attack with a terrible kick, which sent the huge Custodian ... Iradu leapt to one side, blocked two spears with his swords, went down on one knee, then with two swift strokes ...

Author: Pedro Urvi

Publisher: Pedro Urvi



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Book One in the international bestselling ScienceFiction-Fantasy series. Prequel series to the bestselling The Ilenian Enigma that has reached: ***** Nº1 Sword & Sorcery**** ***** Nº1 Action &Adventure**** A dystopian fantasy action adventure for all ages. An epic adventure full of action in an amazing dystopian world. Join thousand of readers from all over the world in this thrilling experience. An epic adventure in a breathtaking universe. Science Fiction, fantasy, magic, in a never seen before dystopian setting. Discover a fascinating world ruled by merciless Gods. Join the slaved people of the seas in their quest for freedom and survival. Entrancing characters you will love. Experience an exotic world, mystery, and non stop action. A story with intense romance and passionate characters. Sword fight, magic, thrill, in a coming of age story of love and honor. Synopsis: In a dystopic world, the Senoca, the People of the Sea have been enslaved by the Golden Gods. They live within the limits ofthe Boundary, for only one purpose: produce for the Gods or die. Kyra, a seventeen-year-old girl, is selected, along with other young girls, and taken to the Gods. Her brother Ikai will move heaven and earth to find her. They will fight for survival, confronting a society constituted to serve the masters, and even the Gods themselves in their eternal dwelling. A story of love, survival, sacrifice, and thefight for freedom. About this series: ·Genre: Dystopian, fantasy, sword andsorcery, action adventure, coming of age. ·Audience: Middle-grade, teen, young adult, adult. ·Setting: Continent in quasi-medieval times,Gods and magic users. ·Reader age: 10+ ·Explicit language: None ·Completeness: Completed. It is a 3 book adventure. ·Similar/influenced by: Dragonlance, Lord ofthe Rings, Hunger Games, Harry Potter... The Golden Gods: ORIGIN (Book #1) REBELLION (Book #2) REBIRTH (Book #3) A saga that will keep you gripped! An amazing adventure awaits!

The Double Edged Sword

The Double Edged Sword

Book 1 Sarah Pinborough. 'It'll come out somewhere. ... God knows how incompetent I'd be sober.' He paused to get his bearings at the Tjunction. ... Christopher asked after a minute or two. Fin and Joe looked at him. the same thought ...

Author: Sarah Pinborough

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473221901

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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'Sixteen's an interesting age: not quite a fully grown man, but not a kid either. Anything is possible when you're sixteen.' Finmere Tingewick Smith was abandoned on the steps of the Old Bailey. Under the guardianship of the austere Judge Harlequin Brown and the elderly gentlemen of Orrery House, Fin has grown up under a very strange set of rules. He spends alternate years at two very different schools and now he's tired of the constant lies to even his best friends, to hide the insanity of his double life. Neither would believe the truth! But on his sixteenth birthday, everything changes. The Judge is killed, stabbed in the chest with a double-edged sword that's disturbingly familiar, and from that moment on, Fin is catapulted into an extraordinary adventure. Through the Doorway in Fin's London, a hole in the boundaries of Existence, lies another London -- and now both are in grave danger. For the Knights of Nowhere have kidnapped the Storyholder, the keeper of the Five Eternal Stories which weave the worlds together. Because of the Knights' actions, a black storm is coming, bringing madness with it. Fin may be just 16, but he has a long, dark journey ahead of him if he is to rescue the Storyholder and save Existence!
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Church Doctrine Book 1

Church Doctrine   Book 1

God is spirit and as such desires our messianic companionship in that spirit, so we do well to accommodate first of all the division of our soul so that we might have it as our body or as our mind, and then the marriage of these two, ...

Author: Traumear

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780244744069

Category: Reference

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By church doctrine I mean a teaching that helps us realize ourselves as fulfilled human beings in community with one another and with the god who is merciful love. No attempt is made to tie in with traditional religions nor with any particular church described or critiqued. Personal experience of god as father, as Messiah, as Jesus constitutes the backbone of what is subsequently fitted out with revealed knowledge and understanding. Mysteries are touched on, there are many explanations and clarifications, much is updated and restated in contemporary language; exercises and practices and their benefits are laid out in detail. The writer delivers himself of no abstractions but only shows what has worked and still does work for him along the resurrection-path to the 'kingdom of heaven' and eternal life, and thereafter the ongoing work in the interest of endless world creation and community building.
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Death Cog

Death Cog

Core Book Grog. ---CUTULESE--God. of. Swords. There was a saying; “A warrior is only as good as the steel he wields. ... this somewhat misguided notion ultimately led to the worshiping of Cutulese, the double edged god of swords.

Author: Grog

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460241851

Category: Games

Page: 160

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Welcome to Death Cog, a versatile, customizable, and gigantic pen-and-paper tabletop RPG designed by a life-long student of the gaming arts. Bigger than Shadowrun and more flexible than D&D, Death Cog boasts everything from dragons to nuclear bombs. Craft your character’s race, class, and abilities, then outfit them with anything from a sharpened toothpick to gigantic riding armor. Visit distant worlds, battle strange creatures, and explore dark dungeons full of sparkly treasure. This book covers everything needed by game masters and players alike, from character creation to dispute resolution. New players are introduced through a comprehensive explanation of the game mechanics, while those more experienced can jump right in to explore its innumerable options. If the standard suite of critters and quests aren’t enough, the game allows for unending customizations. Want to fight battles as a high-seas pirate? No problem. Does steam-punk do it for you? You can do that too. Grab some snacks, call your friends, and get ready for a treat. It’s like no tabletop game you’ve played before.
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The Book of the Sword

The Book of the Sword

1 5 al. STE SWA SWO Steel , processes of making , 117n Swords , Roman , 256 treated of by Aristotle , 106 wheel ( Chahrá ... Scythians , 226 Arjuna's Sword , 2017 as a weapon for point , 133 Asidevatả ( “ Sword - god ' : Hindú ) ...

Author: Sir Richard Francis Burton

Publisher: London,n : Chatto & Windus

ISBN: OXFORD:590187383

Category: Arms and armor

Page: 352

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The Jewish Annotated New Testament

The Jewish Annotated New Testament

... overcomes the waters in creation (Gen 1); compare Ezek 1.24; 43.2; Ps 29.3; 93.4. 16: Seven stars, the angels that are guardians of the communities (see v 20). Two-edged sword, God's word in the mouth of the prophet (see Isa 49.2).

Author: Amy-Jill Levine

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190461850

Category: Bibles

Page: 855

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First published in 2011, The Jewish Annotated New Testament was a groundbreaking work, bringing the New Testament's Jewish background to the attention of students, clergy, and general readers. In this new edition, eighty Jewish scholars bring together unparalleled scholarship to shed new light on the text. This thoroughly revised and greatly expanded second edition brings even more helpful information and new insights to the study of the New Testament. - Introductions to each New Testament book, containing guidance for reading and specific information about how the book relates to the Judaism of the period, have been revised and augmented, and in some cases newly written. - Annotations on the text--some revised, some new to this edition--provide verse-by-verse commentary. - The thirty essays from the first edition are thoroughly updated, and there are twenty-four new essays, on topics such as "Mary in Jewish Tradition," "Christology," and "Messianic Judaism." - For Christian readers The Jewish Annotated New Testament offers a window into the first-century world of Judaism from which the New Testament springs. There are explanations of Jewish concepts such as food laws and rabbinic argumentation. It also provides a much-needed corrective to many centuries of Christian misunderstandings of the Jewish religion. - For Jewish readers, this volume provides the chance to encounter the New Testament--a text of vast importance in Western European and American culture--with no religious agenda and with guidance from Jewish experts in theology, history, and Jewish and Christian thought. It also explains Christian practices, such as the Eucharist. The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Second Edition is an essential volume that places the New Testament writings in a context that will enlighten readers of any faith or none.
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The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse

God's Book and the Empire's Swords In his opening woodcut Dürer has pictured one of earth's mighty emperors surrounded by a whole arsenal of weapons ... I think that Dürer is saying that the two - edged power of Christ and the breath of ...

Author: Robert H. Smith

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725230804

Category: Religion

Page: 112

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The year 1998 marked the quincentennial of the publication of Albrecht Durer's illustrated edition of the Apocalypse. Here Robert Smith provides an introduction to and a commentary on the book of Revelation that is keyed to the Durer woodcuts.
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