Dog Stories

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Publisher: Alma Books

ISBN: 0714546739

Category: Fiction

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Throughout his life Rudyard Kipling was fond of dogs, and while they featured prominently in early tales such as 'The Dog Hervey' and ' Garm - a Hostage', he later came up with the innovative idea of writing a story from the perspective of a dog, resulting in the hugely successful 'Thy Servant a Dog', narrated by an Aberdeen terrier named Boots. This edition contains a wealth of material about the author's life and works, notes and a bibliographic section.

The Vigilant Citizen 2018 Volume 1: Hidden Knowledge

Author: N.A

Publisher: The Vigilant Citizen



Page: 256

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Within these articles is a wealth of knowledge that enlightens the mind and that provides the insight necessary to fully understand the forces at work in the world today. 1. Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media 2. The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence on the World Events 3. The Hidden Hand that Shaped History 4. Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control 5. The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas 6. Who is Baphomet? 7. Aleister Crowley: His Story, His Elite Ties and His Legacy 8. The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History 9. Dumbing Down Society Part I: Foods, Beverages and Meds 10. Dumbing Down Society Part 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines 11. Dumbing-Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects 12. The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I) 13. The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-II) 14. The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation 15. NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

Gallery of the Dead

Author: Chris Carter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471156370

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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‘Thirty-seven years in the force, and if I was allowed to choose just one thing to erase from my mind, what’s inside that room would be it.’ That’s what a LAPD Lieutenant tells Detectives Hunter and Garcia of the Ultra Violent Crimes Unit as they arrive at one of the most shocking crime scenes they have ever attended. In a completely unexpected turn of events, the detectives find themselves joining forces with the FBI to track down a serial killer whose hunting ground sees no borders; a psychopath who loves what he does because to him murder is much more than just killing – it’s an art form. Welcome to The Gallery of the Dead.

I Love My Dog Embroidery

380 Stitch Motifs for Dog Moms and Dads

Author: Oksana Kokovkina

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 1631596136

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 120

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I Love My Dog Embroidery is a collection of 380 adorable dog-themed stitch motifs for pooch parents and their beloved fur babies, with project ideas, how-tos, and templates. Created by embroidery artist MakikoArt and six other amazing embroidery artists, this “dog fanciful” collection of stitch motifs celebrates all things canine. With this lovely embroidery guide, you can create all manner of pups, including: The sweet Labrador retriever, fluffy poodle, noble German shepherd, and many others Dogs doing what they do best—classic poses, postures, and tricks—like “roll over,” “give me your paw,” and the ever-popular “rub my tummy” Pooches disguised as people—the farmer, the artist, the businessman—and who can resist the sneaky but lovable mailman? Mutts in different styles and shapes, including borders, frames, and alphabets You’ll also find guidance on how to customize a motif to fit your favorite Fido, plus a gallery of project ideas for showcasing your stitches. So grab a needle and floss and take everything in your home and wardrobe from drab to double-dog fabulous! With designs contributed by: Chloe Redfern Embroidery / Chloe Redfern How Could You? Clothing / Mia Alexi Insanitynice / Valentina Castillo Mora Miho Starling / mipomipo handmade Solipandi / Anja Lehmann Stitch People / Elizabeth Dabczynski

Testimony and Trauma

Engaging Common Ground

Author: Christina Santos,Adriana Spahr,Tracy Crowe Morey

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004391134

Category: Social Science

Page: 340

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This book offers a collection of reflective essays on current testimonial production by researchers and practitioners working in multifaceted fields such as art and film performance, public memorialization, scriptotherapy, and fictional and non-fictional testimony.

Berlin Travel Guide 2019

Must-see attractions, wonderful hotels, excellent restaurants, valuable tips and so much more!

Author: T Turner

Publisher: T Turner


Category: Travel

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Turner Travel Guides are the most up-to-date, reliable and complete city guides available. Travelers will find everything they need for an unforgettable visit, presented in a convenient and easy-to-use format. Each guide includes quick information on planning a visit, navigating the city, experiencing the local culture, exploring the beauty of the city and more! Berlin, Germany’s capital, dates to the 13th century. Reminders of the city's turbulent 20th-century history include its Holocaust memorial and the Berlin Wall's graffitied remains. Divided during the Cold War, its 18th-century Brandenburg Gate has become a symbol of reunification. The city's also known for its art scene and modern landmarks like the gold-colored, swoop-roofed Berliner Philharmonie, built in 1963. Berlin, capital and chief urban centre of Germany. The city lies at the heart of the North German Plain, athwart an east-west commercial and geographic axis that helped make it the capital of the kingdom of Prussia and then, from 1871, of a unified Germany. Berlin’s former glory ended in 1945, but the city survived the destruction of World War II. It was rebuilt and came to show amazing economic and cultural growth.

Max Makes a Million

Author: Maira Kalman

Publisher: New York Review of Books

ISBN: 1681371715

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

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Max’s dream is to live in Paris and be a poet—even though no one will buy his poems and he is penniless. But living in New York City isn’t so bad. Where else could he have friends like Bruno, who paints invisible pictures, or Marcello, who builds upside-down houses? Max Makes a Million is a fun, jazzy tale filled with Maira Kalman’s signature bright and imaginative illustrations. Children will delight in the rhythm and sound of her poetic sentences read out loud, and root for Max the dog as he follows his bigcity dreams.