Disunited Nations

Disunited Nations

In Disunited Nations, geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan presents a series of counterintuitive arguments about the future of a world where trade agreements are coming apart and international institutions are losing their power.

Author: Peter Zeihan

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062913692

Category: History

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Should we stop caring about fading regional powers like China, Russia, Germany, and Iran? Will the collapse of international cooperation push France, Turkey, Japan, and Saudi Arabia to the top of international concerns? Most countries and companies are not prepared for the world Peter Zeihan says we’re already living in. For decades, America’s allies have depended on its might for their economic and physical security. But as a new age of American isolationism dawns, the results will surprise everyone. In Disunited Nations, geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan presents a series of counterintuitive arguments about the future of a world where trade agreements are coming apart and international institutions are losing their power. Germany will decline as the most powerful country in Europe, with France taking its place. Every country should prepare for the collapse of China, not North Korea. We are already seeing, as Zeihan predicts, a shift in outlook on the Middle East: It is no longer Iran that is the region’s most dangerous threat, but Saudi Arabia. The world has gotten so accustomed to the “normal” of an American-dominated order that we have all forgotten the historical norm: several smaller, competing powers and economic systems throughout Europe and Asia. America isn’t the only nation stepping back from the international system. From Brazil to Great Britain to Russia, leaders are deciding that even if plenty of countries lose in the growing disunited chaos, their nations will benefit. The world isn’t falling apart—it’s being pushed apart. The countries and businesses prepared for this new every-country-for-itself ethic are those that will prevail; those shackled to the status quo will find themselves lost in the new world disorder. Smart, interesting, and essential reading, Disunited Nations is a sure-to-be-controversial guidebook that analyzes the emerging shifts and resulting problems that will arise in the next two decades. We are entering a period of chaos, and no political or corporate leader can ignore Zeihan’s insights or his message if they want to survive and thrive in this uncertain new time.
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Constitution for a Disunited Nation

Constitution for a Disunited Nation

The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia not only adds “members of other nations and minorities who are... citizens” to “Croatian people,” but also enumerates the most important national minorities living in the country, one by one.

Author: Gábor Attila Tóth

Publisher: Central European University Press

ISBN: 9786155225574

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This collection is the most comprehensive account of the Fundamental Law and its underlying principles. The objective is to analyze this constitutional transition from the perspectives of comparative constitutional law, legal theory and political philosophy. The authors outline and analyze how the current constitutional changes are altering the basic structure of the Hungarian State. The key concepts of the theoretical inquiry are sociological and normative legitimacy, majoritarian and partnership approach to democracy, procedural and substantive elements of constitutionalism. Changes are also examined in the field of human rights, focusing on the principles of equality, dignity, and civil liberties.
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The Disunited Nations

The Disunited Nations

4 THE DISUNITED NATIONS A Protest and a Plan - by - JACK CHERRY and ERIC WALKER of the Hastings Group of National Liberals with a Foreword by SIR LEIGHTON SEAGER , Bart . , C.B.E. , D.L. , J.P. ( Chairman and Hon .

Author: Jack Cherry


ISBN: IOWA:31858014800357

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The Politics of Plunder

The Politics of Plunder

Disunited Nations 175. No Longer a Baby at Age 40 October 24 , 1985 ' Tis the season to be merry as the United Nations celebrates its 40th anniversary . Dozens of heads of state were expected to attend the official festivities on U.N. ...

Author: Doug Bandow

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412838428

Category: Political Science

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This slashing critique charges that the federal government and interest groups have badly mismanaged the political process for private ends. Transcending conventional ideologies, Bandow sees the root of the problem as our failure to honor the Founding Fathers' intention to establish a limited government with severely circumscribed powers in all areas. People abuse power; it is human nature. Only limited state authority will keep the political process from disintegrating into petty fighting among factions, each competing for its own limited self-interest. The demise of the original restraints has created an overgrown federal government that is ever more wasteful, inefficient, and unjust. Doug Bandow spares no sacred cows. He considers state interference in the free market responsible for an ethic of legalized theft, which allows interest groups to use the state to enrich themselves through subsidies, competitive restrictions, and other protectionist measures. He sees a judiciary that has aided the other branches of government in manipulating human conduct and restricting personal freedom for both liberal and conservative reasons. And in foreign policy he sees the development of an interventionist consensus, whereby Washington attempts to remake foreign nations in its image through military intervention and foreign aid, with disastrous results. "The Politics of Plunder "is written by an insider who combines theoretical and analytical skill with practical political experience. Bandow served in the most conservative administration of recent years yet freely criticizes the nostrums of the Right. He is an evangelical Christian yet dislikes the tactics of the Religious Right. His unique background--campaign worker, lawyer, presidential aide, magazine editor, policy analyst, and journalist--enables him to go far beyond the usual Washington commentary. Bandow's objective is to develop a new political perspective that transcends both conservative and liberal boundaries and emphasizes individual liberty, skepticism of state power, and tolerance of others. Those interested in the world of ideas will find this an accessible, practical guide to libertarian thought. Those interested in the world of public policy will find here a detailed discussion of scores of recent controversies.
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The Hard and Bitter Peace World Politics Since 1945

The Hard and Bitter Peace  World Politics Since 1945

Dr Charles Mayo , to United Nations Assembly Political Committee , October 26 , 1953 ; quoted in State Department Bulletin , November 9 , 1953 . CHAPTER 6 : THE NEW WEAPONRY 1 . ... CHAPTER 9 : THE UNITED AND DISUNITED NATIONS 1 .

Author: Geoffrey Francis Hudson


ISBN: UCAL:$B678520

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Nichts sehen nichts h ren nichts sagen

 Nichts sehen  nichts h  ren  nichts sagen

Disunited Nations Week . Time ( 25. Oktober 1943 ) , S. 29 . SAW NO GOOD 1 HEARD NO GOOD I SAID NO GOOD I WANT NO GOOD I AM UP TO NO GOOD DISUNITED NATIONS WEEK Britain's reaction to a wave of anti - British criticism in the US was both ...

Author: Wolfgang Mieder


ISBN: IND:30000122968179

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Disunited Nations

Disunited Nations

Author: Stephanie Suga Chen


ISBN: 9814827703

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Disunited Nations

Disunited Nations

Disunited Nations explores American reactions to hostile world opinion, as voiced in the United Nations by representatives of the Global South from 1970 to 1984.

Author: Sean Byrnes

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 9780807175880

Category: History

Page: 244

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Disunited Nations explores American reactions to hostile world opinion, as voiced in the United Nations by representatives of the Global South from 1970 to 1984. Sean T. Byrnes suggests this challenge had a significant impact on US policy and politics, shaping the rise of the New Right and neoliberal visions of the world economy. Integrating developments in American political and diplomatic history with the international history of decolonization and the “Third World,” Disunited Nations adds to our understanding of major transitions in foreign policy as the US moved away from the expansive internationalist global commitments of the immediate postwar era toward a more nationalist and neoliberal understanding of international affairs.
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The Indian Libertarian

The Indian Libertarian

DISUNITED NATIONS By K. KUMARA SEKHAR The Red Chinese H - Bomb And Its Implications On ... But to our chagrin we have found that it is only a group of disunited nations , as much prepared to wrangle as those in confrontation on the ...



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