Theorizing Women Leadership

Theorizing Women   Leadership

Most importantly, findings on the role of kapwa in the leadership of the Filipina women are consistent with existing ... DISRUPT. Filipina women: Proud. Loud. Leading without a doubt. San Francisco, CA: Filipina Women's Network.

Author: Julia Storberg-Walker

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781681236841

Category: Business & Economics

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Theorizing Women and Leadership: New Insights and Contributions from Multiple Perspectives is the fifth volume in the Women and Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice series. This cross?disciplinary series, from the International Leadership Association, enhances leadership knowledge and improves leadership development of women around the world. The purpose of this volume is to provide a forum for women to theorize about women’s leadership in multiple ways and in multiple contexts. Theorizing has been a viewed as a gendered activity (Swedberg, 2014), and this series of chapters seeks to upend that imbalance. The chapters are written by women who represent multiple disciplines, cultures, races, and subject positions. The diversity extends into research paradigm and method, and the chapters combine to illuminate the multiple ways of knowing about and being a woman leader. Twenty?first century leadership scholars acknowledge the importance of context, and many are considering post?heroic leadership models based on relationships rather than traits. This volume contributes to this discussion by offering a diverse array of perspectives and ways of knowing about leadership and leading. The purpose of the volume is to provide readers with not only interesting new ideas about women and leadership, but also to highlight the diverse epistemologies that can contribute to theorizing about women leaders. Some chapters represent typical social scientific practices and processes, while others represent newer knowledge forms and ways of knowing. The volume contributors adopt various epistemological positions, ranging from objective researcher to embedded co?participant. The chapters link their new findings to existing empirical or conceptual work and illustrate how the findings extend, amend, contradict, or confirm existing research. The diversity of the chapters is one of the volume’s strengths because it illuminates the multiple ways that leadership theory for women can be advanced. Typically, research based on a realist perspective is more valued in the academy. This perspective has indeed generated robust information about leadership in general and women’s leadership in particular. However, readers of this volume are offered an opportunity to explore multiple ways of knowing, different ways of researching, and are invited to de?center researcher objectivity. The authors of the chapters offer conceptual and empirical findings, illuminate multiple and alternative research practices, and in the end suggest future directions for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed?methods research.
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Human Sexuality and Its Problems

Human Sexuality and Its Problems

It is noteworthy that, during the baseline month, the Filipino women, although their frequency of partner-initiated ... The lack of negative effect of the POP, apart from its expected disruption of the bleeding pattern, was striking.

Author: John Bancroft

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780443051616

Category: Medical

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Prepared by one of the world's leading authorities, Human Sexuality and its Problems remains the foremost comprehensive reference in the field. Now available in a larger format, this classic volume continues to address the neurophysiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of human sexuality and how they interact. Fully updated throughout, the new edition places a greater emphasis on theory and its role in sex research and draws on the latest global research to review the clinical management of problematic sexuality providing clear, practical guidelines for clinical intervention. Clearly written, this highly accessible volume now includes a new chapter on the role of theory, and separate chapters on sexual differentiation and gender identity development, transgender and gender non-conformity, and HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Human Sexuality and its Problems fills a gap in the literature for academics interested in human sexuality from an interdisciplinary perspective, as well as health professionals involved in the management of sexual problems. Long awaited new edition of the definitive reference text on human sexuality Addresses the neurophysiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of human sexuality and how they interact Examines the normal sexual experience and covers the various ways in which sex can be problematic, including dysfunctional, 'out of control', high risk and illegal sexual behaviour Reviews the clinical management of problematic sexuality and provides clear, practical guidelines for clinical intervention Presents a broad cross-disciplinary perspective of the subject area making the book suitable for all professionals involved in the field Presents a more theoretical approach to the study of human sexuality reflecting recent changes in research Includes a section on brain imaging to demonstrate the latest research findings in sexual arousal and to compare and contrast individuals with normal and low levels of sexual desire Discusses the use of sex as a mood regulator and the importance of current research in this area Discusses the impact on the internet on the modern sexual world Explores the relevance of transgender and gender non-conformity Contains a chapter on HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections Chapter on therapy fully updated to reflect the movement towards integration of psychological and pharmacological approaches to management Explores the complex relationships between anger, sexual arousal and sexual violence
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Transnational Families Migration and Gender

Transnational Families  Migration and Gender

Moroccan and Filipino Women in Bologna and Barcelona Elisabetta Zontini. marriage children and women - centred households 216–19 husbands ' migration , initiation of 175 , 179 marital disruption , Filipino women in Barcelona 166–7 ...

Author: Elisabetta Zontini

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1845456181

Category: Social Science

Page: 268

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By linking the experiences of immigrant families with the increased reliance on cheap and flexible workers for care and domestic work in Southern Europe, this study documents the lived experiences of neglected actors of globalization -- migrant women -- as well as the transformations of Western families more generally. However, while describing in detail the structural and cultural contexts within which these women have to operate, the book questions dominant paradigms about women as passive victims of patriarchal structures and brings out instead their agency and the creative ways in which they take control of their lives in often difficult circumstances. Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork and interviews, the author offers a valuable dual comparison between two Southern European countries on the one hand and between two migrant groups, one Christian and one Muslim, on the other, thus bringing to light unique detailed data on migration decision-making, settlement and on the multiple ways in which different women cope with the consequences of their transnational lives.
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American History Unbound

American History Unbound

The planters hoped that the Filipinos, like the Koreans, would disrupt the Japanese labor movement, ... On receiving thirty Filipinos twenty days later, he reported his delight and observed that he intended to use them to bring Japanese ...

Author: Gary Y Okihiro

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520274358

Category: History

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American History Unbound is a survey of the United States from its beginnings to the present, as revealed by Asian American and Pacific Islander history as opposed to European history. This is a work of history and anti-history, a narrative that fundamentally transforms our understanding of U.S. history, while remaining an accessible and clear text for students. It is filled with engaging stories and themes that draw attention to key theoretical and historical interpretations. Amongst other reinterpretations it positions Asians and Pacific Islanders within a larger history of people of color in the United States and it narrates U.S. History in the context of World History and oceanic worlds. This is the ideal book for students of U.S. History, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Asian American Studies.
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Reading Economic Geography

Reading Economic Geography

I am not suggesting that redefining subjective meanings of particular subject positions is sufficient to disrupt labor ... The Philippine Women Centre, for example, is a source of a powerful and productive criticism of neocolonialism, ...

Author: Trevor J. Barnes

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470754740

Category: Science

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This reader introduces students to examples of the most important research in the field of economic geography. Brings together the most important research contributions to economic geography. Editorial commentary makes the material accessible for students. The editors are highly respected in their field.
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Women Headed Households

Women Headed Households

in women's lives. For example, data from the Asian Marriage Survey indicate that the average age of marriage for rural and low-income urban women in the Philippines is 21.4 years, and that of middle-class women, only slightly higher ...

Author: S. Chant

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230378049

Category: Social Science

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Households headed by women are a growing presence worldwide. This is the first book to focus on their diversity and dynamics in developing countries. Set within the context of global trends and debates on female household headship, and using case-study material based on interviews with low-income women in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Philippines, the analysis explores the reasons for the formation and increase in women-headed households in different parts of the world, and their capacity for survival in societies where male-headed households are both the norm and ideal.
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Global Migration and Development

Global Migration and Development

FAMILIES OF INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE The presence and employment of foreign female spouses and workers raise some social concerns, such as poverty, domestic violence, marital disruption, and prostitution. According to our data (Seol et ...

Author: Ton van Naerssen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135896300

Category: Social Science

Page: 356

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The debate on international migration and development currently focuses on South-North migration, transnationalism, remittances and knowledge transfer. The potential positive role of migration for countries and regions the emigrants originate from has recently been acknowledged by, among others, the World Bank, United Nations Commissions and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). This volume addresses the question: to what extent and under what conditions does international migration contribute to local and national development? By presenting novel insights and themes on the basis of new empirical evidence from various countries, this volume is an indispensable addition to the international discussion on migration.
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An Ethnography of the Lives of Japanese and Japanese Brazilian Migrants

An Ethnography of the Lives of Japanese and Japanese Brazilian Migrants

See Yugen Sekinin Brasil Takushoku Kumiai Brazil: African Brazilians, 5–6; crime in, 266; Filipino women and, 198–99; first period of immigration to, 31; immigrants arrival in, 29–30; immigrants incorporation in, 6–7; immigrants in ...

Author: Ethel Volfzon Kosminsky


ISBN: 9781498522601

Category: Bastos (São Paulo, Brazil)

Page: 390

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This book explores the Japanese emigration to the planned colony of Bastos in São Paulo, Brazil in the early twentieth century. Using interviews and fieldwork done in both Bastos and Japan, Ethel Kosminsky analyzes the consequences of these temporary labor migrations on the immigrants and their families.
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Status of Women in the Philippines

Status of Women in the Philippines

Carballo , Bibsy M. 1972 “ The Filipina tackles ' odd ' jobs in men's preserves . ” Sunday Times Magazine ( January 30 ) : 18-21 . An account of the qualities of women which enable them to enter professions traditionally associated with ...

Author: Ofelia Regala Angangco


ISBN: UOM:39015002194531

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Monthly Vital Statistics Report

Monthly Vital Statistics Report

of Births of other racial and birth weight varied from 0.5 percent the disruption associated with imminational origin ... These proporwomen aged 30 years and over was rates of the two groups reveal very tions represent a decrease for ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433107391470

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