Reviews and Essays of Austin Clarke

Author: Austin Clarke

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780861403370

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 388

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Austin Clarke is widely regarded as one of 20th-century Ireland's most important poets. In this selection of nearly fifty essays and reviews written over Clarke's long career, he demonstrates that he is an astute and provocative literary critic as well. Having grown up in Dublin when the excitement of the Irish Literary Revival was still running high, Clarke knew many of the principal figures of that movement personally, and his readings of Yeats, Joyce, Synge, O'Casey, Lady Gregory, George Moore, and others enjoy the advantages of an insider's point of view. A selection of Clarke's writings on Yeats is followed by his writings on other Irish writers and the Irish Literary Revival, and on Modern English and American literature. Included as an appendix is an exhaustive list of Clarke's literary criticism published in periodicals.

A Dictionary of Writers and their Works

Author: Christopher Riches,Michael Cox

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019251850X

Category: True Crime

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Over 3,200 entries An essential guide to authors and their works that focuses on the general canon of British literature from the fifteenth century to the present. There is also some coverage of non-fiction such as biographies, memoirs, and science, as well as inclusion of major American and Commonwealth writers. This online-exclusive new edition adds 60,000 new words, including over 50 new entries dealing with authors who have risen to prominence in the last five years, as well as fully updating the entries that currently exist. Each entry provides details of a writer's nationality and birth/death dates, followed by a listing of their titles arranged chronologically by date of publication.

The Flyer

British Culture and the Royal Air Force 1939-1945

Author: Martin Francis

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191616966

Category: History

Page: 288

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Between 1939 and 1945, the British public was spellbound by the martial endeavours and dashing style of the young men of the RAF, especially those with silvery fabric wings sewn above the breast pocket of their glamorous slate-blue uniform. Martin Francis provides the first scholarly study of the place of 'the flyer' in British culture during the Second World War. Examining the lives of RAF personnel, and their popular representation in literary and cinematic texts, he illuminates broader issues of gender, social class, national and racial identities, emotional life, and the creation of a national myth in twentieth-century Britain. In particular, Francis argues that the flyer's relationship to fear, aggression, loss of his comrades, bodily dismemberment, and psychological breakdown reveals broader ambiguities surrounding the dominant understandings of masculinity in the middle decades of the century. Despite his star appeal, cultural representations of the flyer encompassed both the gentle, chivalrous warrior and the uncompromising agent of destruction. Paying particular attention to the romantic universe of wartime aircrew, Francis reveals the extraordinary contrasts of their daily lives: dicing with death in the sky one moment, before sitting down to lunch with wives and children in the next. Male and female experiences during the war were not polarized and antithetical, but were complementary and interrelated, a conclusion which has implications for the history of gender in modern Britain that reach well beyond either the specialized military culture of the wartime RAF or the chronological parameters of the Second World War.

War Like a Wasp

The Lost Decade of the 'Forties

Author: Andrew Sinclair

Publisher: Viking Press


Category: History

Page: 321

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Describes how World War II and its aftermath affected literature and the arts in Britain

Poets in a war

British writers on the battlefronts and the home front of the Second World War

Author: Kenneth A. Lohf,Grolier Club

Publisher: Grolier, Inc.


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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British writers on the battlefronts and the home front of the Second World War.