Poetry Of Discovery

Poetry Of Discovery

To some extent, of course, all good philosophic poetry offers slowly unfolding experiences rather than set messages. ... The chapters on Brines, González, and Valente have made clear that the visions of their poems come into being ...

Author: Andrew Debicki

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813147680

Category: Literary Criticism

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A leading critic of contemporary Spanish poetry examines here the work of ten important poets who came to maturity in the immediate post-Civil War period and whose major works appeared between 1956 and 1971: Francisco Brines; Eladio Cabañero; Angel Crespo; Gloria Fuertes; Jaime Gil de Biedma; Angel González; Manuel Mantero; Claudio Rodríguez; Carlos Sahagún; and José Angel Valente. Although each of these poets has developed an individual style, their work has certain common characteristics: use of the everyday language and images of contemporary Spain, development of language codes and intertextual references, and, most strikingly, metaphoric transformations and surprising reversals of the reader's expectations. Through such means these poets clearly invite their readers to join them in journeys of poetic discovery. Andrew P. Debicki's is the first detailed stylistic analysis of this generation of poets, and the first to approach their work through the particularly appropriate methods developed in "reader-response" criticism.
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The Lusiad or the Discovery of India An epic poem Translated from the original Portuguese with an introduction and notes by William Julius Mickle L P

The Lusiad  or  the Discovery of India  An epic poem  Translated from the original Portuguese with an introduction and notes     by William Julius Mickle  L P

Some by a branching tree or mountain's shade In sports and dances prefs the downy glade , While one difclofes to his friend , apart , The fecret tranfports of his amorous heart . B. VI . But these descriptions alfo , which bring the ...

Author: Luiz de CAMÕES


ISBN: BL:A0018384387


Page: 748

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Discovery a Poem

Discovery  a Poem

But hope of immortality were vain Writ on the faithless tablet of the brain , And Genius at Discovery's feet besought Some sure memorial for the lore she taught . Then smiled the nymph upon her handmaid's prayers , And named her sons ...

Author: Edward Aldam LEATHAM


ISBN: BL:A0026341882


Page: 82

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Columbus Or The Discovery of America An Historical Poem

Columbus  Or  The Discovery of America  An Historical Poem

... more than tongue can talk : Their features new , the crowds ' attention draw , As new to them , the splendour there they saw : The shipmen follow - some with curious plants , Whose fragrant essence all the air enchants ; 540 Or some ...

Author: Thomas Cross (of Cambridge.)


ISBN: BL:A0022062780


Page: 37

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A Poem on a Voyage of Discovery

A Poem on a Voyage of Discovery

... And healing plants in some neglected vale Flung their loft odours to the heedlefs gale : But foon from herbs that in these climates grow ; Health's ruddy cheeks may feel a livelier glow , That active nymph , who loves , when morning ...



ISBN: OXFORD:N11716309


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The Discovery of the North West Passage A Newdigate Prize Poem 1858

The Discovery of the North West Passage  A  Newdigate  Prize Poem     1858

By some lone inlet of the silent sea : Where not a human foot , save yours , hath been , Where not a voice disturbs the deep serene . How sat your loved ones many a weary hour In lowly cottage , and in ladies ' bower ; With prayer to ...

Author: Francis Law LATHAM


ISBN: BL:A0018544524


Page: 22

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Sonnets and Other Poems and The Spirit of Discovery

Sonnets and Other Poems  and The Spirit of Discovery

\Ve have yet many existing evils to deplore; but when the Surlu-::\rs Dlsrost-:a's plan shall have been completed, -rmsx -rm-: sax-rn, which has been explored and enlightened by discovery and knowledge, shall be destroyed; ...

Author: William Lisle Bowles

Publisher: Dissertations-G

ISBN: UCAL:B4713112


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Discovery Science

Discovery Science

Discovering Repetitive Expressions and Affinities from Anthologies of Classical Japanese Poems Koichiro Yamamoto1, ... In fact, some poets/scholars in earlier times taught their disciples never to repeat a word in a Waka poem.

Author: Klaus P. Jantke

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540429562

Category: Computers

Page: 510

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These are the conference proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2001). Although discovery is naturally ubiquitous in s- ence, and scientific discovery itself has been subject to scientific investigation for centuries, the term Discovery Science is comparably new. It came up in conn- tion with the Japanese Discovery Science project (cf. Arikawa's invited lecture on The Discovery Science Project in Japan in the present volume) some time during the last few years. Setsuo Arikawa is the father in spirit of the Discovery Science conference series. He led the above mentioned project, and he is currently serving as the chairman of the international steering committee for the Discovery Science c- ference series. The other members of this board are currently (in alphabetical order) Klaus P. Jantke, Masahiko Sato, Ayumi Shinohara, Carl H. Smith, and Thomas Zeugmann. Colleagues and friends from all over the world took the opportunity of me- ing for this conference to celebrate Arikawa's 60th birthday and to pay tribute to his manifold contributions to science, in general, and to Learning Theory and Discovery Science, in particular. Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT, for short) is another conference series initiated by Setsuo Arikawa in Japan in 1990. In 1994, it amalgamated with the conference series on Analogical and Inductive Inference (AII), when ALT was held outside of Japan for the first time.
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