Devious Derivations

Devious Derivations

This complete summary packed with colorful and educational anecdotes offers information about the odd origins of such diverse words and phrases as condom, sirloin, horse latitudes, harlot, and shyster.

Author: Hugh Rawson

Publisher: Castle

ISBN: 078581700X

Category: Reference

Page: 245

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This complete summary packed with colorful and educational anecdotes offers information about the odd origins of such diverse words and phrases as condom, sirloin, horse latitudes, harlot, and shyster.
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Madame Audrey s Guide to Mostly Cheap But Good Reference Books for Small and Rural Libraries

Madame Audrey s Guide to Mostly Cheap But Good Reference Books for Small and Rural Libraries

Devious Derivations : Popular Misconceptions — and More than One Thousand
True Origins of Common Words and Phrases . Crown , 1995. 245p . bibliog .
index . 0-517-58066-7 $ 12 About one thousand words and phrases are
gathered ...

Author: Audrey Lewis

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 0838907334

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 206

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Provides guidelines for locating fundamental reference sources suitable for a small reference collection, and suggests titles for such subjects as sports, literature, history and geography, and fine arts.
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Word Up

Word Up

(I"m indebted to Hugh Rawson's wonderful book Devious Derivations for much of
the material in this chapter.) ' andiron—The French word for a stand that holds
logs in a fireplace is andier, and the English (who apparently liked pumping iron

Author: Rob Kyff

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595124787

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 196

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If you’re fascinated by words and language, you’ll revel in Word Up! A Lively Look at English by Rob Kyff a.k.a. “The Word Guy.” Drawn from Kyff's nationally syndicated column on language, this spirited book treats readers to a zesty verbal smorgasbord: handy tips on good writing and usage, fascinating stories behind word and phrase origins, whimsical word play and linguistic oddities. With wit and warmth, Word Up! explores everything from the split infinitive controversy to apostrophe catastrophes to the true etymology of “hooker.” Each chapter concludes with a quiz that gives you a chance to test your word knowledge. A blend of William Safire and Dave Barry, Word Up! combines learning and laughter in ways that will surprise and delight you.
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We Borrowed Their Place Names

We Borrowed Their Place Names

has been our intent in My Word ... Noted etymologist Hugh Rawson discusses
these terms and others in his extremely informative book , devious derivations .

Author: Gerald D. Sullivan


ISBN: 0964457377

Category: English language

Page: 91

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An Encyclopedia of Swearing

An Encyclopedia of Swearing

Devious Derivations. New York: Crown, 1994. FOREIGNERS, Terms for. See:
Ethnic Insults. FORMAL OATHS Today formal swearing is generally required of
citizens only on special occasions, such as taking the oath in court or taking an
oath ...

Author: Geoffrey Hughes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317476771

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 573

View: 760

This is the only encyclopedia and social history of swearing and foul language in the English-speaking world. It covers the various social dynamics that generate swearing, foul language, and insults in the entire range of the English language. While the emphasis is on American and British English, the different major global varieties, such as Australian, Canadian, South African, and Caribbean English are also covered. A-Z entries cover the full range of swearing and foul language in English, including fascinating details on the history and origins of each term and the social context in which it found expression. Categories include blasphemy, obscenity, profanity, the categorization of women and races, and modal varieties, such as the ritual insults of Renaissance "flyting" and modern "sounding" or "playing the dozens." Entries cover the historical dimension of the language, from Anglo-Saxon heroic oaths and the surprising power of medieval profanity, to the strict censorship of the Renaissance and the vibrant, modern language of the streets. Social factors, such as stereotyping, xenophobia, and the dynamics of ethnic slurs, as well as age and gender differences in swearing are also addressed, along with the major taboo words and the complex and changing nature of religious, sexual, and racial taboos.
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The Life of Language

The Life of Language

Other categories of false etymologies have been pointed out by Hugh Rawson,
the author of Devious Derivations: Popular Misconceptions and More than 1,000
True Origins of Common Words and Phrases (1994, reprinted 2002) ...

Author: Sol Steinmetz

Publisher: Random House Reference

ISBN: 9780307496461

Category: Reference

Page: 400

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If time travelers from the nineteenth century dropped in on us, our strange vocabulary would shock them just as much as our TVs, cars, and computers. Society changes, and so does its word stock. The Life of Language reveals how pop culture, business, technology, and other forces of globalization expand and enrich the English language, forming thousands of new words every year. In this fascinating and jargon-free guide, lexicographers Kipfer and Steinmetz reconstruct the births of thousands of words, including infantries, poz, mobs, Soho, dinks, choo choos, frankenfoods, LOL, narcs and perps. · A word lover’s guide to etymology, written in a fun, informal, and accessible style · An excellent resource for vocabulary building; a word's root helps readers understand its meaning · Beautifully packaged paperback with French flaps From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Uncle John s Fast Acting Long Lasting Bathroom Reader

Uncle John s Fast Acting  Long Lasting Bathroom Reader

(From Devious Derivations, by Hugh Rawson) CLAPTRAP Meaning: Nonsense
Origin: “Originated in theatrical jargon early the 18th century. It was literally any
device or stage action designed to trap claps—that is, applause. Any skilled
comic ...

Author: Bathroom Readers' Institute

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781607106005

Category: Humor

Page: 522

View: 151

The latest, greatest volume in the popular Uncle John’s series, flush with fun facts and figures and plenty of trademark trivia. The dedicated folks at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute are back with some Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting relief for our legions of fans who have been suffering without a new infusion of Uncle John’s trademark trivia and obscure facts. That’s right, folks, this is the book you’ve been waiting for! Number 18 in the Bathroom Reader series is flush with fun, new factoids, trivia, and all the usual useless (and occasionally useful!) information our fans have come to expect. Ever wonder what you can do with Preparation H besides the obvious? Want to learn more about celebrity jailbirds or whether dragons really exist? Then it’s time to take the plunge!
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Port Out Starboard Home

Port Out  Starboard Home

Rawson , Hugh , Devious Derivations , Random House ( 1994 ) . Sheidlower ,
Jesse , The F - Word , Random House ( 1995 ) . — Jesse ' s Word of the Day ,
Random House ( 1998 ) . Select Webliography The following are just a few of

Author: Michael Quinion


ISBN: UCSC:32106017504413

Category: Dictionaries

Page: 282

View: 602

What is the true origin of the phrase 'one fell swoop'? Does the word 'honeymoon' really derive from an old Persian custom of giving the happy couple mead, a honey wine, for the first month after the wedding? The rapid growth of the internet and the use of email has increased the circulation of (usually) false tales about the evolution of language. In this entertaining and fascinating new book on the origins of words and expressions, Michael Quinion retells the mythic tales that have become popular currency - the word 'posh' deriving from 'port out, starboard home' - and also tries to find and explain the true stories behind the origins of phrases. Quinion offers explanations of why and how stories about words are created, and how misunderstanding word origins - while usually harmless - can have serious consequences.
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Good Reasoning Matters

Good Reasoning Matters

Excerpts from Devious Derivations , copyright © 1994 by Hugh Rawson ,
reprinted with permission of the author . Tom Rockmore . Excerpts from ' On
Heidegger ' s Nazism and Philosophy ' , < http : / / www . friesian . com / rockmore
. htm > ...

Author: Leo Groarke

Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195419049

Category: Philosophy

Page: 470

View: 649

Using an innovative approach to critical thinking, Good Reasoning Matters 3e identifies the essential structure of good arguments in a variety of contexts and provides guidelines to help students build their own good arguments. Through the emphasis on good reasoning, sections of the bookexamine the most common problems with bad reasoning, including slanting, bias, propaganda, vagueness, ambiguity, and a common failure to consider opposing points of view.
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... to disclose the words ' private lives and their hitherto unknown , astonishing ,
and devious derivations , assuring their readers that at last they will know
everything about formerly unprintable words , and dropping hints of great
revelations .



ISBN: UVA:X006107718

Category: Lexicography


View: 226

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Ladyfingers and Nun s Tummies

Ladyfingers and Nun s Tummies

In his enlightening book Devious Derivations , for example , linguistic sleuth
Hugh Rawson argues that the name Baby Ruth honors the granddaughter of the
candy's original manufacturer , George Williamson , but apparently that's not the
real ...

Author: Martha Barnett

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0375702989

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 271

Combines culture, history, and language in the pursuit of culinary word origins
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Dubious Doublets

Dubious Doublets

Devious Derivations ( New York : Crown Publishers , 1994 ) . Rawson's
Dictionary of Euphemisms and Other Doubletalk ( New York : Crown Publishers ,
1995 ) . - Wicked Words ( New York : Crown Trade Paperbacks , 1989 ) .
Raymond , Eric ...

Author: Stewart Edelstein

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN: UCSC:32106017602019

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 206

View: 460

Take an enchanting tour through the tangled roots of English Quick, what is the common denominator of the following words: onion, twinkle, travel, squad, foist, semester, October, noon, and dicker? By the time you finish reading Dubious Doublets, the answer will be as obvious to you as the relationship between lettuce and galaxy, nostril and thrill, or witch and vegetable! This surprising, enlightening, and entertaining guide uses a delightfully innovative approach to explore the evolution, lineage, and proliferation of words. Beginning with pairs of seemingly unrelated modern English words–dubious doublets–the author traces them back through the millennia to reveal not only their common roots, but also the living thoughts that form the true links between these improbable pairs. You’ll discover, for example, why the words flamenco and flamingo are both related to the complexions of the Dutch, how the biblical son of Isaac is related to a French garment and a Halloween decoration, and what going berserk has to do with playing hopscotch. You'll also uncover the common roots of such seemingly incompatible dyads as bully/friar, muscle/mouse, and everyone’s favorite, feather/hippopotamus. Richly supplemented with cultural anecdotes, literary excerpts, and lively discussions on a broad variety of relevant topics–not to mention a series of whimsical illustrations that offer intriguing clues to word origins–Dubious Doublets is, quite simply, a word buff’s delight.
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Everything You Know about English is Wrong

Everything You Know about English is Wrong

... 193 Devious Derivations , 59 , 224 Devotions upon Emergent Occasions , 33 ,
107 Dictionary of the English Language , A , 7 , 24 , 70 , 197
DIICFOWMETGMAFOMP , 216 Disparition , La , 69 Disraeli , Benjamin , 75
donce words , 1 Donne ...

Author: William Brohaugh

Publisher: Sourcebooks Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015076181208

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 243

View: 339

Discusses common misconceptions on elements of the English language, including word origin, usage, and grammar.
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The Lover s Tongue

The Lover s Tongue

Shakespeare's Bawdy . Routledge . 1968 . Pei , Mario . Dictionary of Foreign
Terms . Delacorte Press . 1991 . Pinkerton , Edward C. Word for Word . Verbatim
Books . 1982 . Rawson , Hugh . Devious Derivations . Castle . 2003 . Rees , Nigel

Author: Mark Morton


ISBN: 1894663519

Category: Psychology

Page: 235

View: 377

This delightful book includes over 100 mini-essays explaining the origins and historical development of words in our language that pertain to love and sex. Do you know, for example, what a 78 is? Here's a hint: like the old 78 rpm records, the term refers to a man who is ... well, on the fast side! Diligently researched, The Lover's Tongue is written in a light-hearted style. A dictionary of a different kind, this book is the perfect gift for that special someone, or for the connoisseur of language and history in your life.
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Devious Derivations . Random House , 1994 . Sheidlower , Jesse . The F - Word .
Random House , 1995 . - Jesse ' s Word of the Day . Random House , 1998 . 274
SELECT WEBLIOGRAPHY The following are just a few of those BALLYHOO ...

Author: Quinion M

Publisher: Smithsonian Inst Press

ISBN: UOM:39015060123190

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 280

View: 917

Explains the history of various words and phrases, including "bamboozle," "cut the mustand," "I could care less," and "cocktail."
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Author: Mark Davidson

Publisher: Harrison Pub

ISBN: PSU:000045979170

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 491

View: 374

"Integrates and transcends the latest editions of Strunk & White, Fowler, the Associated Press stylebook ... [et al.]" and, where authorities disagree, offers possible solutions.
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American Heritage Dictionary of American Quotations

American Heritage Dictionary of American Quotations

Author: Margaret Miner

Publisher: Viking Adult

ISBN: UCSC:32106014268137

Category: Reference

Page: 638

View: 664

Collects the words of Americans from all walks of life, presenting more than five thousand entries in a browser-friendly, cross-referenced, and single-column format that encompasses more than five hundred topics.
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Public Library Catalog

Public Library Catalog

Author: Juliette Yaakov

Publisher: Hw Wilson Company

ISBN: IND:30000077957524

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1445

View: 758

In librarian's office.
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Dictionary of Historical Allusions Eponyms

Dictionary of Historical Allusions   Eponyms

Author: Dorothy Auchter


ISBN: 1576070999

Category: Allusions

Page: 295

View: 326

Drawing from history, folklore, cultural traditions, and linguistics, this dictionary illuminates over 550 terms, such as scapegoat, John Hancock, peeping Tom, nepotism, and many others.
Categories: Allusions