Desperation Road

A compelling literary crime novel

Author: Michael Farris Smith

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd

ISBN: 1843449889

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Longlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award 2017 In the vein of Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone and the works of Ron Rash, a novel set in a rough- and-tumble Mississippi town where drugs, whiskey, guns, and the desire for revenge violently intersect For eleven years the clock has been ticking for Russell Gaines as he sat in Parchman penitentiary in the Mississippi Delta. His time now up, and believing his debt paid, he returns home only to discover that revenge lives and breathes all around. On the day of his release, a woman named Maben and her young daughter trudge along the side of the interstate under the punishing summer sun. Desperate and exhausted, the pair spend their last dollar on a motel room for the night, a night that ends with Maben running through the darkness holding a pistol, and a dead deputy sprawled across the road in the glow of his own headlights. With dawn, destinies collide, and Russell is forced to decide whose life he will save – his own or that of the woman and child? 'Flickers with poetic splendour... Repetitions, the falling cadences of country music, phrases strung together in long passages of sustained beauty: it’s rare for desperation to be rendered with such intensity' - Spectator 'Smith depicts a steamy American South redolent of lawless menace in sparse, simple, lyrical prose. He has produced a taut thriller that lays bare the legacy that violence leaves behind it, as it builds relentlessly to a dramatic climax. You will not be disappointed' - Daily Mail 'Cinema written all over it... A particularly good novel if you like whispering 'Sh*t...' in an incredulous voice' - Shortlist

Driving Visions

Exploring the Road Movie

Author: David Laderman

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292747322

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 322

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Examines and profiles road movies made since the late 1960s, citing their common theme of journeys as a cultural critique and exploration beyond society and within the self, and tracing the historical evolution of the genre from its Hollywood precursors through the European variations. Simultaneous.

British Imperial Literature, 1870-1940

Writing and the Administration of Empire

Author: Daniel Bivona

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521591003

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 237

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British Imperial Fiction, 1870–1940 traces the gradual process by which the colonial bureaucratic subject was constructed in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Britain. Daniel Bivona's study offers insightful readings of a number of influential writers who were involved in promoting the ideology of bureaucratic self-sacrifice, the most important of whom are Stanley, Kipling and T. E. Lawrence. He examines how this governing ideology is treated in the novels of Joseph Conrad, Joyce Cary and George Orwell. By placing the complexities of individual texts in a much larger historical context, this study makes the original claim that the colonial bureaucrat played an ambiguous but nonetheless central role in both pro-imperial and anti-imperial discourse, his own power relationship with bureaucratic superiors shaping the terms in which the proper relationship between colonizer and colonized was debated.

Teaching Religion and Literature

Author: Daniel Boscaljon,Alan Levinovitz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 042987717X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 196

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Teaching Religion and Literature provides a practical engagement with the pedagogical possibilities of teaching religion courses using literature, teaching literature classes using religion, and teaching Religion and Literature as a discipline. Featuring chapters written by award winning teachers from a variety of institutional settings, the book gives anyone interested in providing interdisciplinary education a set of questions, resources, and tools that will deepen a classroom’s engagement with the field. Chapters are grounded in specific texts and religious questions but are oriented toward engaging general pedagogical issues that allow each chapter to improve any instructor’s engagement with interdisciplinary education. The book offers resources to instructors new to teaching Religion and Literature and?provides definitions of what the field means from senior scholars in the field. Featuring a wide range of religious traditions, genres, and approaches, the book also provides an innovative glimpse at emerging possibilities for the sub-discipline.

Uncle Janice

A Novel

Author: Matt Burgess

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 038553681X

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Twenty-four-year-old Janice Itwaru is an “uncle”—NYPD lingo for an undercover narcotics officer—and the heroine of the most exuberantand original cop novel in years. A New York City cop who can last eighteen months in Narcotics, without getting killed or demoted first, will automatically get promoted to detective. Undercover narc Janice Itwaru is at month seventeen. Ambitious, desperate for that promotion, she hits the sidewalks of Queens in her secondhand hoochie clothes, hoping to convince potential criminals—drug dealers, addicts, dummies, whomever—to commit a felony on her behalf. And things aren’t any easier back at the narco office, where she has to keep up with the bantering lies and inventively cruel pranks of her fellow uncles while coping with the ridiculous demands of her NYPD bosses. With an ailing mother at home, her cover nearly blown, quota pressures from her superiors, and rumors circulating that Internal Affairs has her unit under surveillance, Janice is running terribly short on luck as her promotion deadline approaches. Now she has to decide which evil to confront: the absurd bureaucrats at One Police Plaza, or the violent drug dealers who may already be on to her identity. Bursting with the glorious chaos of the New York City streets, Uncle Janice is both a deeply funny portrait of how undercover cops really talk and act, and a compelling story of their crazy, dangerous, and complicated lives. From the Hardcover edition.

The Longman Anthology of British Literature

Author: David Damrosch

Publisher: Addison-Wesley


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 2680

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The Compact Edition of the first new anthology of British Literature in 25 years, The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Compact Edition presents the varieties of British literature within the dynamic cultural landscape of the British Isles. From the Middle Ages to the present, the Compact Edition is available in a single volume for the one-semester course or in two volumes (A and B) for the two-semester course.