Surfacing the Politics of Desire

Surfacing the Politics of Desire

(57–8) The sculptor's reaction to la Zambinella is cast in terms of a desire of possession that is complete and total: 'Sarrasine voulait s'élancer sur le ...

Author: Rajeshwari S. Vallury

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442691094

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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A particular model of masculine desire has traditionally been evoked in an effort to understand the subordinate role of women in male-authored fiction. Because of this, the belief that male-authored texts are unfailingly built upon the denial of feminine difference has come to dominate many aspects of literary studies. "Surfacing" the Politics of Desire re-examines the "myths" of masculine desire in order to challenge this premise, placing literature at the centre of recent feminist debates over the ontology and politics of sexual difference. Citing examples of textual resistance to analytical feminist thought, Rajeshwari S. Vallury argues that literature is expressive of desires that are not always configured in terms of oppression or the denial of difference. In other words, a particular politics of reading obscures the multiplicity of desire that literature is capable of affirming and risks sacrificing the possibilities of both literature and desire. Through a re-evaluation of the sexual politics practiced by nineteenth-century male writers such as Balzac, Gautier, and Maupassant, Vallury moves towards a reconfiguration of the relationship between aesthetics and politics. "Surfacing" the Politics of Desire calls into question dominant feminist approaches to the literary representation of gender. Enlisting the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari, Vallury calls for a different method of reading, one based on a deeper understanding of the politics of literature.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Infamous Desire

Infamous Desire

Most indigenous peoples developed hybrid notions of desire , at least claimed ... Erotismo en la religion azteca , " Amor y magia amorosa entre los Aztecas ...

Author: Pete Sigal

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226757021

Category: Social Science

Page: 223

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What did it mean to be a man in colonial Latin America? More specifically, what did indigenous and Iberian groups think of men who had sexual relations with other men? Providing comprehensive analyses of how male homosexualities were represented in areas under Portuguese and Spanish control, Infamous Desire is the first book-length attempt to answer such questions. In a study that will be indispensable for anyone studying sexuality and gender in colonial Latin America, an esteemed group of contributors view sodomy through the lens of desire and power, relating male homosexual behavior to broader gender systems that defined masculinity and femininity.
Categories: Social Science

Memory and Desire

Memory and Desire

Fabureau , Hubert , ' Une émule de Rétif de la Bretonne : la comtesse de Choiseul ' , Mercure de France , 309 , 1041 ( 1 May 1950 ) , 188–91 .

Author: Peter Wagstaff

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042000287

Category: Social Science

Page: 177

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This study challenges the conventional view of R�tif de la Bretonne as a chronicler of eighteenth-century France and notorious exponent of 'la litt�rature galante', to provide both students and scholars with a fresh analysis focusing on two themes -- autobiography and utopianism -- which feature prominently in his writing. It suggests that each is the product of similar impulses, reflecting common polarities between public and private, self and others, past and future.In tracing R�tif's persistent but frustrated attempts to reconcile the conflicting elements of the world he inhabits -- rural and urban, old and new, stable and changing -- this volume analyses the failure of his utopian dream of a well-ordered and harmonious society. By exploring his absorption in the autobiographical project, and in particular Monsieur Nicolas ou le coeur humain d�voil�, it offers an interpretation of his work as a sustained reflection on selfhood and on the power of memory which enables R�tif to create, within the confines of the text, a utopian space where self and world are reconciled, and time and space no longer count.
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Paradox Aphorism and Desire in Novalis and Derrida

Paradox  Aphorism and Desire in Novalis and Derrida

... quotation from De la grammatologie, opens the possibility of desire: La mort est le mouvement de la différance en tant qu'il est nécessairement fini.

Author: Clare Kennedy

Publisher: MHRA

ISBN: 9781905981472

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 135

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Building on recent investigations into affinities between early German Romanticism and French post-structuralism, this study brings together the work of Jacques Derrida with the writings of one of early Romanticisms most important theorists, Friedrich von Hardenberg (1772-1801), better known as Novalis. In contrast to recent criticism, which traces the historical path from Romanticism to modern theory in broad strokes, this book undertakes comparative readings of Novaliss and Derridas texts on literature and philosophy. The book focuses on the significance both writers accord to paradox and argues that readings which are attuned to paradox can better appreciate the proximity of Romanticism and post- structuralism. As well as their affirmation of paradox, the texts of Novalis and Derrida testify to a profound respect for the Other, and the close readings of selected texts reveal remarkable similarities in their thinking on literature, philosophy and representation, and on the intricate interrelation between language, identity and desire.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Writing Shame and Desire

Writing Shame and Desire

In a move that is typical of her work , Ernaux concludes La Honte by assessing the links between the trauma of 1952 and the woman she has become ( H 140–142 ) ...

Author: Loraine Day

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039102753

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 315

View: 306

This study combines psycho-social and literary perspectives to investigate the interdependency of shame and desire in Annie Ernaux's writing, arguing that shame implies desire and desire vulnerability to shame, and that the interplay between the two generates the energy for personal growth and creative endeavour.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Desire and Human Flourishing

Desire and Human Flourishing

Educación en valores a través de la publicidad de televisión. Comunicar, 28, 183–190. Muñoz, J. (1995). Contemos con la publicidad. Comunicar, 5, 84–91.

Author: Magdalena Bosch

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030470012

Category: Psychology

Page: 451

View: 724

This book discusses the concept of desire as a positive factor in human growth and flourishing. All human decision-making is preceded by some kind of desire, and we act upon desires by either rejecting or following them. It argues that our views on and expressions of desire in various facets of life and through time have differed according to how human beings are taught to desire. Therefore, the concept has tremendous potential to affect human beings positively and to enable personal growth. Though excellent research has been done on the concepts of flourishing, character education and positive psychology, no other work has linked the concept of desire to all of these topics. Featuring key references, explanations of central concepts, and significant practical applications of desire to various fields of human thought and action, the book will be of interest to students and researchers in the fields of positive psychology, positive education, moral philosophy, and virtue ethics.
Categories: Psychology

Landscapes of Desire

Landscapes of Desire

Los Angeles (region), xv, absence of planning in, 32–33, 32,33; acropolis model of, 172–184; blending of Arcadia and Utopia in advertising about, 27–30, 28, ...

Author: William Alexander McClung

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520234659

Category: History

Page: 277

View: 732

"An imaginative and provocative interpretation of the meaning of Los Angeles, carefully thought out and beautifully written."—Robert Winter, editor of Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts and Crafts Architects of California "McClung's sharp eye, and his ability to be both critic and analyst, combine to make this a book of real timeliness. It is unusual, and it is smart."—William Deverell, author of Railroad Crossing: Californians and the Railroad, 1850-1910
Categories: History

Psychoanalytic Accounts of Consuming Desire

Psychoanalytic Accounts of Consuming Desire

Freud argues that la belle places herself in her friend's shoes, seeking to control this troublesome desire by bringing it into her psyche.

Author: John Desmond

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137289087

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 293

View: 800

Provides an accessible introduction to psychoanalytic explanations of consumer desire. Topics are drawn widely to reflect the scope of Freud's vision and include dreams, sexuality and hysteria. Discussion is widened to selectively include authors such as Melanie Klein and Jacques Lacan, and to include evaluation of current research.
Categories: Business & Economics

Desire Unlimited

Desire Unlimited

La ley del deseo ' , Madrid 1986 , p . 27 . 11. e.g. Arroyo , p . 40 . 12. The Desire to Desire : The Woman's Film of the 1940s , Bloomington 1987 . 13.

Author: Paul Julian Smith

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 1859847781

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 217

View: 763

With four additional chapters and original film stills, this new edition is the only study of its kind in English. The author argues that beneath Almodovar's genius for comedy and visual pleasure lies a filmmaker who deserves to be taken seriously.
Categories: Performing Arts

Stages of Desire

Stages of Desire

Cristo, tu muerte fué lo que te hizo padre de la vida de la gracia, tu muerte la primicia de tu virilidad; con ella al cabo la Humanidad esposa conociste y ...

Author: Michael Kidd

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271040585

Category: Drama

Page: 280

View: 248

Within the rich tradition of Spanish theater lies an unexplored dimension reflecting themes from classical mythology. Through close readings of selected plays from early modern and twentieth-century Spanish literature with plots or characters derived from the Greco-Roman tradition, Michael Kidd shows that the concept of desire plays a pivotal role in adapting myth to the stage in each of several historical periods. In Stages of Desire, Kidd offers a new way of looking at the theater in Spain. Reviewing the work of playwrights from Juan del Encina to Luis Riaza, he suggests that desire constitutes a central element in a large number of Greco-Roman myths and shows how dramatists have exploited this to resituate ancient narratives within their own artistic and ideological horizons. Among the works he analyzes are Timoneda's Tragicomedia llamada Filomena, Castro's Dido y Eneas, and Unamuno's Fedra. Kidd explores how seventeenth-century playwrights were constrained by the conventions of the newly formed national theater, and how in the twentieth century mythological desire was exploited by playwrights engaged in upsetting the melodramatic conventions of the entrenched bourgeois theater. He also examines the role of desire both in the demythification of prominent classical heroes during the Franco regime and in the cultural critique of institutionalized discrimination in the current democratic period. Stages of Desire is an original and broad-ranging study that highlights both change and continuity in Spanish theater. By elegantly combining theory, literary history, and close textual analysis, Kidd demonstrates both the resilience of Greco-Roman myths and the continuing vitality of the Spanish stage.
Categories: Drama

Engraven Desire

Engraven Desire

La pucelle d'Orleans . London , 1775 . La pucelle d'Orléans . 2 vols . Paris : Rue S. André - des - Arcs , an VII ( 1799 ) . Romans et contes . 3 vols .

Author: Philip Stewart

Publisher: Mosby Elsevier Health Science

ISBN: UOM:39015024954128

Category: Engraving

Page: 380

View: 309

Categories: Engraving

Description Sign Self Desire

Description  Sign  Self  Desire

avoir une influence décisive, comme dans les batailles ou la victoire ou la défaite dépendent d'un ruisseau qu'un pâtre saute à pieds joints et ou s'arrête ...

Author: Marc Eli Blanchard

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110879278

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 305

View: 766

Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Jean Jacques Rousseau Music Illusion and Desire

Jean Jacques Rousseau  Music  Illusion and Desire

the naturalinequality ofmenand women:'Larigiditédesdevoirs rélatifs des deux sexes n'est ni ne peut être la même. Quand la femme se plaint -dessus de ...

Author: Michael O'Dea

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349239306

Category: Philosophy

Page: 284

View: 339

'...discusses virtually all the musical writings which figure in this tome of the Oeuvres completes and may even be read as a companion volume, providing a key to the understanding of its various texts...O'Dea's vividly textured and finely nuanced reading of Rousseau's musical imagination plainly does complement the Pleiade collection in two striking offers a general interpretation of the place of the philosophy of music in Rousseau's thought that is addressed to concepts which flit in and out of particular works, articulated in a voice whose clarity of tone is unmatched by a chorus of editors. Second, it pursues its case across a range of texts spread far beyond the limits of any collection of Rousseau's essays on music.' - Robert Wokler, French Literature This new study of Jean-Jacques Rousseau suggests that his early articles on music for the Encyclopidie give a unique insight into his thinking on aesthetics, affectivity and desire. Rousseau is shown as moving subsequently between two opposed tendencies. He celebrates the voice as the vehicle for the most intense moments of human experience but also frequently attacks the surrender to passion implicit in that celebration, denouncing the arts and arguing that women must be confined to the domestic sphere.
Categories: Philosophy

Landscapes of Desire in the Poetry of Vittorio Sereni

Landscapes of Desire in the Poetry of Vittorio Sereni

31 Lombardi, The Syntax of Desire, p. 195. 32 On desire as the gap between need and demand, see Lacan, 'La direction de la cure et les principes de son ...

Author: Francesca Southerden

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199698455

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 291

View: 653

Landscapes of Desire in the Poetry of Vittorio Sereni is the first book-length study in English on Vittorio Sereni (1913-83), one of the major figures of Italian twentieth-century poetry. It looks at how Sereni constructs a new identity for the lyric 'I' through analysing the poet's relationship to landscape (both geographical and poetic), and his dialogue with the Italian poetic tradition, rooted in the notion of desire and a deep-seated preoccupationwith absence and loss. It argues that these facets of Sereni's poetry endow his subject with a psychological and linguistic complexity that earns him a place alongside some of the more experimental figures oftwentieth-century poetry, while reinforcing at the same time his debt to tradition and his vital contribution to the development and adaptation of the lyric form.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Disgust and Desire

Disgust and Desire

10Adriana Spahr, La sonrisa de la amargura 1973-1982. La historia Argentina a través de tres novelas de Osvaldo Soriano (Buenos Aires: Corregidor, 2006), ...

Author: Kristen Wright

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004360150

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 889

Looking across genres, subjects, and periods, this book examines what our conflicted reaction of both desire and disgust tells us about monsters and their role in human culture
Categories: Social Science

Desire in L A

Desire in L A

Desire in L.A. confronts limitless longing in a city that is itself without limits. In these poems, the object of desire is decidedly missing, whether that object be love or beauty of the past.

Author: Martha Clare Ronk


ISBN: 0820311758

Category: Poetry

Page: 87

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Desire in L.A. confronts limitless longing in a city that is itself without limits. In these poems, the object of desire is decidedly missing, whether that object be love or beauty of the past.
Categories: Poetry

Masculinity and Queer Desire in Spanish Enlightenment Literature

Masculinity and Queer Desire in Spanish Enlightenment Literature

Le Sainete à Madrid à l'époque de don Ramón de la Cruz. Pau: Publications de l'Université de Pau, 1993. Print. Coward, D. A. “Attitudes to Homosexuality in ...

Author: Mehl Allan Penrose

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317099840

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 210

View: 691

In Masculinity and Queer Desire in Spanish Enlightenment Literature, Mehl Allan Penrose examines three distinct male figures, each of which was represented as the Other in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Spanish literature. The most common configuration of non-normative men was the petimetre, an effeminate, Francophile male who figured a failed masculinity, a dubious sexuality, and an invasive French cultural presence. Also inscribed within cultural discourse were the bujarrón or ’sodomite,’ who participates in sexual relations with men, and the Arcadian shepherd, who expresses his desire for other males and who takes on agency as the voice of homoerotica. Analyzing journalistic essays, poetry, and drama, Penrose shows that Spanish authors employed queer images of men to engage debates about how males should appear, speak, and behave and whom they should love in order to be considered ’real’ Spaniards. Penrose interrogates works by a wide range of writers, including Luis Cañuelo, Ramón de la Cruz, and Félix María de Samaniego, arguing that the tropes created by these authors solidified the gender and sexual binary and defined and described what a ’queer’ man was in the Spanish collective imaginary. Masculinity and Queer Desire engages with current cultural, historical, and theoretical scholarship to propose the notion that the idea of queerness in gender and sexuality based on identifiable criteria started in Spain long before the medical concept of the ’homosexual’ was created around 1870.
Categories: Literary Criticism

The Body and Desire

The Body and Desire

3Silvas, Gregory of Nyssa, The Letters, 162. 4Bernardi, La prédication des Pères cappadociens, 285; Daniélou, “La chronologie des ...

Author: Raphael A. Cadenhead

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 9780520297968

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 916

Although the reception of the Eastern Father Gregory of Nyssa has varied over the centuries, the past few decades have witnessed a profound awakening of interest in his thought. The Body and Desire sets out to retrieve the full range of Gregory’s thinking on the challenges of the ascetic life by examining within the context of his theological commitments his evolving attitudes on what we now call gender, sex, and sexuality. Exploring Gregory’s understanding of the importance of bodily and spiritual maturation for the practices of contemplation and virtue, Raphael A. Cadenhead recovers the vital relevance of this vision of transformation for contemporary ethical discourse.
Categories: Religion

Intentionality Desire Responsibility

Intentionality  Desire  Responsibility

... (conscious) demands and (unconscious) desires: the question expresses the desire, ... See W. Blankenburg, “La signification de la phénoménologie pour la ...

Author: A.W.M. Mooij

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004187856

Category: Psychology

Page: 377

View: 486

This book is intended to contribute towards a justification of the human sciences. Its basic phenomenological assuption is that man is an interpreting being, in the domains of experience, desire and freedom of will. An elaboration is offered from the perspectives of psychopathology, psychoanlysis and law.
Categories: Psychology