Delinquency, Its Roots, Careers, and Prospects

Author: Donald James West

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674195653

Category: Social Science

Page: 186

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Delinquency evaluates one of the largest longitudinal-observational studies of juvenile delinquents ever conducted. Utilizing a normal population sample and conducting individual interviews repeatedly over many years, the author and his colleagues followed the development of 400 British working-class boys from age eight to twenty-five, of whom one-third eventually had criminal records. Five factors were found to predict most delinquent behavior, the most powerful statistically being the presence of a criminal parent. By measuring the accumulated pressure of these factors, D. J. West demonstrates the extent to which delinquency can be predicted from classroom observations or social background at an early age. He outlines policy guidelines that would tailor intervention to a youth's age and circumstances, and he argues persuasively that positive change in the parents' situation usually produces good effects on the children.

Consumerist criminology

Author: Leslie T. Wilkins

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Imports

ISBN: 9780389204107

Category: Law

Page: 184

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Leslie Wilkins, a criminologist respected on both sides of the Atlantic, argues for the need of adopting new techniques, borrowed from consumerism, to deal with crime analysis. Believing that the public, or consumer of criminal justice services, has fared poorly from the existing criminal justice system, he suggests that better _market research_ and management techniques will, if adopted, improve the understanding of both crime and sentencing.

Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders

Risk Factors and Successful Interventions

Author: Rolf Loeber,David P. Farrington

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761920403

Category: Social Science

Page: 533

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Detailed and comprehensive, this volume presents authoritative discussions by leading scholars on issues surrounding serious and violent juvenile offenders. This population is responsible for a disproportionate percentage of all crime and poses the greatest challenge to juvenile justice policymakers. This volume integrates knowledge about risk and protective prevention programs, so that conclusions from each area can inform the other.

Family Life and Youth Offending

Home is Where the Hurt is

Author: Raymond Arthur

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134132751

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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The contention that young people commit offences due to inadequate parenting and parental difficulties has been an abiding feature of the debates on juvenile offending. Previously this evidence has been used to design prevention programmes for young offenders who have been processed by the criminal justice system, but this book examines how this evidence can be used to prevent offending in the first place. Examining the relationship between the causes of youth offending and the legal duty of the state to address those causes, this book provides evidence to show that improving the family environment could be the most effective and enduring strategy for combating juvenile delinquency and associated behavioural, social and emotional problems. It examines how current child welfare legislation, in particular the Children Act 1989, could be employed to prevent children who are at risk of engaging in antisocial and delinquent behaviour from offending. It abandons the traditional ‘welfare vs. justice’ dichotomy and instead outlines a new approach which focuses on the rights and needs of young people in troubled circumstances and their families.

Juvenile delinquency

theory, practice, and law

Author: Larry J. Siegel,Brandon Welsh,Joseph J. Senna

Publisher: Wadsworth Pub Co

ISBN: 9780534645663

Category: Law

Page: 587

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This comprehensive, best-selling text provides an in-depth analysis of the theories of delinquency, environmental issues, juvenile justice issues, and the juvenile justice system. Renowned for its exhaustive research base, this book presents cutting-edge, seminal research, as well as up-to-the-minute policy and newsworthy examples. Offering objective, up-to-the-minute presentation of juvenile delinquency theory and juvenile justice policy issues, the authors examine opposing sides of controversial aspects of delinquency and delinquency programs in a balanced, unbiased way. Rewritten for greater clarity and impact, this new edition addresses the latest hot topics and provides students with a gateway to online and multimedia resources that capture the immediacy of the field through CNN® videos, a CD-ROM, and the Internet. With its many updates and greater array of supplements, the Ninth Edition of JUVENILE DELINQUENCY: THEORY, PRACTICE, AND LAW presents a powerful and exciting set of teaching resources and learning tools for instructors and students alike.


Author: Leonard Glick

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 9780205402786

Category: Social Science

Page: 451

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Suitable for criminology and criminal justice students. This title aims to make the complex subject of criminology understandable and interesting.