Defiant Indigeneity

Defiant Indigeneity

In this multidisciplinary work, Teves argues that Indigenous peoples must continue to embrace the performance of their identities in the face of this violence in order to challenge settler-colonialism and its efforts to contain and ...

Author: Stephanie Nohelani Teves

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469640563

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"Aloha" is at once the most significant and the most misunderstood word in the Indigenous Hawaiian lexicon. For K&257;naka Maoli people, the concept of "aloha" is a representation and articulation of their identity, despite its misappropriation and commandeering by non-Native audiences in the form of things like the "hula girl" of popular culture. Considering the way aloha is embodied, performed, and interpreted in Native Hawaiian literature, music, plays, dance, drag performance, and even ghost tours from the twentieth century to the present, Stephanie Nohelani Teves shows that misunderstanding of the concept by non-Native audiences has not prevented the K&257;naka Maoli from using it to create and empower community and articulate its distinct Indigenous meaning. While Native Hawaiian artists, activists, scholars, and other performers have labored to educate diverse publics about the complexity of Indigenous Hawaiian identity, ongoing acts of violence against Indigenous communities have undermined these efforts. In this multidisciplinary work, Teves argues that Indigenous peoples must continue to embrace the performance of their identities in the face of this violence in order to challenge settler-colonialism and its efforts to contain and commodify Hawaiian Indigeneity.
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Sovereign Acts

Sovereign Acts

Through “defiant indigeneity” Krystilez performs a configuration of indigeneity that
constantly deconstructs, resists, and recodifies itself against and through state
logics. Defiant indigeneity is a method and theory of the ways that Kānaka Maoli

Author: Frances Negrón-Muntaner

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816532124

Category: Social Science

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This paradigm-shifting work examines the new ways colonized peoples resist subjugation and reclaim rights and political power--Provided by publisher.
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Defining Indigeneity in the Twenty first Century

Defining Indigeneity in the Twenty first Century

defiant and naughty and throw bombs and want to be independent . I tend to
think that attached to the word indigenous is a vague air of the unusual ,
something different . Ultimately the decision of whether someone is indigenous or
not is the ...

Author: Andrys Onsman

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: 0773465057

Category: Social Science

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Onsman (Australian indigenous studies, Monash U., Melbourne) was born in Frisl n, one of the Netherlands, and takes his native people as a case study to investigate the nature of indigeneity as the notion and implications of it become important in international affairs. He weaves his study around seven interviews--one in English, five in Dutch, and
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Constructing Colombian Indigeneity 1920 1946

Constructing Colombian Indigeneity  1920 1946

Defiant and creative , both nurtured cosmopolitan ideas on local soil . It was an "
anthropological attitude ” that , following James Clifford's discussion of the
development of modern ethnography in France , provided , “ scientifically
validated ...

Author: Igor Argelino Rodríguez Calderón


ISBN: UCAL:C3507786


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The Politics of Indigeneity

The Politics of Indigeneity

... this systemic neo - colonialism is all too predictable . Dominant power and
privilege are bolstered , however inadvertently or unobtrusively , while Aboriginal
peoples are dismissed as irrational or defiant should they challenge the status
quo .

Author: Roger Maaka

Publisher: Otago University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015062835841

Category: Political Science

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Indigenous peoples are increasingly uniting around a commonality of concerns, needs and ambitions. In both New Zealand and Canada, these politics challenge the colonial structures that social and political systems are built upon. Both countries have accomplished much in their management of indigenous issues. New Zealand has begun to right historical wrongs through treaty settlements and to implement bicultural strategies. Canada is experimenting with self-government for aboriginal peoples. Yet there are still many issues to be addresses, with recent statistics showing indigenous peoples in bother these countries struggling to balance functioning in everyday life with preserving their cultures. This book casts light on the constitutional politics in both countries that are redefining the relationship of indigenous peoples to the state. A unique and timely discussion.
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Literary Representations in Western Polynesia

Literary Representations in Western Polynesia

Colonialism and Indigeneity Sina Va'ai ... 94 as well as the narrative stance of
defiant laughter which mocks and taunts absurdity , a strategy often used to cope
and survive through all the trials of being on the lowest rung of the ' development

Author: Sina Va'ai

Publisher: Conran Octopus

ISBN: UOM:39015022887478

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Migrations and Creative Expressions in Africa and the African Diaspora

Migrations and Creative Expressions in Africa and the African Diaspora

... 15 , 30 , 254 Cultural revival , 140-141 Cultural similarities , 241 Culture of
indigeneity , 285 Cunningham , Valentine , 413 ... 406 Defiant optimism , 69
Dehumanization , 78 , 312 , 319 , 447 , 465 Denial of racism , 71 Derrida ,
Jacques , 413 ...

Author: Toyin Falola


ISBN: UCSC:32106019985339

Category: History

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Contributors ranging from architects to linguists explore the cultural and spiritual dynamics of migrations in Africa and the African diaspora. The co-authored volume provides readers with fresh insights on African migration and the attendant implications, productions and generations of the historic experiences of those who were forcefully displaced and others who willfully relocated to other spaces of the world. The book seeks to: (1) engage debates on multiple issues which underpin the provoking history of African migration and their attendant implications, (2) provoke a rethinking of the sociology and politics of migrating souls and resistant spirits in the Americas, Europe and Africa, the restive yet resolute entities, scattered, still, metaphorically united in their quest for, and hold on to identity, (3) engender fresh understanding and interpretations of cultural ethos of African native homelands and establish, where present, their replication in migrant communities in the diaspora, and (4) tie African migration history with modernity thereby underscoring the points of their interactions, departures, and tangentially establishing remembrances.
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Aboriginal Societies and the Common Law

Aboriginal Societies and the Common Law

Author: Paul G. McHugh

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: STANFORD:36105127761729

Category: Law

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This book describes the encounter between the common law legal system and the tribal peoples of North America and Australasia. It is a history of the role of anglophone law in managing relations between the British settlers and indigenous peoples from colonial foundation to the end of the Twentieth century. The historical basis of relations is described through the enduring, but constantly shifting questions of sovereignty, status and, more recently, self-determination.
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Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education

The tone is one of defiant bias • American press and the Freedom of InOF
REVOLUTION • against capitalism . ... build upon and about each of the heros
demondemocracies such as the United States the politics and practices of
indigeneity .



ISBN: UOM:39015077213190

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