Deadeye Dick

Deadeye Dick

Deadeye Dick is so lambently lighthearted that when it's over, you barely
remember that it contains a death by radioactivity, a double murder—a
decapitation, a blizzard that kills hundreds, and . . . the annihilation of an entire
city by a neutron ...

Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Publisher: Dial Press

ISBN: 0307567362

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Deadeye Dick is Kurt Vonnegut’s funny, chillingly satirical look at the death of innocence. Amid a true Vonnegutian host of horrors—a double murder, a fatal dose of radioactivity, a decapitation, an annihilation of a city by a neutron bomb—Rudy Waltz, aka Deadeye Dick, takes us along on a zany search for absolution and happiness. Here is a tale of crime and punishment that makes us rethink what we believe . . . and who we say we are. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Vonnegut Effect

The Vonnegut Effect

Chapter Four SPEAKING FAMOUSLY Happy Birthday , Wanda June ; Breakfast
of Champions ; Slapstick ; Jailbird ; and Deadeye Dick SLAUGHTERHOUSE -
FIVE is the last book Kurt Vonnegut wrote from the comforts of anonymity . If in his

Author: Jerome Klinkowitz

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570035202

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 210

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Kurt Vonnegut is one of the few American writers since Mark Twain to have won and sustained a great popular acceptance while boldly introducing new themes and forms on the literary cutting edge. This is the "Vonnegut effect" that Jerome Klinkowitz finds unique among postmodernist authors. In this innovative study of the author's fiction, Klinkowitz examines the forces in American life that have made Vonnegut's works possible. Vonnegut shared with readers a world that includes the expansive timeline from the Great Depression, during which his family lost their economic support, through the countercultural revolt of the 1960s, during which his fiction first gained prominence. Vonnegut also explored the growth in recent decades of America's sway in art, which his fiction celebrates, and geopolitics, which his novels question. A pioneer in Vonnegut studies, Jerome Klinkowitz offers The Vonnegut Effect as a thorough treatment of the author's fiction-a canon covering more than a half century and comprising twenty books. Considering both Vonnegut's methods and the cultural needs they have served, Klinkowitz explains how those works came to be written and concludes with an assessment of the author's place in American fiction.
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Sanity Plea

Sanity Plea

The Deadeye Dick in him will always exist to a degree, but Rudy Waltz, the
Waltzer, the singer, the writer, the creator, has come into ascendance, closer yet
to the consummate artist-hero Rabo Karabekian, whose painting Rudy's brother
has ...

Author: Lawrence R. Broer

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780817307523

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 241

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In this revised edition of a volume originally published in 1989, Lawrence Broer extends his comprehensive critique of the body of writing by Kurt Vonnegut. Broer offers a broad psychoanalytic study of Vonnegut’s works from Player Piano to Hocus Pocus, taking a decisively new approach to the work of one of America’s most important, yet often misinterpreted writers. A compelling and original analysis, Sanity Plea, explores how Vonnegut incorporates his personal experiences into an art that is not defeatist, but rather creatively therapeutic and life-affirming.
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And So It Goes

And So It Goes

Deadeye Dick, renamed from Katmandu, appeared in October 1982. On the
surface, it's a piece of realistic social commentary, continuing the approach in
Jailbird about how unintentional acts can lead to despair. Both novels are first-
person ...

Author: Charles J. Shields

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 9781429973793

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 528

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A New York Times Notable Book for 2011 A Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book for 2011 The first authoritative biography of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., a writer who changed the conversation of American literature. In 2006, Charles Shields reached out to Kurt Vonnegut in a letter, asking for his endorsement for a planned biography. The first response was no ("A most respectful demurring by me for the excellent writer Charles J. Shields, who offered to be my biographer"). Unwilling to take no for an answer, propelled by a passion for his subject, and already deep into his research, Shields wrote again and this time, to his delight, the answer came back: "O.K." For the next year—a year that ended up being Vonnegut's last—Shields had access to Vonnegut and his letters. And So It Goes is the culmination of five years of research and writing—the first-ever biography of the life of Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut resonates with readers of all generations from the baby boomers who grew up with him to high-school and college students who are discovering his work for the first time. Vonnegut's concise collection of personal essays, Man Without a Country, published in 2006, spent fifteen weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and has sold more than 300,000 copies to date. The twenty-first century has seen interest in and scholarship about Vonnegut's works grow even stronger, and this is the first book to examine in full the life of one of the most influential iconoclasts of his time.
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Kurt Vonnegut and the American Novel

Kurt Vonnegut and the American Novel

Deadeye. Dick. and. Bluebeard. That was yet another instance, though, of putting
into words what could not be put into words. . . .1 Throughout his career as a
novelist, Vonnegut meditates upon the role and value of artin postmodern
American ...

Author: Robert T. Tally, Jr.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441130341

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

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The novels of Kurt Vonnegut depict a profoundly absurd and distinctly postmodern world. But in this critical study, Robert Tally argues that Vonnegut himself is actually a modernist, who is less interested in indulging in the free play of signifiers than in attempting to construct a model that could encompass the American experience at the end of the twentieth century. As a modernist wrestling with a postmodern condition, Vonnegut makes use of diverse and sometimes eccentric narrative techniques (such as metafiction, collage, and temporal slippages) to project a comprehensive vision of life in the United States. Vonnegut's novels thus become experiments in making sense of the radical transformations of self and society during that curious, unstable period called, perhaps ironically, the 'American Century.' An untimely figure, Vonnegut develops a postmodern iconography of American civilization while simultaneously acknowledging the impossibility of a truly comprehensive representation.
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Her Majesty s Ship Pinafore

Her Majesty s Ship  Pinafore

Dick . I have thought it often . ( All recoil from him . ) BUT . Yes , you look like it .
What's the matter with the man ? Isn't he well ? Boat . Don't take no heed of him ,
that's only poor Dick Deadeye . Dick . I say — it's a beast of a name , ain't it - Dick

Author: Arthur Sullivan


ISBN: OSU:32435012311064

Category: Operas

Page: 31

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H M S Pinafore

    H M S  Pinafore

Enter Dick Deadeye . ) Dick . I have thought it often . ( All recoil from him . ) But .
Yes , ycu look like it . What ' s the matter with the man ? Isn ' t he well ? Boat . Don
' t take no heed of him , that ' s only poor Dick Deadeye . Dick . I say — it ' s a ...

Author: Arthur Sullivan


ISBN: STANFORD:36105038233842

Category: Operas

Page: 31

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Original Plays

Original Plays

Dick . I say — it's a beast of a name , ain't it - Dick Deadeye ? But . It's not a nice
name . Dick . I'm ugly too , ain't I ? But . You are certainly plain . Dick . And I'm
three - cornered too , ain't I ? But . You are rather triangular . Dick . Ha ! ha ! That's
it .

Author: William Schwenck Gilbert


ISBN: HARVARD:32044086860772



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Pair of Jacks

Pair of Jacks

Deadeye Dick appears with a white towel. Mr. Rodney looks at it. “It's clean,” says
Deadeye Dick. Mr. Rodney places the towel on the table under his pinky. “Don't
use the jagged edge,” says Deadeye Dick. “You want to slice it off quick with the ...

Author: Michael Batdorf

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440144813

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 332

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When thirteen-year-old, poker-playing psychic Jack Holden, Jr. is kidnapped, he begins a cross-country road trip like no other. He is soon leading a mission to find and rescue his missing poker pro father, Jack "Texas" Holden, from captors who force him to use his own "Poker Power" to make them rich. During his journey, young Jack makes friends, finds love, wins fortunes from the superstars of professional poker, and dodges bounty hunters who are out to stop him. In the end, Jack must choose his fate as his psychic powers and love for his family and friends are put to the test at the secret gambling den in the Nevada desert where his father is imprisoned. Full of suspense, twists, humor and action, Pair of Jacks is fantastic fiction, high adventure, filled with unforgettable characters and events. Michael Batdorf's writing has an amazing, fresh, unique voice. Katrina Kittle, Author, The Kindness of Strangers (William Morrow publishers) Michael Batdorf has a dark and dangerous mind, and I mean that in a good way. Pair of Jacks is a terrific book - it has a novel story line, interesting characters, humor, drama, and the plot is well-constructed and full of surprises. Anne Greenberg, Former Editor, Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books
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50 Years as a U S Immigrant

50 Years as a U S  Immigrant

... Frank (son of Arne and Edna), 229, 250 Clausen, Norman (son of Arne and
Edna), 229, 250 Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, 213 CNN International, 259 CO
Deadeye Dick, 121 Colosseum, 465 Columbia River, 319 Columbus, Christopher
, 9, ...

Author: Svein Jenshus

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469103457

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 483

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My fore-father Vikings arrived in North America in ships like this one over 300 years before Columbus and you'll find the historic facts in this book. I arrived in a more modern vessel. My son Earl S. Jenshus designed both the cover, showing a likeness of "our Stavangerford" and the back page. He is an international known graphic artist. Reading these pages you may learn a little Hawaiian, learn how to shoot birds on the wing, train dogs, buy the "pick-of-the-litter", shotgun safety. How to make money investing in real estate and how to look at the similarities of languages instead of the differences. You can learn how to hypnotize chicken! More useful might be the secret of how to pronounce a-multi-syllable word the first time you see it (!) and how to have a long and happy marriage in the process. It covers 80 plus years of living on two continents, 50+ of them in different states in the USA, starting as a penniless immigrant in Brooklyn N.Y., working in different fields before I found my niche in sales. Including as well are hundreds of years of history, part of which I have actually lived and more still of what I have learned being an avid reader since early childhood.
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Soldier F Guerillas in the Jungle

Soldier F  Guerillas in the Jungle

Indeed,one of the few with no previous experiencein warfare wasthe recently
badged Trooper Richard Parker, already nicknamed 'Deadeye Dick' because
ofhis outstanding marksmanship, as displayed notonly during his three years ...

Author: Shaun Clarke

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408842225

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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In 1948 Communist terrorists were waging a bloody war against estates and rubber-plantation owners in Malaya. Chased into the interior by British Army units, the guerrillas soon became experts at survival and evasion, emerging from the jungle only to launch increasingly ferocious attacks. In 1952, on the recommendation of Lieutenant-Colonel 'Mad' Mike Calvert, veteran of the Chindit campaigns in Burma, 22 SAS was formed as a special counter-insurgency force. Three years later the re-formed SAS began their jungle patrols. They learned how to survive for weeks at a time in hostile terrain, often waist-deep in water, and under attack from wild animals, leeches and poisonous insects. That extraordinary campaign climaxed in a nightmarish two weeks in the Telok Anson swamp tracking the troops of the notorious 'Baby Killer', Ah Hoi, while the regiment's dreadful and unforgettable experiences in the Malayan jungle laid the foundations for the SAS's legendary survival skills. Soldier F SAS: Guerrillas in the Jungle is the sixth in a series of novels based on this extraordinary regiment a thrilling 'factoid' adventure about the most daring soldiers in military history: the SAS!
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Behind Enemy Lines A Novel of the Battle of the Bulge

Behind Enemy Lines  A Novel of the Battle of the Bulge

Deadeye Dick!” Lewis had not laughed so much in a long time. It was especially
rich knowing Baker was just over in the next tent. In the grip of jollity, he said, “
Ralph just might hear us!” “That's right, guys!” Sean said. “Ralphie might get his ...

Author: Steven Blair Wheeler

Publisher: Kiger Publishing

ISBN: 9780981764023

Category: Fiction

Page: 450

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Behind Enemy Lines is the second part of the three book trilogy Still in the Woods. The trilogy, beginning with Fight to Survive, tells the heroic story of American soldiers engulfed in Hitler’s surprise winter offensive in December, 1944. In the opening days of what came to be known as the Battle of the Bulge, American units were overrun or swept aside. American soldiers fought against overwhelming odds only to face the choice of surrender, or risk evading the enemy to regain US lines. Rallying to an intrepid American lieutenant, several dozen GIs decide that they will hold out in the Belgian forest until the Allies push the Nazis back into Germany. Lieutenant Arthur Hill organizes his volunteers into a unit to wage their own winter war. Their success in raiding supply dumps and ambushing German convoys gains needed food and supplies, but attracts the attention of the SS commander in the area. Sturmbannführer Karl Grabner becomes determined to wipe out the troublesome band of American “partisans.” The Still in the Woods series reaches the thrilling conclusion in Forest Battles.
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A Most Ingenious Paradox

A Most Ingenious Paradox

See Deadeye, Dick Dickens, Charles, 47, 76, 106, 287–288, 290 “The Distant
Shore” (1874), 300 Doctor Daly. See Daly, Rev. Dr. Don Alhambra. See Bolero,
del Donizetti, Gaetano, 356 Don Pasquale (1843), 356 Doris, 90 Dorothy (1887),
90, ...

Author: Gayden Wren

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199881812

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 416

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Written more than a century ago and initially regarded even by their creators as nothing more than light entertainment, the fourteen operas of Gilbert & Sullivan emerged over the course of the twentieth century as the world's most popular body of musical-theater works, ranking second only to Shakespeare in the history of English-language theater. Despite this resounding popularity and proven longevity, most books written about the duo have focused on the authors rather than the works. With this detailed examination of all fourteen operas, Gayden Wren fills the void. His bold thesis finds the key to the operas' longevity, not in the clever lyrics, witty dialogue, or catchy music, but in the central themes underlying the characters and stories themselves. Like Shakespeare's comedies, Wren shows, the operas of Gilbert & Sullivan endure because of their timeless themes, which speak to audiences as powerfully now as they did the first time they were performed. Written out of an abiding love for the Savoy operas, this volume is essential reading for any devotee of these enchanting works, or indeed for anyone who loves musical theater.
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Miss Morissa Doctor of the Gold Trail

Miss Morissa  Doctor of the Gold Trail

Now they had come to take Walter and Deadeye Dick away to prepare for a New
York engagement. It was both a happy and lugubrious evening, with even the
head of the troupe weeping a little as they left for the slow night trip to Sidney and

Author: Mari Sandoz

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803291183

Category: History

Page: 249

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Amidst the gold hunters, Indians, outlaws, ranchers, and farmers of 1870's Nebraska Morissa Kirk tries to find success and acceptance as a doctor
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Understanding Kurt Vonnegut

Understanding Kurt Vonnegut

Deadeye Dick In some respects Deadeye Dick ( 1982 ) seems like a rewrite of
Jailbird , for both novels are first - person accounts told by melancholy older men
who committed crimes that have cast a shadow over their whole lives . Both
books ...

Author: William R. Allen


ISBN: UOM:39015046395763

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 516

LITERARY STUDIES: FROM C 1900 -. This is a critical companion to Vonnegut's early novels. "Understanding Kurt Vonnegut" is a critical analysis of Vonnegut's fiction as a point of entrance for students and general readers alike. In close readings of Vonnegut's novels, William Rodney Allen examines the distinctive stylistic, thematic, and formally innovative elements that earned Vonnegut (1922-2007) a mass following, especially among young readers, as well as critical respect among scholars.
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Torn from the Nest

Torn from the Nest

And the dominant masculinity (Deadeye Dick) allowed the feminine as it was
ratified by men (the Astaire-like Alec Electron) (Harper's Magazine, 188 May, July
, Aug., Dec., 1944; n.p.; 190 (Feb., March, June, 1945]: n.p.; 19.1 July, Aug., Oct.,

Author: Clorinda Matto de Turner

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199939015

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 914

Clorinda Matto de Turner was the first Peruvian novelist to command an international reputation and the first to dramatize the exploitation of indigenous Latin American people. She believed the task of the novel was to be the photograph that captures the vices and virtues of a people, censuring the former with the appropriate moral lesson and paying its homage of admiration to the latter. In this tragic tale, Clorinda Matto de Turner explores the relationship between the landed gentry and the indigenous peoples of the Andean mountain communities. While unfolding as a love story rife with secrets and dashed hopes, Torn from the Nest in fact reveals a deep and destructive class disparity, and criticizes the Catholic clergy for blatant corruption. When Lucia and Don Fernando Marin settle in the small hamlet of Killac, the young couple become advocates for the local Indians who are being exploited and oppressed by their priest and governor and by the gentry allied with these two. Considered meddling outsiders, the couple meet violent resistance from the village leaders, who orchestrate an assault on their house and pursue devious and unfair schemes to keep the Indians subjugated. As a romance blossoms between the a member of the gentry and the peasant girl that Lucia and Don Fernando have adopted, a dreadful secret prevents their marriage and brings to a climax the novel's exposure of degradation: they share the same father--a parish priest. Torn from the Nest was first published in Peru in 1889 amidst much enthusiasm and outrage. This fresh translation--the first since 1904--preserves one of Peru's most distinctive and compelling voices.
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Son of the Morning Star

Son of the Morning Star

Deadeye Dick O'Neill's report of this encounter does sound less fabricated. In
addition to problems with enraged Sioux, he found himself troubled by a
nosebleed. A nosebleed! Here we have an unhorsed cavalryman tucked into a
patch of ...

Author: Evan S. Connell

Publisher: North Point Press

ISBN: 9780374708733

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 874

Custer's Last Stand is among the most enduring events in American history--more than one hundred years after the fact, books continue to be written and people continue to argue about even the most basic details surrounding the Little Bighorn. Evan S. Connell, whom Joyce Carol Oates has described as "one of our most interesting and intelligent American writers," wrote what continues to be the most reliable--and compulsively readable--account of the subject. Connell makes good use of his meticulous research and novelist's eye for the story and detail to re-vreate the heroism, foolishness, and savagery of this crucial chapter in the history of the West.
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What It Is Like to Go to War

What It Is Like to Go to War

I felt embarrassed that I'd bucked my shot and it wasn't a clean hit. I felt chagrined
that I had been foolish enough not to put my rifle on full automatic. I knew
instantly that, had I not switched off automatic to play Deadeye Dick, the
continuous ...

Author: Karl Marlantes

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 9780802195142

Category: History

Page: 273

View: 976

From the author of the award-winning, best-selling novel Matterhorn, comes a brilliant nonfiction book about war In 1968, at the age of twenty-three, Karl Marlantes was dropped into the highland jungle of Vietnam, an inexperienced lieutenant in command of a platoon of forty Marines who would live or die by his decisions. Marlantes survived, but like many of his brothers in arms, he has spent the last forty years dealing with his war experience. In What It Is Like to Go to War, Marlantes takes a deeply personal and candid look at what it is like to experience the ordeal of combat, critically examining how we might better prepare our soldiers for war. Marlantes weaves riveting accounts of his combat experiences with thoughtful analysis, self-examination, and his readings—from Homer to The Mahabharata to Jung. He makes it clear just how poorly prepared our nineteen-year-old warriors are for the psychological and spiritual aspects of the journey. Just as Matterhorn is already being acclaimed as acclaimed as a classic of war literature, What It Is Like to Go to War is set to become required reading for anyone—soldier or civilian—interested in this visceral and all too essential part of the human experience.
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Bluffing Mr Churchill

Bluffing Mr  Churchill

Unless he stands around like Wild Bill Hickock blowing smoke off the barrel and
boasting to every bugger that he's Deadeye Dick, he puts it back in the holster
straight away. In an open holster the barrel would protrude, the gases would be ...

Author: John Lawton

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 9781555846763

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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With his Inspector Troy series, John Lawton has been compared to top historical espionage writers such as John le Carre and Len Deighton. Brilliantly re-creating London in the time of ration tickets and bread lines, Bluffing Mr. Churchill is a blistering page-turner. It is 1941. Wolfgang Stahl, an American spy operating undercover as an SS officer, has just fled Germany with Hitler's henchmen on his trail. Stahl's man in the American embassy, the shy and sheltered Calvin M. Cormack, is teamed with a boisterous MI5 officer, Walter Stilton, to find the spy and bring him to safety. Their investigation takes them across war-torn London, and in Cormack's case, into the arms of Kitty, his partner's rambunctious daughter. As Cormack and Stilton close in on Stahl, bodies begin turning up — and the duo realize they may not be the only ones in pursuit of the spy. When his partner is suddenly murdered, Cormack must turn to the ingenious devices of his lover Kitty's old flame — Sergeant Troy of Scotland Yard. Together, they investigate the trail of murders and come to a horrifying realization — are Cormack and his spy being played by one of their own in the American embassy?
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Soldier C Secret War in Arabia

Soldier C  Secret War in Arabia

... despite Gumboot's doubts, they were assigned to the Eastern Group
andmoved out at noonon thedot, accompanied by a large contingent of firqats,
who wereat least, so Ricketts noted with relief,under thesupervision of Deadeye
Dick Parker.

Author: Shaun Clarke

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408841532

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 998

In the arid deserts and mountains of Arabia a 'secret' war is being fought. While the Communist-backed guerrillas of the People's Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arabian Gulf have been waging a campaign of terror against Oman, British Army Training Teams have been winning the hearts and minds of the people with medical aid and educational programmes. Now the time has come to rid the country of the guerrillas, known as the Adoo, not only to free Oman, but also to guarantee the safe passage of Arabian oil to the West. Only one group of men is capable of doing this job the legendary Special Air Force the SAS! On the night of October 1, 1971, two squadrons of SAS troopers, backed by the Sultan's Armed Forces and fierce, unpredictable Firqat Arab fighters, start to clear the fanatical Adoo from the summit of the mighty Jebel Dhofar a mountain 3,000 feet high and scorched by the desert sun. In doing so, the men of the SAS embark on one of their most daring and unforgettable adventures. Soldier C SAS: Secret War in Arabia is the third in a series of novels based on this extraordinary regiment a thrilling 'factoid' adventure about the most daring soldiers in military history: the SAS!
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