Dateline: Toronto

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743241673

Category: Political Science

Page: 653

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Dateline: Toronto collects all 172 pieces that Hemingway published in the Star, including those under pseudonyms. Hemingway readers will discern his unique voice already present in many of these pieces, particularly his knack for dialogue. It is also fascinating to discover early reportorial accounts of events and subjects that figure in his later fiction. As William White points out in his introduction to this work, "Much of it, over sixty years later, can still be read both as a record of the early twenties and as evidence of how Ernest Hemingway learned the craft of writing." The enthusiasm, wit, and skill with which these pieces were written guarantee that Dateline: Toronto will be read for pleasure, as excellent journalism, and for the insights it gives to Hemingway's works.

Diapers on a Dateline

The Adventures of a United Press Family in India During the 1950s

Author: Pegge Parker Hlavacek,Janet B. Tilden

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595260357

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 417

View: 6597


Pegge Mackiernan was a young widow working as a vice consul in 1951 when she met John Hlavacek, United Press Bureau Chief for India and Pakistan. John was upset to learn that Pegge's twin toddlers were living in the US while Pegge worked in Pakistan. "Either get those two kids out here or go home to them. There is no good reason to leave two-year-olds with grandparents thousands of miles away. They're all you've got, don't lose them, Pegge!" Angry yet touched, Pegge grew to love John during the months that followed. They married in 1952, and twins Mike and Mary joined them in Bombay. Over the next five years, the family added three more children another girl and two more boys. The Hlavaceks lived in Bombay and New Delhi with a devoted household staff including Tai Bhai, the nanny; Pana, the bearer; and Danji, the driver. Pegge wrote Diapers on a Dateline in 1960, but the manuscript remained in storage until John rediscovered it in 2000. He decided to publish the book for family and friends, as well as anyone interested in the life of an American newspaper family in India during the 1950s.

Dateline Jerusalem

An Eyewitness Account of Prophecies Unfolding in the Middle East

Author: Chris Mitchell

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1400205298

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 1891


History’s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem. When an Iranian president thunders a murderous threat or an obscure Turkish drunkard has a dream in Mecca or a Jewish couple from Brooklyn lands at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, these events might seem disconnected. But they’re not. In Dateline Jerusalem, CBN News correspondent Chris Mitchell connects the dots and unveils Jerusalem as the epicenter and crossroads of the spiritual, political, and, yes, supernatural worlds. For thousands of years, Jerusalem’s powerful draw has always transcended simple economics, military strategy, and religious affiliation. In our own time, as the Arab Spring threatens to become an Islamic Winter, one commentator warns: “The Arab Spring doesn’t lead to democracy, it leads to Jerusalem.” Indeed, the fragile peace of Israel is in new peril as violent Islamic factions vie for control of surrounding nations. Yet Muslims are converting to Christianity in record numbers. Dateline Jerusalem untangles and chronicles all this through the riveting narrative of a Christian reporter in the upheaval of the modern Fertile Crescent. We live in a world where we cannot afford to be ill informed. What happens in the strategic Middle East, Israel, and Jerusalem is critical. It matters to you. Today’s news might focus on Washington, New York, London, or Moscow, but history’s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem. Chris Mitchell’s firsthand experiences and reporting uniquely qualify him to expound on and explain the major trends and developments sweeping the Middle East and affecting the world. Mitchell has served as the bureau chief for CBN News since August 2000.

Dateline History

The Life of Journalist Jonathan Marshall

Author: Jonathan Marshall

Publisher: Acacia Publishing

ISBN: 193508903X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 350

View: 8912


"The remarkable life story of a kid from the sidewalks of New York who grew up to become a crusading liberal Arizona newspaper publisher, First Amendment champion, and a leading citizen of that frontier state. Jon Marshall calls his life 'a bouillabaisse.' I call it a fascinating, 'only in America' experience; a life to be proud of, ranging from winning an impromptu sailboat race against the venerable Albert Einstein to losing a 'clean' Senate race against his ultra-conservative friend Barry Goldwater." Lawrence K. Grossman, former president of NBC News and PBS "Jon Marshall has written a fascinating and very personal account of his life and times as a privileged young man in a family with extremely talented and civic-minded folks. His account of liberals settling among very conservative communities in the West, and how he maintained his liberal and Jewish roots is inspiring. A good read with many pointers for others to follow a creative and satisfying life." Arthur A. Hartman, former US Ambassador to France and the Soviet Union

Dateline : Israel

New Photography and Video Art

Author: Susan Tumarkin Goodman,Andy Grundberg,Nissan Perez

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300111568

Category: Art

Page: 104

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What can art tell us about Israel today? Is there an artistic consensus among those living inside and outside the country? How does an artist come to terms with the disturbing realities in Israel---violence, political instability, insecurity, and social discrimination? These questions are at the heart of Dateline Israel: New Photography and Video Art, a compelling volume that presents photographs and videos of Israel from the diverse outlooks of nearly two dozen international artists. These images reveal the intensity of life there as well as the artists’ profound personal responses to Israeli life and culture. What is revealed is a complicated view of Israel that has evolved out of the utopian model of an earlier era. In three insightful essays, the contributors to the volume explore the role of art and artists in contemporary Israel. Susan Tumarkin Goodman examines the aesthetic and political underpinnings of lens-based art made in Israel; Andy Grundberg discusses the roots of Israeli photography and video and places them in an international context; and Nissan N. Perez offers an insider’s view of the cultural issues that affect the practice of art in Israel today. Featured artists include: Yael Bartana (Israeli, lives in Amsterdam, b. 1970) Rineke Dijkstra (Dutch, b. 1959) Barry Frydlender (Israeli, b. 1954) Ori Gersht (Israeli, lives in London, b. 1967) Noel Jabbour (Palestinian, lives in Nazareth and Berlin, b. Nazareth, 1970) Miki Kratsman (Israeli, b. Argentina, 1959) Wolfgang Tillmans (German, lives in London, b. 1968) Mark Wallinger (British, b. 1959) Wim Wenders (German, lives in Los Angeles and Berlin, b. 1945) Sharon Ya’ari (Israeli, b. 1966)

Dateline Soweto

Travels with Black South African Reporters

Author: William Finnegan

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520915695

Category: History

Page: 262

View: 8069


Dateline Soweto documents the working lives of black South African reporters caught between the mistrust of militant blacks, police harrassment, and white editors who—fearing government disapproval—may not print the stories these reporters risk their lives to get. William Finnegan revisited several of these reporters during the May 1994 election and describes their post-apartheid working experience in a new preface and epilogue.

Dateline Jerusalem

Author: Scott Bryte

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 0788019368

Category: Religion

Page: 61

View: 6496


You'll feel like you are right on the scene viewing the events of Holy Week as this innovative series presents the familiar story of Jesus' death and resurrection in a novel, engaging, and entirely modern way. In a television-style interview format, six witnesses share their point of view in up-to-date language and references -- making each personage more accessible to contemporary congregations. Dateline: Jerusalem is a flexible resource that can be used in many different settings: during Lenten worship services, as part of a Christian education curriculum, or for a youth program. Scripture lessons accompany each script, and a character summary provides further insight into the personality of each interviewee. Easy to produce with a minimum of staging, these dialogues provide a fresh, engaging approach to the timeless story. Characters interviewed are: * Pontius Pilate * Caiaphas * Peter * Mary Magdalene * John * the Centurion Scott Bryte is the pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Thiel College and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.

Dateline Matrimony

Author: Gina Wilkins

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459240162

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 1182


THERE WASN'T A WOMAN ALIVE WHO HAD EVER REJECTED REPORTER RILEY O'NEAL. All he had to do was smile and flash those dimples. But there was a first time for everything. Riley's first came in the form of waitress Teresa Scott, and what a lovely form she had. It was a ritual. Every morning he ate breakfast at the Rainbow Café, where, along with great coffee, Teresa served up a big "No." But when a scandalous news story led Riley to discover that Teresa wasn't exactly who he'd thought she was—but instead was a single mom and a…criminal—he hoped that the gorgeous waitress would try to steal his heart.

Dateline Smileyville

Author: Markus Pell


ISBN: 1456609629

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 9223


Markus Pell was leading his life, minding his own business, running Smileyville Cab and Courier while working toward his dream business: the Bright White Light Entertainment Engine. He considers himself 'reasonably normal' and thought his life, too, was 'reasonably normal, ' which it was - reasonably. Until, that is, the ghostly members of his Imaginary Master Mind came to life. There is nothing normal about living with ghosts named Lincoln or Truman, Dickens or Twain. Markus could tell you. He knows. And now those ghosts have come to constitute his 'kitchen cabinet.' This is because, deciding that Markus had more spare time than is healthy, the Smileyville Township Secret Society of Conservative Democrats came out of hiding, became the Conservative Democratic Party, and nominated Markus as its 2012 candidate for President of the United States. They nominated him for 2016, too, just for good measure. And America will never be the same.

Dateline Mongolia

An American Journalist in Nomad's Land

Author: Michael Kohn

Publisher: RDR Books

ISBN: 9781571431554

Category: Travel

Page: 346

View: 4899


A rare look at the hidden side of Mongolia, Asia's newest democracy.