Date with the Executioner

Date with the Executioner

1817, Chalk Farm, London.

Author: Edward Marston

Publisher: Bow Street Rivals

ISBN: 0749021543

Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 384

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1817, Chalk Farm, London. At dawn the scene is set for a duel between a lady's two ardent admirers. Although the duel is broken up, later in the day one of the duellists is found dead, shot between the eyes. Paul and his twin Peter are determined to see justice done and are soon enmeshed in threads of inheritance, treachery and fraud.
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The Executioner s Journal

The Executioner s Journal

The executioner thus included all of his executions before May 1578 but dated
only those performed on behalf of the city of Nuremberg, beginning that year; the
sole exception was the date of my first execution, June 5, 1573, the hanging of a

Author: Joel F. Harrington

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813938714

Category: History

Page: 240

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During a career lasting nearly half a century, Meister Frantz Schmidt (1554-1634) personally put to death 392 individuals and tortured, flogged, or disfigured hundreds more. The remarkable number of victims, as well as the officially sanctioned context in which they suffered at Schmidt’s hands, was the story of Joel Harrington’s much-discussed book The Faithful Executioner. The foundation of that celebrated work was Schmidt's own journal--notable not only for the shocking story it told but, in an age when people rarely kept diaries, for its mere existence. Available now in Harrington’s new translation, this fascinating document provides the modern reader with a rare firsthand perspective on the thoughts and experiences of an executioner who routinely carried out acts of state brutality yet remained a revered member of the local community, widely respected for his piety, steadfastness, and popular healing. Based on a long-lost manuscript thought to be the most faithful to the original journal, this modern English translation is fully annotated and includes an introduction providing historical context as well as a biographical portrait of Schmidt himself. The executioner appears to us not as the frightening brute we might expect but as a surprisingly thoughtful, complex person with a unique voice, and in these pages his world emerges as vivid and unforgettable. Studies in Early Modern German History
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The Executioner s Toll 2010

The Executioner  s Toll  2010

A spokesperson for the governor announced that since the date the death
warrant was signed, the governor's office had received about 49,000 letters,
telephone calls or e-mails.12 The Vatican had also asked for Grossman's life to
be spared ...

Author: Matthew T. Mangino

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786479795

Category: Reference

Page: 248

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"Legal Executions of 2010 is a minute examination of every execution (and the details surrounding the execution) carried out in a single year--and a thought-provoking exploration into the minds of 46 killers. The book chronicles 62 murders, 44 trials, countless appeals, two suicide attempts, 41 last meals, 33 final statements and 46 executions"--
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The Executioner s Son

The Executioner s Son

The car was packed and the men were ready the day before the expected
departure date. The trip would take about tenhours from Riyadh to Mecca and to
the campground in Muzdalifah; of course it all depended on traffic and the crowds

Author: D. Taylor

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 9781632324313


Page: 252

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Yousif, an Arab boy, grows into manhood and is educated in Islam with all its customs and traditions. He admires his father, the Chief Executioner, and becomes an Islamic Judge who determines a person's fate. Yousif is given a Bible by a Christian friend and seeks to destroy its credibility while converting his friend to Islam. He is forced to confront the contradictions found in the Qur'an and the lies he has been taught since his youth and must decide between his prestigious Islamic position or place his faith in a God who allows his people to suffer. The choice he makes could cause him to lose his life at the hands of his father. The Executioner's Son is based on the Qur'an, Islamic customs and Islamic religious practices found in Saudi Arabia. Most of the events described in this book were seen or experienced by the author or described to the author by friends while in Saudi Arabia.

The Executioner s Men

The Executioner s Men

... Criminal Entrepreneurs, and the Shadow State They Created George W.
Grayson, Samuel Logan. Appendix 2 Suspected Zeta Recruits Name Nickname
Captured/killed Date Abraham El Négro Captured by Mexican September 9,
Santiago, ...

Author: George W. Grayson

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412846172

Category: True Crime

Page: 271

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Bloodshed connected with Mexican drug cartels, how they emerged, and their impact on the United States is the subject of this frightening book. Savage narcotics-related decapitations- castrations, and other murders have destroyed tourism in many Mexican communities and such savagery is now cascading across the border into the United States. Grayson explores how this spiral of violence emerged in Mexico, its impact on the country and its northern neighbor, and the prospects for managing it. Mexico was named an Outstanding Academic Tide of 2010 by Choice Magazine.
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The Date Book of Remarkable and Memorable Events Connected with Nottingham and Its Neighbourhood 1750 1850

The Date Book of Remarkable and Memorable Events Connected with Nottingham and Its Neighbourhood  1750 1850

Adie then stood up , and said , while the executioner was adjusting the rope , “ I
am going to suffer for a crime I am not guilty of . " An individual in the cart with him
, laid his hand upon his shoulder and said , “ Dare you say that , when you are ...

Author: John Frost SUTTON


ISBN: BL:A0017078253



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The Executioner Always Chops Twice

The Executioner Always Chops Twice

Gordan already had a criminal record as a career highwayman, and had one
time been charged with robbing the Fishmongers' Company in London, but
friends in Ireland conveniently provided him with an alibi for the date in question
and so ...

Author: Geoffrey Abbott

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466838147

Category: History

Page: 240

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A morbidly fascinating mixture of bungled executions, strange last requests, and classic final one-liners from medieval times to the present day. Sometimes it's hard to be an executioner, trying to keep someone from popping up to make a quip when they should have spectacularly sunk without a trace. Or to be told that the condemned to the guillotine won't have a last drink for fear of "completely losing his head." The business of death can be absurd, and nothing illustrates this better than these tales of the gruesome and frankly ridiculous ways in which a number of ill-fated unfortunates met (or failed to meet) their maker. Did you know: When Sir Thomas More was ordered to position his head on the block, he said "though you have warrant to cut off my head, you have none to cut off my beard?" When the guillotine took three strokes to sever the neck of Isabeau Herman, the mob attempted to stone the executioner to death for cruelty? After the English hanged the pirate Captain Kidd they chained his body to a stake on the Thames River as a warning to seafarers? From the strange to the gruesome, from the weird to the completely unbelievable, The Executioner Always Chops Twice is popular history at its best: witty, lively, and wonderfully bizarre.
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The Faithful Executioner

The Faithful Executioner

A steady and reliable executioner played the pivotal role in achieving this
delicate balance through his ritualized and ... to him and perhaps requested
delays in the execution date until Vogel regained the stamina required for the
final hour.

Author: Joel F. Harrington

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9780809049936

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Based on the rare and until now overlooked journal of a Renaissance-era executioner, the noted historian Joel F. Harrington's The Faithful Executioner takes us deep inside the alien world and thinking of Meister Frantz Schmidt of Nuremberg, who, during forty-five years as a professional executioner, personally put to death 394 individuals and tortured, flogged, or disfigured many hundreds more. But the picture that emerges of Schmidt from his personal papers is not that of a monster. Could a man who routinely practiced such cruelty also be insightful, compassionate—even progressive? In The Faithful Executioner, Harrington vividly re-creates a life filled with stark contrasts, from the young apprentice's rigorous training under his executioner father to the adult Meister Frantz's juggling of familial duties with his work in the torture chamber and at the scaffold. With him we encounter brutal highwaymen, charming swindlers, and tragic unwed mothers accused of infanticide, as well as patrician senators, godly chaplains, and corrupt prison guards. Harrington teases out the hidden meanings and drama of Schmidt's journal, uncovering a touching tale of inherited shame and attempted redemption for the social pariah and his children. The Faithful Executioner offers not just the compelling firsthand perspective of a professional torturer and killer, but testimony of one man's lifelong struggle to reconcile his bloody craft with his deep religious faith. The biography of an ordinary man struggling for his soul, this groundbreaking book also offers an unparalleled panoramic view of Europe on the cusp of modernity, a society riven by violent conflict at all levels and encumbered by paranoia, superstition, and abuses of power. Thanks to an extraordinary historical source and its gifted interpreter, we recognize far more of ourselves than we might have expected in this intimate portrait of a professional killer from a faraway world.
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... The Confession of an Executioner Former warden at various correctional
facilities throughout the South “Vengeance is ... so wrong that a normal 18–year–
old kid spends the last seven years of his life awaiting a date with the executioner

Author: Robert M. Bohm

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781437755404

Category: Political Science

Page: 475

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The first true textbook on the death penalty, this text provides an exhaustive introduction, starting with its history and taking the reader through the facts, issues, opinions and controversies surrounding capital punishment. The author’s motivation has been to understand what motivates the "deathquest" of the American people, leading a large percentage of the public to support the death penalty. The book will educate readers so that whatever their death penalty opinions are, they are informed ones. Discussion questions accompany each chapter. Appendix contains ABA guidelines for appointment and performance of defense counsel in death penalty cases.
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Judge Jury and Executioner

Judge  Jury  and Executioner

2 The government's consistent failure to investigate or punish RAB members who
commit unlawful killings or torture is another sign of consent. To date, not a single
RAB member is known to have been criminally convicted for having tortured or ...


Publisher: Human Rights Watch


Category: Extrajudicial executions

Page: 79

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The Date Book for Lincoln and Neighbourhood from the Earliest Time to the Present

The Date Book for Lincoln and Neighbourhood  from the Earliest Time to the Present

She was put on a hurdle , and drawn on a sledge to the place of execution , near
the gallows . After spending some time in prayer the executioner placed her on
the tar barrel , about three feet high . A rope , which ran in a pulley through the ...



ISBN: BL:A0021719976

Category: Lincoln (England)

Page: 425

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Crime Buff s Guide to Outlaw Pennsylvania

Crime Buff s Guide to Outlaw Pennsylvania

After a bloody shoot-out in Cleveland, Jaworski was captured again, this time
keeping his date with the executioner on January 21, 1929. Only $38,000 of the
stolen money was ever recovered. The rest remains missing to this day.

Author: Ron Franscell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493004454

Category: History

Page: 240

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DIVThe Crime Buff's Guide to Outlaw Pennsylvania is the ultimate guidebook to the crime, injustice, and seedy history of the Keystone State. With photographs, maps, directions, and sites to visit, this collection of outlaw tales serves as both a travel guide and an entertaining and informational read. It is a one-of-a-kind exploration into well-known and more obsure sites in Pennsylvania that retain memories of bandits and their scandalous deeds./divDIV /divDIVThe Crime Buff series offers indispensable guidebooks for criminal-history enthusiasts and travelers. Each site description includes a brief summary of the spot’s significance, historical context, maps, directions, and photos. Appealing to both residents and visitors, the books reveal the exploits of famous and less famous outlaws in an irresistable and informational manner. Readers will be shocked, unsettled, and captivated by the true stories and secrets illuminated in the Outlaw collection. /div
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Alone But Never Lonely

Alone  But Never Lonely

... last supper before my date with the executioner at Charles de Gaulle airport
the next day. I would board an American Airlines jet bound for New York JFK
where the circle would be complete. I tried to convince myself that it did not
necessarily ...

Author: Suzanne Anthony

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595512447

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Motionless, Suzanne gazed across the river at exploding images of destruction and despair as the city she called home had just been shattered. Staring at the billows of smoke that now engulfed downtown, she realized that the world had changed forever. This was not a scene from some far away war torn place. This was New York City. Her country's freedom now under attack, Suzanne finds herself without a job and without a purpose. Finding a severance notice in her inbox, she leaves behind her comfortable executive lifestyle and journeys alone beyond her comfort zone to liberate her spirit and claim personal freedom. Traveling with a sense of adventure in her heart and only what possessions she can carry in a backpack, she finds her way to the far corners of the world where few have ventured. Suzanne takes us on a rich, personal odyssey, returning home one year later to Ground Zero where it all began. As she returns to her beloved city, she is filled with renewed purpose, a broader perspective of the world, and a greater understanding of herself and humanity.
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The Day the Music Died

The Day the Music Died

Gray received the death penalty and is currently on Virginia's death row, awaiting
his date with the executioner. Bryan Harvey was forty—nine years old on the day
the music died. His wife Kathryn was thirty—nine years old, Stella Harvey was ...

Author: Les MacDonald

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469113562

Category: Music

Page: 404

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Behind the roaring crowds and the billion-dollar record deals are tales of solitude, anger, and depression. Readers are about to unearth these stories as author Les MacDonald brings nostalgia to every bookshelf with The Day the Music Died, his newly released book published through Xlibris. The Day the Music Died is a well-researched documentation of the different true stories of the persons whose names are forever etched in the history of music. Throughout, readers will get an intimate look into the deaths of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Elvis Presley, Brian Jones, Bob Marley, John Lennon, George Harrison, Tupac Shakur, Nirvanas Kurt Cobain, Selena, Michael Jackson, and many more. As each of these artists permanently faded from the limelight, a new testimonial will be created to prove that their music lives on. While some of our favorites may have lost their way at some point during their lifetimes, we must remember that there is one thing that the passage of time cannot erase . . . and that, my friends, is the music! shares the author.
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Inside the Mind of BTK

Inside the Mind of BTK

Because the murders he committed all occurred before Kansas reinstituted the
death penalty in 1994, Rader managed to avoid a date with the executioner's
needle. Many people—myself included—believed this to be a tragedy. If any
killer ...

Author: John Douglas

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470437685

Category: True Crime

Page: 368

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A dramatic and compelling true-crime psychological thriller This incredible story shows how John Douglas tracked and participated in the hunt for one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history. For 31 years a man who called himself BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) terrorized the city of Wichita, Kansas, sexually assaulting and strangling a series of women, taunting the police with frequent communications, and bragging about his crimes to local newspapers and TV stations. After disappearing for nine years, he suddenly reappeared, complaining that no one was paying enough attention to him and claiming that he had committed other crimes for which he had not been given credit. When he was ultimately captured, BTK was shockingly revealed to be Dennis Rader, a 61-year-old married man with two children.
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Who Will Write Our History

Who Will Write Our History

Now Polish Jewry did not have the comfort of Kiddush Hashem, of dying to
sanctify God's name. Like a convict on an American death row, they were waiting
for their date with the executioner. In her diary Auerbach betrayed her uncertainty
and ...

Author: Samuel D. Kassow

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307793751

Category: History

Page: 576

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In 1940, in the Jewish ghetto of Nazi-occupied Warsaw, the Polish historian Emanuel Ringelblum established a clandestine scholarly organization called the Oyneg Shabes to record the experiences of the ghetto's inhabitants. For three years, members of the Oyneb Shabes worked in secret to chronicle the lives of hundereds of thousands as they suffered starvation, disease, and deportation by the Nazis. Shortly before the Warsaw ghetto was emptied and razed in 1943, the Oyneg Shabes buried thousands of documents from this massive archive in milk cans and tin boxes, ensuring that the voice and culture of a doomed people would outlast the efforts of their enemies to silence them. Impeccably researched and thoroughly compelling, Samuel D. Kassow's Who Will Write Our History? tells the tragic story of Ringelblum and his heroic determination to use historical scholarship to preserve the memory of a threatened people.
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Bold Brash and Brave

Bold  Brash and Brave

Otherwise, it's a date with the executioner.' 'What? I've done nothing wrong.' 'I
know that; in fact you've have killed more of the enemy than me. It's just that our
superiors are only educated in warfare, well, some of them that is, but
unfortunately ...

Author: Alan Tansley

Publisher: Rowanvale Books

ISBN: 9781909902572

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Alan Tansley’s Bold, Brash and Brave follows the progress of three brothers over the twentieth century, with their personalities explored throughout the text. Beginning in the summer of 1912, the book tells the story of the brothers’ experiences in the armed forces. From their familiar comfort of the farm, the brothers navigate their way through the trauma and danger of the war. With extensive reference to farming and mining from a true Yorkshire-man, Bold, Brash and Brave explores the brothers’ development; the text also carries a strong theme of history and genealogy throughout, and the importance of family.
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The 80 Solution

The 80  Solution

Many spent much of that time on death row, wrongfully convicted and hoping a
date with the executioner would never come. Fortunately, DNA evidence and the
Innocence Project of Texas came along in time to save the men.36 On April 7, ...

Author: Donald R. Barbare

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469195391

Category: Reference

Page: 386

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You Were Made to Make a Difference

You Were Made to Make a Difference

“My cell was the last stop for prisoners sentenced to die,” he said. “At times there
were as many as three other prisoners in the tiny, damp room, awaiting their date
with the executioner.” Yonghai survived through prayer, meditation, and writing.

Author: Max Lucado

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781400317240

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 208

View: 520

Want to change the world? Did you know You Were Made to Make a Difference? This adaptation of Outlive Your Life for teens offers practical tips youth can take out into their community to make a difference, plus real-life stories about those who have done just that. Teens learn that God can use them to make a difference right now. He wants to use them today, without waiting for them to be older, stronger, richer, or even more “together.” God can use their minds, their spirits, and their hands and feet to make permanent change for His kingdom. Also included are valuable resources, interesting facts about the needy in the world and how little it takes to make a big difference, and other interactive elements such as journaling opportunities for writing personal ideas and service goals. Teens will learn that their role in life is bigger than themselves, and that they’re not too young to make a difference for God. Meets national education standards.
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Highlander Unbound

Highlander Unbound

nand around Loch Chon, they would talk for many years of how the fair Lady of
Lockhart laughed like a madwoman when her husband hanged her lover—on
the very eve of her date with the executioner's ax. It was an ill wind that drifted ...

Author: Julia London

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743488686

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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USA TODAY bestselling author Julia London begins her acclaimed Lockhart series in this stunning novel of a love that knows no bounds. On leave from his Highland regiment, Captain Liam Lockhart comes to London on an urgent mission: to repossess the stolen family heirloom that could save his ancestral estate. He never dreamed it would involve surrendering his heart, but the beautiful and scandalous socialite Ellen Farnsworth sets his Highland blood aflame with a will as strong and reckless as his own. Though bound to Liam by a soul-searing passion, duty impels Ellen to commit a terrible betrayal. Now, driven by passion, pride, and vengeance, this fearsome Highlander will reclaim not only his family's ancient treasure, but the one daring woman he was meant to love for all time.
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