Judaica Minora: Biblische Traditionen im rabbinischen Judentum

Author: Günter Stemberger

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161504037

Category: History

Page: 560

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English summary: This collection of essays focuses on the rabbinic understanding of the Torah as well as issues concerning the canon and hermeneutics. It contains articles on the rabbinic interpretation of biblical texts, including the Books of the Maccabees and the Book of Judith as well as studies of the portrayal of biblical themes in the synagogues. Several texts deal with the currents in Palestinian Judaism at the end of the period of the Second Temple, the question of a possible unity in mainstream Judaism and the origins of Christianity. Three of the essays describe the rabbinic concept of the priesthood and of the heavenly liturgy after the destruction of the Second Temple. The last part deals with the similarities and the differences in the Jewish and the Christian interpretation of the Bible, the polemics resulting from the rivalry surrounding the Bible text as well as the question of what Jewish and New Testament scholars can learn from one another. German description: Die Aufsatze dieses Bandes entstanden in den letzten zwanzig Jahren. Im Mittelpunkt steht das rabbinische Verstandnis der Tora und ihre Stellung im judischen Leben, die Frage nach dem Kanon und der rabbinischen Hermeneutik. Konkretisiert wird die Thematik in Aufsatzen zur rabbinischen Auslegung einzelner biblischer Texte oder Bucher einschliesslich der Makkabaerbucher und des Buches Judit, aber auch in Studien zur Darstellung biblischer Themen in den Synagogen der Zeit. Mehrere Aufsatze befassen sich mit den Stromungen im palastinischen Judentum der Spatzeit des Zweiten Tempels, der Frage nach einer moglichen Einheit in einem Mainstream Judaism und der Entstehung des Christentums aus diesem gemeinsamen Boden. Wieweit die Zeit des Zweiten Tempels im rabbinischen Judentum nachwirkt, wird in verschiedenen Aufsatzen angesprochen. Drei Aufsatze befassen sich mit den Vorstellungen vom Priestertum und von der himmlischen Liturgie in der Zeit nach dem Untergang des Tempels. Die letzte Gruppe von Aufsatzen ist dem Gemeinsamen und den Unterschieden in judischer und christlicher Auslegung der Bibel gewidmet, auch der Polemik, die sich aus der Rivalitat um den gemeinsamen Text ergibt. Was Judaistik und neutestamentliche Forschung voneinander lernen konnen, ist Thema des abschliessenden Aufsatzes.Alle Beitrage wurden soweit moglich formal vereinheitlicht, Uberschneidungen getilgt, im Einzelfall auch zwei ursprunglich selbstandige Aufsatze ineinander verschmolzen. Ursprunglich auf Franzosisch oder Italienisch erschienene Aufsatze wurden ubersetzt und alle Arbeiten zumindest in einem gewissen Umfang auf den heutigen Stand gebracht.

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Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3476042812


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Jouer Selon Les Regles Du Jeu - Playing by the Rules of the Game - Spielen Nach Den Spielregeln

Author: Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn,Roland Marti

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825811344

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 312

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Games form an integral part of life and the rules that determine how they are to be played provide us with rich insights into the specific nature of cultures. Comprising theoretical, philosophical, and legal discussions, the contexts of game playing are comprehensively examined in essays which range widely through time and space. In focussing on the topic of game playing this volume of essays - which stems from a Transcultura symposium on the transcultural key-concept of "the rules of the game" - engages in a fresh way with the field of sports as a unique and yet shared cultural phenomenon.

Im Schatten der Eule / In the Shadow of the Owl

Die Universitätsbibliothek der Technischen Universität Wien / The TU Wien University Library

Author: Eva Ramminger

Publisher: Böhlau Verlag Wien

ISBN: 3205201159

Category: History

Page: 113

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A library was planned for the Polytechnic Institute from the very start, although the scale of the initial facility was quite small. Over the course of two hundred years, the University Library of the TU Wien has grown into Austria’s largest science and technology library. Today, the facility contributes to ensuring that the scientists and students of this modern research university are optimally supplied with literature for research and teaching, as well as being open to the general public. This volume attempts to present different aspects of the work and future challenges faced by this modern scientific library, as well as highlighting the diverse paths that libraries in general, and the TU Wien Library in particular, have followed over the past decades.

The Interpretation of the Bible

The International Symposium in Slovenia

Author: Joze Krasovec

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0567345637

Category: Religion

Page: 1909

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This unique volume, nearly 2000 pages in length and handsomely printed on Bible paper, is perhaps the most comprehensive scholarly work of our time on the translation and interpretation of the Bible. At its core are papers presented to an international symposium in Ljubljana in September 1996 to mark the publication of the new Slovenian version of the Bible, a landmark in Slovene identity and cultural life. In addition, its distinguished editor, Joze Krasovec, has commissioned a wide range of contributions devoted to translations of the Bible in many languages, including the Slavonic languages, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and the Scandinavian languages. The 82 chapters in this work, mostly in English, are divided into three parts. Part I, on ancient translations and hermeneutics of the Bible, contains contributions by M.-E. Boismard, S.P. Brock, K.J. Cathcart, R.P. Gordon, L.J. Grech, M. Hengel, O. Keel, J. Lust, E. Tov and others, with a notable comprehensive bibliographic survey of oriental Bible translations from the first millennium by M. van Esbroeck. Part II, on Slavonic and other translations of the Bible, includes the first detailed study of the history of the Slavonic Bible, by Francis J. Thomson (over 300 pp.). Part III, with essays by such scholars as J.H. Charlesworth, D.J.A. Clines, J. Gnilka, M. G÷rg, N. Lohfink and A.C. Thiselton, concerns the interpretation of the Bible in translation, philosophy, theology, art and music. In an appendix, a complete list of printed Bibles in languages throughout the world is presented for the first time.

Nietzsche as Affirmative Thinker

Papers Presented at the Fifth Jerusalem Philosophical Encounter, April 1983

Author: Y. Yovel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400943601

Category: Philosophy

Page: 233

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The full century that has elapsed since Nietzsche was at the height of his work did not obliterate his impact. In many ways he is still a contemporary philosopher, even in that sense of 'contemporary' which points to the future. We may have outgrown his style (always, however, admirable and exciting to read), his sense of drama, his creative exaggeration, his sometimes flamboy ant posture of a rebel wavering between the heroic and the puerile. Yet Nietzsche's critique of transcendental values and, especially, his attack on the inherited conceptions of rationality remain pertinent and continue to pro voke anew cultural critique or dissent. Today Nietzsche is no longer discussed apologetically, nor is his radicalism shunned or suppressed. That his work remains the object of extremely diverse readings is befitting a philosopher who replaced the concept of truth with that of interpretation. It is, indeed, around the concept of interpretation that much of the rem:wed interest in Nietzsche seems to center today. Special emphasis is being laid on his manner of doing philosophy, and his views on interpretation and the genealogical method are often re-read in the context of contemporary hermeneutics and "deconstructionist" positions.