Darkest Hour Before Dawn

Author: Charlie Cochet

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC

ISBN: 9781635336085


Page: 224

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THIRDS team leader Sebastian Hobbs and Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn drift together only to be torn apart, time and again. But they could lose what matters most for good this time.

Dawn and the Darkest Hour

A Study of Aldous Huxley

Author: George Woodcock

Publisher: Black Rose Books Ltd.

ISBN: 9781551642840

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 247

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The author of four truly important novels--The Recognitions in 1955, J R in 1975, Carpenter's Gothic in 1985, and A Frolic of His Own in 1995--William Gaddis is considered by many literary scholars to be one of the most outstanding novelists of the twentieth century, to be spoken of in the same breath as James Joyce, Robert Musil, and Thomas Pynchon. Hints and Guesses: William Gaddis's Fiction of Longing is the first scholarly work to discuss all four Gaddis novels. While not dismissing the inclination of many scholars to view Gaddis's fiction as postmodern, Christopher Knight moves critical response in another direction, toward a discussion of Gaddis's significance as a satirist and social critic. Knight investigates Gaddis's predominant thematic interests, including those of contemporary aesthetics, Flemish painting, forgery, corporate America, Third World politics, and the U.S. legal system. What Knight finds is an author not only acutely sensitive to post-war social realities but also one whose critique carries with it an implied utopian dimension.

Nine Books

Author: May Agnes Fleming

Publisher: B&R Samizdat Express

ISBN: 1455429708

Category: Fiction

Page: 962

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This collection includes 9 books: The Actress' Daugher, The Baronet's Bride, Kate Danton, The Midnight Queen, Norine's Revenge, Sharing Her Crime, Sir Noel's Heir, A Terrible Secret, and The Unseen Bridegroom. According to Wikipedia: "May Agnes Fleming (November 15, 1840 - March 24, 1880) was a Canadian novelist. She was "one of the first Canadians to pursue a highly successful career as a writer of popular fiction." She was born May Early in Carleton, West Saint John, New Brunswick. She married an engineer, John W. Fleming in 1865. She moved to New York two years after her first novel, Erminie; or The gypsy's vow: a tale of love and vengeance was published there (1863). Under the pseudonym Cousin May Carleton, she published several serial tales in the New York Mercury and the New York Weekly. 21 were printed in book form, 7 posthumously. She also wrote under the pseudonym, M.A. Earlie. The exact count is unclear, since her works were often retitled, but is estimated at around 40, although some were not actually written by her, but were attributed to her by publishers cashing in on her popularity. At her peak, she was earning over $10,000 yearly, due to publishers granting her exclusive rights to her work."

The Triple Witching Hour

The Third Book of Astrological Essays

Author: David R. Roell

Publisher: Astrology Classics

ISBN: 1933303476

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 216

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The title of this book, The Triple Witching Hour, is a Wall Street term for the end of the financial quarter. It has nothing to do with broomsticks and is unknown outside of the Street. In his third book of essays, Roell starts, appropriately enough, with an analysis of Occupy Wall Street, a short-lived protest movement which was brutally suppressed. This book will tell you why OWS failed and why astrology is essential for planning protest movements, or, for that matter, weddings and children, though you won't find them in this book. Roell then takes off the gloves. In an extraordinary bare-knuckle essay, Astrology Under Our Feet, Roell proves astrology does not fall from an empty sky, but is generated by the earth itself. We are soaked in astrology, from birth to death. Why the hostility from science? Roell finds the origins of modern science in the French Renaissance, which produced an Enlightenment that was a consensus dictat. It was based on a simplistic "science" vs: "superstition," which was formed at the very outset. In reality the Enlightenment was a clash between rich city vs: poor rural, bookish vs: hand-me-down. The Enlightenment amounts to city folk who do not know where milk comes from. Roell declares science to be a series of consensus-based fads. Over the long run, he says, as much quirky as correct. Proof? Roell says to read old science journals. Roell then sketches a new world with astrology, most particularly a new medicine, based on solid astrological analysis, rather than scientific guesswork. Roell declares astrology, like engineering but unlike science, to be based upon fundamental realities and is therefore permanent and unchanging. Along the way in this book, he adds lots of celebrity and political riff-raff for your amusement, a masterful tour de force of astrology at work. Enjoy!

The Hour Before Dawn

Poems of Love and Losing

Author: Abdallah Abu-Sheikh

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781978432468


Page: 106

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Abdullah Abu-Sheikh is a 22-year-old award-winning Jordanian entrepreneur. Upon graduating from Dalhousie University in Canada, Abu-Sheikh immersed himself in the business world and became one of the youngest successful leaders in his field. In his inaugural book, "The Hour Before Dawn", Abu-Sheikh distances himself from the overwhelming hustle of the business world and unleashes a talent in English lyrical poetry. He offers himself and his readers space to process and to reflect on the inescapable journey of love and loss.


Author: V. C. Andrews

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780671028015

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 151

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"Star hides her pain, like the other girls in the therapy group that's supposed to help them. ... Today ... Star will tell her story to Doctor Marlowe and the others, and she will finally face the dark nightmares of her past"--P. [4] of cover.