Dam Survival Guide

Digital Asset Management Initiative Planning

Author: David Diamond

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781478287667

Category: Broadcast data systems

Page: 184

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What Digital Asset Management Industry Pros say about DAM Survival Guide: "If you are investing in DAM books to learn more about the subject, I can recommend this one." - Naresh Sarwan, Senior Editor, DigitalAssetManagementNews.org "After you've read DAM Survival Guide, when you negotiate with a DAM vendor or try to evaluate the value of a system for your business, you won't have many blanks left for a vendor to fill in with marketing babble. It therefore is a book I warmly recommend." - Erik Vlietinck, Principle, IT Enquirer "From newbies to experienced digital asset managers, DAM Survival Guide provides enough information that you can access what you need when you need it." - Marisa Peacock, Journalist, CMS Wire "Digital Asset Management Vendors, Integrators, Analyst and Consultants be warned the DAM Survival Guide is packed full of insights, strategies and common sense guides for making DAM work for the end user. David Diamond, a seasoned DAM professional, shares his knowledge using wit, analogy, metaphor that cleaves the real meat on the bones of complexity that is Digital Asset Management. David nails it on every level: technology, human and insights. I would not hesitate in recommending DAM Survival Guide to anyone on or starting their DAM Journey." - Mark Davey, Founder, DAM Foundation _______________ ABOUT THE BOOK DAM Survival Guide is a digital asset management book that explains everything you need to know to design, plan, deploy, promote and maintain a successful DAM initiative at your organization. Written by a recognized DAM industry export in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, DAM Survival Guide is a must-have resource for those new to DAM, and it's great for those looking to increase their DAM knowledge too. DAM Survival Guide is everything you need to know about DAM in one book. Starting with an overview of what digital asset management is and isn't (including a section on why you might not need DAM at all), the book goes on to offer a detailed discussion of everything that's important for you to know before you get too far with your DAM planning: Learn the benefits of wrapping DAM into a corporate initiate you can better manage Know how to find and recruit others at your organization who can become great allies See how you can benefit from reliable professional help (cheap or even free!), so you can avoiding expensive time-wasters Fully understand the needs of your organization, so that you can exceed expectations Start thinking about DAM software at the right time, so you can avoid costly purchase mistakes Discover tricks to determine which DAM vendors are most favored by customers, most progressive, and most likely to stay in business Explore elements of human psychology that can help you overcome change-resistance and increase buy-in Including approximately 56,000 words, this book, first published in June, 2012, is packed with useful information the author, David Diamond, has acquired during his 12+ years as a professional in the Digital Asset Management industry. Note: The Digital Asset Management Survival Guide mentions no DAM software solutions or vendors by name. The book's contents are unbiased and applicable no matter which DAM solution you determine to be right for you."