Culture Tradition and Society in the West African Novel

Culture  Tradition and Society in the West African Novel

am using the word in the second sense , but when I speak about the " traditional
culture ” or “ traditional beliefs and practices ” , the first sense of the word is
uppermost . “ Oral tradition ” therefore implies a situation in which cultural
transmission ...

Author: Emmanuel Obiechina

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Culture Kastom Tradition

Culture  Kastom  Tradition

CULTURE Culture is a confusing word . Its meanings are slippery , and people
use the term in many different ways to talk about a variety of things . Confusion is
doubled by the presence of other , related words — such as custom and tradition

Author: Lamont Lindstrom

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ISBN: 9820201020

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Tradition Culture and Development in Africa

Tradition  Culture and Development in Africa

It is generally agreed that the changes have meant a rapid erosion of the
traditional culture and values that delineate the status of women and gender
relations in Africa . What is however , debatable is the effect of the rapid erosion
of culture ...

Author: Ambe J. Njoh

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754648842

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By linking culture and tradition with socio-economic development, this book breaks new ground in the discourse on development. It highlights the differences between Euro-centric and African culture, where concepts such as capital accumulation, entrepreneurial attitudes and material wealth are not top priority. In doing so, it dispels popular myths, stereotypes and distortions, as well as discounting misleading accounts about major aspects of African culture and traditional practices.
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Culture Tradition

Culture   Tradition

Our range of topics includes the traditional arts , music , foodways , architecture ,
legend , belief , cultural psychology and ... Papers , subscription requests or
general correspondence may be forwarded to either Culture & Tradition , P.O.
Box ...



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Culture and Customs of Colombia

Culture and Customs of Colombia

... but including Popayán to the south and Chocó to the north , has developed a
tradition of cultural heterogeneity . Since the colonial period , Popayán has been
a bastion of conventional and elitist literary culture , similar to Bogotá and well ...

Author: Raymond L. Williams

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UOM:39015047492718

Category: Social Science

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Discusses Columbian traditions, culture, religion, media, literature, and art.
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Dramatic Identities and Cultural Tradition

Dramatic Identities and Cultural Tradition

Europe retained a strong common culture well into the seventeenth century .
Chaucer was widely read in at least three European literatures , but he shows
little awareness of cultural distinctions , and he is probably right enough , in terms
of his ...

Author: G. K. Hunter

Publisher: New York : Barnes & Noble Books

ISBN: UOM:39015003894725

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Place Culture and Community

Place  Culture and Community

Oral Tradition Scholars have interpreted the concept of tradition in various ways .
Bruno Nett ) ( 1982 ) defines it as a part of culture that is both stable and yet
subject to change . Because a tradition , by definition , has endured in the culture

Author: Johanne Devlin Trew

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

ISBN: NWU:35556040467490

Category: History

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The Ottawa Valley is a region of Canada straddling the Ottawa River in Ontario and Québec that is well known for its rich singing, storytelling, fiddling and step dancing traditions. The author reveals the importance of place and history in the transmission of this vibrant regional culture down to the present day.
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Trash Culture

Trash Culture

Trash Culture concludes that the great books are alive and well, but simply hidden from the critics.

Author: Richard Keller Simon

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520924428

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 199

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Seinfeld as a contemporary adaptation of Etherege's Restoration comedy of manners The Man of Mode? Friends as a reworking of Shakespeare's romantic comedy Much Ado About Nothing? Star Wars as an adaptation of Spenser's epic poem, The Faerie Queene? The popular culture that surrounds us in our daily lives bears a striking similarity to some of the great works of literature of the past. In television, movies, magazines, and advertisements we are exposed to many of the same stories as those critics who study the great books of Western literature, but we have simply been encouraged to look at those stories differently. In Trash Culture, Richard K. Simon examines the ways in which the great literature and cultural work of the past has been rewritten for today's consumer society, with supermarket tabloids such as The National Enquirer and celebrity gossip magazines like People serving as contemporary versions of the great dramatic tragedies of the past. Today's advertising repeats the tale of the Golden Age, but inverts the value system of a classic utopia; the shopping mall combines bits and pieces of the great garden styles of Western history, and now adds consumer goods; Playboy magazine revises Castiglione's Renaissance courtesy book, The Book of the Courtier; and Cosmopolitan magazine revises the women's coming-of-age novels of Jane Austen, Gustave Flaubert, and Edith Wharton. Trash Culture concludes that the great books are alive and well, but simply hidden from the critics. It argues for the linking of high and low for the study and appreciation of each form of literature, and the importance of teaching popular culture alongside books of the great tradition in order to understand the critical context in which the books appear.
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Forum for Anthropology and Culture

Forum for Anthropology and Culture

Moreover , the aqyn and epic traditions each in its own way ' doubles up with the
folkloric tradition : for instance , one can find ... Genres are reduplicated among
diverse traditions within the same culture – folklore , the professional oral
tradition ...



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Science Philosophy and Culture

Science  Philosophy  and Culture

14 This struggle constitutes the core of the dialectic of value - seeking at all levels
, individual , social and cultural , though culture being the tradition of value -
seeking enshrined in symbols has also the role of guiding men individually and ...

Author: Debi Prasad Chattopadhyaya


ISBN: UOM:39015041340285

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This Volume Is Being Published By The Project Of History Of Indian Science Philosophy And Culture. The Main Idea Underlying This Project Is To Study The Interconnection Between Philosophy, Science And Technology As Elements Of The Culture Of India. The Hallmark Of The Project Is Its Interdisciplinarity.
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The Sikh Tradition

The Sikh Tradition

This was the period when there grew up in the Punjab the famous Painted Grey
ware culture . This culture is regarded as the product of interaction of the new
Aryan culture with the old local cultures which were perhaps relics of the later ...

Author: Sardar Singh Bhatia

Publisher: Publication Bureau Pubjabi University

ISBN: UOM:39015043038853

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Articles previously published in Journal of religious studies.
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Studies in Pakistani Culture

Studies in Pakistani Culture

Culture has aristocratic associations about it ; it always tends to be conservative ,
having a great concomitant in tradition . It is a paradox that the lovers of tradition
forget that tradition itself is the creation of a creative need . I should emphasize ...

Author: M. Siddiq Kalim

Publisher: Vanguard Publications

ISBN: UOM:39015054152601

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The Humanist Tradition in Modern Indian Educational Thought

The Humanist Tradition in Modern Indian Educational Thought

In order to understand the nature of the Indian scene , its special difficulties and
complexities , it is necessary to take into account the long continuity of its cultural
tradition and note how many varied influences and streams of culture have gone

Author: Khwaja Ghulam Saiyidain


ISBN: STANFORD:36105031444354

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Learning and Culture

Learning and Culture

Thus , whether learning a cultural tradition is culture transmission or assimilation ,
is not a question of whether the tradition is drawn from a second culture , but is an
expression of the structural conditions affecting the relationships between ...

Author: American Ethnological Society


ISBN: 0295953055

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Faith in a Changing Culture

Faith in a Changing Culture

decay of cultures in terms of the concepts of theonomy , autonomy and
heteronomy is relevant here . So , too , is Reinold Niebuhr ' s treatment of the
subject . The act by which a tradition , whether religious or secular , seeks to
protect itself ...

Author: Allan Douglas Galloway

Publisher: London : Allen & Unwin

ISBN: STANFORD:36105041230074

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The History and Some Traditions of the Maasai

The History and Some Traditions of the Maasai

culture and tradition is a valuable asset of each commtmv f he preservation of r
ulture inlude that of language, dress and costumes, dances, proverbs, historical
sites, ...

Author: National Museum of Tanzania Village Museum


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Across Cultures

Across Cultures

(We want it, but we want to be free of it; we love part of the tradition but also hate
part of it.) Tradition is both past and future, both history and destiny: "So long as it
is vital, the cultural tradition of a people — its symbols, ideas, and ways of ...

Author: Sheena Gillespie

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: 020532956X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Designed to offer an appealing anthology where there is an increased general interest in connections between and among cultures, Across Cultures, Fifth Edition strives to promote understanding of diverse cultures. The book provides an extensive sampling of and advocates acceptance of a diversity of voices, while suggesting ways to probe the correspondences, interrelationships, and mutual benefits of that diversity. The selections cover an even greater variety of cultural facets than the table of contents indicates. For example, the readings in "Work," the subject of Chapter 4, lead students to consider related subjects such as affirmative action, immigration, cultural displacement, family narratives, and definitions of success. Throughout the text, readers are encouraged to draw connections between and among readings through "Correspondence" questions that accompany each selection, thus developing their critical thinking skills. For those interested in developing their critical thinking, reading and writing skills, while learning about cultural diversity.
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The Ancient Near Eastern Tradition

The Ancient Near Eastern Tradition

While the Assyrians were not merely slavish imitators and sometimes modified
the earlier traditions , the leading characteristic of their culture was its
fundamental continuity with previous Mesopotamian traditions and values .
Indeed , the ...

Author: Milton Covensky

Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015012949767

Category: Middle East

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Culture Performance and Communication in Iran

Culture  Performance and Communication in Iran

Iran first went through a phase where many Iranians felt that Western cultural
tradition was somehow more advanced or better than their own ( Gastil 1958 ,
Arasteh 1970 ) . Thus adoption of aspects of Western cultural tradition had been ...

Author: William O. Beeman


ISBN: STANFORD:36105038183807

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Tribal Language Culture

Tribal Language   Culture

Regional traditions " form not only literally the " central portion " of India's tradition
, but also the true melting pot of the local and the all - Indian tradition " (
Eschmann et al , 1978 : X !!! ) . Social Anthropologists began concentrating on the
study ...



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With special reference to Orissa.
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