Cryptocurrency Mining

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash Mining Technologies

Author: Alan T. Norman

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781977674906


Page: 36

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The Best Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency/Altcoin mining. I will be walking your thew all the necessary information you need to be aware of to start mining crypto currencies. We will be looking at the hardware required, how long it will take to get your Return over input. This book explains to you about cryptocurrency mining from its very basics. Initially, you will learn about all the different terminologies associated with the mining process. It includes the description of Blockchain, hardware wallet, signature, cryptography etc. You will also be explained about the types of mining on the basis of different parameters such as hardware and number of people involved in the mining process. You will be briefed about the hardware components required for a cryptocurrency mining setup. You'll be shown how to connect the components and a step by step implementation of the mining process will then be explained using Linux commands. That book fits for anyone who is interested to know what Cryptocurrency mining actually is.

Understand Blockchain Technology

Your quick guide to understand blockchain comcepts

Author: Vivek Singh

Publisher: Vivek Singh


Category: Education

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This book is probably the quickest guide to understand the blockchain technology and Bitcoin in simple and easy to understand language. This book is ideal for anyone who wants to understand blockchain technology. There are no pre-requisites. This book is designed in such a way that a person who does not know anything about this technology can also get a grasp of the blockchain technology. I have put efforts to make this book as short as possible so that people who do not have much time can take the benefits of the book. p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 10); line-height: 115%; text-align: left; }p.western { font-size: 12pt; }p.cjk { font-size: 12pt; }a:link { color: rgb(0, 0, 255); } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 10); line-height: 115%; text-align: left; }p.western { font-size: 12pt; }p.cjk { font-size: 12pt; }a:link { color: rgb(0, 0, 255); }

Bitcoin : The Ultimate Pocket Guide for Beginners in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency World

How to use Bitcoin and Digital Currencies to get rich

Author: Mark Edwards

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand

ISBN: 2322104477

Category: Self-Help

Page: 33

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Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency in history, and it became successful because of the many positive merits not found in traditional or fiat currency (this is your country's national currency). In recent months, interest in cryptocurrencies has surged as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in value. In this book, you'll find out about five advantages Bitcoin has over fiat currency and the best tips and techniques on how to become rich with the cryptocurrency niche.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Mining, And

Four Best Selling Books to Lay Your Foundation on Learning Crypto Assets, Digital Money and the New Technology

Author: Edward Harrod

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781986058018


Page: 186

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2018 is the year that Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin became mainstream. Most of the people who jump into it are thinking about it as a get rich quick, and some are into mining, trading and investing. There were so many books and guides that went out, some promises secrets to wealth. And there are those that believe in Blockchain Technology and its platform. Whatever your reason is, this is a great indication that we are moving forward with a better financial strategy and decentralization. A more secure economic and in a World where the money isn't being controlled by one Central source. This 4 in 1 bundle books is compiled to give you a chance to have that ultimate and complete reference about Cryptocurrencies: from Bitcoin to Top Altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Cardano, EOS, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Putincoin, Auroracoin, IOTA, Monero, ZCash...) Inside is also a discussion about ICO, one that is risky but made a lot of people to be millionaires. Oh no, these books are not just in advance, they are the beginner's bible edition so you can start being an investor and be an insider in mastering making money. So if you are serious and want to learn about the potential of crypto and how it could make your wallet fat, buy this bundled book and be an expert. NOW is the perfect time to start. **Buy the printed copy, and you get the kindle version for free

Blockchain Technology Explained


Author: Mark Atwood

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781984113818


Page: 66

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Are you READY to dive into the world of the blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies?! What is blockchain? How does blockchain actually work? How does blockchain technology affect our future and what can it be used for? The Kindle Edition is listed at $2.99 for a LIMITED time only! Purchase now and save 67% on your order! PAPERBACK DEAL - SAVE 72% NOW! Paperback REGULAR PRICE: $49.99 ONLY TODAY: $13.38 BONUS: Buy The Paperback Edition And Get FREE Access To The Kindle Edition Step up your game and take your blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge to the next level! The blockchain is an undeniably incredible invention - created by Satoshi Nakamoto. But since then, it has evolved into something greater, and the main question every single person is asking is: What is Blockchain? Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. Digital assets, like bitcoin and ethereum, allow users to transact directly without any third-party intermediary and was built to radically improve the financial system. There is a lot of speculation and misinformation about blockchain technology. While it is a rather technical subject, it can easily be understood if taught by the right person. In this simplified guide on blockchain, you'll learn how this new technology actually works. You'll be guided through every aspect of blockchain thoroughly to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning behind it. By the end of the book, you'll know everything you need to know about this topic and be ready use that information for future applications and investments. A preview of what you're getting out of ''Blockchain Technology Explained'' when downloading today: How The Blockchain Technology Works Benefits Of Blockchain Technology Challenges Of Blockchain Technology Why Blockchain Is Important Blockchain Wallet The Future Of Blockchain Blockchain Programming Blockchain Security Blockchain Mining MUCH, MUCH, MORE! In comparison to the majority of books on the same topic, this one is not filled with unrelated information and facts just to fill up the pages. Blockchain Technology Explained is a straightforward resource provided to give the readers the most value possible. Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button for instant access! Get Your Own Copy Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! Related: Blockchain Wallet, Blockchain Bitcoin, Blockchain 101, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple xrp, Litecoin, Cardano, NEM, NEO, Stellar, EOS, IOTA, Dash, Monero, TRON, ICON, Lisk, Qtum, RaiBlocks, VeChain, OmiseGo, Populous, Zcash, Tether, Verge, Stratis, Siacoin, Binance Coin, Bytecoin, Ardor, Steem, Status, Bitshares, Maker, Ox, Waves, Dogecoin, Veritaseum, Komodo, Cryptocurrency trading what is blockchain technology blockchain bitcoin cryptocurrencies cryptography blockchain application blockchain 101 blockchain technology, bitcoin trading, blockchain technology, blockchains, the blockchain, how blockchain work, what is blockchain, blockchain explained blockchain bitcoin explained mastering it for investing and bitcoin trading, trading bitcoins and what is is cryptocurrency bitcoin blockchain ethereum blockchain ibm, blockchain technology explained, blockchain wallet, blockchain books, blockchain explained, blockchained explained bitcoin ethereum books trading investing mining blockchain