Crocodile on the Sandbank

Crocodile on the Sandbank

Amelia Peabody is Elizabeth Peters' most brilliant and best-loved creation, a thoroughly Victorian feminist who takes the stuffy world of archaeology by storm with her shocking men's pants and no-nonsense attitude!

Author: Elizabeth Peters

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781780334462

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Amelia Peabody is Elizabeth Peters' most brilliant and best-loved creation, a thoroughly Victorian feminist who takes the stuffy world of archaeology by storm with her shocking men's pants and no-nonsense attitude! In this first adventure, our headstrong heroine decides to use her substantial inheritance to see the world. On her travels, she rescues a gentlewoman in distress - Evelyn Barton-Forbes - and the two become friends. The two companions continue to Egypt where they face mysteries, mummies and the redoubtable Radcliffe Emerson, an outspoken archaeologist, who doesn't need women to help him solve mysteries -- at least that's what he thinks! 'Think Miss Marple with early feminist gloss crossed with Indiana Jones... Dastardly deeds, whirlwind romances, curious mummies and all the fun and intrigue of Egyptian excavations, with a heroine who wields a sturdy parasol rather than a magnum. Accomplished entertainment.' Guardian
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Neo Victorianism and Sensation Fiction

Neo Victorianism and Sensation Fiction

Sandbank. (1975). Similar subtexts emerge from a reading of the more fully
developed archaeological tropes in Crocodile on the Sandbank, the first in
Peters's Amelia Peabody series. Set in 1884–1885, it is influenced by—and
parodies—not ...

Author: Jessica Cox

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030292904

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 251

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This book represents the first full-length study of the relationship between neo-Victorianism and nineteenth-century sensation fiction. It examines the diverse and multiple legacies of Victorian popular fiction by authors such as Wilkie Collins and Mary Elizabeth Braddon, tracing their influence on a range of genres and works, including detective fiction, YA writing, Gothic literature, and stage and screen adaptations. In doing so, it forces a reappraisal of critical understandings of neo-Victorianism in terms of its origins and meanings, as well as offering an important critical intervention in popular fiction studies. The work traces the afterlife of Victorian sensation fiction, taking in the neo-Gothic writing of Daphne du Maurier and Victoria Holt, contemporary popular historical detective and YA fiction by authors including Elizabeth Peters and Philip Pullman, and the literary fiction of writers such as Joanne Harris and Charles Palliser. The work will appeal to scholars and students of Victorian fiction, neo-Victorianism, and popular culture alike.
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Ramses Emerson

Ramses Emerson

Amelia Peabody announces her pregnancy at the end of Crocodile on the Sandbank and Ramses first appears in the second book of the series, The Curse of the Pharaohs.

Author: Jesse Russell

Publisher: Book on Demand Limited

ISBN: 5512441671


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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Walter Peabody Emerson, known universally as "Ramses," is a fictional character in the Amelia Peabody series of mystery novels set in Victorian Egypt and England, written by author Elizabeth Peters. He is the son of Egyptologists Amelia Peabody and her husband, Professor Radcliffe Emerson. Amelia Peabody announces her pregnancy at the end of Crocodile on the Sandbank and Ramses first appears in the second book of the series, The Curse of the Pharaohs.

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

... 127 ship building at, 185 Temple of Isis and Min, 127 corbel vault, 147,299 co-
regencies, 40–41 craft goods, production of, 95, 108–109 Crete, Minoan, 185
crocodile deity cults, 323, 324 Crocodile on the Sandbank (novel; Elizabeth
Peters) ...

Author: Kathryn A. Bard

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118896112

Category: Social Science

Page: 480

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This student-friendly introduction to the archaeology of ancient Egypt guides readers from the Paleolithic to the Greco-Roman periods, and has now been updated to include recent discoveries and new illustrations. • Superbly illustrated with photographs, maps, and site plans, with additional illustrations in this new edition • Organized into 11 chapters, covering: the history of Egyptology and Egyptian archaeology; prehistoric and pharaonic chronology and the ancient Egyptian language; geography, resources, and environment; and seven chapters organized chronologically and devoted to specific archaeological sites and evidence • Includes sections on salient topics such as the constructing the Great Pyramid at Giza and the process of mummification
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Books Out Loud

Books Out Loud



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Crime Writers

Crime Writers

... excellent solicitor. Other attempts ensued. I was visited by a stream of attentive
nieces and nephews assuring me of their devotion—which had been
demonstrated, over the past years, by their absence. —Crocodile on the
Sandbank, 1975 ...

Author: Elizabeth Haynes

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781591589143

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This invaluable resource provides information about and sources for researching 50 of the top crime genre writers, including websites and other online resources. * A timeline of major authors and events in the development of the crime fiction genre * Read-alike sections listing other authors whose works are similar in style or theme to those of ten major authors included in the book * Lists of major organizations and awards in the field of crime literature * A bibliography of online and print sources for biographical and critical information about crime genre authors
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I'd made it through the first hundred pages of Crocodile on the Sandbank the
night before. The story had kept me from thinking about Grandma Kay's
mysIcollapsed into the garden hammock, wishing I couldescape ofsweeping, tery
until my ...

Author: Kristin Wolden Nitz

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers

ISBN: 9781561457205

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 224

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Spending her summer helping Grandma Kay run the Schoenhaus, a Victorian bed and breakfast, seventeen-year-old Jen soon finds that her Grandma’s plans also include solving an old mystery: the disappearance of Jen’s mother. Jen’s mother Ellen disappeared without a trace when her daughter was still young. Even so, Jen received holiday gifts in the mail and letters signed by her mother for years. But then the communication abruptly stopped. Now Grandma Kay is convinced the letters were forged and that her daughter-in-law was murdered. The stage is set for an elaborate Mystery Weekend at the inn. Family members and friends—including Jen’s very recent ex-boyfriend, her old childhood crush and his insufferable girlfriend—assemble and are assigned roles to play. But as the drama unfolds, Jen makes an important off-stage discovery in the Schoenhaus library. Soon her worst suspicions are aroused: Could a member of her own close-knit family be responsible for her mother’s disappearance? Kristin Wolden Nitz has penned a story that artfully combines all the necessary elements of a great mystery, sweeping readers along Jen’s path to discovery.
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Excursions in the Holy Land Egypt Nubia Syria c

Excursions in the Holy Land  Egypt  Nubia  Syria   c

36 CROCODILES . extend along the banks for some distance , on the edge of a
cliff , in some places , forty . or fifty feet in ... In the morning , we saw a couple of
crocodiles on a sandbank , with their usual attendant , the pelican ; one soon ...

Author: John Madox


ISBN: OXFORD:302481345

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Excursions in the Holy land Egypt Nubia Syria etc

Excursions in the Holy land  Egypt  Nubia  Syria  etc

36 CROCODILES . extend along the banks for some distance , on the edge of a
cliff , in some places , forty or fifty feet in ... In the morning , we saw a couple of
crocodiles on a sandbank , with their usual attendant , the pelican ; one soon
glided ...

Author: John Madox


ISBN: OXFORD:600007474



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A Conventional Corpse

A Conventional Corpse

locked away in padded cells, and the keys fed to crocodiles on a sandbank. I ask
about their whereabouts, and I get long-winded theories about ghosts and
antiquated relatives in the attic. There's no attic. Another is convinced that
everything ...

Author: Joan Hess

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1429975407

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Farberville, Arkansas is playing host to its first ever mystery convention. Sponsored by the Thurber Farber Foundation and held at Farber College, Murder Comes to Campus is playing host to five major mystery writers representing all areas of the field. Dragooned into running the show when the original organizer is hospitalized, local bookseller Claire Malloy finds herself in the midst of a barely controlled disaster. Not only do each of the writers present their own set of idiosyncracies and difficulties (including one who arrives with her cat Wimple in tow), the feared, distrusted, and disliked mystery editor of Paradigm House, Roxanne Small, puts in a surprise appearance at the conference. Added to Claire's own love-life woes with local police detective Peter Rosen, things have never been worse. Then when one of the attendees dies in a suspicious car accident, Wimple the cat disappears from Claire's home, and Roxanne Small is nowhere to be found, it becomes evident that the murder mystery is more than a literary genre.
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Crocodile Fever

Crocodile Fever

far side of the sandbank Dempster spotted three crocodiles sunning themselves .
He made a mental note of their location . Joseph had been studying the
whirlpools in the river . He throttled down the outboard . He asked Dempster : “
Baas ...

Author: Lawrence Earl

Publisher: New York : Knopf, 1954 [c1953]

ISBN: UOM:39015063997764

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Page: 255

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Crocodile Trader

Crocodile Trader

Crocodile fever was in our blood , a worse bug than the lust for gold or diamonds
. Our fingers itched to tighten on our triggers . We edged towards a sandbank and
Jones pointed excitedly . ' Crocodile slides . That's the place for the snares .

Author: Rory Macaulay


ISBN: MSU:31293011055336

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A Hippo Love Story

A Hippo Love Story

I would also watch regularly, year after year, hippos grooming crocodiles. The
hippo would be on its way out of the water onto a sandbank where a crocodile
had already founda sunnyspotto warm up in. In winter, crocodileswillleave the
water ...

Author: Karen Paolillo

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

ISBN: 9780143531531

Category: Nature


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When the threads that hold human society together unravel, the animal kingdom suffers. Karen Paolillo discovered this first-hand in Zimbabwe when she developed a close connection with thirteen hippos in their natural habitat, the Turgwe River. Her mission to save these exceptional animals after they came under threat of drought, land invasions and poachers developed into a beautiful African love story. It is also the stirring tale of how one woman faced personal and financial adversities while ensuring the survival of a family of hippos, with Bob, a three-ton bull, as their leader. With the establishment of the Turgwe Hippo Trust, Karen has triumphed as guardian of the hippos, and the animals have prospered ever since. A Hippo Love Story shares this heroic journey of a nature lover who became an ally of one of Africa's most fearsome animal species.
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Discoveries of a Crocodile Man

Discoveries of a Crocodile Man

Then , turning slowly , surveying the river , he allowed the gentle current to swing
him around , and with powerful hind - limbs and webbed feet outstreched , acting
as stabilisers , he drifted back to the sandbank . I learned to relish the next ...

Author: Tony Pooley

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: UVA:X000687342

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Nyla and the White Crocodile

Nyla and the White Crocodile

He pointed down at the sandbank where the children had been playing not five
minutes ago . The sand bar was gone ! The vine - choked bank of the river rose
right out of the deep water . Every person in the village shook with fright . It was
as ...

Author: Norma R. Youngberg

Publisher: Shelter Publications

ISBN: 0816317240

Category: Missionary stories

Page: 128

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Beasts Beyond the Fire

Beasts Beyond the Fire

I never saw such an extraordinary show of crocodiles as were exposed on every
sandbank on the sides of the river . They lay like logs of timber close together ,
and upon one bank we counted twenty - seven , of large size ; every basking
place ...

Author: Michael Jenkinson

Publisher: Dutton Adult

ISBN: 0525061770

Category: Animals

Page: 273

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The Boy on the Ox s Back and Other African Legends

The Boy on the Ox s Back  and Other African Legends

Hunter and crocodile and jackal left the sandbank and moved deep into the bush
to where the crocodile had approached the hunter for help . “ Now , " said the
jackal , “ I am prepared to give my verdict . For guiding you home when you were

Author: Forbes Stuart

Publisher: Hamish Hamilton

ISBN: IND:39000005919365

Category: Folklore

Page: 135

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Citizens of the Wilderness

Citizens of the Wilderness

sandbank . The size of the tracks frightened him , and he ran back to report to the
Chief . Matoko decided to make sure ... The ground beneath the motshaba was
covered with fallen figs , a favourite of so many wild creatures – the crocodile ...

Author: Dennis Winchester-Gould


ISBN: UVA:X000863550

Category: Animal behavior

Page: 253

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Tigermen of Anai

Tigermen of Anai

The letter permitting me to hunt the crocodile , so long as my work did not suffer ,
reached me nine days later . By then we had done the job ... The fisherman had
told us that the reptile had not climbed right on to the sandbank . That is typical of

Author: Ton Schilling


ISBN: UOM:39015063642410

Category: Hunting

Page: 190

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Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters

As we approached the sandbank on which the croc had been lying , I could see
that his main river entrance was cut off by sandbanks and mud flats . The dinghy
was touching the bottom from our direction , so it meant that the croc could not ...

Author: Owen Mass

Publisher: Adelaide : Rigby

ISBN: PSU:000000908436

Category: Great Barrier Reef

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