Creative Coding in Python

Creative Coding in Python

30+ Programming Projects in Art, Games, and More Sheena Vaidyanathan. MORE THAN 30 CREATIVE PROJECTS PYTHON THAT TEACH YOU HOW TO CODE IN PYTHON Creative Coding in Python teaches the fundamentals of computer programming and demonstrates ...

Author: Sheena Vaidyanathan

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 9781631595820

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

View: 439

Creative Coding in Python presents over 30 creative projects that teach kids how to code in the easy and intuitive programming language, Python. Creative Coding in Python teaches the fundamentals of computer programming and demonstrates how to code 30+ fun, creative projects using Python, a free, intuitive, open-source programming language that's one of the top five most popular worldwide and one of the most popular Google search terms in the U.S. Computer science educator Sheena Vaidyanathan helps kids understand the fundamental ideas of computer programming and the process of computational thinking using illustrations, flowcharts, and pseudocode, then shows how to apply those essentials to code exciting projects in Python: Chatbots: Discover variables, strings, integers, and more to design conversational programs. Geometric art: Use turtle graphics to create original masterpieces. Interactive fiction: Explore booleans and conditionals to invent "create your own adventure" games. Dice games: Reuse code to devise games of chance. Arcade games and apps: Understand GUI (graphical user interfaces) and create your own arcade games and apps. What’s next? Look at exciting ways to use your powerful new skills and expand your knowledge of coding in Python. Creative Coding in Python gives kids the tools they need to create their own computer programs.
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Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook

Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook

This book is easy to follow for developers who use other creative coding frameworks and want to try Cinder. The reader is expected to have basic knowledge of C++ programming language. Convenfions In this book, you will find a number of ...

Author: Rui Madeira Dawid Gorny

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781849518710

Category: Computers

Page: 352

View: 820

Full of easy-to-follow recipes and images that will teach powerful techniques and algorithms, building from basic projects to challenging applications. This book is for artists, designers, and programmers who have previous knowledge of C++, but not necessarily of Cinder.
Categories: Computers

Mastering openFrameworks Creative Coding Demystified

Mastering openFrameworks  Creative Coding Demystified

You definitely can employ openFrameworks when: - You need to make a creative coding project, such as an interactive audio-visual installation or performance, which works with multimedia in a nontrivial and custom way.

Author: Denis Perevalov

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781849518055

Category: Computers

Page: 364

View: 799

This book gives clear and effective instructions, stuffed with practical examples, to build your own fun, stunning and highly-interactive openFrameworks applications. Each chapter is focused differently and has a new theme to it,This book targets visual artists, designers, programmers and those interested in creative coding by getting started with openFrameworks. This book will help you understand the capabilities of openFrameworks to help you create visually stunning and fully interactive applications. You should have a basic knowledge of object oriented programming, such as C++, Java, Python, ActionScript 3, etc.
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Beginning Platino Game Engine

Beginning Platino Game Engine

Creative. Coding. and. Processing. In Chapter 4, we went through the process for developing games with the Platino game engine. ... We first define the term and then move ahead with different frameworks for creative coding.

Author: Abhishek Nandy

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484224847

Category: Computers

Page: 152

View: 164

Learn how to build a game using Platino Studio. Follow step-by-step basics to create an app, and then add different functionalities and game logic. With Beginning Platino Game Engine you will be able to develop UWP apps using the Processing JS language. You also will be introduced to Temboo and extending the processing language to IoT. What You'll Learn: Develop using the Platino game engine Build UWP apps using the Processing JS language Extend the processing language to IoT with Temboo Who Is this Book for: Indie game developers, app developers interested in games, and students new to the Platino game engine and perhaps new to game development.
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Analyzing Qualitative Data with MAXQDA

Analyzing Qualitative Data with MAXQDA

Creative Coding: A Tool for the Visual Development of a Coding Frame “Creative Coding” is an innovative visual tool for building a structured category system. Open coding can lead to a large number of codes that are difficult to manage ...

Author: Udo Kuckartz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030156718

Category: Social Science

Page: 293

View: 153

This book presents strategies for analyzing qualitative and mixed methods data with MAXQDA software, and provides guidance on implementing a variety of research methods and approaches, e.g. grounded theory, discourse analysis and qualitative content analysis, using the software. In addition, it explains specific topics, such as transcription, building a coding frame, visualization, analysis of videos, concept maps, group comparisons and the creation of literature reviews. The book is intended for masters and PhD students as well as researchers and practitioners dealing with qualitative data in various disciplines, including the educational and social sciences, psychology, public health, business or economics.
Categories: Social Science

Live Coding

Live Coding

Schools in the 1980s were also investing in Apple IIs and BBC Micros , but creative coding was not the first priority in computer science education . Given the relatively limited resources , education in computing was task focused ...

Author: Alan F. Blackwell

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262372626

Category: Social Science

Page: 353

View: 203

The first comprehensive introduction to the origins, aspirations, and evolution of live coding. Performative, improvised, on the fly: live coding is about how people interact with the world and each other via code. In the last few decades, live coding has emerged as a dynamic creative practice gaining attention across cultural and technical fields—from music and the visual arts through to computer science. Live Coding: A User’s Manual is the first comprehensive introduction to the practice, and a broader cultural commentary on the potential for live coding to open up deeper questions about contemporary cultural production and computational culture. This multi-authored book—by artists and musicians, software designers, and researchers—provides a practice-focused account of the origins, aspirations, and evolution of live coding, including expositions from a wide range of live coding practitioners. In a more conceptual register, the authors consider liveness, temporality, and knowledge in relation to live coding, alongside speculating on the practice’s future forms.
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Post Digital Post Internet Art and Education

Post Digital  Post Internet Art and Education

The idea of digital compost, and the examples of humus, care, and waste aims to describe some straightforward ideas within the approach of creative coding as compost(ing). They are meant as a brief stories of compost(ing), inspired from ...

Author: Kevin Tavin

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030737702

Category: Education

Page: 308

View: 382

This open access edited volume provides theoretical, practical, and historical perspectives on art and education in a post-digital, post-internet era. Recently, these terms have been attached to artworks, artists, exhibitions, and educational practices that deal with the relationships between online and offline, digital and physical, and material and immaterial. By taking the current socio-technological conditions of the post-digital and the post-internet seriously, contributors challenge fixed narratives and field-specific ownership of these terms, as well as explore their potential and possible shortcomings when discussing art and education. Chapters also recognize historical forebears of digital art and education while critically assessing art, media, and other realms of engagement. This book encourages readers to explore what kind of educational futures might a post-digital, post-internet era engender.
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Teaching Computational Creativity

Teaching Computational Creativity

The intersection between large-scale online learning courses and subjects such as programming transformed the cultural imagination for MOOCs with The ... A transdisciplinary creative coding course fits well into this current situation.

Author: Michael Filimowicz

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108165853

Category: Psychology


View: 841

Teaching Computational Creativity examines the new interdisciplinary pedagogies of today's coding-intensive interactive media and design curricula. Students, researchers and faculty will find a comprehensive overview of educational practices pertaining to innovation fields such as digital media, 3D printing, agile development, physical computing, games, dance, collaboration, teacher education and online learning. This volume fills an important gap in the literature on creative computation, as practitioners are rarely challenged to reflect on or share their teaching practices. How do we design effective inter-, multi-, cross- and trans-disciplinary pedagogy and curricula? Brought together here are essays on the pedagogies that produce the so-called 'unicorns' - graduates who can code and create. Here, the intertwining of (what many consider mutually exclusive) artistic sensitivities and computational skills plays an essential role, calling forth a new kind of undergraduate curriculum attuned to the interweaving of skillsets and theoretic knowledge needed to create and innovate with ever-changing technologies.
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Doing Qualitative Research in a Digital World

Doing Qualitative Research in a Digital World

Figure 1 Memo Function Some people may find it easier to convey their ideas visually rather than in writing, and the creative coding feature of MAXQDA is designed exactly for this purpose (see Figure 2). Creative coding is a tool where ...

Author: Trena M. Paulus

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781544321578

Category: Social Science

Page: 376

View: 850

While some qualitative methods texts touch upon online communities as a potential data source, show how to conduct interviews and focus groups online, or select recording devices and analysis software, no book to date has guided readers in the creation of a comprehensive digital workflow for their research. By working through each chapter in this book, readers will be able to generate a unique digital workflow for designing and implementing their research. The book provides a deep exploration of the relationship between theories of technology, substantive theories, and methodological theory, and shows how together these inform the development of a quality research design. The authors include vignettes—narratives written by qualitative researchers describing cutting-edge use of digital tools and spaces—and also give examples of published studies, which together provide practical illustration of the content. Woven throughout is explicit attention to ethical challenges that are likely to be faced by researchers when adopting digital tools. The book invites readers to engage in a critical appraisal of the role of technology in qualitative research through reflection, conversation, and engagement with the larger community of researchers.
Categories: Social Science

Scratch 3 Programming Playground

Scratch 3 Programming Playground

... Official PYTHON FOR KIDS SCRATCH SCRATCH SE Coding Cards Coding Cards PYTHON FOR KIDS A Playful Introduction to Programming BY JASON R. BRIGGS 344Pp , $ 34.95 ISBN 978-1-59327-407-8 THE OFFICIAL SCRATCH CODING CARDS Creative Coding ...

Author: Al Sweigart

Publisher: No Starch Press

ISBN: 9781718500228

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 288

View: 809

A project-filled introduction to coding that shows kids how to build programs by making cool games. Scratch, the colorful drag-and-drop programming language, is used by millions of first-time learners worldwide. Scratch 3 features an updated interface, new programming blocks, and the ability to run on tablets and smartphones, so you can learn how to code on the go. In Scratch 3 Programming Playground, you'll learn to code by making cool games. Get ready to destroy asteroids, shoot hoops, and slice and dice fruit! Each game includes easy-to-follow instructions with full-color images, review questions, and creative coding challenges to make the game your own. Want to add more levels or a cheat code? No problem, just write some code. You'll learn to make games like: • Maze Runner: escape the maze! • Snaaaaaake: gobble apples and avoid your own tail • Asteroid Breaker: smash space rocks • Fruit Slicer: a Fruit Ninja clone • Brick Breaker: a remake of Breakout, the brick-breaking classic • Platformer: a game inspired by Super Mario Bros Learning how to program shouldn't be dry and dreary. With Scratch 3 Programming Playground, you'll make a game of it! Covers: Scratch 3
Categories: Young Adult Nonfiction