Hollywood Goes Latin

Hollywood Goes Latin

Contrabando Contra la corriente Contreras Torres, Miguel Conway, Jack Corazones de acero Corazones de plomo Corazones que esperan Corella, Rafael Cores, Carlos Corsaro, Franco Cortez, Ricardo Cosacos Cosas de la vida Covarrubias, ...

Author: María de las Carreras

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9782960029673

Category: Performing Arts

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In the 1920s, Los Angeles enjoyed a buoyant homegrown Spanish-language culture comprised of local and itinerant stock companies that produced zarzuelas, stage plays, and variety acts. After the introduction of sound films, Spanish-language cinema thrived in the city's downtown theatres, screening throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s in venues such as the Teatro Eléctrico, the California, the Roosevelt, the Mason, the Azteca, the Million Dollar, and the Mayan Theater, among others. With the emergence and growth of Mexican and Argentine sound cinema in the early to mid-1930s, downtown Los Angeles quickly became the undisputed capital of Latin American cinema culture in the United States. Meanwhile, the advent of talkies resulted in the Hollywood studios hiring local and international talent from Latin America and Spain for the production of films in Spanish. Parallel with these productions, a series of Spanish-language films were financed by independent producers. As a result, Los Angeles can be viewed as the most important hub in the United States for the production, distribution, and exhibition of films made in Spanish for Latin American audiences. In April 2017, the International Federation of Film Archives organized a symposium, "Hollywood Goes Latin: Spanish-Language Cinema in Los Angeles," which brought together scholars and film archivists from all of Latin America, Spain, and the United States to discuss the many issues surrounding the creation of Hollywood's "Cine Hispano." The papers presented in this two-day symposium are collected and revised here. This is a joint publication of FIAF and UCLA Film & Television Archive.
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Diccionario de la Administraci n de Filipinas

Diccionario de la Administraci  n de Filipinas

Corazones de acero para camColmillos de elefante . 274 bios de vía en ferrocariles , 25 Colodio . 92 Corbatas : Colofonia 6 de pieles , con o sin adorColores : 199 en polvo ó terrón y los de tela . ( Véase la partida preparados con agua ...

Author: Miguel Rodríguez Bérriz


ISBN: UOM:35112103735454

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Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest

Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest

Soy hijo de tus entrañas ; nacido del corazón ." Mother dear of my life ! Lift your spoken curse ! I am son from your womb ; I was ... Esto es para enternecer los corazones de acero . They gathered his brains In the crown of his hat .

Author: John Donald Robb

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 9780826344328

Category: Music

Page: 920

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First published in 1980 and now available only from the University of New Mexico Press, this classic compilation of New Mexico folk music is based on thirty-five years of field research by a giant of modern music. Composer John Donald Robb, a passionate aficionado of the traditions of his adopted state, traveled New Mexico recording and transcribing music from the time he arrived in the Southwest in 1941.
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Tercera Parte de la Tragicomedia de Celestina

Tercera Parte de la Tragicomedia de Celestina

... XVIII , 191-192 ) ; “ no parece sino piedra ymán , así atrae y mueve aún los corazones de acero ” ( Lisandro y Roselia , p . 2 ) . This same image occurs twice in the Segunda Celestina ; see note 718 , below . 180.

Author: Gaspar Gomez de Toledo

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512814163

Category: Literary Collections

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Carefully and judiciously edited by Barrick, the Tercera Celestina is a rare piece of Spanish prose fiction, a literary masterpiece, and a mine of linguistic and proverbial materials.
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Pensamientos de Un Alma

Pensamientos de Un Alma

Cómo hacerte saber que mi tormento Tiene nombre y en él se encuentra Un corazón de acero. No podría cobrarle a la vida por darme un lugar en ella. No podría reprocharle a Dios por toda su belleza. No es la soledad ni la compañía las que ...

Author: Yessica Nuqez

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410787286

Category: Poetry

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"We can sometimes escape from jail; but we cannot escape from our thoughts. Unwise thinking is the key to imprisonment, and wise thinking is the key to freedom. Thought is the key, which locks or opens all the doors of Life. Dominant thoughts select which doors we choose to open. Shall we visit heaven or hell today?" Does the way we think effect our health, relationships, career, sense of self-worth, our everyday reality and our future potential? The author of The Wisdom of the Oracle, Dr. John Demartini is convinced that when we fail to listen to our Soul and think our highest soul-connected thoughts, we fall prey to our lower earthly senses - and when we listen to our ground-bound senses we immediately and completely lose our way upon the pathway of life, love, and light. This poetic and magnificent book is written from the heart and soul levels of life's operation. Its concepts and insights offer the reader jewels of inspiration and its soul message is clear, concise and timely in this highly technological and super pressured era. The Wisdom of the Oracle combines human and spiritual insights with scientific methods. While spiritually connecting the reader to the Soul, it is also based on solid, basic, and practical everyday type reasoning. This book will awaken you to a new level of awareness and inspire you into taking definite action. It will reveal how your Life is like a movie screen; reflecting whatever you project upon it with your thoughts. Every loving dream, every loving wish is possible when you listen to the wisdom of your inner oracle. Reading The Wisdom of the Oracle reminds you of your Life's purpose. It will cheer, uplift, and reawaken you to your own highest soul potential-- because you are also the Oracle.
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The Mexican Corrido

The Mexican Corrido

Sus sesos los recogieron en la copa de un sombrero , que sirvan para ablandar los corazones de acero . 26. Adios , todos mis amigos , adios , todos mis parientes , para que pongan cuidado los hijos desobedientes . 27.

Author: María Herrera-Sobek

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253207959

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 151

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"... well-written and well-documented landmark study... " —Choice "This book raises important ideological and esthetic questions about the interpretation of artistic and cultural manifestations in a given society."Â —Hispanic American Historical Review "The present volume is provocative in direction and a refreshing addition to the extant literature on the Mexican Âcorrido genre." —American Ethnologist "[Herrera-Sobek's] refreshing approach to analyzing masculine attitudes toward the feminine as expressed in the Mexican Âcorrido is not only insightful but courageous." —Inez Cardozo-Freeman, Southern Folklore "... well-researched, insightful, clearly written, and well-illustrated study of a genre familiar in Hispanic culture." —Journal of the American Studies Association "... provides tantalizing insights into the inner workings and meanings of Mexico's favorite folk ballads..." —Journal of Third World Studies Challenging the stereotypical view of the passive Mexican/Chicana woman of the archetype, the author examines the portrayal of female figures in over three thousand Âcorridos or Mexican ballads and shows that in spite of long-dominant patriarchal ideology, the Âcorridos reveal the presence of self-confident women throughout Mexican history. Included are a discography, a detailed bibliography of Âcorrido collections, and several photographs of Âsoldaderas from the internationally famous Augustin Casasola collection.
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Within Our Gates

Within Our Gates

The film was listed as being available for distribution in Spain in 1935-36 under the title Corazones de acero , which was the title of Arturo S. Mom's original story , but no information concerning its exhibition at that time has been ...

Author: America Film Institute Staff

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520209648

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1571

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"[These volumes] are endlessly absorbing as an excursion into cultural history and national memory."--Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. "[These volumes] are endlessly absorbing as an excursion into cultural history and national memory."--Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
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Annuaire statistique du V n zu la

Annuaire statistique du V  n  zu  la

Desde aquel dia quedó perdida la patria , pues solo se conservaba la esperanza en corazones de acero y en almas predestinadas . La pérfida y criminal política de Monteverde para con los patriotas y aun contra aquellos que le servian en ...



ISBN: PRNC:32101021355530

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Revista contempor nea

Revista contempor  nea

Su ejercicio , siempre en guerra con la vida , siempre austero , pide espíritus de acero , no corazones de tierra . ¡ Eso ! ¡ eso ! contesta por nosotros la religion católica ; almas dignas de su divino orígen y de su excelso fin ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112109775731

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Corazones arrebatados

Corazones arrebatados

Callisto se quedó callado para dejarlo trabajar, aunque tenía el impulso de protestar y decirle que se concentrara en el talismán corazón. —Lo siento —dijo Mervyn algo más tarde— ... —Un compuesto de acero. Es duradero, impermeable y lo ...

Author: Sasha L. Miller

Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC

ISBN: 9781620042885

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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Mervyn está habituado a lo extraño e inusual. Personas de todo tipo acuden a él para problemas que sólo la magia puede solucionar. Siendo un hechicero habilidoso, disfruta de los desafíos que su trabajo le acarrea y de que puede ofrecer ayuda a gente que no tiene a donde ir. Incluso las hadas, mucho tiempo abusadas a mano de los hechiceros por la energía especial que pueden proveer, encuentran el camino a su puerta. Pero cuando Callisto, un hada aterrorizada y atacada con malicia, aparece para pedirle ayuda, presenta un desafío que incluso Mervyn encuentra abrumador. En lugar de su corazón Callisto sólo tiene un talismán, y lo matará en cuestión de días si Mervyn no encuentra una solución.
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