Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration

Theory and Practice

Author: F. Anthias,M. Pajnik

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137294000

Category: Social Science

Page: 277

View: 2061


This book aims to further the understanding of migration processes and policies in a European context with a particular focus on evaluating integration and the gendered aspects of migration, integration and citizenship. Integration is regarded as a contested concept and as entailing a variable and problematic set of discourses and practices.

Migrants, Work and Social Integration

Women’s Labour in the Turkish Ethnic Economy

Author: S. Dedeoglu

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137371129

Category: Social Science

Page: 213

View: 8056


Exploring recent contemporary debates on gender and migration, this book scrutinizes the relationship between women's work in ethnic economies and social integration, arguing that women in Britain zigzag their way to social integration.

An Anthology of Migration and Social Transformation

European Perspectives

Author: Anna Amelina,Kenneth Horvath,Bruno Meeus

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319236660

Category: Social Science

Page: 361

View: 582


The contributions of this book examine contemporary dynamics of migration and mobility in the context of the general societal transformations that have taken place in Europe over the past few decades. The book will help readers to better understand the manifold ways in which migration trends in the region are linked to changing political-economic constellations, orders of power and inequality, and political discourses. It begins with an introduction to a number of theoretical approaches that address the nexus between migration and general societal shifts, including processes of supranationalisation, EU enlargement, postsocialist transformations and rescaling. It then provides a comprehensive overview of the political regulation of migration through border control and immigration policies. The contributions that follow detail the dynamic changes of individual migration patterns and their implications for the agency of mobile individuals. The final part challenges the reader to consider how policies and practices of migration are linked to symbolic struggles over belonging and rights, describing a wide range of expressions of such conflicts, from cosmopolitanism to racism and xenophobia. This book is aimed at researchers in various fields of the social sciences and can be used as course reading for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of international migration, transnational and European studies. It will be a beneficial resource for scholars looking for material on the most current conceptual tools for analysis of the nexus of migration and societal transformation in Europe.

Contested Belonging

Spaces, Practices, Biographies

Author: Kathy Davis,Halleh Ghorashi,Peer Smets

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1787432068

Category: Social Science

Page: 432

View: 8795


Contributions address the sites, practices, and narratives in which belonging is imagined, enacted and constrained, negotiated and contested. Focussing on three particular dimensions of belonging: belonging as space (neighbourhood, workplace, home), as practice (virtual, physical, cultural), and as biography (life stories, group narratives).

Migrant Domestic Workers and Family Life

International Perspectives

Author: Maria Kontos,Glenda Bonifacio

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 1137323566

Category: Social Science

Page: 360

View: 5533


This timely and innovative book delivers a comprehensive analysis of the non-recognition of the right to a family life of migrant live-in domestic and care workers in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Norway, the Philippines, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, and Ukraine. Combining legal, sociological and social policy perspectives, it takes an interdisciplinary approach to international and national legal frameworks, the political economy of globalised reproductive labour, and the experience and coping strategies of migrant domestic and care workers. Highlighting constructed, ideological and imagined responses to life away from home, it offers theoretical, empirical and international perspectives on the right to a family life. Bringing together established and emerging scholars from a variety of academic disciplines, it focuses in particular on the voices of migrant domestic workers and their positioning as active subjects with agency to articulate their needs and claims.

Work and the Challenges of Belonging

Migrants in Globalizing Economies

Author: Mojca Pajnik,Floya Anthias

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443862983

Category: Social Science

Page: 230

View: 4839


This book engages with migrant work in globalizing economies, both in the EU and worldwide, to explore the relationships between work and the complexity of migrant belonging in transnational spaces. Migrant experiences related to global labour market structures are understood in the context of transnational and national policy frames that largely determine the production of migrant work as poorly paid, precarious, and accompanied by low status and inadequate social protection. Special foci include issues of temporality, circularity and precarity; solidarity and belonging; migrants’ strategies for coping with restrictive migration and economic policies; and practices and patterns relating to the commodification of migrant work. The book also discusses some of the analytical and political problems of migration and labour market discourses and practices, particularly in relation to developments around new forms of exclusion, securitization and ethnicization of migrant work. Work and the Challenges of Belonging is cross-disciplinary and comparative, engaging with theoretical, empirical and policy approaches.

Migration, Familie und soziale Lage

Beiträge zu Bildung, Gender und Care

Author: Thomas Geisen,Tobias Studer,Erol Yildiz

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531941275

Category: Social Science

Page: 331

View: 1970


Das Thema „Migration und Familie" findet seit einigen Jahren verstärkt Beachtung. Dies geschieht meist im Zusammenhang mit der Thematisierung von Problemen und Defiziten, insbesondere in den Bereichen Bildung und Erziehung, sowie in Bezug auf das Geschlechterverhältnis. In anderer Weise erfolgt diese Thematisierung im Care-Bereich: Während einerseits Familien bei der Betreuung und Pflege von Angehörigen zunehmend auf die Arbeit von Migrant/innen angewiesen sind, wird anderseits gerade diese Konstellation zur Belastungen für die Familien der Migrant/innen. Die Beiträge des Bandes greifen die Vielfalt und Widersprüchlichkeit familialer Praxen im Kontext von Migration auf und liefern differenzierte Analysen zu aktuellen Fragen von Bildung, Gender und Care.

Working Gendered Boundaries

Temporary Migration Experiences of Bangladeshi Women in the Malaysian Export Industry from a Multi-sited Perspective

Author: Anja Rudnick

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9056295608

Category: Social Science

Page: 316

View: 4183


This study explores the short term migration of Bangladeshi women to Malaysia to work in labour intensive, export oriented factories, and considers the consequences of their decision to migrate. While international migration is a much discussed issue, so far little attention has been given to the vast flow of South-to-South migration, which is particularly large in Asia. The labour migration flows within this region are typified by their highly regulated nature, temporary character and by the predominance of females undertaking migration. So far, most academic attention has focused on permanent or settlement migration. This study aims to fill a gap in our understanding of migration theory by focusing on temporary migration processes. The study examines the reasons Bangladeshi women gave for migrating and how their experience impacted their lives during their migration and after their return. The findings underscore the importance of incorporating gender in migration theory and integrating it into analyses. While in most cases their migration was socio-culturally contested, the women say they migrated in an effort to improve their socio-economic standing. This proved in general to be more difficult than anticipated; wages were not paid according to contract or labour law, and male peers often opposed their efforts. The complex nature of these women's position and situation preclude unequivocal conclusions as to the possible benefits or losses resulting from migration. But by revealing the experiences of individual women, this study helps to clarify some of the ambiguities of the individual migrants complex reality. The analysis of their experiences exposes important gender dynamics.

Migrations and Creative Expressions in Africa and the African Diaspora

Author: Toyin Falola,Niyi Afolabi,Adérónké Adésolá Adésànyà

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 492

View: 962


Contributors ranging from architects to linguists explore the cultural and spiritual dynamics of migrations in Africa and the African diaspora. The co-authored volume provides readers with fresh insights on African migration and the attendant implications, productions and generations of the historic experiences of those who were forcefully displaced and others who willfully relocated to other spaces of the world. The book seeks to: (1) engage debates on multiple issues which underpin the provoking history of African migration and their attendant implications, (2) provoke a rethinking of the sociology and politics of migrating souls and resistant spirits in the Americas, Europe and Africa, the restive yet resolute entities, scattered, still, metaphorically united in their quest for, and hold on to identity, (3) engender fresh understanding and interpretations of cultural ethos of African native homelands and establish, where present, their replication in migrant communities in the diaspora, and (4) tie African migration history with modernity thereby underscoring the points of their interactions, departures, and tangentially establishing remembrances.