How to Use Data and Experience Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers

Author: Lars Birkholm Petersen,Ron Person,Christopher Nash

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118963628

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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Connect and engage across channels with the new customers Connect is the ultimate marketing guide to becoming more relevant, effective, and successful within the new marketplace. Written by a team of marketing experts serving Fortune 500 brands, this book outlines the massive paradigm shift currently taking place within the industry, and provides the insight and perspective marketers need to stay on board. Readers will find guidance toward reaching a customer base that sees marketers as an unnecessary annoyance, and strategies for engaging those customers at touch points throughout the customer lifecycle. The book's scope encompasses both digital and real-life avenues, discussing the new ways of thinking and the new tools and processes that allow marketers to function in the new era where digital customer experiences are increasingly important. Marketing is undergoing a revolution to rival the impact of Gutenberg's printing press. Customers are in control, with more choice and more access than ever before, and they refuse to be "sold to" or "managed." Many marketing professionals are flailing for a new strategy while the winners are clearly jumping ahead – Connect takes readers inside the winners' world to learn the approach that's engaging the new consumer. Discover the technology and processes that allow marketers to remain relevant Craft a personal, relevant, and accessible customer journey that engages the connected customer Keep in touch throughout the customer's life cycle, both online and offline Link digital goals and metrics to business objectives for a more relevant strategy Smart marketers have moved to a higher level that achieves business objectives while increasing relevance to the customer. Connect provides readers a roadmap to this new approach, and the tools that make it work.

Interaction Design

From Concept to Completion

Author: Jamie Steane,Joyce Yee

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1474236367

Category: Design

Page: 232

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Interaction Design explores common pitfalls, effective workflows and innovative development techniques in contemporary interaction design by tracking projects from initial idea to the critical and commercial reception of the finished project. The book is divided into six chapters, each focusing on different aspects of the interaction design industry. Exploring design projects from around the world, the authors include examples of the processes and creative decisions behind: – Apps, games and websites – Responsive branding – Complex, large-scale services – Interactive museum installations – Targeted promotions – Digital products which influence real-world situations Each case study includes behind-the-scenes development design work, interviews with key creatives and workshop projects to help you start implementing the techniques and working practices discussed in your own interaction design projects. From immersive tourist experiences, to apps which make day-to-day life easier, the detailed coverage of the design process shows how strategists, creatives and technologists are working with interactive technologies to create the engaging projects of the future.


Data Mining Use Cases and Business Analytics Applications

Author: Markus Hofmann,Ralf Klinkenberg

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498759866

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 525

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Powerful, Flexible Tools for a Data-Driven WorldAs the data deluge continues in today's world, the need to master data mining, predictive analytics, and business analytics has never been greater. These techniques and tools provide unprecedented insights into data, enabling better decision making and forecasting, and ultimately the solution of incre

Strategic Customer Management

Integrating Relationship Marketing and CRM

Author: Adrian Payne,Pennie Frow

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107328411

Category: Business & Economics

Page: N.A

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Relationship marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) can be jointly utilised to provide a clear roadmap to excellence in customer management: this is the first textbook to demonstrate how it can be done. Written by two acclaimed experts in the field, it shows how an holistic approach to managing relationships with customers and other key stakeholders leads to increased shareholder value. Taking a practical, step-by-step approach, the authors explain the principles of relationship marketing, apply them to the development of a CRM strategy and discuss key implementation issues. Its up-to-date coverage includes the latest developments in digital marketing and the use of social media. Topical examples and case studies from around the world connect theory with global practice, making this an ideal text for both students and practitioners keen to keep abreast of changes in this fast-moving field.

Defying the limits

reaching new heights in customer relationship management

Author: Montgomery Research, Inc,Andersen Consulting

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780966641325

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 430

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Remarkable Insights Into the Minds of Today's Global Kids and Their Relationships with Brands

Author: Martin Lindstrom,Martin Lindström,David B Hoyle,Patricia B. Seybold

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749438678

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 316

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An exploration of the buying habits of children between the ages of eight and fourteen.


Manipulation of the Audience - How to Learn to Skyrocket Your Personal Brand and Online Business Using the Power of Social Media Marketing, Including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Author: Daniel Anderson

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781073014255


Page: 180

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Do you want to unleash the power of storytelling in your business and build a powerful brand, capture attention, win over customers, and inspire lifetime loyalty? If yes, then keep reading... Is your personal brand suffering from a lack of "pizzaz" that keep people coming back for more? Are you tired of watching your online business generate peanuts, even though the product or service you offer is extremely valuable to your prospective customers and clients and can potentially change their lives? Would you like to finally say goodbye to the debilitating feeling of being ignored and looked over by people seeking solutions to the problems which you can solve for them? Do you want to learn a valuable skill that can add more zeros to your bottom line? Then read on. Study after countless study has confirmed that powerful, well-crafted stories have the power to inspire massive trust in people and influence them to take action. The human experience is made up of stories, we are hardwired to respond to stories, that is why stories tend to pack more punch than cold hard facts and data ever would. If you're reading this, you are probably slowly coming to the realization that having a good product or offering great service and waiting for the market to come to you isn't enough. That strategy doesn't work in the fast-paced world of today filled with tons of distracting and competing messages. If this sounds like you, and you want to know about how to craft a powerful story for your business, then this guide was designed for you. In Storytelling, Daniel Anderson shows you how to harness the ageless power of storytelling to completely transform your personal brand and business. You're going to discover how you can use well-crafted stories to develop your unfair competitive advantage, connect with people on a deep level and get people to purchase your products and use your services. Here's what you're going to discover in Storytelling: 3 "nuke-level" powerful tips to help you craft a compelling business story The simple 6-point questionnaire you need to complete before creating a business story that will help you convey your unique message to your audience How to create the best brand image for your business and leave your competitors in the dust How to develop a simple, yet effective content marketing strategy and seamlessly integrate powerful stories that associate positive emotions with your business How to master the art of using storytelling for effective presentations Stuck on what to tell your prospective customers and clients during a presentation? The 5 Ws of storytelling presentation will quickly get you out of the rut The eight building blocks to help you make your brand's story highly relatable and induce trust ...and tons more! Even if you've tried various techniques and strategies in the past to grow your personal brand and failed, even if your efforts to expand your online business have always fallen flat, this comprehensive guide will help you create a customer-pulling story that will transform the way you do business, forever. Ready to learn more? Scroll up and click the "add to cart" button to buy now!