Competitive Mathematics for Gifted Students - Level 1 Combo

Ages 7-9

Author: Cleo Borac,Silviu Borac

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692240076


Page: 294

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This is a combo volume that incorporates all four volumes for level 1. The interior of the 4 in 1 volume is always updated to contain the latest edition of the individual volumes. About "Competitive Mathematics for Gifted Students" This series provides practice materials and short theory reminders for students who aim to excel at problem solving. Material is introduced in a structured manner: each new concept is followed by a problem set that explores the content in detail. Each book ends with a problem set that reviews both concepts presented in the current volume and related topics from previous volumes. The series forms a learning continuum that explores strategies specific to competitive mathematics in depth and breadth. Full solutions explain both reasoning and execution. Often, several solutions are contrasted. The problem selection emphasizes comprehension, critical thinking, observation, and avoiding repetitive and mechanical procedures. Ready to participate in a math competition such as MOEMS, Math Kangaroo in USA, or Noetic Math? This series will open the doors to consistent performance. About Level 1 This level of the series is designed for students who know addition and subtraction with multi-digit numbers as well as simple multiplications of one-digit numbers. Some of the problems, however, involve advanced concepts and may be useful for older students.