Cold is the Grave

Author: Peter Robinson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330514784

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Cold is the Grave is the eleventh novel in Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks series, which became the major British ITV drama DCI Banks. DCI Alan Banks has reached a turning point. With his wife now living with another man in London and his career in the doldrums thanks to Chief Constable Riddle, it is time to ring the changes. Perhaps a move to the National Crime Squad? Perhaps a second chance with Sandra? But then late one night he is summoned to Riddle's house – and his plans take a surprising new turn. For the Chief Constable's sixteen-year-old daughter Emily has run away and for once Riddle wants Banks to use his unorthodox methods to find her without fuss. Continue the bestselling series with In A Dry Season.

Quest Biography 35-Book Bundle

Marshall McLuhan, Nellie McClung, René Lévesque and many more

Author: Judith Fitzgerald,Michelle Labrèche-Larouche,Kate Braid,T.F. Rigelhof,Raymond Plante,Arthur Slade,John Wilson,Kathryn Bridge,Roderick Stewart,Sharon Stewart,Margaret Macpherson,lian goodall,Marguerite Paulin,Francine Legaré,Gary Evans,Deborah Cowley,Tom Shardlow,Heather Kirk,Anne Cimon,André Vanasse,Wayne Larsen,Tom Henighan,Nicholas Maes,Julie H. Ferguson,Valerie Knowles,D.T. Lahey,Edward Butts,Peggy Dymond Leavey,Rosemary Sadlier,Ray Argyle,Nathan Tidridge,Ged Martin

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459728343

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 6656

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This special bundle contains the first thirty-five books in the Quest Biography series, which profiles the lives of Canadians who have had a profound effect on their country and the world. Some of these figures are truly famous, while others were quietly influential. Among the wide variety of people we meet are: prime ministers (Mackenzie King, Macdonald, Laurier, and more); artists (Emily Carr, Tom Thomson); explorers (David Thompson, Samuel de Champlain), politicians (René Lévesque, Joey Smallwood), writers (Robertson Davies, Gabrielle Roy), entertainers (Emma Albani, Mary Pickford), activists (Nellie McClung, Louis Riel, Harriet Tubman), and many, many more. Let this series be your primer on the greatest figures in Canadian history. Includes Emma Albani Emily Carr George Grant Jacques Plante John Diefenbaker John Franklin Phyllis Munday Wilfrid Laurier William Lyon Mackenzie King René Lévesque Samuel de Champlain John Grierson Lucille Teasdale Maurice Duplessis David Thompson Mazo de la Roche Susanna Moodie Gabrielle Roy Louis Riel James Wilson Morrice Vilhjalmur Stefansson Robertson Davies James Douglas William C. Van Horne George Simpson Tom Thomson Simon Girty Mary Pickford Harriet Tubman Laura Secord Joey Smallwood Prince Edward, Duke of Kent John A. Macdonald Marshall McLuhan

Quest Biographies Bundle — Books 31–35

Harriet Tubman / Laura Secord / Joey Smallwood / Prince Edward, Duke of Kent / John A. Macdonald

Author: Rosemary Sadlier,Nathan Tidridge,Peggy Dymond Leavey,Ray Argyle,Ged Martin

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459724356

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1112

View: 7898


Presenting five titles in the Quest Biography series that profiles prominent figures in Canada’s history. The important Canadian lives detailed here are: legendary Underground Railroad leader Harriet Tubman; Laura Secord, heroine of the War of 1812; Newfoundland politician Joey Smallwood, the final Father of Confederation; Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, the primary founder of Canada; and onetime governor general Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, an important figure in Canada’s early development. Includes Harriet Tubman Laura Secord Joey Smallwood Prince Edward, Duke of Kent John A. Macdonald

What Do I Read Next?

A Reader's Guide to Current Genre Fiction

Author: Neil Barron,Daniel S. Burt,Tom Barton

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787661823

Category: Fiction genres

Page: 690

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Provides synopses for over 1,500 titles of current popular fiction and recommends other books by such criteria as authors, characters portrayed, time period, geographical setting, or genre