Clever Techniques To Study German

Clever Techniques To Study German

In this book, you'll find out how to use verbs, adjectives, and nouns with prepositions in German. you'll even have the chance of listening and speaking practices in German by using audio files provided alongside the book.

Author: Susie Rought


ISBN: 9798710843703


Page: 276

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Learning German seems to be a difficult task. But it is not anymore because of this book- a wonderful source of German Language Knowledge with tips and tactics to help you learn German. Every language can be learned if you know the right technique and the right information. In this book, you'll find out how to use verbs, adjectives, and nouns with prepositions in German. you'll even have the chance of listening and speaking practices in German by using audio files provided alongside the book. This book is that the ideal choice for: German learners for A2 level and above. People willing to find out German by practicing. People looking to find out intimately the way to use verbs, adjectives, and nouns with prepositions in German. People looking to enhance their listening and speaking skills alongside learning German grammar. Click Buy now and enjoy.

LANGUAGE HACKING GERMAN Learn How to Speak German Right Away

LANGUAGE HACKING GERMAN  Learn How to Speak German   Right Away

Keep building your script using 'Tarzan German' and the unit conversation ... Take note of the clever ways they use the conversation strategies from the ...

Author: Benny Lewis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473633209

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 288

View: 345

Crack the Code and Get Fluent Faster! "I had to learn [a new language] in a handful of days for a TV interview. I asked Benny for help and his advice was invaluable." - Tim Ferriss What if you could skip the years of study and jump right to speaking German? Sound crazy? No, it's language hacking. It's about learning what's indispensable, skipping what's not - and using what you've learned to have real conversations in German - from day one! Unlike most traditional language courses that try to teach you the rules of a language, Language Hacking German, shows you how to learn and speak German immediately through proven memory techniques, unconventional shortcuts and conversation strategies perfect by one of the world's greatest language learners, Benny Lewis, aka the Irish Polyglot. The Method Language Hacking takes a modern approach to language learning, blending the power of online social collaboration and the 80/20 principle of learning (Benny's ten #languagehacks show you how to achieve more with less!). It focuses on the conversations and language that learners need to master right away, rather than presenting language in the order of difficulty like most courses. This means you can start having conversations immediately. Course Features Each of the 10 units culminates with a speaking mission that you can choose to share on the italki Language Hacking learner community ( where you can give and get feedback and extend your learning beyond the pages of the book. The audio for this course is available for free on or from the Teach Yourself Library app. You don't need to go abroad to learn a language any more.
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Germany s Drive to the West Drang Nach Westen

Germany s Drive to the West  Drang Nach Westen

A Study of Germany's Western War Aims during the First World War Hans W. Gatzke ... example of the clever methods employed by German industrial interests to ...

Author: Hans W. Gatzke

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421431949

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 273

Each of these forces had its own particular reasons for wanting to hold out for far-reaching territorial gains, yet one aim that most of them had in common was ensuring, through a successful peace settlement, the continuation of the existing order, to their own advantage and to the political and economic detriment of the majority of the German people.
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German Short Stories for Beginners 10 Clever Short Stories to Grow Your Vocabulary and Learngerman the Fun Way

German Short Stories for Beginners 10 Clever Short Stories to Grow Your Vocabulary and Learngerman the Fun Way

This is a German book for beginners, a special collection of our German language books that is suitable for a typical German beginner who needs practical but also fun to read German stories and lessons.

Author: Christian Stahl


ISBN: 1975624017


Page: 120

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Are you planning on coming to Germany for vacation, studies or work? Learning by reading German short stories with English parallel text is actually an effective method to learn a new language.When you read these 10 clever German short stories, written by talented authors and linguists, you are already in the process of successfully learning German. Here you have a practical workbook on German stories for beginners, and your objective is to simply focus on a single short story at a time, and then continue with the exercises.All the German short stories are culturally relevant and consist of multiple genres, including romance, mystery, sauna adventures, "prepper lifestyle", crowdfunding, crime and humor. These professionally prepared German stories are suitable for beginners to intermediate level learners, but also for anyone who wants to learn the German language.The German stories for beginners include stories, parallel text, key-vocabulary, phrase lists, multiple choice questions, exercises, and English - German summaries of each story. This is a German book for beginners, a special collection of our German language books that is suitable for a typical German beginner who needs practical but also fun to read German stories and lessons.At the end of this book you find a FREE German phrasebook with over 700+ essential phrases and expression in 37 categories.Table of ContentsLearning German through short storiesUsing this book effectivelyFollow our tips to get results fastI. Sauna Abenteuer sauna adventures2. Eine religi�se Familie A religious French family3. Crowdfunding f�r eine neue K�che Crowdfunding for a new kitchen4. Wie ich einen Million�r auf einer Kreuzfahrt finden kann How can I find a millionaire on a cruise trip5. Die alte Trinkerin The old lush6. die polnische Putzfrau The Polish maid7. Der Schatz im Wald The treasure in the woods8. Der Einsiedler The hermit 9. Amerikaner in Deutschland Americans in Germany10. Der Grillabend The barbecue evening Free Book: 700 Realistic German Phrases - German phrase book

Language Hacking German

Language Hacking German

Crack the Code and Get Fluent Faster! 'Ten years ago, Lewis spoke only English. But constant travel, along with a buoyant attitude, has unmasked the polyglot within.' -National Geographic #LanguageHacking is a state of mind.

Author: Benny Lewis

Publisher: Teach Yourself

ISBN: 147363315X

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 256

View: 299

Crack the Code and Get Fluent Faster! 'Ten years ago, Lewis spoke only English. But constant travel, along with a buoyant attitude, has unmasked the polyglot within.' -National Geographic #LanguageHacking is a state of mind. It's about ditching excuses, using shortcuts and taking risks. It's about learning what's indispensable, skipping what's not - and most importantly speaking from day one! How's it different? Unlike traditional language courses that are organized by level of difficulty, #LanguageHacking German focuses on the language and conversations you need to master so you can start speaking immediately, not after years of study. Key features - 10 'mission-based' units that build up to an easy-to-achieve speaking goal - 10 simple and effective 'language hacks' to exponentially boost fluency - 28 model conversations and hundreds of the most frequent and useful 'power phrases' - Clever strategies that show how even a limited vocabulary can be put to good use - Free downloadable audio and extra hacker resources Free access to the #LanguageHacking community, custom created by italki, a ground-breaking website that makes it possible to learn a new language without going abroad.
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Studies in Intelligence

Studies in Intelligence

... tedious working conditions , and some of the clever techniques they employed . ... When operators became proficient in monitoring instructions to German ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105214547700

Category: Intelligence service


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Categories: Intelligence service

Nazi Propaganda RLE Nazi Germany Holocaust

Nazi Propaganda  RLE Nazi Germany   Holocaust

10 HOW EFFECTIVE WAS NAZI PROPAGANDA? ... class - was manipulated by clever propaganda techniques and Nazi demagogy into support for the regime.2 Studies of ...

Author: David Welch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317620839

Category: History

Page: 234

View: 554

Based on a detailed examination of specific aspects of Nazi propaganda, this book (originally published in 1983) enhances the understanding of National Socialism by revealing both its power and its limitations. The work tackles aspects of Nazi propaganda which had been neglected in the past, but together they demonstrate the disproportionate role assigned to propaganda in one of the most highly politicised societies in contemporary European history.
Categories: History

Our Enemies and US

Our Enemies and US

The war also damaged the reputation of German administration . ... continue to be attracted to " clever " administrative techniques after the obliteration ...

Author: Ido Oren

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801435668

Category: Education

Page: 234

View: 692

Oren reveals the fervently pro-German views of the founder of the discipline, John W. Burgess, who stated that the Teutonic race was politically superior to all others, and he presents evidence of a long-term, intimate relationship between the discipline and the national security agencies of the U.S. government."--BOOK JACKET.
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Different Germans Many Germanies

Different Germans  Many Germanies

The German invasion never materialized thanks to American economic and cultural protectionism and studios' clever strategies to contract German talent for ...

Author: Konrad H. Jarausch

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781785334313

Category: History

Page: 340

View: 544

As much as any other nation, Germany has long been understood in terms of totalizing narratives. For Anglo-American observers in particular, the legacies of two world wars still powerfully define twentieth-century German history, whether through the lens of Nazi-era militarism and racial hatred or the nation’s emergence as a “model” postwar industrial democracy. This volume transcends such common categories, bringing together transatlantic studies that are unburdened by the ideological and methodological constraints of previous generations of scholarship. From American perceptions of the Kaiserreich to the challenges posed by a multicultural Europe, it argues for—and exemplifies—an approach to German Studies that is nuanced, self-reflective, and holistic.
Categories: History

Living with the Enemy

Living with the Enemy

... in Chains: In Search of the German Occupation, French citizens developed clever strategies for dealing with the hard contradictions imposed by the war.

Author: Sandra Ott

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316834084

Category: History


View: 105

In post-liberation France, the French courts judged the cases of more than one hundred thousand people accused of aiding and abetting the enemy during the Second World War. In this fascinating book, Sandra Ott uncovers the hidden history of collaboration in the Pyrenean borderlands of the Basques and the Béarnais in southwestern France through nine stories of human folly, uncertainty, ambiguity, ambivalence, desire, vengeance, duplicity, greed, self-interest, opportunism and betrayal. Covering both the occupation and liberation periods, she reveals how the book's characters became involved with the occupiers for a variety of reasons, ranging from a desire to settle scores and to gain access to power, money and material rewards, to love, friendship, fear and desperation. These wartime lives and subsequent postwar reckonings provide us with a new lens through which to understand human behavior under the difficult conditions of occupation, and the subsequent search for retribution and justice.
Categories: History

Maths on the Back of an Envelope Clever ways to roughly calculate anything

Maths on the Back of an Envelope  Clever ways to  roughly  calculate anything

BLAME IT ON SPURIOUS PRECISION In 1871, a German physician by the name
of Carl Reinhold Wunderlich ... And in any case, a study in 2015 using modern,
more accurate thermometers, found that we've been getting it wrong all these ...

Author: Rob Eastaway

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780008324599

Category: Mathematics

Page: 208

View: 589

‘Another terrific book by Rob Eastaway’ SIMON SINGH ‘A delightfully accessible guide to how to play with numbers’ HANNAH FRY
Categories: Mathematics

This is Not a Love Story

This is Not a Love Story

She was studying Maths, Spanish, Economics and German. 'So, you're taking Dutch classes? ... 'I like how you learn about Dutch culture as well.

Author: Keren David

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405522977

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

View: 839

Kitty dreams of a beautiful life, but that's impossible in suburban London where her family is haunted by her father's unexpected death. So when her mum suggests moving to Amsterdam to try a new life, Kitty doesn't take much persuading. Will this be her opportunity to make her life picture perfect? In Amsterdam she meets moody, unpredictable Ethan, and clever, troubled Theo. Two enigmatic boys, who each harbour their own secrets. In a beautiful city and far from home, Kitty finds herself falling in love for the first time. But will love be everything she expected? And will anyone's heart survive?
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Luther and Learning

Luther and Learning

... above all to warn against the clever ways by which men try to destroy the gospel. ... The most excellent recent study of German humanism is Luther and ...

Author: Wittenberg. University Luther Symposium

Publisher: Susquehanna University Press

ISBN: 0941664139

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

View: 517

These essays present a unique description and analysis of Luther's relation to the learning of his time by some of the most outstanding scholars of our time. The essays also persuasively demonstrate the significance of Luther's contribution to learning for today's education, theology, and culture.
Categories: Social Science

How to Learn Spanish French German Arabic Any Foreign Language Successfully

How to Learn   Spanish   French   German   Arabic   Any Foreign Language Successfully

With the aid of this book you will discover that you really can learn to speak a foreign language successfully and probably several; and that you can do so without the difficulties experienced in the past.

Author: Peter Oakfield

Publisher: Riverbridge Books

ISBN: 0957493207

Category: Fluency (Language learning)

Page: 130

View: 908

Would you like to speak a foreign language? This book provides essential information to make the process of learning it far easier and faster than you might ever have imagined. The guidance provided is relevant to the learning of any and every foreign language, from the first steps, right through to beginning to speak the language comfortably, and then to achieving complete fluency. Many of the techniques described are novel or largely unheard of by students but they provide powerful means of helping you to learn a foreign language quickly. In addition more widely known methods are also detailed. All are explained clearly and simply so you can start putting them to use as soon as you begin reading. In total more than 80 important topics for learning a foreign language successfully and quickly are covered. With the aid of this book you will discover that you really can learn to speak a foreign language successfully and probably several; and that you can do so without the difficulties experienced in the past.
Categories: Fluency (Language learning)

Memory Development Between Two and Twenty

Memory Development Between Two and Twenty

German parents in theirstudy reported more instruction at home of memory ... Inshort, when researchers have found clever ways tocontrolfor extraneous ...

Author: Wolfgang Schneider

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781134802692

Category: Psychology

Page: 432

View: 943

In this volume, two scholars with different but complementary interests in memory and cognitive development present a careful overview of the field of memory development from the perspective of their theory of good strategy use. In addition to treating broad topics of general interest, such as knowledge, cognitive capacity, and metamemory, the text also examines controversial issues surrounding the development of children's memory--particularly eyewitness memory. The result is a coherent statement about memory development accompanied by commentary on the study of memory development, plus applications of the theory and research in the area. This book is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers and other professionals interested in child and adolescent memory.
Categories: Psychology

Nylon and Bombs

Nylon and Bombs

... track of the innovations in German products and in finding clever ways of ... cost: “They sent people over to Germany —engineers went over to study and ...

Author: Pap A. Ndiaye

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press+ORM

ISBN: 9781421403342

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 403

View: 108

How the chemical engineering behemoth that brought us Teflon, Kevlar, Lycra, Freon, and more shaped the culture of postwar America. What do nylon stockings and atomic bombs have in common? DuPont. The chemical firm of DuPont de Nemours pioneered the development of both nylon and plutonium, among countless other innovations, playing an important role in the rise of mass consumption and the emergence of the notorious “military-industrial complex.” In this fascinating account of the lives and careers of Du Pont’s chemical engineers, Pap A. Ndiaye deftly illustrates the contribution of industry to the genesis of a dominant post–World War II “American model” connecting prosperity with security. The consumer and military dimensions of twentieth-century American history are often studied separately. Ndiaye reunites them by examining Du Pont’s development of nylon, which symbolized a new way of life, and plutonium, which was synonymous with annihilation. Reflecting on the experiences and contributions of the company’s engineers and physicists, Ndiaye traces Du Pont’s transformation into one of the corporate models of American success.
Categories: Technology & Engineering

Arts based Methods and Organizational Learning

Arts based Methods and Organizational Learning

How have you operationalised a performance in your experiment? ... this study was the facet of open-mindedness focusing on creative imagination and measured ...

Author: Tatiana Chemi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319638089

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 338

View: 109

This thematic volume explores the relationship between the arts and learning in various educational contexts and across cultures, but with a focus on higher education and organizational learning. Arts-based interventions are at the heart of this volume, which addresses how they are conceived, designed, carried out, and assessed in different higher educational and cultural contexts. Readers will discover diverse perspectives of the contributing authors from across the world and from a variety of settings: formal education, informal learning for adults and organisational learning. A necessary introductory conceptualisation sets the stage for the discussion of the different cases, with chapters presented according to the art forms the address: performing arts, dance, music, language arts, visual arts, multi-arts and a conclusive chapter on future perspectives for arts-based educational approaches. Arts-based Methods and Organisational Learning: Higher Education Around the World will inspire and inform both scholars and practitioners who are dealing with the arts in education and organisations.
Categories: Business & Economics

Diagnosis and Injection Techniques in Orthopedic Medicine

Diagnosis and Injection Techniques in Orthopedic Medicine

This technique and the more careful observation and analysis of the status of the
posterior cruciate ligament , however , seem to be important reasons for looking
at ... Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many reports indicate indifferent
results from what are otherwise clever techniques 12-15 . ... An East German
study using TREATMENT Treatment of conditions in the knee is based on
diagnosis .

Author: Thomas A. Dorman


ISBN: UOM:39015019843146

Category: Medical

Page: 313

View: 503

Categories: Medical

Conflict and Stability in the German Democratic Republic

Conflict and Stability in the German Democratic Republic

78 Such eigensinnig behavior – not peculiar to the GDR, of course – has often ... devised a number of clever strategies to smuggle beer into the workplace.

Author: Andrew I. Port

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521866514

Category: History

Page: 303

View: 374

This 2007 book explores the reasons why the post-World War II Communist regime in East Germany outlasted both the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich.
Categories: History



... German scientist lauded the mathematical techniques developed for the study of heat and energy distribution, admiring the clever technique of employing ...

Author: Jimena Canales

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691186078

Category: Science

Page: 416

View: 398

How scientists through the ages have conducted thought experiments using imaginary entities—demons—to test the laws of nature and push the frontiers of what is possible Science may be known for banishing the demons of superstition from the modern world. Yet just as the demon-haunted world was being exorcized by the enlightening power of reason, a new kind of demon mischievously materialized in the scientific imagination itself. Scientists began to employ hypothetical beings to perform certain roles in thought experiments—experiments that can only be done in the imagination—and these impish assistants helped scientists achieve major breakthroughs that pushed forward the frontiers of science and technology. Spanning four centuries of discovery—from René Descartes, whose demon could hijack sensorial reality, to James Clerk Maxwell, whose molecular-sized demon deftly broke the second law of thermodynamics, to Darwin, Einstein, Feynman, and beyond—Jimena Canales tells a shadow history of science and the demons that bedevil it. She reveals how the greatest scientific thinkers used demons to explore problems, test the limits of what is possible, and better understand nature. Their imaginary familiars helped unlock the secrets of entropy, heredity, relativity, quantum mechanics, and other scientific wonders—and continue to inspire breakthroughs in the realms of computer science, artificial intelligence, and economics today. The world may no longer be haunted as it once was, but the demons of the scientific imagination are alive and well, continuing to play a vital role in scientists' efforts to explore the unknown and make the impossible real.
Categories: Science