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see Shāh Jahăn Shāhjahänābād ( hist . city , India ) history of Delhi 17 : 226 : 16
role of Shāh Jahān 10 : 687 : 2a ... South Arabic language 11 : 38 : 16
Shahrisabz ( Uzbekistan ) location map 15 : 702 Shāhrūd ( Iran ) location map 21
: 933 ...

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Pool tables can be found downstairs at Mir Burger , off Broadway , and billiards
clubs throughout the city ( e . g . ... Hunt for books and city maps ( e . g . the
excellent ' Welcome to Tashkent ) at the bookshop near New World Pizza on
Navoi ... Kodak Express develop film at several outlets , including the Central
Department Store , Zarafshon on Broadway and the Dunyo supermarket at
Pushkin / Shahrisabz ...


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Presents the culture, history, and tourist sights of Uzbekistan, including Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent.
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Variations on Uzbek Identity

Variations on Uzbek Identity

Shorter visits were also paid to villages in Shahrisabz and Chiroqchi tumani. In
2002 ... One is the central village of Urisqishloq (also called Rusqishloq),
approximately ten kilometres north of Kitob city, and its surroundings. ... The third
cluster consists of the villages of Gulshan and Joviz, west of Urisqishloq (see
map 5.2).

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Throughout its history the concept of "Uzbekness," or more generally of a Turkic-speaking sedentary population, has continuously attracted members of other groups to join, as being Uzbek promises opportunities to enlarge ones social network. Accession is comparatively easy, as Uzbekness is grounded in a cultural model of territoriality, rather than genealogy, as the basis for social attachments. It acknowledges regional variation and the possibility of membership by voluntary decision. Therefore, the boundaries of being Uzbek vary almost by definition, incorporating elements of local languages, cultural patterns and social organization. This book combines an historical analysis with thorough ethnographic field research, looking at differences in the conceptualization of group boundaries and the social practices they entail. It does so by analysing decision-making processes by Uzbeks on the individual as well as cognitive level and the political configurations that surround them.
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Vladimir Putin and Central Asia

Vladimir Putin and Central Asia

Map 2 : Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan , Uzbekistan , Turkmenistan : main railroads and
roads Aral Sea Muynak Kungrad Bishkek Karakol ... Caspian Sea Bukhara
Karakum Canal Turkmenabat TAU Lake Samarkando Panjikent , Garm Kara - Kul
Shahrisabz Dushanbe IKISTAN ... dal mu Darya Angren Andijan UZBEKISTAN
Margilart * * * Railroad - Road o City Capital syr Darya Osh TAJIKISTAN Kokand

Author: Lena Jonson

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List of Maps vii Abbreviations viii Acknowledgements ix Maps x Introduction 1 (22) The Shaping of Foreign Policy under Putin 1 (2) Policy Change and Revision 3 (2) Russia's Experiences of Foreign Policy Revision 5 (3) Central Asia in Russian Foreign Policy 8 (2) What Policy Change? 10 (3) Why These Policy Changes? 13 (4) What Is Central Asia? 17 (1) The Structure of the Book 18 (5) PART I: BACKGROUND Central Asia Gained: The Russian Conquest 23 (20) Factors behind Russia's Policy of Expansion into Central Asia 24 (7) The Conquest of Tashkent 31 (3) Policy towards the Bukhara Emirate after the Crimean War 34 (2) Russian Policy towards the Bukhara Emirate after the 1868 Treaty 36 (3) Summary 39 (4) Central Asia Lost: Policy under Yeltsin 43 (20) The Strategic Situation and the Russian Response 45 (4) The Security Situation in Central Asia and the Russian Response 49 (9) An Evolving Anti-Extremist Agenda 58 (1) Summary 59 (4) PART II: PUTIN AND CENTRAL ASIA The Policy Change of 1999 63 (20) The Policy Shift 63 (4) Policy on Russian-led Multilateral Cooperation 67 (3) Policy on the Ground 70 (5) Dilemmas for Russian Policy 75 (3) Policy towards the Major Powers in Central Asia 78 (3) Summary 81 (2) Post-September 2001: The Contours of a New Russian Policy 83 (38) The Policy Shift 83 (3) The New Situation in Central Asia 86 (7) Policy on Multilateral Security Cooperation with Central Asia 93 (5) A New Policy in the Making 98 (5) Bilateral Relations 103 (9) Policy towards Major Powers in Central Asia 112 (4) Summary 116 (5) PART III: FACTORS BEHIND RUSSIAN FOREIGN POLICY Russian Domestic Factors 121 (21) The Chechnya Factor 122 (3) The Foreign Policy Making Process 125 (9) Official Perceptions and Ideological Concepts 134 (4) Elite Attitudes 138 (2) Summary 140 (2) Factors within Central Asia: Dynamics of Domestic Protest 142 (29) The Secular--Political Dimension 143 (8) The Religious--Political Dimension 151 (10) The Ethno-National Dimension 161 (4) Summary 165 (6) PART IV: THE SHAPING OF RUSSIAN FOREIGN POLICY The Shaping of Foreign Policy 171 (30) Why Did Russian Policy Change? 171 (7) Iraq: A Test Case of Russian Foreign Policy 178 (8) Central Asian Security: A New Situation 186 (2) Prospects for Russian Policy in Central Asia 188 (6) Prospects for the Further Revision of Russian Foreign Policy 194 (7) Notes 201 (42) Selected Bibliography 243 (12) Index 255.
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2004 Standard Catalog of World Coins

2004 Standard Catalog of World Coins

Composition : Nickel - Clad Steel Obverse : National arms Reverse :
Denomination and map Edge : Plain Size : 19.75 mm . ... Nickel - Clad Steel
Subject : Shahrisabz Town : 2700th Date VG F VF XF Unc Anniversary Obverse :
National arms Reverse : Statue and ... invasion of 1866 , following which it
gradually became a part of Russian Turkestan and then part of Uzbekistan S.S.R.
, now Uzbekistan .

Author: Chester L. Krause

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Shows and lists current values for modern coins minted around the world from Afghanistan to Zambia.
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Greeted with Smiles

Greeted with Smiles

Aral Derbend Sea Amu Darya Baku Khiva Caspian Bukhara Sea Tashkent
Samarqand Shahrisabz Merv Tehran Mashhad Balkh Herat Kabul Figure i.3.
Map of selected Central Asian trade routes in the sixteenth and seventeenth
centuries. ... A branch of Persian Jewry, along with Jews in Iran and Afghanistan,
Bukharian Jews traveled to and from cities such as ... also brought refugees to
Samarqand ...

Author: Evan Rapport

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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'Greeted with Smiles' explores the circumstances facing new American immigrants, using the music of the Bukharian Jews to gain entrance into their community and their culture. Author Evan Rapport investigates the transformation of Bukharian identity through an examination of corresponding changes in its music, focusing on three of these distinct but overlapping repertoires - maquom, Jewish religious music and popular music.
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A History of Inner Asia

A History of Inner Asia

... and The Times Atlas of World History - can help, as should, we hope, the
accompanying maps throughout this book. ... agricultural and urban settlements,
and cities like Panjikent in Tajikistan, or Samarkand and Bukhara in Uzbekistan
are only the best remembered or most famous examples. ... Among the
settlements it has nourished are such historical places as Shahrisabz, earlier
known as Kesh and ...

Author: Svat Soucek

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521657040

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The history of Inner Asia from the arrival of Islam to the present day.
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Tajikistan in the New Central Asia

Tajikistan in the New Central Asia

Map 3 Tajikistan : Rail and Road Exits Uchkuduk Chikchik Tashkent Kara Kulo (
River ) Narya * * Railroad Road o City . ... Karako Bishkek alasaokrogul
KYRGYZSTAN UZBEKISTAN Nogren Namangai Losh loze CHINA Khujand
Jizzakh . Navoi khara Samarkand Panjh Cear Lake Garm Kara - Kuk Shahrisabz
) Dushanbe TAJIKISTAN Lake Sares Kars hi Hissar o Denau Y A Murghab mu
Darya Andijan ...

Author: Lena Jonson

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Embedded in the oil-rich Central Asian region, and bordering Afghanistan, Tajikisitan occupies a geo-strategically pivotal position. This book examines Tajkistan's search for a foreign policy in the post 9/11 environment. It shows the internal contradictions of a country at the crossroads, reconciling its bloody past with an uncertain future.
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