A Quick Reference Guide

Author: Robert J. Kirk

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1856175456

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 542

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This book is all about how companies are applying the key principles in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and shows this by use of extensive examples of UK company accounts. The book provides coverage of the key points of each standard and links that with actual practice. It is not a detailed guidance book as such, or a transistion book from UK standards to IFRS, but a quick reference for the busy accountant which shows how to apply the key points of each standard by reference to how other companies have done it. Robert Kirk BSc (Econ) FCA CPA trained in Belfast with Price Waterhouse & Co., and subsequently spent two years in industry in a subsidiary of Shell (UK) and four further years in practice. He is currently Professor of Financial Reporting in the School of Accounting at the University of Ulster and has been lecturing on the CIMA Mastercourses Accounting Standards and Accounting Standards in Depth since 1985. He has authored four editions of Accounting Standards in Depth; UK Accounting Standards: A Quick Reference Guide; and International Reporting Standards in Depth Volume 1 Theory and Practice and Volume 2 Solutions. * Shows exactly what you need to know in order to fully understand and apply IFRS * Concepts, Standards and Regulations are explained in easy to understand terms so that you become familiar with them in the quickest amount of time * Shows by example - features the published accounts of well known British and European companies

English and German Diction for Singers

A Comparative Approach

Author: Amanda Johnston

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442260904

Category: Music

Page: 360

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Lyric diction is a portal to powerful and meaningful vocal performance because diction enables singers to communicate the vision of both the poet and the composer. The study of diction involves learning to perceive speech patterns in different languages, practicing their precise articulation, recognizing this in speech and singing, and developing an awareness of the refined movements of the articulators and their effects on singing tone. In the second edition of English and German Diction for Singers, Amanda Johnston continues her comparative, modernized approach to lyric diction. This comprehensive resource offers a thorough analysis of the German and English languages and includes extensive oral drills, word lists, tables, charts, musical examples, and even tongue twisters. Unique to this publication is the illustration of the rhythmic timing and release of consonants within the International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions in all musical examples. This book is designed for both undergraduate and graduate courses in German and English lyric diction and is an invaluable resource for classical singers, vocal coaches, and voice teachers alike. Improvements to the second edition include: An online workbook that includes extensive written exercises suitable for classroom or independent use Chapter-by-chapter video clips that demonstrate the concepts addressed in the text Expanded chapters address the schwa, the treatment of monosyllabic incidental words, the use of R, and the correct formation of the elusive upsilon and extended epsilon Consideration of loan words and stressed vs. unstressed closed German vowels Integrated practice drills for mastering challenging and unfamiliar phonemes Enlarged musical examples show the rhythmic timing and release of voiced and voiceless consonants An expanded appendix on suggested repertoire for diction study Inclusion of specific diction choices suitable for musical theatre repertoire Expanded discussion of healthy glottal onsets, including the concept of juncture Use of the latest resources, namely Deutsche Rechtschreibung (2014) and Cambridge Pronouncing Dictionary, 18th edition (2011) For all users, there is a WORKBOOK. Access the workbook here. The ANSWER KEY is available for instructors. Contact [email protected] for details.

HVAC/R Terminology: A Quick Reference Guide

Author: Richard Wirz

Publisher: ESCO Press

ISBN: 1930044402

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 392

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This one-of-a-kind HVAC/R technical reference guide incorporates all the HVAC/R technical terms used in the industry today, and is an indispensable resource for professionals dealing with electricity, controls, refrigeration cycle, heating, psychometrics, boilers, heat pumps, heat transfer, load calculations and more. Covers the entire industry, providing the most comprehensive collection of HVAC/R terms available in one concise location. For those just starting in and seasoned veterans of the HVAC/R industry. The 71 pages of appendices include common industry association abbreviations, business, computer and medical terminology; area of circles; color codes for resistors; CFM tables, decibel ratings & hazardous time exposure of common noises, duct sizing, conversion charts and much, much more.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Addictions and Recovery Counseling

40 Topics, Spiritual Insights, and Easy-to-Use Action Steps

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton,Dr. Eric Scalise

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441244603

Category: Religion

Page: 368

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The newest addition to the popular Quick-Reference Guide collection, The Quick-Reference Guide to Addictions and Recovery Counseling focuses on the widespread problem of addictions of all kinds. It is an A-Z guide for assisting pastors, professional counselors, and everyday believers to easily access a full array of information to aid them in formal and informal counseling situations. Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies (1) typical symptoms and patterns, (2) definitions and key thoughts, (3) questions to ask, (4) directions for the conversation, (5) action steps, (6) biblical insights, (7) prayer starters, and (8) recommended resources.

Cracking the Code: A quick reference guide to interpreting patient medical notes

Author: Dr Katie Maddock

Publisher: M&K Update Ltd

ISBN: 1907830944

Category: Medical

Page: 72

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Cracking the Code covers the basics of the contents of patients’ medical notes from a review of physiological systems to the interpretation of tests and investigations commonly ordered for patients. Common medical terminology used in a review of physiological systems is briefly explained. Commonly encountered investigative procedures are defined and their use explained. Medical laboratory tests are similarly explored. Much of this book concentrates upon the secondary care environment because this remains the main setting in which healthcare professionals have free and open access to patient medical notes. However the expanding roles of healthcare professionals in the primary care sector mean that all practitioners need to be able to unlock the code. It is hoped that this book will therefore be of use not only to the undergraduate pharmacy students for whom it was originally developed, but also to other healthcare professionals who access patient medical notes on a routine basis. Contents include: Section 1: Medical terminology Section 2: Patient medical notes Section 3: Investigative procedures Section 4: Laboratory reports Section 5: Medical abbreviations

Cigar Guide

Author: Daniel T. Sillence,Barcharts Inc

Publisher: Quickstudy: Home

ISBN: 9781572227873

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 4

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Sound like a connoisseur and get the most out of your cigars. For beginners and regular cigar smokers alike.

Quick Reference Guide for Lotus 123 Release 5 for Windows

Author: Iris Blanc

Publisher: DDC Publishing

ISBN: 9781562432478

Category: Business

Page: 262

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Simple "Press this . . . Type that" instructions put your fingers on the correct keys fast. No narration or exposition; just illustrated keystrokes along with two or three words give you the answers you need in seconds instead of minutes. Free color template on back cover.