The Touchstone Diary

“The Red Thread” and “Bloodlines and Promises”

Author: Connie Bickman

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982208376

Category: Fiction

Page: 630

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Mystery, intrigue, treasure seeking, and shocking family revelations come to light as Michael Wilder prepares to fulfill a mysterious promise he made on his deathbed. In The Touchstone Diary: Ithe Red Thread, Miyah Sinclair shares secrets hidden in the pages of an ancient diary, protected throughout the ages by a generation of healers, the family of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Joshua and Maryum). Written by women of Miyahs own bloodline, the diary shares emotional and personal stories as these women lived through some of the most important events in ancient history, offering an alternative point of view from the feminine perspective. In The Touchstone Diary: IIBloodlines and Promises, Miyah shares these revealing stories with her daughter, Morgan. As Morgan is being prepared to be the next touchstone carrier, she travels back in time to meet ancestral women of her bloodline and learns healing remedies from the source. Their adventures continue as the Wilder family travels to Scotland and the Isle of Iona, searching for a cherished family treasure, a cedar box carved two thousand years ago by a generation of the bloodline. Along the way they discover more family secrets that profoundly affect the outcome of their own lives. Rich in history and adventure, The Touchstone Diary saga will leave you yearning for more. Watch for book III of The Touchstone Diary series.

The Bite, the Breast and the Blood

Author: Amy Williams Wilson

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 147666613X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 263

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"Central to every vampire story is the undead's need for human blood. Equally compelling is the human ingestion of vampire blood, which creates a bond. This analysis of vampire stories explores the benefits of the bonding experiences, arguing that readers and viewers are drawn to this genre because of our fascination with the relationship between human and maker"--